Rachel the plump / curvy virgin
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For a moment, I could do nothing but stare at him with wide eyes. Was there really a strange man standing in my living room? Maybe I was still uber-high from the pot that I smoked earlier and I was hallucinating. He was about ten feet away from me on the couch and was standing in between me and both the front door and the stairs. I took in his appearance: He was white and tall (about six feet) with dark brown hair. He was dressed in jeans and a dark tshirt and was standing with one hand behind his back while he was staring me down with his dark eyes. He was a large, overweight man. He had a receding hairline and hairy arms. You could tell that he had a strong bone structure under his round cheeks that held a couple days’ worth of stubble. Had I seen him somewhere like the mall or a grocery store, I’m sure I would have not taken any notice of him. Standing in my living room, however, was another story.

After what felt like an hour but was probably only a few seconds, the hand not behind his back moved. He put his finger up to his mouth and made a soft “Shh” noise. That shocked me out of my stupor. I leapt off of the couch and ran to the other side of the room. I frantically searched the room, looking for something that I could use for a weapon. He was still standing between me and my two means of escape. Seeing that, he started slowly approaching me. I, unwittingly, backed up until I was in the corner of my living room. When the skin of my back hit the wall, I remembered that the only clothing I had on was my lady-cum-soaked blue cotton panties. Not bothering to cover myself (because, really, what was the point now?), my eyes began darting all over the room. Why don’t I own a vase?! That’s what they always happen to have as a handy make-shift weapon in the movies!

Fear began to set in as I realized that I was most likely fucked, in more ways than one. This guy wasn’t here to borrow some milk. He was only a few feet away and was still making the soft “Shh” sound. I whimpered. From this distance, I could see that his mouth was curving into a smile. However, I wasn’t just going to give in without trying to save myself. I faked like I was trying to slip by him on his left and then dodged for the right. I managed to run past him a few steps before I felt him grab my arm and bring both of us to the floor.

I remembered my voice then and screamed as loud as I could. “NOO! NO! SOMEBODY HELP!” He slapped my face hard enough to daze me. I was distracted and he was able to grab my other arm. He now held both of my arms by the wrists behind my back as I was laying on my stomach. I began struggling my nearly naked body now and resumed my shouting, begging for anyone to help me. What once seemed like a good idea (to live in an end unit apartment that doesn’t have any neighbors so no one would smell me smoking), now felt like it would be my undoing. Holding both of my wrists behind my back with one hand, he used his other to spank my right ass check hard five times and said roughly, “Be quiet.” He then moved on top of me so that he could hold me down with his body. When I felt his hard cock digging into the small of my back, I screamed harder. Oh, so you want to make me do what you say by hurting me? Well, you’re going to have to hit me a lot harder than that! I know what you want, and I would rather DIE than give it to you!

I drew in a deep breath, prepared to give the loudest shout I could, but I was too late. I found out what he had been hiding behind his back: duct tape. I saw him rip off a strip out of the corner of my eye, and, before I could release my scream, the tape was over my mouth. Seeing me as being sufficiently gagged, he moved off of me while maintaining his hold on my arms. I continued trying to shout and struggle, but I was extremely muffled behind the gag and with his grip on my wrists, there wasn’t a lot I could do. I could feel him moving behind me, but I couldn’t see what he was doing. Then I felt him tape my wrists together. Feeling my wrists bound switched me from being desperate to get away to being in full-out survival mode. I could feel the carpet burning the skin of my breasts and stomach as I moved. There was no doubt in my mind that he was going to try to rape me. Then what? Would he just slip back out whatever way he came in? He had already shown that he didn’t have a probably slapping me around. Would he just kill me when he was through with me?

I fought with everything I had, then, kicking out my feet, shaking my shoulders and hips, trying to roll away from him. Anything that would get me out of the situation. He simply grabbed my wrists and lifted them up behind my back. I tried to arch my back and follow the movement, but I eventually had to stop moving or risk him dislocating my shoulders. He held my wrists with one hand and used the other to caress my back, as if he was trying to soothe me. I could feel how rough and calloused his hands were, how fat his fingers were.

“Shh, Baby Girl. You don’t want to hurt yourself, now, “ he said. “You want to be a good girl for Daddy, don’t you?”

When I didn’t answer, he lifted my wrists slightly as he hand strayed from my back down to pinch me on the ass cheek that he had spanked earlier. He pinched hard enough that I cried out into the tape.

“Don’t you?” he asked again, with a hard edge to his voice.

“Answer your Daddy!” He had squeezed even harder on my ass, and I nodded my head frantically.

I felt completely defeated. The thought of this disgusting stranger touching any part of me made me want to vomit. I would rather him just kill me than rape me and take my virginity. But, in just a few moments, he had me bound and gagged. He must be hiding some huge fucking muscles under that fat, because trying to defend myself against him was like trying to fight off the Hulk. Was it worth it to keep fighting? It was obvious that he was going to have me no matter what. I was no match for him, and I didn’t particularly want to push him to the point that he beats the shit out of me BEFORE he rapes me and possibly kills me. My eyes began to tear up as I realized how overpowered I was. The only real choice I had was to let him do what he wanted and pray that he left afterwards.

I quietly cried behind my gag as he, accepting my answer and sensing my new co-operative attitude, lowered my arms and continued to stroke my back.

“That’s Daddy’s Good Girl. That’s Daddy’s Good Baby Girl,” he cooed at me.

What was with all of the “Daddy” and “Baby Girl” talk? It freaked me out. Oh my god, what the fuck is this guy into? It didn’t matter now. I was resigned and he knew it. I felt disgusted with him and disgusted with myself for giving in. His hands left me and he stood up. I took a few deep breaths through my nose, trying to calm down and stop my crying.

Suddenly, he lifted me up and hoisted my mostly nude body over his shoulder, continuing his creepy “Daddy’s Girl” encouragement. He left the living room and started up the stairs. When he headed directly for the bedroom, I whimpered but didn’t struggle, having learned my lesson. He moved with surety, and that scared me. Had he been watching me? For how long? He entered the bedroom and gently lay me down on the bed. He just stood there looking down at me for a few moments, and I squirmed under his gaze.

“Look at how beautiful Baby Girl is. Soo pretty. Let me feel how soft my baby is,” he said as he cupped my cheek and then let his hand trail down my neck, pause to gently cup my breast and rub his thumb in circles a few times around my nipple, continue down my torso, stopping at to rub my stomach like a cat. I hate when anyone touches me there, being really self-conscious about my belly. Having him touch me there with his rough hands made me feel sick. I tried to shift away from his hands. Wrong move.

He slapped my thigh hard, making me yelp. He glared down darkly. “That was very bad, Baby Girl. I know you know better than that. Daddy told you to let him feel his baby’s skin. You need to be reminded of how to be a good little girl for your Daddy.”

He grabbed me by the hips and roughly flipped me over onto my stomach on the bed. He got a fistful of the fabric of my panties and ripped them off cleanly. I cried out behind the gag, my tears returning. I started begging him to just leave, to not hurt me, but it was all muffled. When he sat on the bed and started pulling me close, I panicked and began struggling again, anything to stay away from him. He pulled me so that I was laying bottom up in his lap.

“You know you need to obey your Daddy. Daddy doesn’t like to hurt his Baby Girl, but she needs to be punished for not following the rules.” As he was saying this, he was firmly rubbing my bare ass, gradually adding more and more pressure. Then, without warning, he spanked my ass once. Nothing had ever stung so badly. He paused long enough for me to register the feeling, and then he continued slowly for several more sharp smacks in the same place. His hits then began to increase in pace and strength until he pulled his arm far back and whacked me hard on the ass. I gave a muffled screech. He then started wailing on my ass. I tried to cry out for him to stop and to wiggle away. He just grabbed my wrists again and raised them high, effectively reminding me of who was in control. I could do nothing but sob and try to stay as still as possible to appease him. Once he sensed my submission, he switched up his hit placement so that his blows landed all over my ass, the tops of my thighs and my lower back.

I took it and tried to not focus on the pain. No one had ever even seen my naked body before, and the first time someone is seeing me is when it’s a crazy intruder who was spanking me like I was a little girl. My skin felt like it was on fire everywhere he was hitting me, and I knew that it would bruise. My shoulders and arms were aching, and I was afraid the muscles would start to cramp. With each hit, my naked body would move against his lap chaffing my already rug-burn stomach and breasts. I tried to just let my mind wander, to not be in the moment. I made myself stop crying, if only because it was hard to sob when you can’t breathe through your mouth. His hand was a blur, and I could barely distinguish the individual blows. It was just a haze of burning pain. I could hear him huffing with his exertion. Finally, his spanking slowed and he lowered my arms again. I whimpered as the blood rushed back to my arms, making them tingle painfully.

He was now gently rubbing his fingers over my bruised and burning skin. I’m sure it was supposed to be a soothing gesture, but it still hurt and I would give him anything for him to just stop touching me. I hated this, hated what was happening and what was going to happen to me. This was not how I imagined losing my virginity at all. Every place he touched felt tainted, like he was leaving some imprint in my skin that I would never be able to scrub off or shake loose. My body was burning all over from the spanking and my agitated rug burn, I was having trouble breathing because of the duct tape and because I had been sobbing, and I just wanted it to end. I wanted him to hurry up and do it so he could then kill me or leave. As long as he wasn’t touching me anymore.

He then turned me over so I was sitting up in his lap. He began rocking me like I was a child, and I could feel his hard cock through his jeans poking my thighs. My ass was burning and I almost started crying again, but instead only released a groan.

“There, there, Baby Girl,” he said while rocking me and pressing kisses to my temple. “Now that hurt me more than it hurt you. I hate hurting my little girl, but Baby Girl needs to learn to obey her daddy. Are you going to obey me?” I nodded. “Good girl. I knew you were going to be my good little girl when I first saw you. Now your daddy feels awful about hurting you. Do you want to make him feel better?” he asked, pausing his kisses to look me in the eye. I hesitated but nodded, knowing it was what he wanted and that I was beyond having any options at this point. I had to survive, and I would do whatever it took to make sure he didn’t kill me. I was going to do whatever he said and pray that he left when he was done. “That’s my little girl,” he said smiling.

He then moved me from his lap onto my back on the bed. He pulled me so that my head was hanging off of the side. I may be a virgin, but I watch porn. I knew what was about to happen. I had never given a blowjob before, but in this position I had a feeling he was wanting to do all of the work anyway. If he’s going to make me give him a blowjob, then he has to take this duct tape off. Should I try to call for help one last time? No, I couldn’t. If no one heard me before, they weren’t going to hear me this time. I wouldn’t risk it. After he had me like he wanted me, it was all I could do to stay still. My ass was still on fire, and I was lying on my arms awkwardly. But I sure as hell wasn’t going to move and have him see that as me disobeying him again.

He took a couple steps back from the bed, and began toeing off his shoes. I was scared to death, but I couldn’t look away as my rapist began to disrobe. His shoes and socks went first, followed by his jeans. With my head hanging off of the bed and him only a couple feet away, was basically face to face with his crotch. He wore grey boxer briefs, and I could see a damp patch near the head of his hard cock. His shirt went next, revealing his large, hairy body. He disgusted me. He was fat and gross and I was at his mercy. His hands fell to the waistband of his briefs and slowly peeled them off, his erection bobbing out. I gulped. There was no way that was going in me.

The bastard’s dick stood proud, its weeping head pointed to the ceiling. It was about 9 ½ “ long, but the length didn’t scare me. My favorite vibrator was about 9 inches, so that wasn’t too intimidating. However, it was apparent that his rotundness also applied to his manhood. It was 3 inches wide, wider than my wrist. How was my virgin pussy supposed to take that, let alone my mouth?!

“Aww, don’t be scared, Baby Girl. I know you’re going to make Daddy feel so good.” He stepped forward, and I jerked instinctually, not expecting the movement. “Shh, Baby Girl. Now stay quiet and brace yourself,” he said right before ripping the duct tape from my mouth. It hurt like a motherfucker, but I didn’t make a peep. With the tape gone, I took in a mouthful air. He stroked my cheek.

“You want to make your daddy feel good, don’t you, Little Girl?”

I nodded.

His hand moved from my cheek to get a hold on my hair. “Answer Daddy out loud, Baby Girl.”

I paused long enough for him to tug on my hair before responding, “Yes.”

“Yes what?”

“Yes, Daddy?”, I said, the word feeling strange on my tongue.

“Yes, Daddy, what?”

“Yes, Daddy, I want to make you feel good.”

“That’s my girl,” he said with a smile. I felt sick. I didn’t want to be pulled into his freaky games. I’m in my twenties, but I’m a Daddy’s Girl. I still call my father “Daddy”, and saying it now in this setting made my skin crawl. He stepped forward and said, “Open.” I obediently opened my mouth. He first ran the head of his cock along my lips, smearing them with his pre-cum, then pushed in a couple inches. He only just had the head in my mouth, but it already felt stuffed. His cock was so fat, I really feared what would happen if he tried to push into my throat. His cock tasted salty and the musky, sweaty smell from his body was already making me gag. The hand that had been gripping my hair moved to cup the back of my head, holding me in place.

“Taste Daddy’s cock. Taste how much Daddy loves you,” he said, thrusting forward once ever so slightly in reinforcement. I started moving my tongue along the head of his cock, cleaning off the pre-cum. It tasted so salty it made my eyes water. I focused on what I was doing and breathing through my nose, trying to ignore his overwhelming odor. Everything about this man repulsed me. I just kept moving my tongue along the head, not really knowing what I was doing. He didn’t seem to mind. He started thrusting shallowly, groaning.

“That’s my Baby Girl. That’s my good, good Baby Girl.” I wanted to cry again. He thrust the first few inches in and out of my mouth. His balls were swinging just inches of my face, and I had an eyeful of his hairy ass. I kept moving my tongue, but my jaw started to ache with the effort and from keeping my mouth open wide enough to accommodate his girth. He started picking up the pace. The whole time, he kept up his words of encouragement. “You’re making Daddy feel so good, Baby Girl. You really love your daddy.” He moved so that he was now hunched over holding my head with both hands as he fucked my mouth. He started hitting the back of my throat, and I freaked. I was scared to death he would try to choke me with his cock. However, he didn’t go further than that, my body gagging a little each time he hit my throat.

He pulled out slightly so that again only the head was in my mouth and started jerking off the rest outside of my mouth. “Take it all, Baby Girl,” he said with a near-shout before cumming with a loud roar. He came in two long spurts in my mouth. It tasted disgusting. It was so salty and sour on my tongue that I thought the taste would make me vomit. He held his cock in my mouth until I swallowed it all down and moaned each time my mouth squeezed his cock. It felt like his cum hit my stomach like lead, like I could feel it sitting in my body.

He straightened up and slowly pulled his cock out of my mouth. “My baby girl has the sweetest little baby girl mouth. Did you like that, Baby Girl?”

“Yes, Daddy,” I replied softly, embarrassed hearing myself say the words but knowing I had to.

He started walking around the bed, and I knew what was coming next. I felt my eyes start to water, but I held in the tears. Crying wouldn’t help now. He moved to the opposite side of the room, and gently pulled on my ankles until my head was on the bed. With a stranger’s dick in my mouth, I had understandably forgotten about my burning ass and aching arms. When he repositioned me, me arms were now bent very uncomfortably beneath my back and my flaming skin screamed at me. I worked my jaw up and down several times to work out the kinks from my face fucking. I stared at the ceiling, awaiting my fate, has he got onto the bed and crawled over me.