A teenage girl gives herself to a boy she believes she’s in love with

Stacey looked at herself in the full length mirror on
her closet door. She had just stepped out of the shower
and was admiring her naked, young body. She had just
turned eighteen two weeks ago.

She ran her hands through her long, wet, red hair,
feeling it’s squeaky cleanness. Her breasts were
perfectly round with quarter sized nipple. She looked
over to her bra, 32C, lying on her bed, trying to decide
whether she would wear it tonight. Gently squeezing her
firm breasts she decides she will.

Looking down, she rubbed her hand against her red haired
pussy. It felt good to play with herself but she had
just washed and didn’t want to mess it up so she moved
her hand around to her round, hard ass. Turning around
she sizes up her butt in the mirror. Playing softball on
the school team had really shaped her up. Her body
tingled when she ran her hand over her ass cheeks.

She knew why she was tingling. She was looking forward
to tonight. Her parents hadn’t allowed her to go out on
formal dates yet. They said she had to wait until she
was sixteen. She was allowed to go places with her
friends, like the mall, to dances and to movies.

She had known Andy since the fifth grade. He lived
around the block and he and his friends sometimes would
hang out with Stacey and her friends when they went to
the mall or hung around the park after school. When
school began this year, Andy had started to flirt with
her and she flirted back.

At the first dance of the year, Andy asked her to dance.
Stacey was surprised when Andy did this. Not too many
boys would fast dance. They danced for two songs and
Andy went back to join his friends. When a slow song
came on, Andy again asked Stacey to dance. Stacey had
never slow danced with a boy before so she was nervous.

They started dancing but kept their distance. Stacey
slowly relaxed and moved closer to him. She liked the
feeling of being in Andy’s arms.

They danced a lot more as the evening continued. When
the dance was over, Andy asked, “Would it be all right
if I kissed you?”

Stacey was hesitant but she had really started to like
Andy. She said it was OK and closed her eyes. Andy took
her into his arms and kissed her lips. She felt warm
inside and knew she wanted to kiss Andy more. Andy asked
her if she wanted to go out on a date sometime. She
explained that her parents didn’t allow her to go out on
dates yet but she could hang out with him at school and
when their friends were at the mall.

Their young romance blossomed as the school year went
on. Andy would walk her to class, they would sit on the
school bus together, hang out at the mall, and meet each
other at dances. Stacey like to be with Andy. He made
her feel safe and when they kissed, which they did every
change they could, she felt all warm and tingly,
especially down between her legs.

She understood why he made her feel like that but never
gave much thought to “fooling around” with him. He never
tried to touch her improperly and was always a gentleman
with her. She knew what sex was and assumed Andy did
too. They never really gave it much thought. They had
talked about other couples fooling around but she
thought Andy was a little scared of sex. She knew she
really liked Andy, but thought you only had sex with
somebody you were in love with.

It was now late December and she and Andy had been
“going out” since September. Her feelings for Andy had
grown and she felt like she was “in love” with him. Her
girlfriend Tabitha had been going out with Ralph for
over a year and Stacey had asked her whether she had
done anything with him. Tabitha told her that once Ralph
had told her he loved her they began to experiment with
sex. Stacey didn’t press Tabitha for details.

Stacey hoped Andy felt the same way about her. If Andy
was in love with her, she knew she could trust him. One
of her other friends, Amy, had let a boy “go all the
way” with her and the boy had blabbed all over school
about it. She didn’t want a bad reputation but really
wanted to explore “things” with Andy. If Andy loved her
she knew he wouldn’t tell his friends about the things
she wanted to do. Tonight, if Andy did tell her he loved
her, she was going to take their relationship to another

She was baby-sitting for the Stephens’ tonight and had
invited Andy to come over. She had never asked him to
baby-sit with her before. She took one last look at
herself in the mirror, went over to her vanity and put
perfume on her neck, on her breasts, and on a whim, the
inside of her thighs. She wanted to smell really nice
for Andy.

She got dressed, went downstairs and said good-bye to
her parents. The Stephens’ lived at the end of the block
so she walked over to their house. Mr. Stephens answered
the door and told her they would be home around one

Mrs. Stephens gave her the phone number of the where
they were going and told her to put Leslie to bed at
seven. Leslie was three years old and always behaved for
Stacey. They would watch TV or play with Leslie’s dolls
and she would go to bed when Stacey told her to. Leslie
also stayed in bed and usually was sound asleep by

After Mr. and Mrs. Stephens left, Stacey and Leslie
watched the Disney Channel until seven o’clock. Stacey
put her to bed and watched TV until she heard a light
tap on the window. She looked out and was really happy
when she saw Andy. He went around to the back door and
Stacey let him into the kitchen.

“Stay here while I check on Leslie,” she said. Stacey
went upstairs and Leslie was sound asleep. She went back
down stairs and told Andy it was OK and they went into
the family room. “I’m really glad you came over,” she

“You know I like to be with you,” Andy replied. “I’m
just surprised you invited me.”

“I figured it would be OK, if we don’t wake up Leslie.”

They young couple watched TV in silence for a while.
Stacey was nervous because she was going to take a
chance with her boyfriend. She leaned over and rested
her head on Andy’s shoulder. He put his arm around her
and pulled her close. She looked up at him and smiled.
Andy smiled back at her and lowered his head to hers and
they kissed. They had been French kissing for a few
months now and Stacey really liked the way Andy kissed.
She played with his tongue and he would play with hers.

When they broke their kiss, Stacey made up her mind to
take her chance. “Andy, we’ve been going out for a long
time, haven’t we?”

“I guess so.”

Stacey’s stomach was in knots as she tried to tell him
what she really felt. “You know I really have strong
feeling for you, don’t you?”

“I guess so,” he whispered.

“Well, I have to tell you a secret,” she whispered back.

“What?” Andy said.

“Um.” Stacey was really nervous. She was about to tell a
boy something she had never thought she would tell. “I
think I love you, Andy.” There, she had said it.

Andy laughed and kissed her. “I’ve felt that way about
you for a long time, Stace.”

“What? Why didn’t you tell me? I was so scared you
didn’t feel the same way.”

“No Stace, I do love you,” he said. “I was just afraid
to tell you. I didn’t want to scare you.”

Stacey just smiled and pulled Andy to her. They kissed
and kissed. Stacey held Andy tighter and tighter. She
then moved her hands down to his chest. Stacey stroked
Andy’s chest, hoping he would get the idea of what she

Andy moved his hands down and began to stroke her back.

She looked up at him, “I love you, Andy.”

“I love you Stacey,” he whispered.

His hand moved around to her sides and he gently rubbed.
Stacey could feel her body temperature rising as Andy
moved his hand up and sown her side. Her breathing
deepened and she kissed Andy passionately. Andy
continued stroking and slowly brought his hand around to
her stomach. Stacey shifted her body to give him access
to the front of her body.

Andy gently kissed around to her neck. He gently kissed
her neck and ears. Her breathing increased as warm
sensations filled her body. She began feeling the
tingling between her legs and she softly moaned as Andy
moved his hands higher toward her breasts. His hands
were running in circles, getting closer and closer to
her breasts.

Stacey moaned in anticipation as Andy moved his hand up
and brushed the bottom of her right breast. “Yes,” she
whispered and Andy slowly ran his hand up over her tit.

Andy was trembling while he gently squeezed her firm
mound of flesh. He had never touched a girl’s breast
before. Stacey sighed and pulled his lips to hers. Andy
massaged her tit, gently squeezing her nipple through
her shirt.

“I love you, Stacey,” he whispered, and he moved his
hand to her left breast.

“I love you, too, Andy,” Stacey sighed as sensations she
had never felt before ran up her spine. Andy massaged
her breast, first the left then the right. He then moved
his hand down and pulled her shirt out of her pants.
When he reached under her shirt and touched her bare
skin, Stacey moaned with anticipation.

Andy slowly ran his hands up to her bra. His hand was
shaking as he looped his fingers under her bra and felt
the underside of her bare breast. He pushed his hand
under her bra and caressed her tit. They felt so firm
and round in his hand. Her nipple was erect and he
gently squeezed it.

Stacey took in a breath when his warm hand pinched her
nipple. She could feel her crotch getting wet as Andy
moved his hand to her other tit. “You can take it off if
you want,” she whispered.

Andy pulled her shirt over her head and kissed her. He
reached behind her and fumbled with the clasp of her
bra. He was so nervous and turned on that he couldn’t
undo it. Stacey reached behind her and undid it for him.
Andy gazed down at her beautiful, round breasts.
“They’re so beautiful, Stace,” he whispered.

Stacey smiled and pulled him to her mouth. As they
kissed, Stacey reached down his back and pulled his
shirt out of his pants. “I love you,” she said while she
removed his shirt.

Andy kissed her mouth, then moved his lips down her neck
towards her tits. Stacey moaned with pleasure when his
lips made contact with her breasts. She pulled his head
tight into her chest and he gently sucked her nipple.
“That feels so nice,” she moaned, savoring the feeling
of his mouth sucking her tit.

Andy continued to kiss and suck her breasts while he
slowly moved his hands over her stomach. Her chest
smelled so good and her nipples were so hard between his
lips. He stroked her stomach and moved his hands down to
the top of her jeans.

Stacey ran her hands down his back, closing her eyes,
filled with the warm sensation of his mouth on her

Andy ran his hand down to her waist and tried to slip
his fingers into her pants. Her jeans were tight, but
Stacey pulled in her stomach to give him room. Andy’s
hand slipped into her pants and brushed against the
waist band of her panties. Her jeans were so tight, he
couldn’t get any further. Stacey sucked in her stomach
as much as she could, but his hand couldn’t move any

“Undo them, Andy. I love you and want to feel your
fingers down there,” she whimpered.

Andy pulled his hand out and fumbled with the button of
her jeans. Stacey reached down to help him and they
finally worked it undone. He grabbed the zipper and
pulled it down, exposing her white panties. He slipped
his hand under her panties to the top of her pubic
patch. Stacey moaned with anticipation.

Andy could only get his hand into her pubic hair. “Take
them down, Andy,” Stacey moaned. Andy ran his hand
around to her ass while Stacey lifted her hips off the
couch. He struggled with the tight jeans, finally
getting them over her hips, pushing them down to her

Her pussy was gorgeous. Her red hair, shaped in a V,
ended just below the upper part of her lips. Her skin
was so white and soft. He ran his hand through her pubic
hair and down between her legs.

Stacey gasped when his hand touched her clitoris. Andy
parted her pussy lips and ran his fingers to her wet
vagina. She moaned as Andy moved his fingers up and down
her cunt. She opened her legs to give her young lover
access to her wet pussy. He gently rubbed her clit and
moved his fingers to her open vagina and slipped his
middle finger into her wet pussy.

Stacey moaned with pleasure feeling Andy’s finger
penetrate her pussy. Andy moved up to kiss his fourteen
year old girl friend. “I love you, Stacey,” he
whispered, kissing her on the lips.

Stacey held his face to hers while running her hand down
to his crotch. She squeezed the bulge in his pant,
feeling his harness.

Andy moaned at his girlfriend’s touch. Stacey ran her
hand up to his belt, pulling it until it was undone. The
two young lovers continued to kiss while Stacey
unsnapped his pants and pulled his zipper down. She
reached in to his pants and gently wrapped her hand
around his hard cock.

She squeezed Andy’s member while he slipped his finger
in and out of her cunt. Both teenagers moaned with
pleasure, experiencing their first touches of mutual
pleasure. Stacey released her fifteen year old
boyfriend’s cock and tugged at the waist of his pants.

Andy removed his hand from her pussy and helped is lover
pull his pants over his hips. His cock sprang from his
pants and slapped against his belly. Stacey gazed down
at her boyfriend’s erect penis. She wrapped her hands
around his engorged cock, slowly stroking, until a large
drop of pre-cum seeped out of the enlarged head. She ran
her hand over the head of his cock spreading the
slippery liquid.

Andy groaned and put his hand back between her legs. The
two teenagers masturbated each other while passionately
kissing. Stacey broke the kiss and whispered, “Let’s get
on the floor.” Andy stood up and grabbed her hand. When
Stacey got up, she kicked her pants and panties off,
revealing her fourteen year old nude body to her

Andy let his pants fall to the floor and stepped out of
them. The young couple stood facing each other gazing at
each other’s naked bodies. “You are so beautiful,
Stace,” Andy said, pulling her to him, “I love you so

The two teenagers embraced and kissed. Stacey pushed her
crotch against her boyfriend’s hard cock. The young
lovers sank to the floor in a passionate embrace. They
laid down facing each other and returned their hands to
each other’s crotches. Stacey slowly stroked Andy’s
throbbing member while Andy slowly fingered Stacey’s
virgin pussy.

Both teenagers moaned with pleasure as the young lovers
neared their first orgasms. “That feel SO GOOD Andy,”
Stacey moaned. You’re going to make me cum!”

“Stroke me, Stacey. I love you. I’m going to cum too,”
Andy sighed.

The two teenagers masturbated each other faster and

Stacey’s hips bucked and she clamped her leg shut on her
boyfriend’s hand when her orgasm hit her. “Oh, Andy, I’m

Andy rubbed Stacey’s clit while she clamped her legs on
his hand. Stacey’s body shook as she experienced her
first orgasm.

When she released his hand Andy rolled onto his back and
began to buck his hips wildly. Stacey stroked her
boyfriend’s hard cock. “I’m gonna shoot, Stace. I’m
gonna SHOOT!” Andy’s cock erupted, shooting his sperm
onto his belly.

Shot after shot of the boy’s sticky jism squirted from
his cock. Stacey watched in fascination as her
boyfriend’s cock spasmed in her hand and ejaculated jet
after jet of hot sperm onto his belly and over her hand.

When Andy had stopped, Stacey pulled his cum covered
body to her and kissed her spent boyfriend’s mouth,
spreading his sperm into her soft skin. The two teens
kissed and caressed each other while their breathing
slowly returned to normal.

“That was great, Stace,” Andy whispered, tenderly
kissing her neck.

“I’ve never felt like this,”

Stacey sighed, feeling his slippery seed dry on her

“I could really use something to drink, hon,” Andy said,
unwrapping his arms from around Stacey’s hot body.

Stacey got up, went to the couch, grabbed the afghan,
and handed it to her teenage lover. “Is Pepsi OK,” she
asked, as she headed for the kitchen.

Andy wrapped himself in the afghan and moved to the
couch. Stacey returned with two glasses of soda. Andy
opened the afghan and Stacey snuggled next to her
boyfriend. The teenagers drank as if they had been in
the desert. They put down their empty glasses down on
the coffee table and gazed into each other’s eyes. “I
really do love you, Stace,” Andy whispered, kissing her

“I love you, too, Andy,” Stacey sighed, feeling the
contentment of being safe and secure in the fifteen year
old boys arms. The young couple snuggled under the
afghan kissing and exploring each other’s supple bodies.
Stacey stroked Andy’s chest and stomach, while Andy
caressed Stacey’s ass and thighs.

The teenagers began to work each other up into the
throughs of passion. Stacey ran her hand down to her
fifteen year old boyfriend’s hardening member. She began
to slowly stroke the teenage boy’s cock while gently
kissing her way down his chest, across his stomach, to
his thighs.

Andy closed his eyes, opening the afghan to watch his
fourteen year old lover. Stacey kissed his hips,
stopping just above the head of his throbbing member.
She tenderly kissed the tip of his prick. Andy moaned
with pleasure as his young girlfriend kissed her way
down his hard cock. “Oh, Stace, I love you. I love you
so much,” he whimpered.

Stacey kissed her way down to his balls, then she licked
the length of his shaft. When she got to the head, she
kissed the glands, then licked a drop of his pre-cum
into her mouth. Stacey felt comfortable with her mouth
at her lover’s crotch. She looked up to the boy and
whispered, “I hope I do this right, Andy. I love you so,
and want to make you feel good.”

She then wrapped her lips around the head of his cock
and lowered her mouth onto his shaft. Andy moaned,
enjoying the sensations of his prick in his fourteen
year old girlfriend’s mouth. Stacey bobbed her head on
his hard cock, sucking every time she came up. She loved
making her boyfriend feel so good. His cock and semen
tasted so good and she wanted to taste his hot, thick

Andy moaned while his young lover gave him his first
blow job. The sensations on his cock were incredible. He
watched Stacey’s head bob up and down on his throbbing

Stacey savored her teenage boyfriend’s shaft. His skin
was so soft, yet his cock was so hard. Andy’s prick
oozed semen, lubricating Stacey’s mouth. She caressed
his balls, while eagerly sucking his rock hard prick.

Andy felt his orgasm building. Stacey could feel her
boyfriend’s cock get bigger, and harder in her hot
mouth. Andy’s body started to shake, “Oh, Stacey, I’m
going to shoot, make me shoot with your mouth.”

Stacey began to suck Andy’s cock harder, moving her head
faster and faster. She gently squeezed her boyfriend’s
balls and Andy began shooting his thick, hot, sperm into
her mouth. The first jet of cum hit the back of her
throat and fell onto her tongue. Before she could
swallow, another jet of sperm shot into her mouth.
Stacey swallowed as Andy’s cock ejaculated another
stream of cum. His sperm tasted salty, but she savored
every drop. Two more jets filled her mouth with jism.

Andy, feeling more love for Stacey than he ever felt for
someone, finished shooting into her mouth. Stacey sucked
his cock until it started to soften. She lifted her
mouth off his cock, stroked it one more time, and sucked
the last drop of sperm from the tip.

Andy caressed her head and brought her mouth to his. The
two teenage lovers kissed passionately, sharing Andy’s
seed. “I love you so much, Stace!” he moaned into her
face, and he kissed her deeply. He could taste his sperm
on her tongue, then he slowly kissed his way to her
perfect breasts. Andy gently sucked her nipples,
alternating, back and forth.

The young teen, ran his hands down to her wet, hot
crotch. Her vagina was dripping wet and he inserted a
finger into her tight pussy. Andy kissed down her
breasts, over her stomach, and into her pubic hair.

Stacey laid down on the couch, spreading her legs
eagerly, exposing her cunt to his eager lips. Andy
kissed and licked her red, pubic patch, working his way
down to her clitoris. He gently sucked her clit and she
raised her pussy to his mouth.

His lips felt so good on her erect clit. She had never
felt sensations like that before. Andy then licked his
way to the opening of her beautiful pussy. Her juices
flowed freely while he spread her lips with his fingers,
extending his tongue into her wet tunnel.

Stacey grabbed the back of his head, “Lick me, Andy!
Lick my pussy!

It feels so good,” she moaned, thrusting her cunt up to
his mouth.

Andy raised her legs, giving him deeper access. He
thrust his tongue in and out of her red haired cunt. Her
pussy tasted so good. He licked her lips then moved back
to her erect clitoris. Andy gently nibbled on her clit
while tenderly licking her vagina lips.

Stacey could feel her orgasm growing in her cunt. Andy’s
tongue was driving her over the edge. When he began
nipping her clit she couldn’t take it anymore. Stacey
clamped her legs around Andy’s head and began to shake.
Her moaning got louder and louder as her orgasm drove
her over the edge. She pulled his head tighter to her
crotch, “Oh, Andy, I’m cumming. I’m cuming.”

Andy concentrated on her clit while her legs held his
head like a vise. Her body spasmed as her orgasm hit
her. She let out a loud moan and bucked her hips tighter
on his mouth. Andy sucked her clit until she let go of
his head, then he kissed his way up to her mouth. The
two teens kissed passionately, tasting her cunt in each
other’s mouths.

Stacey could feel Andy’s hard cock rubbing between her
legs. “Make love to me, Andy. Put your cock in my
pussy.” She kissed him, reached down, grabbed his hard
shaft, and placed it at the opening of her virgin cunt.

Andy kissed her deeply and pushed the head of his cock
past the opening of her hole. “I love you, Stace. I
really, really love you,” he whispered as he entered

“I love you, too, Andy,” she whimpered feeling his prick
move into her.

Andy stopped when he felt his cock against her hymen.
“This might hurt, Stace. If you want me to stop, I

“Don’t stop, Andy. Make love to me. I love you so much.”
she cooed.

Andy withdrew a bit then thrust his cock through her
cherry. Stacey grimaced but held him tightly to her
sweating body. Andy began to make love to his fourteen
year old girlfriend. His cock felt so good in her virgin
pussy. She was so tight. It was like her cunt was
sucking his prick.

Stacey’s pussy started to relax around his cock. His
shaft felt good inside her. The sensations on her vagina
were incredible as his cock filled her pussy. When his
prick rubbed against her clit, jolts of ecstasy shot
through her. She felt so in love with Andy. His love
making was so gentle and warm. His cock slipped in and
out of her cunt like it was meant to be. She held him
close to her, locking her legs around him.

Andy kissed his fourteen year old lover while he slowly
made love to her. He felt so close to this girl. The
love he felt made him warm inside. The sensations on his
cock were amazing. He thrust deep into her red haired

She moaned with each deep thrust. His cock was so big in
her. He filled her pussy and it felt so good. With each
thrust she came closer to orgasm. She knew in her heart
she was doing the right thing. They were in love and
what better way to share their love than to share their
bodies. “Make love to me faster, Andy. It feels so good
inside me. I love you so much.”

Andy thrust his cock into her virgin pussy faster and
faster. He knew he would never leave this fourteen year
old girl. He loved her so much. All he wanted to do was
give her pleasure. He could feel his orgasm building in
his testicles. Her pussy felt so good around his prick.
He kissed her and drove his cock deeper and deeper into
her cunt. “Oh, Stace, I think I going to cum. I love you
so much. Making love to you is so good!”

“Shoot inside me, Andy. I want to feel your sperm in
me,” she moaned and she reached the brink of her own

Both teenage lovers reached orgasm at the same time.
Andy felt his sperm churn up his shaft and shoot into
Stacey’s fourteen year old womb. Jet after jet of hot
sperm entered her pussy while her cunt tightened around
his shaft. The love he felt for her increased as he
ejaculated his seed inside her.

Stacey felt his cock get harder inside her. Her pussy
began to tighten around it. When his prick spasmed and
the first jet of sperm hit the back of her womb her
orgasm hit her. She had never felt anything like it. She
could feel his cum shooting into her. Her body shook and
she saw stars. She loved this fifteen year old boy so
much. She clamped her legs tighter around his hips and
held him tighter to her body.

Andy felt her pussy relax and she loosened the grip of
her legs around his hips. He kissed her deeply. slowly
stroking his cock in and out of her. “Oh, Stacey, that
was so good. I love you so much,” he whispered. “I’ll
never leave you. I want you to be mine forever. I love

“I’ll never leave you either, Andy. I’ll be yours
forever,” she gasped. “I love you, too.”

The two teenagers held their embrace as Andy’s cock
began to soften inside her. They kissed deeply again and
again. When his cock slipped from her pussy he rolled
off her and held her in his arms. The young couple fell
asleep holding each other.

They awoke at twelve thirty and kissed. The two youths
slowly dressed. Andy held Stacey in his arms as he
prepared to leave. “I love you, Stacey,” he said and
kissed her good night.

“I love you, too, Andy,” she whispered.

He left her standing in the doorway feeling satisfied
and full of love. She walked to the couch, sat down
feeling so happy. She had found the perfect boy. She was
so in love. Stacey fell asleep on the couch knowing she
would be happy forever.

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