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Violent sex on the city

Jill was still messing with the remote when her phone rang. “Did your cable just go out?” said the male voice on the other end. “Yes, as a matter of fact…” she started. “This isn’t the cable company,” interrupted the male voice, barely disguising a smug snicker. Jill’s face tensed up immediately. “You’re going to…

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I asked her to show everybody her big tits

After messing with the buttons for a few minutes–hey, I’m a guy; I don’t need instructions–plus I’ve used Jeremy’s (my friend) camcorder before so it was no sweat in figuring this one out. I get the tape rolling–it’s digital but it’s semantics–and focus on my little sister Tiffany sitting on the couch in a tight…

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I heard the loud groan of a woman in orgasm

Gorgeous. That was the sum total of my thoughts as I watched him. And he wasn’t my husband! It was my best friend’s husband, Jason, standing on the diving board, ready to dive in. He had the tiniest swimsuit on, showing off his tight butt not to mention his chest! I could stare at him…

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Donna plays pool

First a bit about myself; My name is Donna and I am 45 years old, 140 pounds, and strawberry blonde and quite pretty; and I have a huge 36DD chest. I’m only 5’ 2″ tall so my rack of tits looks huge. I generally wear short skirts because they make my legs look longer. I…

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My First BBW Party

“Come to the BBW party”. “The WHAT?!” “Come to the BBW party. It’s a party for women of size.” “Uhhhh…?” The “Uhhhh” was me. The party invite was from my friend Tara. We met, digitally, on some chat room (when chat rooms were THE place to meet new people). We transferred our chat room bond…

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Don’t stop, baby, keep sucking good and hard.

By the time Carol and Bob got home from work, Brenda felt almost fucked out. But only almost. Her pussy felt bruised, but she still doubted that she could ever get enough fucking. Mike had had enough for awhile, though. He’d gone to his room to take a nap, and he didn’t get up till…

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Satyr had not been pleased to see his mistress

Satyr had not been pleased to see his mistress, Karen. She had come to take him back to the rope, he felt certain, punish him for running away, and he did not intend for that to happen. He had leaped down from the huge bed and chosen a corner of the room from where he…

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Hot fat girl joins me in shower

It’s such a hot fantasy to imagine being in the shower and out of nowhere, you slip in behind me…the first I know of it is when you press me up against the wall with your big sexy tits…mmmm this is really hot… you reach between my legs and start gliding your soapy hand along…

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Big boobs alert – Peyton Thomas bbw

Peyton Thomas is an American porn star. Only 18 years old, and already an N cup, her first assignment was to have her breasts measured and weighed by Sarah Rae of YesBoobs.com, where her breasts were weighed in at 11 lbs (4.98 kg) each, quite comfortably beating the 8 lb (3.6 kg) breasts of 36JJ…

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Crystal Clear Ebony Bbw Pornstar
Crystal Clear Bbw Sex 5

Crystal Clear is a retired BBW porn star, who is instantly recognized for her perfectly-shaped, full hourglass figure as well as her unique spider tattoo that surrounds her navel. She started out on the website BBW Dreams in 2005, and subsequently to sister site Big Bad Mamas, both controlled by Florida-based Sensational Video/Works Wide Web….

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She has a very nice face

I am introducing you to a very young, sexy fat girl. She loves to eat, stuffs chocolate, cakes and rinses with cola. She has a very nice face, her body is clean of fat and skin. Her ass is orange-skinned and greasy, her breasts are very good, and the hair just rattles on her belly….

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Fat and skinny?
Very Fat Woman Nude In Bed1

My small petite red haired wife and I have had a completely open relationship since before we married. She has and always will have a deep need for strange cock on a regular basis to keep her hot pussy satisfied. Ellen is a woman that is so rare that I have never heard of another…

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The Curvy Girl From the Movie Theater
curvy bbw

I had been out the country for nearly two weeks. And being out of the country puts you away from most entertainment in your own country. So, in this two week absence of mine I had missed the premiere and almost entire theater run of this movie I wanted to see. By the time I…

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First time with a fat girl

The following is a true story but Names have been changed out of courtesy of all those evolved! The summer after I graduated from High school one of my best friends who’s name is Craig started going with a pretty young girl named Wendy. Now Wendy was what you would call a BBW she was…

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