Family affairs 4.
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Ellen didn’t sleep that night. After Sandy left, she lay in bed nervously smoking and thinking in the dark. Ellen was a sensitive girl, and the message in Sandy’s eyes, in her movements, was quite clear to the girl.
Sandy was dumping her. It was as simple as that. She could feel it in the pit, of her stomach, a sinking sensation. The brunette was tired of her, finished with her, probably already planning to search for a new girlfriend, an eager, whimpering new sex-slave.
Ellen brooded about that for hours. She examined her alternatives. She could just shrug her shoulders, accept it as part of a shitty unpredictable life and look for someone else’s beautiful ass to kiss.
But the quiet, slender student nurse could never be that cool or composed. There was a volcano of passion smoldering deep inside her, and the lusty nurse had stirred it dangerously awake.
For more than an hour, Ellen wondered about blackmailing Sandy. Not for money, just for the icy pleasure of vengeance. But that didn’t appeal to Ellen. She wasn’t vindictive or spiteful. She desperately wanted to hang onto the sexy brunette at any cost.
The answer finally came to her around ten that morning, after a long, sleepless night.
The answer was crazy, almost diabolical, but it combined vengeance, of a sort, and the possibility of hanging onto Sandy. For a few more months anyway.
It was bold, too. Sandy might get furious, but there was nothing she could really do about it.
Finally, Ellen fell asleep with a faint smile on her luscious mouth. She would do it, and no one could stop her. After all, it was Sandy’s idea in the first place!
Sandy had been miffed at her because Ellen hadn’t been fucking guys. So the student nurse would do just that.
Beginning with Sandy’s husband, Al.
That Saturday morning, with the prospect of a sunny weekend before them, the residents of Shoreline usually either left town for the weekend or just generally avoided the beaches. The tourists came down from San Francisco and San Jose in hordes, jamming the beaches, raising hell, and turning the quiet town into a noisy chaos for the locals. Monday morning everything returned to normal. That influx persisted all summer long, disappearing after Labor Day and not returning until Memorial Day weekend.
So the beaches were out for the locals that weekend.
Usually, Al and Sandy puttered around the house, relaxing. Sandy would tan herself in the backyard while Al would drink beer and work on his motorcycle. Or they’d invite Jim and Linda over for dinner on Saturday night and play poker afterward or shoot pool in the basement.
This Saturday Sandy told Al she was driving up to San Francisco to do some shopping. Would he like to come? He shook his head, and Sandy felt a wave of relief. He usually didn’t come along anyway but the shopping she had in mind included a visit to a sex specialty store. She had to replace the dildo and the whip.
At one that afternoon, Sandy kissed her husband goodbye and drove north.
At one-thirty, Al’s phone rang. He picked it up, figuring it was Jim or Linda. It was a girl’s voice, soft and hesitant.
“Yeah?” Al said, a fresh can of beer in his hand.
“Urn, I don’t know if you remember me, Al, but my name is Ellen. I’m a friend of Sandy’s. I work at the hospital with her as a student nurse. Remember?”
Al frowned, thinking. Vaguely the memory of a slender dark-haired girl with huge dark eyes and a foxy body came back to him.
“Oh, yeah, I remember you, Ellen. But Sandy isn’t here. She had to go up to San Francisco on a shopping spree. You want me to have her call you when she gets back this evening?”
“No,” Ellen said, her voice relieved. “It’s you I want to talk to, Al. It’s important. Very important. Urn, can you come over to my apartment for a little while?”
What’s up? Al thought curiously. “You can’t tell me on the phone, huh?”
“No. It has to be in person. Here’s my address.” She rattled it off and Al scribbled it down. After he hung up, he swigged at his beer and smoked a cigarette, trying to guess what she wanted. Maybe hospital gossip or some crap like that. He remembered Ellen now. She was sort of quiet and mousy but had a pretty face and a very foxy body.
Al prided himself in estimating what kind of a fuck a woman would be just from looking at her. He wasn’t always right, but he was doing better than eighty percent. He had a hunch the slender girl was a very hot fuck, one of those smoldering types who couldn’t get enough cock once she got rolling.
The trouble with her type was to get her rolling.
Al took a couple of cold cans of beer along with him, just in case she didn’t keep booze on hand. He revved his Harley and took off across town, his eyes scanning the tourists, singling out the college girls from San Jose. A couple of them eyed him in return and he grinned at them, revving his bike.
Like the good old days when he was bagging everything in sight, fucking so many girls from out of town on weekends that his prick was raw and chafed most of the time. Al sighed, remembering the wild times. But he was married now to a terrific fuck.
Besides, he had to keep his horny sister happy as well.
He found the apartment complex, parked his cycle, grabbed his beer, which was in a bowling bag, and rang her buzzer.
She was wearing a blue robe, looking sleepy, but she gave him a wide, nervous smile when she let him in.
Al sat in the living room, opening a fresh beer. She declined one, drinking coffee instead. He studied her carefully. Nervous as hell for some reason. She was also eyeballing his rugged body. Al wore a T-shirt and jeans which showed off his rippling muscles.
Ellen stared at him in return, realizing that he was much better looking than she remembered. Sort of like Brando in “The Wild Ones”. Well, Sandy wouldn’t marry a lemon! Nothing but the best for the sultry brunette. The best cock and the best pussy, Ellen thought bitterly.
She still hesitated, not sure how to go about propositioning a guy. Or how to explain to him that his wife had been having torrid sex with her for a year, spanking her naked ass, eating her pussy and raping her with a gigantic dildo! Among other wild games.
“What’s so important?” Al asked softly, grinning.
“Sandy is,” Ellen said in a quivering voice. “There’s something I have to tell you about your wife, Al.”
His eyes narrowed on her. “So shoot.”
She took a deep breath. “Urn, first there’s something I want from you, Al.” The words came in a rush now. “I want to go to bed with you, I mean, I’d like to fuck you, right here, right now, but I don’t know how to go about stuff like that.” She laughed crazily. “I guess I’ve led a sheltered life in a way. I’ve never propositioned a guy before.”
Her voice trailed off, her face burning. Al just looked at her calmly. What the fuck is this! he thought. She’s nuts! Not really, he decided, just awkward with guys. His eyes raked quickly over her body and he felt a hot leap in his long prick.
Sure, he would fuck her. But what did all this have to do with his wife, for Christ’s sake?
“You just did it,” he grinned at her. “You just propositioned me, Ellen. But I want to know about Sandy. What’s this important shit you’re going to tell me?”
“I can’t,” she said quickly. “I mean, afterward, after we’ve fucked. I can tell you.”
Al sighed and shook his head, gulping his beer. The way he saw it now, she didn’t have anything at all to tell him about Sandy, not important anyway. What he had here was one extremely horny girl. Looking for an excuse to get fucked and using that flimsy crap about his wife to do it.
She’s probably neurotic as hell, Al thought. Sexual frustration did that to women. With that sleek hot little body she didn’t need an excuse to get fucked.
Hell, he would play along with her.
“Okay,” Al said abruptly, standing up. “You tell me about Sandy afterward, right? So let’s have at it, Ellen.”
She nodded quickly, trembling from head to toe, amazed at her own nerve. But, this wasn’t the hard part. Telling him about her lewd affair with his wife later would be the really tough part. Suppose he called her a liar and beat her up?
That thought sent a faint thrill through her blood.
“In the bedroom,” she whispered. He followed her into her bedroom and casually began stripping while Ellen took off her robe. She lay back on her bed, panting softly, drawing up one knee so that her juicy pink cunt was exposed.
“Nice,” Al said hoarsely, his eyes burning on her creamy skin, drinking in her delicately curved tits and soft ass. “Very nice, Ellen.”
When Ellen saw his huge crimson hard-on, looming out with raw power, she caught her breath. His cock was the biggest prick she’d ever seen on a guy. His muscles glistened with rippling strength. Ellen’s wet cunt began to trickle honey.
When she realized his cock had been steadily fucking Sandy, fucking deep into the pussy she was infatuated with, her lust rose quickly. Her excitement was different than the hot lewdness she felt with Sandy. This was a man, not like some of the guys she’d fucked before. Ellen suddenly wanted to blow him, wildly aroused at the idea of sucking his enormous cock so soon after eating his wife’s luscious cunt.
Ai Al approached the bed, Ellen swung her legs over the side and sat up. He stood before her while the student nurse timidly gripped his pounding prick in her fingers, sucking in her breath at the size and heat. A huge drop of jism crowned his blazing cock-knob. She darted her tongue out to lick it up, rolling it around her mouth, comparing it to the sweet, feminine nectar of his wife’s hot pussy.
“You won’t come in my mouth, will you?” she asked, staring at his prick with awe. “I’ll go down on you but you won’t come in my mouth, right?”
Al grinned down at her, gently cupping her head in his hands and nudging his mammoth hard-on closer to her lips.
“Wrong,” he told her. “I will shoot in your mouth, honey. Now suck it!”
She obeyed him as quickly as she had followed obscene commands from Sandy. With a deep moan, Ellen rammed as much of his boiling cock as she could manage in her mouth, thrilled at the raw male force which made her gag at first. She fucked her juicy lips back and forth on his prick with rising excitement, feeling his dick fuck and hammer in her mouth with savage lust.
“Not bad,” Al groaned, “but you’re too timid, honey. Come on, work it! Show me some class! Use your tongue, yeah, that’s it, much better, mmmmmm! Hey, good!”
When Ellen realized that Sandy, and probably countless girls too, had sucked him off with greater skill and unashamed lust, she at first felt ashamed and inferior.
She’d never had a cock this size in her mouth, and it made her feel deliciously feminine and humble. She was growing feverishly aroused as his hot prick gorged her burning lips, pulsed in her mouth with explosive power. Sandy had been right! She should have fucked more guys! She hadn’t realized what she was missing with men until Al had fucked his boiling cock in her throat. She’d eaten too much pussy and not enough cock for her own good.
She was fiercely determined not to be outdone by any woman, not even Al’s wife. If she could go down on Sandy’s juicy cunt until the brunette was screaming with ecstasy, there was no reason she couldn’t give a guy a wild, thrilling blowjob, either.
With those thoughts in mind, the frantic girl began the hottest cock-sucking job of her life. She moaned furiously as she fucked her mouth back and forth on his hard-on, swirling her tongue around his fat cock-knob each time she drew back. She jerked the lower half of his big prick rapidly in her fist at the same time. She wanted his come spurting in her mouth now, ached to feel his hot male fuck-cream gagging her throat and burning her stomach.
“Oh, yeah, much better,” Al gasped, lunging his hips carefully at first, fucking her tight, burning mouth in time to her cocksucking. “Use your teeth, but easy!” He gritted his own teeth when she scraped her teeth across his cock-meat, sending hot tingles of excitement through his loins.
She was learning fast. It was hardly the greatest blowjob of his life, but what made it exciting was her frenzied eagerness to please. She had a tight, boiling mouth and a long wet tongue, which she flicked rapidly across his prick-head for a few seconds, nearly making him shoot his wad of jism.
When she suddenly withdrew her lips and lapped at his cock-knob furiously, like his prick was the last cock in the world, Al gasped with intense pleasure. “Suck on my balls!” he urged.
Quick to obey, the student nurse dipped her mouth down and kissed and sucked at his hairy balls, still jerking his prick lustily in her hot fist. She was caught up in a frenzy of desire that was utterly new to her.
Ellen wanted his come desperately now. She slammed her lips back onto his cock and sucked in a fury of lust, jiggling his balls in her other hand, squeezing them gently to loosen his load of fuck-cream. When Al’s cock hardened and vibrated in her mouth, a muffled scream of obscene happiness rose in Ellen’s throat.
“Great blowjob!” Al groaned, exaggerating only slightly. “Hey, work it, Ellen! Ummmm! Gonna shoot, honey! Wow!”
Her lips and tongue worked at his prick with delirious greed, sucking, whipping, fucking, intent only on gulping down his hot jism. Al realized that whatever the girl lacked in experience, she more than made up for in sheer eagerness to please. Whoever got this one for a steady fuck would have a wild little animal on his hands! Some guy could train her to be a terrific piece, practically a sex-slave.
Swinging his hips brutally, ramming his huge cock so far in her throat that he battered her, Al began shooting wild torrents of jism. Ellen’s frantic mouth gulped, almost choking on the flood of tangy fuck-cream. Muffled screams of excitement rolled from her throat and she gulped the torrents down as fast as she could, amazed at the giant fountain of jism. No wonder Sandy had married him!
A deep healthy satisfaction rose in her blood as she milked his thick cock in her fist, happily sucking up the last few molten drops of jism. In her mad obsession for the lush brunette’s pussy, for her strange games and teasing torture, Ellen had almost forgotten how exciting fucking with men could be.
She finally released his prick with a long shaking sigh, licking her lips, loving the pungent taste of jism. Somehow Sandy had gotten her hooked on oral sex, not just with delicious cunt, but with anything that shot off in her mouth. In the back other mind, Ellen sensed a deep change beginning to take place.
She still craved going clown on Al’s hotly curved wife. She still hungered for sex with girls. But she knew she needed men now, too, that all her life she would be a passionate switch-hitter, hopping in bed with hung men and horny women both. She wasn’t cured of Sandy by any means, but, she was relieved to find out the truth.
All Sandy had really done was to introduce Ellen to the best of both sex-worlds.
Ellen lay back on the bed, panting eagerly. She stroked her cunt-lips with her fingers, moaning and squirming her ass on the mattress, hotter than she’d been in a long time.
“Fuck me!” she begged. “Shove that beautiful cock inside my pussy as far as it’ll go, Al! Wow, do I need it!”
When Al got horny, his prick never really went down. His prick ranged from rock-hard to semi-stiff, always braced for action. Fresh pussy, especially a slender mink like this one with her small, hotly panting tits and juicy looking cunt, kept him in nearly constant heat.
“What you need is what you get,” Al told her, climbing on top of her. Now that her wanton mouth had taken the harsh edge off his lust, he could fuck like an electric fucking machine. As he noted about Ellen earlier, her quiet, smoldering type went ape for cock once she got rolling. The blowjob had gotten her rolling hike a locomotive, judging from her whimpers and blazing eyes.
He seized her naked ass in his hands, probing with his thick cock-knob. Eagerly, Ellen guided his prick-head against her hot, sucking cunt-lips. Al made a mental note to fuck her in her cute silken ass just before he left hex. From the way she trembled and moaned, she would go ape over ass-fucking too.
“Ease up a little,” he told her when she gasped as he guided his flaming cock-knob inside her tight pussy. “You’re too eager, too hungry, baby, just relax.”
Ellen realized she was incredibly hot, turned on feverishly by the feel of his mammoth cock spurting in her mouth. But there was something else firing her lust, too. The thought that maybe, just a distant possibility right now, she and Al and Sandy could get together for a three-way. If Sandy ever forgave her for what she was going to tell her husband when this orgy of sucking and fucking was over.
Al managed to get four fucking inches of prick inside her fiery, squirming cunt. He started fucking with a relentless rhythm, while Ellen sobbed and wrapped her slender legs around his waist. She was so deeply thrilled at the feel of a hot cock in her tender cunt, after being raped by Sandy’s immense dildo so many times, she started coming very quickly.
“Oh, Al, oh, Jesus, your big prick! Ooooo, God, it feels incredible! Oh, what a fuck, I can’t believe it! Agh!”
“Not bad yourself, baby,” Al gasped, fucking a little harder. In fact, Ellen had an extremely hot cunt, which she used with convulsive excitement on his prick. Each time Al fucked forward, she hugged his cock fiercely with her pussy-walls, sparking wild waves of pleasure through his prick.
They both began sweating, which intensified their lust as Ellen rubbed her swollen tits deliriously against his broad chest. She swung her ass in perfect rhythm to his fucking, biting his bare shoulder and clawing his hard ass with her nails. She began raving deliriously, as wave after wave of shattering bliss tore through her exploding pussy. Cunt-honey oozed on his fucking prick.
“Oh, Jesus, Al, oh, you stud! Oooooo, I almost forgot how wild it could be! Oh, that prick, ooooo, I’m coming againnnnnnnn! Your cock is beautiful! Eeeeee!”
Christ, Al thought, when was the last time she got fucked? She was acting as if she’d been without prick for years. He didn’t have to exert any effort to keep from coming, in spite of her wild juicy little cunt. Not only had her feverish blowjob helped, but between his wife and his horny sister, he was hardly anxious about coming right now.
Low screams of ecstasy started rolling from Ellen’s throat. She shook her head in a frenzy from side to side, a profound orgasm beginning to well up in her seething loins. She swung her ass in hot spasms of bliss, locking her ankles tighter around his back. She felt, insanely, as if she were losing her cherry, as if Al was the first man she’d ever fucked.

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