Fuckable wife and her hubby
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“I’d rather you didn’t take it into the shop,” Cheryl said.
The television repairman had the color set spread out on the floor of the bedroom. “I can do a better job if I take it in,” he said.
“My husband wants to see the big fight tonight,” she said. “Can’t you do it here. Just do your best.”
“You’re the boss,” he said.
He picked up a screwdriver and began working on the set. “Can I get you something to drink or something?” Cheryl said. Her regular repairman was on vacation and they’d sent someone she didn’t know. “What’s your name anyway?” she smiled. “I can’t keep calling you, ‘hey you’.”
“Lou Pryor,” he smiled, peering inside the back of the set. “And a cold glass of water would hit the spot.”
“You can call me Cheryl,” she said as she flounced off down to the kitchen. “I hate formality.”
She felt strangely light-headed today. They’d watched a particularly good fuck-film last night and for once Charlie had taken the time to make her come. She didn’t feel totally satisfied, but at least she knew she was alive.
She filled a tall glass with ice cubes and ran cold water into it. Then she returned to the bedroom and handed it to the sweating man.
“Thanks,” he said as their fingertips touched. “You’ve got a nice place here.” His eyes paused at her tits and bore into them.
Cheryl felt herself blush. “Thanks,” she said. “We like it.”
She felt her pussy moisten as they made small talk. “Your wife is lucky,” she said tentatively.
“Why do you say that?” he said.
“Anytime her television goes out she’s got a repairman right there,” she said.
“Yeah, well she doesn’t appreciate me, you know. It’s something like the shoemaker’s kids going barefoot.”
“It’s the same old story,” she sighed. “Marriage. It’s no picnic.”
“You can say that again,” he said. He switched on the television. “Not bad,” he said. “If you can live with the little blur here, you’re in business.”
“No problem,” Cheryl said, sliding off the bed and walking with him out of the room. “How much do I owe you?”
They walked down the stairs and Cheryl had a strange panicked feeling that she didn’t want him to leave.
“It’s on the house today,” he said. “Oh, no,” she said. “You’ll get into trouble with your boss.”
“You’re looking at him,” he chuckled. “Meet Lou from Lou’s TV.”
“Oh, my,” she said. “Well, here, how about some lunch?” she said.
“You’re sure it’s no trouble,” he said as he followed on her heels into the kitchen.
“No, I’d like the company,” she said. He sat down and she got busy fixing sandwiches. Her mind was a blur as she covered the table with food. Lou wasn’t exactly handsome, but there was a glint in his eyes when he looked at her that she found exciting.
“Yeah?” he said, biting into a sandwich. “My wife is a woman who should never have gotten married.”
“Why do you say that?” she said.
He swallowed hard and took another bite of a roast beef sandwich before answering. “She doesn’t like the sexual aspect of it,” he said.
“Oh,” she said.
“Yeah,” he said, sipping a Coke. “When we were going around together, she couldn’t get enough of it. But the minute she had our first kid, she closed her legs, excuse my vulgarity.”
“That’s okay,” Cheryl said.
“This is great chow,” he said. “Have you got some more potato salad?”
Cheryl went to the refrigerator and took out the bowl of salad. She spooned some onto his plate and, sat back down on her chair.
“What’s the answer to it all?” she mused. “To what?” Lou said.
“To marital incompatibility.”
“Hell, for me, it’s easy,” he said. “How, easy?”
“I get a little action outside the house. The old lady doesn’t catch on and everyone’s happy.”
“But doesn’t that put a strain on your marriage?” she said.
“Nope,” he grinned. “If more people got a little on the side there wouldn’t be so much divorce.” “Hmm, that’s very interesting,” she said. He rose up then and stretched. “That’s great, Mr. Dickinson,” he said.
“Oh, you’re leaving,” she said.
“Yeah, unless you have a better idea,” he said, his eyes glittering as he gazed down at her wobbling tits.
“Oh, my,” she said weakly, hugging her arms against her boobs. “I forgot I wasn’t wearing a bra.”
“Hey, don’t mind me,” he said, turning away from the door to face her. “I like ’em big.”
She blushed and turned toward the living room. “If you don’t have to go yet, why not sit down a while,” she said, walking slowly into the living room.
She kit as if she were propelled by some strange being invading her body. She was inviting this strange man to stay in her house. A man who’d already told her he cheated on his wife. And she was practically throwing herself at him.
He seemed to realize her quandary, because he came up behind her as she stood in the middle of the room and placed his hands on her shoulders.
“Any time you want me to leave, just say the word,” he murmured.
She nodded, licking her lips as they sat down together on the sofa. She realized that she was strangely attracted to the man and she was certain he was attracted to her too. He sat close to her and his thigh pressed against hers.
“Do you like movies?” he said. She nodded and he moved closer to her, slipping his arm around her shoulder. “There’s some great stuff on cable.”
“Yes,” she said softly. “I know.”
“I’m glad my man was sick today,” he said. “I’m glad I met you.”
“Thank you,” she muttered. “I’m glad I met you too.”
“Do you get the idea that there’s a little electricity around here between us?” he said.
“Sort of,” she whispered.
He pulled her closer against him. “I know I don’t look like a leading man, but they tell me I’m pretty good with the old in-and-out,” he said.
He leaned down and brushed his lips over her hair. She turned her face up and felt momentarily dizzy as she melted against him.
He kissed her softly, sliding his tongue into her mouth and holding her more tightly, until his broad chest flattened her tits.
Her pussy felt more alive than it had in months. A tiny whimper escaped her throat as he pulled her tongue into his mouth. She hadn’t kissed another man like this since she’d married Charlie ten years ago. But she couldn’t seem to help herself. Her cunt was leading her on.
“Let yourself go,” he said.
“I will if you call me Cheryl,” she said.
“Cheryl,” he repeated. “You’re a dish, Cheryl.”
He bent down again and covered her mouth with his. He speared his tongue between her lips and she trembled when she felt his fingers on her thighs.
“What are you doing?” she whimpered.
“What do you think?” he said.
“Oh, God, I don’t know what to do!” she said.
“Relax,” he said, stroking her silken skin.
“I don’t know if I can go through with this,” she said.
“Ssshh, relax and don’t worry about it,” he said. “Everything’s going to be okay. I’ll take care of you.”
She forced herself to sit still as he slid his fingers over her inner thighs. He continued kissing her, tonguing her slowly and tantalizingly and her long-frustrated body responded.
She returned his kisses, feeling her tits throb and her nipples stiffen like two little hard-ons. He suctioned her tongue into his mouth and caressed her bare thighs and she felt her pussy expel a glob of cunt juice. She tried desperately to relax her mind and stop thinking about Charlie, but it was impossible. The more she tried, the more she thought about the seriousness of what she was doing.
Placing both hands on his chest, she tried to push him away.
“Don’t do that,” he said.
“This is wrong,” she said.
“No, it’s not,” he said, easing her down onto her back.
She trembled as he moved his hands under her tee-shirt. She flinched when his fingers reached her naked tits. He squeezed them gently and she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his lips down on hers.
“That’s better,” he said.
But as wonderful as his hands felt on her boobs, she still felt guilty. She thought about what Lou had said about a little cheating helping a marriage and it made sense. I’ll look at it as something I’m doing to keep my marriage intact, she thought.
She took a deep breath and thrust her tits at his stroking fingers. He moved his hands over her belly and down to her thighs before returning them to her boobs.
He expertly fondled her tits through her tee-shirt and shivers of pleasure coursed through her body. She forced herself not to think about Charlie. And she almost succeeded.
“You’re a delicious woman,” Lou said.
“Thank you,” she said.
“You’re funny too,” he chuckled, sliding his hands under her tee-shirt and cupping her boobs.
“I am?” she giggled.
Suddenly he pulled her tee-shirt up over her tits. She sucked in her breath and lay back as he gazed down at her. “They’re beautiful,” he said, his voice soft and reverential.
“Oh, they’re just like every other woman’s, aren’t they?” she said.
“Not my old lady,” he said, his eyes glued to her brown-nippled boobs. “She’s practically flat-chested.”
She raised her arms when he pulled her tee-shirt up and over her head. He lay it down on the arm of the sofa and gazed down at her.
Her tits flopped around on her chest and she felt self-conscious as he continued staring at her tits.
“You’ll never drown with those things,” he said, gazing with delight in his eyes at her massive big-nippled tits.
She giggled, gradually relaxing as he teased her about her nervousness. Soon she relaxed completely and felt no shame when he bent down and minutely examined her brownish pink nipples.
“Do they taste as good as they look?” he said.
“I don’t know,” she said. “I never tasted them.”
“I’ll let you know after I have a taste,” he said.
He held her nipples between his fingers and watched the pinkish-brown nubs grow stiffer and longer. “It’s too bad you can’t suck them,” he said. “I once knew a girl who could suck her own jugs. She could bring herself off that way.”
“You mean she’d suck her own tits while she masturbated?”
“Yeah!” His eyes sparkled with lust.
“My husband doesn’t think married women should masturbate,” she said.
“You’re husband sounds like a jerk,” he said.
“He’s got a lot of good traits,” she said.
Grinning down at her, he cupped her tits and watched the big globes overflow his palms. He squeezed them gently and then not so gently and she sighed softly as the pleasure caused by his fingers radiated through her.
Her pussy responded by lubricating heavily. She could feel that her panties were soaked with her cream. She’d always been a heavy lubricator. Charlie used to tease her about it. He’d tell her a guy could fall right in, she was so juiced up.
She shook her head and forced herself to stop thinking about Charlie as Lou gently pulled on her nipples. He blew his warm breath over her boobs and planted a kiss inside her cleavage.
“Oh, Lou!” she sighed, her voice low and husky and sensual.
“You like?” he said, barely touching his lips to one boob.
“I like,” she whispered.
She ran her fingers through his hair as he swiped his tongue over her tits. She whimpered softly as he flicked it back and forth over one turgid nipple.
“I’m going to give your titties a good long sucking,” he said.
“Oh, yes, I want you to,” she said. She could hardly recognize her own voice. It sounded like some strange woman. But it’s me, she thought. It’s me!
She stroked his hair when his lips suddenly closed over one of her long stiff nipples. She gasped when she felt the turned-on berry being drawn into the warm wetness of his mouth.
A feeling of bliss engulfed her as he lapped his tongue over the puckered tip of her boob. Her tits had always been especially sensitive and as the television repairman sucked and licked her nipple, her entire body responded.
His sucking became more vigorous and soon he was making wet slurping noises as he went from one boob to the other. She wriggled her hips and stroked his hair, holding his hips firmly against her tits.
“Mmmmmm,” he said. “I think we have a very excited lady here.”
“Your mouth feels so good,” she whimpered.
“Are you ready to go a little further?” he said, sitting up and placing his hands on her thighs.
“I guess so,” she blushed.
She lifted her ass when he unzipped her skirt and pulled it down off her feet. He gazed with hot eyes at her bikini panties and the little curls peeking out at the sides of her crotch.
She instinctively spread her legs as he began easing her panties down her ass. When she was totally naked, he leaned over her and held her thighs as he gazed at her pussy.
His eyes glowed lustily. “As I said, you’re a dish,” he said.
“I’ll bet you say that to all the horny housewives in town,” she said.
“Only the pretty ones,” he said.
He got to his feet then and unzipped his fly. He brought his prick out and her eyes widened. It was big. Bigger than Charlie’s. His cock-bush was thick and his cock was over seven inches long and thick as her wrist.
“You like?” he chuckled.
“Wow!” she said.
She continued to gaze at his fuck-stick. His cockhead was massive and his balls were oversized too. She gazed up at his face and met his eyes.
“You’d never have guessed, huh?” he chuckled.
She blushed. “No, I’d never have guessed,” she said.
She’d always thought only big men had big pricks. But Lou wasn’t particularly tall and he wasn’t huskily built. As she gazed at his cock, her long-frustrated cunt throbbed. She wanted his big dick inside her and she wanted it now.
He had other ideas. He turned around and straddled her on the sofa. His prick hung over her lips and his mouth grazed her wet cunt muff.
“Give it a good licking,” he said.
For the first time in her life she wanted to suck a prick. “Yes!” she said, reaching up and curling her fingers around his prick. “Oh, yes!”
His cock throbbed against her hand. His cock skin was silky and smooth and her mouth watered as she gazed at it. She gasped when she felt his lips sink against her pussy-fur.
When his tongue parted her cunt flaps, she extended her tongue and curled it around his cockshaft. “Mmmmmmm, yes!” she sighed.
He briskly tongued her horny snatch and she hungrily licked his prick.
“Take it into your mouth!” he hissed.
She lapped the tip of her tongue over his cockhead and licked up the drop of jism brimming in his piss-slit. It was different from sucking Charlie’s cock. Maybe because Lou was sucking her cunt at the same time.
She felt him tremble as she tongued his fuck-stalk. “Keep that up, baby. Get it good and hard and we’ll make beautiful music together.”
He rubbed his slick tongue over her clit and whipped the turned-on bud as she greedily sucked his prick-knob into her mouth. She ran her tongue over big spongy bead and licked up more spunk.
The horny housewife thought about how good it would feel when he slid his prick into her cunt. She hoped he wouldn’t come in her mouth.
As if reading her thoughts, he suddenly picked his head up and forced her to release his prick. “Let’s fuck,” be grinned.
And Cheryl was faced with the moment of truth.

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