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Needs Of An Older Woman

My name is Lynn MacDonald and my husband died two years ago from an embolism in his stomach. It was very quick and he was dead within three days of the first pains. I was 49 years old when he died and the first year was very difficult for me. My husband did not seem…

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Wife swap on a Golfing Vacation

Donna ran to the front door when she heard the bell ring. She opened the door. John, her boyfriend, stood there with a seductive smile, “What’s up babe?” Donna smiled back, “Mom and Dad went to the mall. Their night to shop and eat out.” “Way to go good old mom and dad.” John stepped…

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Boys for the wife’s pleasure 2.

“Why don’t you take my cock out and pump it? You’re not the timid type. Hell, I’ve seen you bopping around here, shaking those tits of yours. And you’ve been checking out my crotch too. Don’t think I’ve missed that.” His name was Brad. He was in his early twenties and had only been with…

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My husband’s step Dad

I met my step dad for the first time years ago. I liked Ray from the start. He was single 60 years old. He was always nice to me. I noticed from the start he loled to flirt with me. Well I flirted back. Danny my boyfriend at the time did not mind. This went…

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Colette, Kristen and Big Black Cocks

Nicolette after what had happened was having a hard time doing her job, her thoughts kept drifting back to a week ago. Her and her best friend Kristen had been abused and raped by a group of black men all with incredibly large cocks!. Well at least she had been raped!. Kristen on the other…

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My ex GF’s Fat Mom
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My ex’s mom, 53 year old black bbw. About 5’3″ with big luscious thighs and that fat bbw ass that makes any man drool and stiffen up in his briefs. I had noticed once before even beyond the casual flirt that she sneakishly had pushed that big ass into me as I reached around her…

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My fat stepmom

It was difficult to concentrate on classes that next day. Just about the only thing that was on my mind was my step mom. All that I could think of was her big fat ass that I had just fucked the day before. It seems the more I thought about it the harder my cock…

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Fatty and her Younger Lover
Lesbian Bbw Sex 8

This is a true story that just happened this week. I’ve changed the names of myself and sexy granny I had the pleasure of getting naked with. The story starts with me trawling on a well known paid sex site for a mature older woman. Call me a freak or whatever, but I love having…

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The Big Reward

I just got my lunch from a deli not to far my office. It was casual Friday. I was wearing a nice big white button down long sleeve shirt. I had it tucked into a pair of blue jeans. I had on some white low cut tennis shoes. I was not wearing socks. I had…

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MILF service

Glancing to my left I see the clock high up on the wall. One minute to 11….one minute to go. Beth, sitting on my left catches my eye, a knowing look, a sly grin. My heart rate moves up a gear as I contemplate what’s about to happen. We’ve never done it here before. But…

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Black on white MILF
milf bbw

It was a Friday night, the place was pretty empty. I was just enjoying talking with my friends and enjoying being off of work. I had drank a few beers and was just talking to this person, and then walking around and talking to other people. I had just gotten another beer and was standing…

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BBW whore aunt

So let me give a little backstory of my Aunt Karen. Throughout my life she has had weird weight issues that would make her into a BBW then 6 months later turn into a size 6 which of it wasn’t for her big ass probably would have been a 3. Her doing this when I…

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Hot chubby Moms nude

Sexy and horny mature ladies, and MILF pussies nude. Of course, thoose girls have some weight problem, but it’s not problem for us. Watch theese hot moms, and enjoy it!

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Roberta Smallwood – porn clips

Roberta Smallwood was an extremely plump and buxom, yet still fetching and sexy pioneer in the big beautiful women genre of the adult entertainment industry in the 1990’s. Born on May 17, 1967 in Oklahoma, Smallwood was initially discovered in a nude pictorial for the men’s magazine Gent in 1991. Roberta went on to not…

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Calista Roxxx nudes

Calista Roxxx is a fat and mature porn star from United States. In her career, she has worked with sites such as Adult Empire, Sugar Instant, Jeffs Models. Records show that Calista Roxxx is currently active which means she is still making movies, doing live shows and/or doing photoshoots.

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