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Peyton Thomas is an American porn star. Only 18 years old, and already an N cup, her first assignment was to have her breasts measured and weighed by Sarah Rae of, where her breasts were weighed in at 11 lbs (4.98 kg) each, quite comfortably beating the 8 lb (3.6 kg) breasts of 36JJ Sarah Rae. via – boobpedia She was also performing on NiteFlirt as early as September 2013. As of 2018, it appears she has retired.

Crystal Clear Ebony Bbw Pornstar

Crystal Clear is a retired BBW porn star, who is instantly recognized for her perfectly-shaped, full hourglass figure as well as her unique spider tattoo that surrounds her navel. She started out on the website BBW Dreams in 2005, and subsequently to sister site Big Bad Mamas, both controlled by Florida-based Sensational Video/Works Wide Web. She has appeared in such videos as Big Black Wet Tits 3, Big Phat Black Wet Butts 5, and Blane Bryants BBW 5. She has several tattoos, including a Playboy bunny on her right buttock, a spider and web around navel, tribal on her back.

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I had been out the country for nearly two weeks. And being out of the country puts you away from most entertainment in your own country. So, in this two week absence of mine I had missed the premiere and almost entire theater run of this movie I wanted to see. By the time I had gotten back, all my friends had already seen this movie and it was on its out way of the theater where it was playing. So, I went to what was probably going to be its last showing, it started at 10:35 PM. I showed…