Wife’s Dilemma
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Esther and Jerry Holloway were attending a party given by one of Esther’s friends, Janet. Her husband Jerry was bored as he didn’t know most of the people there and he was becoming more agitated as the evening drug on. Esther noticed her husband’s mood and she was becoming angry with her husband. She did not want to leave early to upset Janet. They had been friends for many years, had worked for the same company and, as close as they had become, you would think they were loving sisters, they were that close.

Jerry kept steadily drinking and becoming more obnoxious. Esther loved her husband, but at the moment, she wished he would just pass out so she could enjoy the party and the friends from her previous employment. Suddenly, Jerry yanked her arm and pointed to a black man standing near the kitchen door. Jerry said, “See that black guy? Why don’t you go to him and ask him is it’s true that black men have big cocks?” Esther became furious with Jerry, slapped him and said, “That’s inappropriate, I didn’t know you were such a racist”. Jerry rubbed his cheek and said, “I’m not racist, I was just making a joke. I just want to get the hell out of here, these guys are all your friends you had worked with”.

Esther was so furious with her husband, she almost slapped him again. The black man did not work in her office, she didn’t recognize him. She thought that he was probably a friend of a co-worker. Jerry finally fell into an over-stuffed chair and slumped into a quiet stupor. Esther went to the kitchen to pour herself another drink. As she entered the kitchen, she heard, “Can I get you a drink?” She turned and looked into the eyes of the black man. His eyes were calm and seemed to bore into her soul, she felt a warm feeling overcome her. “I’m Ralph,” he said, “I noticed you and your husband seem to be at odds.” Esther then said, “Yes, my name is Esther and Jerry, my boorish husband there, is just bored because he doesn’t know people here. He’s being a real ass. I should have left him at home”.

Ralph then took Esther’s hand and led her into the kitchen. Esther marveled at the large hand, so smooth and strong. With the touch of Ralph’s hand, Esther had a tingling and warm sensation flow through her body. “What can I get you?” he asked. Esther said she was drinking rum and coke. Ralph then took her glass and began to pour her drink when she said, “Please make it weak, I don’t want to get too smashed. My husband is in no shape to drive.” Ralph honored her wish and handed her a weak drink. Esther thanked him and she returned to the living room while Ralph made a drink for him self.

An hour passed and she couldn’t find Janet, so she climbed the stairs to the second floor to search. Esther was going to thank her for her hospitality and say her good buys. She was walking down the hall as the bathroom door opened and Ralph came into the hall bumping into her. Esther began to laugh and Ralph asked what she was laughing about. Esther’s face turned red and said, “Well, er, uh, my husband was being an ass. He said I should ask you if it was true that black men…Uh er, maybe I shouldn’t say”. Ralph began to laugh and said, “What, that black men had large cocks?” He then took her hand and pulled her into a bedroom. He said, “It’s too public in the hall, someone might hear us.” Esther, her face red, expected some funny response to the question.

Ralph then unzipped his pants and said, “Pull it out and find out for yourself.” Esther froze dumbfounded and then he repeated, “Pull it out. I think you will find a better penis than your husbands.” Esther knew this was wrong, just by doing what he commanded, she would be cheating on Jerry. But, curiosity now overwhelmed Esther as she looked into his eyes. She felt that just pulling his cock out of his pants, it wouldn’t truly be cheating. Again, she saw a look of calm and his demeanor was beginning to take charge, by his forceful command. “Now” he said. She hesitated for a moment and as if in a trance, she reached into his pants and felt what appeared to be a thick salami. Her hand barley spanned the girth as she pulled it out. Esther then said, “Oh, my God. You are big.” Ralph chuckled, then lightly placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed her down to her knees.

“Look at it, does it look anything like your husband’s cock?” asked Ralph. Esther said, “Oh, my God. Your cock is so much bigger than Jerry’s.” Ester was, somehow, totally now under his control and listened for his next command. “Do you see the pre-cum?” asked Ralph. Esther shook her head and said, “Yes, it’s glistening. Oh, more is coming out.” Her pussy was now excreting her fluids. Ralph said, “Taste it, see if it tastes better than your husbands.” She stuck out her tongue and swabbed the pre-com into her mouth. “Yum,” said Esther, “you have a sweeter taste than Jerry.” Ralph then said, “Take it in your mouth”. She now had total disregard for her marriage. “Suck my cock and tell me if it’s like sucking your husband’s cock,” ordered Ralph. Esther opened her mouth wide and took the bulbous head into her mouth. Her tongue lapped around the head and then she sucked more of his cock deeper, stretching her mouth to allow him deeper entry. She was surprised that she was able to open her mouth wide enough to take just the bulbous head which had swollen larger than the shaft.

Ralph asked, “Is my cock better than your husband’s?” Regretting to let his cock slip out, she said, “Oh, God, you have such a beautiful large cock.” She then took his cock back into her mouth trying to get more of his cock toward her throat. She heard him begin to groan and looked up at him and saw his smile. She was happy that she could please him. Her hand instinctively grabbed
his balls and began to knead them as she sucked harder.

Esther marveled at the beautiful cock she was sucking. Her vaginal fluids were now flowing heavily and she was curious if she would to be able to take his cock in her pussy. Yes, she now knew she was going to let him fuck her. The fact that she was married, was now lost in her mind. She was determined to get the entire cock into her. She felt her vaginal walls squeezing, contracting, with the knowledge that this monstrous phallus was going to stretcher her wide open. The tingling of her pussy made her juices flow harder. Her desire for this cock to enter her was overwhelming her lustful thoughts.

Ralph’s legs began to tremble and she knew he was close. Ralph then pulled his cock from her and told her to bend over the bed and lift her dress up. Esther was in his complete control as she now wanted to see what a large black cock would feel like in her little white pussy. Ralph then pulled the elastic of her panty to the side and rubbed his cock head against her labia as his hand then reached around and began to masturbate her clit. “Please,” she said, “Please put your cock in me.” Ralph asked, “Are you sure? You will see a difference in the feel from your husband’s cock.” “Yes, Yes,” she said, “I want your black cock in my white pussy.” “What about your husband, won’t you be cheating on him?” Ralph asked. “I don’t care, I want your big cock in me, I want you to fuck me,” said Esther. “Please.” Esther begged with true disregard for her marriage.

She then felt the bulbous head of his cock begin to enter her vagina and started to stretch her vaginal walls. Her fluids were soaking his cock as he slowly pushed further into her. She began to moan with a mixture of pain and pleasure as she felt a fullness she had never felt before. She reached back and felt his cock as it was sinking further and further into her pussy. She felt her ass and his crotch tight against her hand and knew he was fully inside her. “Yes,” she said, “YES, YES. FUCK ME.” With that, Ralph began to pull out most of the way and then thrust his cock into her cervix. Esther was now feeling her climax building to an electrifying plateau. Her legs began to shake and her body tingled as her arms stretched across the bed and grabbed the bed spread tightly. Esther’s eyes clouded over as her mouth made a gurgling sound. As Ralph’s cock slammed deep into her pushing her cervix deeper she began to scream, “I’M CUMMING, YES FUCK ME HARD, FUCK MEEEEEE.”

Esther’s adrenalin was flooding her body, the rush had her in a sexual state she had never felt. Her body was on fire with the desire to reach the highest peak of orgasmic bliss. She was beginning to excrete more juices soaking Ralph’s balls. With each push Ralph made, now she was pushing back. She wanted that large cock as deep in her vaginal canal as possible. She wanted Ralph to fill her womb, she wanted to feel his cum inside her. “Fuck me Ralph,” she said, “FUCK ME, CUM IN ME”. Ralph asked, “You want me to cum inside you”? “Oh, God,” she said, “Yes, CUM IN ME, FILL ME”. Ralph said, “If you’re not on the pill, I’m going to give you a black baby”. “YES, YES,” she screamed, “fill my pussy with your cum”. She felt Ralph’s cock swell in her stretched pussy and began to throb. He began to pulse as his sperm was being pumped deep into her womb. Esther felt
his cock throbbing with each blast of cum and she had another orgasm. Ralph’s cock stopped throbbing and he slowly pulled out of her. Immediately, Esther felt a mixture of cum and pussy juices begin to run down her thigh.

Esther turned and dropped back to her knees. She sucked his cock back into her mouth and marveled that his cock was still hard. She wanted to please him and clean his cock, tasting her juices mixed with his cum. Esther was still calming from her orgasms thinking, ‘Why can’t Jerry fuck me like that? I’ve never been fucked so deep and thoroughly in my life. I’ve never had orgasms like that before, so nice, I felt so emotionally filled with euphoric ecstasy. I’m so happy that I met Ralph, a man to heighten such a miserable day.’

Esther was enraptured as her estrogen level heightened, she was sexually aroused with experiencing her first black cock. ‘Yes,’ she thought, ‘her FIRST black cock.’ She rose up, pulled her panties off and got on the bed with her legs spread wide saying, “Please, I want your cock in me again. Please fuck me”. Ralph mounter her again, shoving his cock deep colliding into her cervix thrusting her further back on the bed to the head board. Esther was shaking, her legs flailed around his body as she quickly experienced another shattering orgasm. He pummeled her cervix violently as her legs now spasmed uncontrollably.

Still impaled, Ralph rolled over bringing Esther on top of him and she imagined that more of his cock had entered her. She began to grind herself on his magnificent black cock. Again, she felt his cock swell in her already stretched pussy and begin to spew more cum deep into her womb. She continued to rock on his cock until he softened and then she rolled off and laid exhausted at his side. She felt his cum oozing from her enlarged pussy and Ralph got up and stuffed his cock back into his pants.

Ralph then placed a card in front of her face as she laid in an exhaustive and blissful state. He said, “My number, you’re going to want more of this black cock in your white pussy. Just think of all the years you wasted not having the exceptional feel of black cock”. With that, he left the room. Esther slowly rolled off the bed, saw the card. Not looking at it, placed it in her make-up purse with her keys. She then pulled her panties up to stop the flow of cum. Straightened her dress and checked her face and hair in the mirror. The only clue of sex, was her soaked panties which had filled quickly.

Suddenly, Esther was hit by guilt. ‘What have I done? I just cheated on my husband, the man I love and married. I made a wedding vow to the man, and here I cheated on him and dishonored him. I don’t know what I’m going to say to him and I don’t know if he will ever forgive me. I do love him and I don’t want a divorce. I have to keep quiet and never tell him what I did. It was only one time. I don’t know why I let this black man fuck me. Again, Esther made sure to smooth down her dress, once again checked herself in the mirror for signs of a cheating wife and thought, ‘Jerry doesn’t need to know, I don’t want to hurt him, he may be an ass right now, but I do love him. I just can’t let him know what I did’.

On shaky lags, she opened the door to leave. As she exited, she bumped into Janet. Esther began to cry when she saw her friend. Coyly and without looking directly at her, Esther said, “Janet, thanks for a nice party, we will need to leave now”. Janet asked, “Why are you crying”? Esther said, “Nothing you did, I just did a horrible thing and need to take James home”. Janet asked, “What was this horrible thing you did”? Esther answered, “Just horrible, I can’t talk about it, please don’t ask anymore”. Esther then went and helped her drunken husband up and to the car.

All the way driving home, she keep weeping and wanting to put the day in the past, to never think about it again. She then felt her panties becoming damper as more cum was oozing from her pussy and her body suddenly shivered as she remembered the large black cock stretching her pussy. She began to cry harder, her mind became filled with the guilt that she cheated on her loving husband. She didn’t know what to do. If Jerry knew she cheated, he would surely divorce her. Then what would she do and how would her 16 year old daughter react, a cheating slut mother. A divorce would devastate her daughter, Sandy. Now, she realized, her problem was getting worse…her husband and now her daughter. ‘They must never know’ she thought. When they arrived home, she was still crying as she helped Jerry into the living room. She went into the kitchen for some cold water when spotting her daughter at the kitchen table.

“What’s wrong, why are you crying mom”? Asked Sandy. Now, the guilt was gnawing at her inner soul and Esther answered, “Oh, nothing for you to worry about, sweetie. I was just upset with your father”. Sandy looked at her mother and let the subject drop. Sandy knew her mother would eventually talk with her. Esther was relieved that her daughter didn’t insist on an answer. She just couldn’t confess that she cheated on the girls father, especially with a black man.

The rest of the evening, Esther wandered around the house like a zombie, fiddling with everything, but doing nothing. She finally got Jerry to bed and as he began to sleep off his drunken stupor, she laid awake crying and trying to get answers as to what she was going to do. ‘Sure, Jerry had been a real ass hole, but that was no excuse for what she did. Jerry seemed to be uninterested in sex for the past year, probably her fault, but again, that was no excuse for her behavior. What was she going to do?’ she thought. ‘I know,’ she thought, ‘I’ll dress more sexy for him, let Jerry fuck me anytime he wants. I can then let this problem go away if Jerry and I have more sex, he
won’t get suspicious. I wouldn’t have to tell him.’

Monday evening, when Jerry got home, Esther was dressed in sexy, stretch Yoga pants and a halter top that displayed her bare nipples pressed against the fabric. She greeted him with a loving kiss opening her mouth for his tongue and hugging him tight. “I want you,” Esther said, “Sandy is at a friends house studying and we have time for you to fuck me.” Jerry didn’t understand what came over his wife. He was tired, but didn’t want to pass up this opportunity. As they went to the bedroom, he was removing his clothes as he watched his wife’s ass move in her Yoga pants. Esther stripped for Jerry and climbed on the bed and spread her legs, inviting him into her pussy. Jerry then buried his face between her legs and began to lick her vulva and clit. Esther began to moan with the pleasure thinking she could finally bury her guilty thoughts. Esther was beginning to feel an orgasm build when Jerry slid up her body. She knew the next thing was for Jerry to thrust his cock into her pussy.

Nothing happened. She didn’t feel his penis, he kept stabbing at her pussy, but he wasn’t entering her. Jerry then fell to the side and said, “It’s useless, I’m so tired, I can’t get hard.” Esther rolled to her side and began to cry thinking that her plan was ruined. It didn’t take long before she heard Jerry snoring, laying next to her with a shriveled up penis. Esther got up, put on a robe over her naked body and wandered around the house as she was crying.

Neither one ate dinner, and she just dumped everything in the trash. She poured herself a stiff drink and sat in the den and emptied a full box of tissue to dry her eyes. She decided to busy herself and do a load of laundry, anything to take her mind off her trouble. She knew Jerry’s reaction to her cheating would be worse if she didn’t confess and he found out somehow, but how would he find out? If Ralph said anything to someone, maybe Janet. She had to make Ralph swear he wouldn’t say anything. Sleep will help, she thought.

Esther was torn, she had violated her marriage vows, she had cheated on Jerry. She knew this couldn’t be kept secret. Somehow, Jerry would find out. The consequences would be worse if Jerry found out from someone else. But, the sex with Ralph was pronominal, her sexual climaxes were euphoric and exhilarating, just the thought of the name, ‘Ralph’ ignited her vaginal walls to spasm and flow her fluids. Just the thought of the stamina and recovery of his seminal fluids, caused her body to shudder in a per-orgasmic state. How would she deal with moral love verses rapturous lust.

Esther woke, sitting straight up in bed, her body covered in sweat. She felt something cold under her ass. Looking down, the sheet was soaked. She remembered her erotic dream, one of several black cocks using her body all day. Her pussy had soaked the sheet during her dream. She couldn’t stop thinking of her cheating. She knew it was going to be a long day as she got up to shower. Esther couldn’t change the sheets with Jerry sleeping and she hoped he wouldn’t wake and discover the wet bed, how would she ever explain it.

Another day Esther spent in turmoil over her cheating. Sandy got home from studying and seemed to be in a happy, dreamy state. Esther knew she had to act normal, she didn’t want Sandy to begin questioning her again. “How was the study session”?
Sandy said, “Oh, he…uh, we got a lot done”. Before Esther had a chance to ask her what she meant by HE, Sandy had already left to her bedroom.

The next morning, she saw Sandy off to school and then Jerry finished his coffee and left for work. She looked around the house and then saw a card on the front table sticking out of her make-up purse with her keys. She saw the word, “Ralph” and then a phone number. ‘No, No,’ she thought. Fear subconsciously hit her, what if Jerry saw the card? Her nightmares were rekindling again. What was she to do, she had worked up a sexual high for her husband last night, she was horny and nothing. She resisted, she knew her exceptional lust filled time with Ralph had to be a one time thing, but she wanted the same sexual ecstasy from Jerry.

She couldn’t let her cheating continue. She knew she had to put a stop to her lustful thinking and dialed the number on the card. Ralph answered and she told him she had to put an end to her guilty thinking. Ralph said, “Not over the phone, you never know who might be listening. Why don’t you come to my house Wednesday morning and we can put your guilty feelings to rest”, Esther thanked him for understanding and felt better that once and for all this was going to be over. ‘Just once, just once,’ Esther thought, ‘I can keep that a secret from Jerry.’ She could not foresee how Jerry would act, so she felt that she would merely keep her infidelity a secret.

Esther, remembering the past, had felt that sex with her husband when they married, was excellent. Two or three times a week seemed to satisfy them, but then, with time, their intimate times dwindled. Esther began to think of how Ralph made her feel, a feeling she never had with Jerry. His cock was larger, he lasted longer and his recovery for another round was something Jerry couldn’t seem to do. When Jerry fucked her, it was once and lasted ten minutes, if there was foreplay. Jerry’s sleep was quick to follow. ‘Why,’ thought Esther, ‘do I keep thinking that way. Yes, Ralph was excellent, but it has to be only once’.

Jerry was tired when home from work and went to bed, again without dinner. Esther was disappointed that she couldn’t seduce Jerry. Sandy came home and saw that her mother had been crying. She asked, “What’s wrong mom, you seem to be crying a lot lately?” Esther said, “It’s nothing, sweetie, I’ve just been depressed lately. It will pass. I have dinner ready, it may need to be reheated since your father was tired and went to bed right after getting home.” She and Sandy reheated the meal and ate as Sandy chatted about school and all the homework piled on her. Esther remembered her school days, when she told her parents that she was going to a friends house to ‘study’. She wondered if Sandy was seeing a boy instead of studying.

With the meal finished, they both became busy, Sandy doing research on the computer and Esther finishing the laundry. Esther was folding the clothes when Sandy gave her a hug and said she was going to bed. Ester handed Sandy a pile of jeans and shirts to put away. She then remembered washing several panties that belonged to Sandy. They seemed to have a crusty residue in the crotch and she remembered her days when she got home after seeing her boyfriend. Her panties had dried cum when put in the wash. She then saw the panties she was wearing when at Janet’s party, they were crusted with dried cum, a lot of dried cum. Her pussy was beginning to get moist with her memories of her most exceptional sexual adventure. ‘Was there any way to bury the past?’ she thought, ‘everything I look at reminds me of cheating on Jerry’.

Esther was sure Sandy had a boyfriend and she was having sex. She had Sandy on the ‘pill’ so she wasn’t worried about pregnancy. She did worry about any diseases as her daughter was having unprotected sex, evidenced by her soiled panties. She then remembered, she had unprotected sex with a black man. Her guilt just continued to build, it seemed that everything reminded her of cheating on her husband. Would he ever forgive her? She hoped he would never find out.

Esther knew she had to have a talk with her daughter. She wanted Sandy to be careful. She didn’t want to preach to her like her own mother did about sex. She did want her daughter to have enjoyable sex, but safe sex. Sex is a strong emotion in human lives and then Esther began to cry. Her thoughts returned to the lustful pleasure, the heightened orgasms she had with Ralph. She had never had those pleasurable feelings before in her life. Now her guilt was gnawing harder at her, she was sure that talking to Ralph would end her cheating guilt and she could be happy with her husband once again and return to a normal life, sexless life, but…’there I go again, will the memories ever go away?’ she thought.

‘One more day,’ Esther thought, ‘I’ll see Ralph and since he understands, my cheating will be history, a one time slip in the past. Jerry should understand that lapse in my judgement. He would understand that it would never happen again’. Esther wanted to keep Jerry in a good mood, so she planned to be openly available sexually to him. Keep him happy was her thought.

‘Tomorrow’, Esther kept thinking, ‘I will see Ralph and make sure he never tells anyone about me. Then, if I keep the secret, Jerry will never know and I can be at peace’. She was nervous and wondered if there was any way Jerry could find out. If she and Ralph never said anything, it should be quiet and in the future. She was hoping that she could erase the memories of her infidelity and be a loving, loyal wife again.

Esther then felt that after making sure Ralph kept quiet, she would then have a talk with Sandy and make sure she was being safe in her sexual relations with her boy friend. ‘Wait,’ she thought, ‘I’ve never met her boy friend.
She has never said anything about a boy’. Esther then knew Sandy should have her boy friend over so she and Jerry could meet him. As parents, they should know what kind of person their daughter was dating. ‘She’s only sixteen years old,’ Esther thought, ‘She’s already having sex with a boy’.

Janet called and Esther didn’t want to discuss her infidelity problems with her. They then talked about Sandy and her being sexually active. Janet agreed with Esther that the parents should know who their daughter was dating. Was he the same age, going to the same school and other questions they should have answers to. Esther got off the phone and was happy that she had such a close friend, one she could discuss anything with. Esther felt that her talk with Ralph tomorrow would be the end, but why was she constantly having to change her wet panties. After tomorrow, Ralph would be a name in the past and, in her mind, would no longer exist.