The eager stepmother
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Scott Birks awoke with a throbbing hard-on. He scratched his bare chest thoughtfully, his fingers working through the thick crop of dark hair which grew in a mat from just below his shoulders. A moment later and he had run his hand flatly downwards over the hard stomach muscles to where his cock thrust stiffly and curved to almost touch his navel.

He clasped the hard prick tightly, the ache in his balls reminding him of last night and the farewell party. Never had he found Joan Allingham so good at fucking, and he put it down to the fact that it would be the last time the two couples would be able to get together again for some time. Tonight he would be in California where he was to open new offices for Condor Air Freight. It would mean weeks of hard work and trying to find a home for Robin and the kids. Hopefully, it would all be worthwhile, but for the first time he realized how Robin and he would miss Bill and Joan Allingham.

He clutched his cock and stretched at the same time. At thirty-eight he was in pretty good shape, and he turned his head to where Robin was quietly sleeping beside him, her long ash-blonde hair in complete disarray across the pillow and over her beautifully rounded shoulders. She was lying on her stomach, one knee folded upwards so that the shapely leg was in a loop, the skimpy, flimsy little nightie up around her waist so that her young, curved buttcheeks were completely exposed.

Robin was ten years younger, and his second wife. Martha Birks had died when Steve had been born, and for six years he had relied on his parents to raise Donna, who was now eighteen, and the boy. Then through Bill and Joan Allingham he had met Robin, found she was a terrific screw and four years ago married her. It was an arrangement which had worked beautifully, and any doubts he may have had about keeping up with a young, sexy stewardess had long ago been dispelled. Not only was she an excellent wife, but she had proved to be a fantastic mother for Steve and Donna, who both idolized her.

He half turned towards the attractively slender body and feasted his eyes on the curved buttcheeks and the outspread thighs. They were creamy white, and he moved one hand to place it furtively on a rounded cheek, the velvety smoothness filling his loins with a dull, churning ache.

Robin Birks sighed and rubbed her cheek against the pillow. She ran her tongue across sensuously large lips, coming to briefly before dropping once more into a drifting, hazy sleep.

He left his hand over the softly yielding bun, his fingers digging gently into the warm, soft flesh. His thumb pressed teasingly near her brown puckered bung, and he could just make out the thin covering of silky pussy hair around the rim of her cunt. The sight brought another surging ache to his balls, and he moved his hand slowly into the small of her back, upwards over her spine and then under the hem of the nightie before reaching around and beyond to her tit.

Her tits were like large oranges, not large like Joan Allingham’s tits, but perfectly rounded, with no sag so that they always stood out as if taunting all the time. His open hand closed in to completely encase the beautiful tit, the nipple scratching his palm as his fingertips closed in around the exquisite base to probe and knead in a series of methodical squeezes.

“Mnnnn…” Robin Birks was vaguely aware of a dull, soothing warmth as it raced through her tits. The excruciating feel of a man’s powerful hand, molding itself over her right boob brought a yearning to her cunt and she cautiously allowed herself to come awake as the hand became more active.

“Mnnnn… what…” she murmured sleepily. Bill Allingham and she had fucked last night. Then she and Scott had got home and fucked again in bed. Now, as she tried to clear her sleepy head, she wondered if Bill and Joan Allingham had come home with them, too. They had after one party at the Allinghams’, and the party had continued the next day. She opened her eyes to find herself staring at the window through which the sun was streaming onto the table by the bed.

Scott Birks moved his right leg over her left one and slowly eased his knee up into her warm, moist crotch. He pressed against her cunt, listened to her sigh and worked his knee up and down, the exquisite softness of her crotch filling him with lust. “Did you know you have the most beautiful ass in the world?” he asked, moving his cock so that it lay along her thigh.

“Mnnn…” she murmured. He was cupping the tit now, one finger trailing back and forth over the bulging, fruit-like nipple. She shivered at the response in her aunt, moving her folded knee upwards to give him more room. “Better than Joan’s?” she asked softly.

“Much better.” He brought his mouth down and kissed her on the neck so that she immediately cringed, giggled and tried to turn her head and force his mouth away. “That tickles!” she cried.

His cock was a throbbing shaft, and he moved his knee from out of her crotch, moving it against her outspread thigh so that he could guide his cock to the opening of her cunt. “Does that tickle?” he asked, the aching in his balls almost unbearable.

“Don’t you ever get enough?” she asked, still giggling and waiting for the massive cock to begin its deep plunge up her quivering cunt.

He slowly thrust it in, the pulsing head widening out the hot tunnel of her cunt as she made little appreciative groans from deep in her throat. “Do you ever get enough cock?” he asked, squeezing the fabulous tit as his cock finally extended itself to the top of her cunt.

“No,” she laughed, arching herself as his hips and thighs finally slammed against hers. “Oooooh…”

He let go of her tit and moved his hands to her waist, the smooth, velvety feeling of her young body filling his balls with sperm as he held his cock rigidly in. Then he moved his other leg over, mounted her securely as she willingly folded her other leg outwards. A moment later and his hands had lifted her bodily into position, his thick, bloated cock thrusting and recoiling as she cried with delight at each deep thrust.

She flung her head the other way on the pillow, his powerful thrusts making it difficult for her to breathe. They rarely fucked this way, with him behind, and she found it strangely exciting. She cupped her tits, squeezing them and stroking the nipples at the same time. Then she grabbed the pillow and pulled it under her, down to her waist so that she was curved over with her shapely young ass bare and exposed so that a moment later she was crying out and whimpering as his big, hungry cock swept in and out of her grasping, boiling hole.

“Jesus but that’s good.” His hands left her waist and he was leaning forward and reaching for her tits. She moved her hands and let his take over. When they did, he pulled and milked at them as he steadily fucked her.

“Sensational!” She was gasping for breath and straightening her legs at the same time. “God, but it’s heavenly.”

The boiling jism was bubbling in his balls. He was sinking his excited cock to the hilt each time, her pouting cuntlips clasping at the base of his shaft with each deep plunge.

“We… we… we should do this… more often.”

“I’ll say.” He thrust his dick in and held still momentarily.

“God, yes.” His cock filled her entire twat. It was as if it were reaching for her tits, and she gave a groan of despair as the thick, heavy prick throbbed and pulsed at the apex of her cunt.

He knew he was coming and he tried to hold on. He released her beautiful firm tits, hoping that would assuage the ache in his balls. He grabbed at her hips, withdrew his cock once more only to find the familiar surging of his cum had started. Then he held her beautifully curved buttcheeks in place and slammed against them in a frenzy of delight. “Yes… I’m… I’m coming!”

“What a… fuck… fuck!”

The force of the ejaculation surprised them both. The magnificent head of his cock belched forth in a spasm of volcano-like explosion, the hot, boiling sperm striking her cervix and making her shiver and tremble in response. She gave a series of half-choking cries, her fingers grappling wildly at the sheet and mattress as she tried to spread her legs wider. Then she lay there, her mind fighting oblivion as his thick cock plunged hungrily in and out of her gulping, clutching cunt.

He rolled off the warm, silky softness of her body. “Jesus, what a fuck,” he gasped, his powerful chest heaving and falling as he fought for breath.

Robin Birks lay quietly gasping, her face turned so that she could watch him, her eyes dropping to the wet, shimmering shaft of his cock. She reached out and clasped it, the warmth of the sticky tool bringing a surging warmth to settle in her aching cunt. She rubbed it several times, her eyes focused on the red, gleaming head as it bared itself each time she sank her little fist to the bottom. “I’m going to miss it,” she murmured, as if talking to herself.

“It won’t be that long.” He moved his hand to lift and play with one perfect tit. “Think about me out there with nobody. At least you have Bill if you get too horny.”

She squeezed the huge cock affectionately. “I’m still going to miss him,” she said softly. “Three weeks is a lifetime without him.”

Later, as they ate breakfast with Donna and Steve, Robin said, “Do you think you’ll be able to get back in three weeks?”

“I’ll come back anyway.”

“When do we go?” asked Donna, chewing on a piece of toast. “I can’t wait to get to California.”

Scott looked at his daughter who at eighteen was nothing short of beautiful. She was a little too seductive-looking for her own good, and he wondered briefly just how far she had gone with some of the horny young men he had seen her with. “I thought you’d have hated leaving all your boyfriends,” he said, his eyes momentarily taking in the high firm tits which had developed suddenly and which she constantly displayed by straightening her shoulders. It was a habit he thought only women much older practiced when they knew men were studying them.

She made a gesture of indifference. “The boys are so slow around here,” she said, sarcasm in her voice. “In California, boys are on the move.”

Scott shook his head and laughed. He wasn’t sure what boys did when they were on the move, but he hoped she could take care of herself.

“I’m sure Donna and Steve are going to love it,” broke in Robin. “You’re lucky, really. A lot of families find it difficult to adjust and the kids don’t want to leave all their friends behind.”

“And how about you?”

Robin shrugged her shoulders. “I’m like you. I think the opportunity for you is one we can’t afford to turn down. Besides, with my ready-made family wanting to go, I’m ready anytime.” She reached out on either side of her to touch the children’s hands.

Scott looked at her affectionately. “I think once we’re settled, we’ll love it. Finding a place to live will be the toughest job. It’s expensive out there, but we’ll find something I’m sure.”

“I hope it has a pool,” allowed Donna thoughtfully.

“I hope so, too.” Steve Birks pushed away the plate on which he had left a piece of bacon. “You’ll teach me how to swim, won’t you Robin?” He looked at his stepmother, a doting look in his eyes. She had impressed him from the first moment he had met her, his need for a mother surfacing and making it that much easier for his father to decide on marrying again.

“Robin and I can teach you,” said Donna, not wanting to be left out. Then, with a serious expression on her face, she looked at her father and said, “Did you speak to that Miss Kelly about me going to the stewardesses’ training school next year, Daddy?”

Scott finished the last of his coffee. “Yes, and we have to remind her next spring before she starts recruiting.”

Donna, who had been getting to her feet, came over and planted a kiss on the side of his face. “Thanks, Daddy. Just think, you could have a fly-girl in the family after all.”

Scott laughed and looked at Robin. “I have one now, remember?”

Donna smiled at Robin. “Robin’s an ex-fly-girl.” Then, in case the remark had sounded glib or offensive, she added, “Robin has a much more important job now, just taking care of us.” She touched her stepmother’s shoulder as she walked towards the living room. “I’m going to wash my hair, if we’re all going to the airport to see Daddy off.”

It was shortly after eight p.m. when Scott Birks arrived at Los Angeles airport. He was tired after the long flight and was pleased when he was settled in his hotel and had poured himself a drink. Tomorrow he would start work arranging to rent space for Condor’s operations in Los Angeles, hiring staff and ordering equipment. It was a task he was looking forward to.

Two weeks later, with most of the work in hand, he turned to looking for a place for him and his family to live. At first, he stared at the multitude of advertisements in the papers. He soon found this so bewildering, he finally gave up, deciding to choose a real-estate agent at random from the yellow pages and phoning for an appointment.

It was hot, even at ten o’clock in the morning, when he walked into the sumptuous offices of Harper Realty, Inc.

“May I help you?” The pretty honey-blonde, who could be no more than nineteen, or twenty at the most, flashed him a dazzling smile.

“I’m Mr. Birks. I have an appointment with Mr. Foster.” He managed to keep his eyes away from the bulging, youthful tits which were clearly visible above the low-cut blouse the girl was wearing, until she had turned to study an appointment chart to one side. Then he allowed himself a long, lingering gaze at the perfect jugs before his eyes dropped hungrily to the lushly tapering thighs which disappeared upwards under the highly hiked hem of the tiny white skirt.

“Ah, yes. I’m sorry, but Mr. Foster had an unexpected delay this morning.” She turned to flash him a knowing smile this time as he failed to avert his eyes from her gorgeous thighs in time. “He has asked Mrs. Harper herself to see you.” She got to her feet, brushing at her skirt so that she had to bend over and give him a better view of her magnificent tits. “I’ll just see if she’s ready. Would you like to take a seat?”

He moved towards the seat, but hesitated long enough to watch her wiggle her cute ass down the short hallway to a private office.

“Mrs. Harper will see you now, Mr. Birks.”

“Thank you.” He smiled as he brushed past the little blonde, this time brazenly examining her tits which she had thrust out as he approached, just as his daughter, Donna, had done the last morning at the breakfast table.

His first glimpse of the private office and the occupant took his breath away. The receptionist closed the door behind him, and he just found himself standing there, taking it all in.

The office, with its white shag carpeting and dark mahogany furniture was startling enough, but he hadn’t been ready for Mrs. Harper herself. For some reason, he had expected an older, over painted, overdressed dowager type. Instead, he found himself facing a huge desk behind which sat a woman about his own age. She had chestnut-red hair which was a little more than shoulder-length and which framed one of the most beautiful faces he had ever seen. Then she got to her feet and held out a hand, and he was able to see her figure more clearly, the slim waist emphasizing the twin globes in all their perfect roundness as they bulged so enticingly through the thin material of a clinging, almost skin-tight yellow sweater.

“Mr. Birks! I’m so pleased to meet you.”

This time he couldn’t control his eyes. “I-I’m Scott Birks,” he stammered, as a smile slowly spread over her pretty face, frightening him as he felt the first distant stirring in his cock.

“Do have a chair,” she grinned, pointing to one at the side of the desk, and watching him almost stumble on his way. “I’m sorry Mr. Foster has been detained by another client.”

Scott Birks slumped into the arm chair and gulped. “I must say, I’m not,” he managed to quip, pulling himself together with a supreme effort.

She brushed at one side of her hair, pressing it away from her round, beautiful face. “I take that as a compliment, Mr. Birks.” She sat down and crossed her arms at the edge of the desk. There was nothing like an expensive sweater to bring out the horniest in a man. “I gather you were expecting someone older.” She had an amused expression on her face which made her green eyes twinkle.

“A hag, as a matter of fact.” He looked around the office, taking it all in. “You must be a very successful realtor.”

“My husband was. I just carried on after he was gone, but he’d already made the big deals — as we call them. Now I stick to residential real estate by and large. It has less headaches and is probably more rewarding.”

“I see.” He was dying to know if she was divorced or a widow. He tried to frame a suitable question, but gave up. “Well, I’m moving to Los Angeles and I’m primarily here for advice. I don’t even know if I should rent or buy. That’s why I’m here and I’m hoping you can help me.”

“I’m sure I can. We have listings in all categories, but first I want to know something about you so that I shall be in a position to help you the most.” She sat back, with her elbows on the arms of the chair and her hands together and tapping her chin.

“I’m married with two children. A girl who is eighteen and a boy twelve.” He crossed his legs, the dull, familiar ache in his groin intensifying now that her big boobs were gloriously displayed between her sloping arms. “So it has to be a three-bedroom place, at least, and I would prefer four if possible.”

“Any particular area?” She decided he was her age — thirty-five — possibly a little older, and one of the handsomest men she had ever seen. He reminded her of Murray, her late husband, but she didn’t know why. He didn’t look like Murray in the face, but the broad chest and athletic figure were identically like Murray’s, and for a brief moment she tried to imagine him naked.

He shrugged his shoulders. “None at all. I set foot in L.A. two weeks ago and except for the route to the airport, I wouldn’t know one end of the city from the other.” He watched her get to her feet. She was wearing slacks — cords were what his daughter called them — and, like his daughter’s, they appeared to be sprayed on, except for the flaring legs. He sucked in his breath quietly as the tightly encased ass swayed erotically as Mrs. Harper walked over to the window. “I’ll… I’ll have to leave all that to you.”

“Yes,” she murmured. “I’ll have to think about it. It’s never easy deciding for someone else, but that is part of our job.” She turned rather quickly and caught him staring at her midsection. At the same time, he had been trying to pull at his crotch. She waited while he re-crossed his legs. Then she came and stood beside him, staring down, a half-smile allowing him to see the even white teeth just above the towering domes of her fabulous tits.

“Where are you going to be working?” she asked. For the first time in two years she had the urge to feel a cock. She was a little surprised and disappointed to see no telltale bulge at his crotch, but in a sitting position it was quite likely he was hiding it. Two years ago, at a real-estate convention, she had fallen for the first time since Murray’s accidental death. She had lasted two years and then surrendered, after far too much to drink, not to the lecherous woman-haters who seemed to make up most of the convention, but to a young salesman who couldn’t have been more than twenty or twenty-one. She had never been able to recall whether or not the young man actually satisfied her, but the fuck had dulled her sexual responses sufficiently for her to last until now.

“I’m with Condor Air Freight, and we’re going to start hauling into and out of Los Angeles. I’m opening up the terminal, getting space and staff. So I’d say I’d want to be reasonably near or have access to the airport.” The tits, when she straightened up and folded her arms under them, almost made him groan. “I know there’s nothing near the airport, of course, but you’d know where would be best to live.”

“Yes, of course.” The warmth around her cunt was indescribable, bringing back sensuous memories of her early sex life when she and Murray had fucked with all the abandonment of carefree youth. “Let me go and see what we have in the listings and then I can get some idea of what you want to spend and so forth.”

He had to turn to watch her ass again. It was only slightly larger than Robin’s, he decided, firmer no doubt and beautifully rounded. He watched her all the way to the door, smiling weakly when she turned before disappearing through the door, and giving him a knowing, friendly smile.

Afterwards, they spent over an hour studying listings, reading descriptions and looking at photographs. She had suggested they move to a long, modernistic sofa which covered almost half a wall. There, side by side, she was able to describe the properties listed.

He was only half listening. The nearness of her hip and thigh against his, the haunting perfume which was penetrating his nostrils and always the big, bulging tits before his eyes whenever he turned to speak, all served to make the two weeks of stored sperm simmer in his balls. He couldn’t be sure the persistent rubbing of her thigh against his was by accident or on purpose. But then she was spreading the snapshots of the various properties along his thigh, her fingers briefly touching here and there, and he thought he would go insane. Finally, in desperation, he suggested he take her to lunch before they went to see anything.

“That’s very nice of you, but I’m liberated enough to take you,” she said, laughing and keeping her face dangerously close to his, her shoulder pressing against his arm so that he thought his cock would burst. “After all, you are my client, and I know the best places for a sandwich at lunchtime.”

During lunch he learned she was a widow, and had been for four years. He also learned about her son, Barry, who was seventeen.

After lunch, and while she was showing him some homes for sale and rent, he accepted her invitation to dinner at her place that evening, an overwhelming urge to fuck creeping into his groin as she smiled and squared her shoulders. Never had he seen such a splendid pair of knockers, and he couldn’t wait to get his hands on them.


Robin Birks reluctantly replaced the telephone receiver in its cradle after talking to her husband, Scott. Beside her, young Steve idly flipped the pages of a magazine he was reading, while Donna was out in the hall nonchalantly primping at her hair before the full-length mirror. It was always this way, Robin decided, after talking to Scott. She waited all week for his call, and then when it came, she was left with a void, a let-down feeling, which would leave her morose and unhappy and strangely frustrated.

She studied the two children by Scott’s first wife. There was no mistaking the fact they were not hers. Their characteristics were completely opposite from her own. Both had jet-black hair and dark-brown eyes, taken from both parents and in direct contrast to her own natural blonde hair and pale-blue eyes.

“Where are you off to?” Robin smiled at her stepdaughter, noting how mature the eighteen-year-old looked in the tightly fitted white sweater and matching shorts.

“Just driving around with Derek for an hour,” Donna replied, putting the finishing touches to the hair at the side of her face. “I won’t be late home, Robin.”

Robin smiled at the girl. “Be careful,” she grinned, watching the teenager’s firm, young ass move rhythmically from side to side as Donna went towards the front door. Their relationship had been far more open than a mother and daughter’s could ever be, as far as sex was concerned, and she was pleased she had talked the girl into taking the Pill.

“Now, Robin! You know I’m always careful.” She flashed her stepmother a wide smile and disappeared through the door.

Robin Birks sat down beside her stepson on the sofa, running her fingers through his thick crop of black hair. “And what are you going to do, young man?” she asked. Her relationship with the boy had been quite different from that she enjoyed with Donna, the boy having taken to her more as a son desperately in need of a mother. Robin put it down to the wider age difference of sixteen years, together with the fact that the boy had obviously missed his mother.

“Nothing,” he said, a little despondently. Then, as if it had been worrying him, he said, “Do you think Daddy will ever come borne?”

She gave a short laugh. “Good heavens, I hope so! Then we’ll all be packing and flying all the way across the country. Won’t you like that, darling?” She tousled his hair, then squeezed him affectionately against her.

“I wish he’d hurry.”

A dull ache had settled in her chest, matching an itching in her cunt. The itch had been there for a couple of days, and she put it down to an erotic novel she had been reading each night in bed, and which had done nothing to relieve her hunger for a thick, meaty cock. To make matters worse, Bill Allingham had been called out of town unexpectedly. Otherwise, she could have called on him and Joan for at least one three-way sexing which would have satisfied her for at least another week.

“He’s looking at places today and tomorrow,” she assured the boy. At the same time she wondered briefly if Scott had already enjoyed a piece of tail. The thought of a strange woman fondling his prick brought a surprising shiver of jealousy coursing through her heart. She had always gotten a kick out of Joan Allingham playing with his cock.

“It’s time for your shower,” she said, smiling and putting her face on his shoulder, their cheeks just touching. “Then you can watch T.V. and maybe I’ll make some popcorn.”

The boy’s face lighted up. “Okay,” he said, leaping to his feet and starting for the bedroom. “We haven’t had popcorn for ages.”

Robin smiled at the boy’s enthusiasm, and followed him down the hall. “I’ll get you a bath towel,” she said through the crack of his bedroom door.


It wasn’t until she had found a fresh, clean bath towel in the linen closet downstairs near the laundry room that she realized Steve had already forgotten about the towel and was already standing beneath the cascading spray of the shower.

Upstairs, she waited for several minutes outside the bathroom door, the dull ache in her crotch changing to a soothing warmth as she realized she would probably get a glimpse of the boy as he stood naked behind the glass doors of the bathtub. She knocked lightly on the door, knowing he would never hear. Then very slowly, she opened the door and stepped silently into the steamy moist heat of the bathroom.

A quiver ran through her cunt, and startling streaks of ecstasy burst wildly in her tits as her eyes flew to the glass doors behind which she could see clearly the image of his completely naked young body as he vigorously lathered his shoulders and chest. She leaned back against the vanity which was opposite the glass doors, her eyes hungrily taking in his slender, agile body. He had finished lathering and was moving forward into the spray, his head flung back, his curved back and young, firm ass beautifully rounded into a silhouette that made her groan with dismay.

Robin Birks was about to call out and tell the boy the towel was there, but as she opened her mouth, Steve suddenly stepped back. He seemed to adjust himself there for several seconds, and it was some time before Robin realized he was flow standing in such a position that the fierce spray was striking his cock and balls. A moment later, as her free hand swept up to her mouth and she gasped, she found herself watching, fascinated, as the boy proceeded to fondle and play with his prick.

In a matter of seconds, the boy’s slender prick had risen majestically into a soldier-like prong. He used his left hand to squeeze and caress the little pebble-like nuts below, his right hand deftly priming the three or four inches of hard shaft into a straining, reaching little cock.

Robin fought back an urge choke excitement. There was no way she could drag her wide, excited eyes away from the boy’s masturbation. She found herself hoping the boy wouldn’t come, although the way he was going about it, together with the constant driving force of the titillating spray, would be more than even a full-grown man could stand. Then, with a start, she realized she had to do something to stop the boy, and at the same time make sure she herself could share in his enjoyment.

She pulled herself together, cleared her throat and tapped at the glass where he would see the image of her hand. “Steve!”

The boy’s hand flew to his chest immediately, rubbing it all over.

“Have you washed your hair yet?”

“N-N-No…” he stammered. “I’m just starting.”

He was bending over to reach for the bottle of shampoo, his boyish figure bringing a hot flash of lust to her already aching cunt. When he straightened up, she gave a sigh of relief. The little prick was still boldly upthrust, jerking a little as Steve began to apply the soap to his thick black hair. Her tits were tingling like crazy, just like they did when Scott and she got together with the Allinghams and Bill Allingham would ask her to join him for a dance. They always danced when they visited each other’s homes, it being almost a ritual during which both wives were invariably bare-titted by the end of the first dance. From then on, they would stay topless so that either husband could admire and fondle whichever tit he wanted, for the rest of the evening.

To Steve Birks, the sudden presence of his stepmother was disconcerting. By accident, she had caught him naked before, usually when he was getting hurriedly dressed for school in the morning. But this was quite different, and he was scared she had seen him playing with his cock. He rinsed out the soap and lathered again, his mind whirling as he tried to convince himself his stepmother had seen nothing. Then, to his dismay, he found his cock was still hard, upthrust and obviously very excited.

Robin Birks was beside herself with excitement by the time Steve had rinsed off his hair for the second time. Unbeknown to anyone except herself and Scott, the glass doors on the tub could be seen through only from the outside. From the inside, the glass appeared mottled and bubbly so that nothing in the bathroom was clearly visible while one stood under the shower. These trick glass doors had provided Robin and Scott with many moments of sexual eroticism when they had studiously studied unsuspecting house guests taking a shower and who were completely unaware of their hosts’ presence. Robin now wondered why she hadn’t done this before when Steve showered, her eyes still focused on the straining little cock of the boy as he squeezed the last of the water from his hair.

“I’ll dry your hair.”

A startled shiver ran down Steve’s quivering back. Relief followed as one glass door slid open to reveal his attractive young stepmother standing and holding up a bath towel which he gratefully grabbed, covering the front of his body.

“I have a smaller towel for your hair.” She waited until he had stepped out of the tub before proceeding to dry his head of thick black hair.

She was rubbing very vigorously so that he was shaking to and fro, his stiff prick slamming against his belly, and showing no signs of diminishing. Just then he was aware that his face was but a couple of inches from her beautiful bouncing tits which were brazenly outlined in the front of her blouse. Her tits had always fascinated him, and now he realized he could just see the trace of the darker shadow at the vee of the blouse, the quivering ripeness of each tit barely discernible in the curved arcs on either side.

Robin Birks was studying the reflection of the boy in the mirror over the sink. He was holding the towel tenaciously over his front, but the slender back and beautiful round ass of the boy were delightfully bare. “There,” she said finally, knowing it was the moment of truth, and not yet aware of a plan to make it all happen. “I think it’s as dry as I can make it.” She stepped back and smiled at him, trying to give him confidence. Then she brought her face forward and kissed him lightly on the lips. “You’re getting more like your dad every day. Tall, dark and very, very handsome.” The boy’s eyes kept fleeting between her face and her tits, and she wished she had left the top button of her blouse unfastened. She always wore a shallow, flimsy bra which bunched up her perfectly round tits yet gave them a good deal of freedom. Downtown on the main street, few men could resist at least one, furtive stare. “Here, let me help you get dry,” she said softly, dropping the wet towel and taking the top of the one he was still holding. “Then we can make our popcorn.”

“No… no, please.”

She smiled affectionately at him. “Oh, come on, you’re a big boy now.” A wave of excitement swept through her as he released his hold and sighed. “Hold out your arms, that’s it,” she cried, the warmth in her cunt now bursting into flame.

Steve Birks stifled a groan, his head swimming as an ache in his crotch burst suddenly free. He held his breath as the towel caressed his shoulders and arms, the movement causing the lower half of the towel to gently touch and stroke his pulsing cock. Instead of relaxing, it was harder than ever, reaching and straining like never before. Robin’s tits, too, were moving up and down, the perfect domes rising and falling inside the nylon of the blouse. A moment later and he was shaking uncontrollably as Robin dropped to his knees, her hands on the towel and wiping around his waist. He tried to avert his eyes from her bobbing, globelike tits. Then he gave a despairing cry, flinging back his head to stare at the ceiling as if hoping that by doing so, he would somehow find himself elsewhere.

“Good heavens!” Her hands were on his hips, but the towel had looped between her hands to reveal the hard, upthrust little cock with its cluster of tiny balls suspended underneath. “What a darling! And so excited!” Her eyes were wide as she took in the boy’s cock and balls which seemed to be even more erotic than she had imagined they would be.

“Please… please… Robin.”

“Oh, darling! I never dreamt you were becoming so big.”

“No, please… you mustn’t…” He flung his hands in front of him, trying to cover his straining prick.

But she dropped the towel, having lost interest in drying him, her hands catching his wrists and holding them away. “You were exercising him, weren’t you?” she asked softly, not wanting to make it sound like an accusation.

“What?” he asked weakly, staring down at the pretty face which was so obviously fascinated with his steaming cock.

“You were rubbing him in the shower, weren’t you?” she asked, her voice barely more than a whisper.

He groaned in frightened despair. She had caught him after all, and a wave of guilt swept over him. Crimson started around the top of his young chest and spread quickly upwards and into his face. “You… you… please don’t… I mean, please don’t tell Dad.”

She smiled up at him affectionately. “Not if you don’t want me to.”

“Promise?” He was frantic now that the whole thing was out in the open.

“Of course. It’ll be our secret. I promise.” She couldn’t resist any longer, and she took the chance and released her hold on his wrists. A split second later and her fingers were closing around the thin cylinder of prick, the warmth and pulsing moistness of his cock startling her. “Oh my, isn’t he nice?”

To Steve Birks, her fingers were like heaven around his cock. He shivered ecstatically, the soothing ache in his cock and balls indescribable. “Aaaagh…” he moaned, unable to believe the excitement coursing through every vein in his body. Then her other hand released his other wrist and a moment later her fingers were gathering in his boiling balls, clenching them firmly and tugging them now and again. “Aaaagh!” he grunted. “Golly…”

“Yes, he has to be exercised,” she murmured. “You must always let me exercise him.” She rubbed the warm, steaming little cock as the boy shuddered again and again.

His eyes were wild, like a stallion’s when it has caught a mare and is ready to mount. Frantically he tried to half turn so that his hands could grasp at the edge of the vanity surrounding the sink. Then he braced himself, gasping for air and thrusting his pelvis forward as Robin settled to fondle and caress his blazing dick. “Aaaagh… no… please!” He hoped she wouldn’t take his cries as broken pleas to stop. Never in his wildest dreams had anything felt so good, the way her fingers pulled on his pebble-like balls while her other fingers stroked back and forth along his pulsing, throbbing cock, almost driving him insane.

“Any little girls done this to you?” she asked, her voice far away and a veiled mist covering her eyes as they focused on his cock.


“They will.” She gathered the tight skin and closed her fist around the cylinder-like prick, clenching and moving it downward to the base to hold it there while the little pink dome pulsed and quivered in ecstasy. “That feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Great.” He was out of breath, and he wasn’t doing a thing.

She clutched the tiny balls which were showing signs of swelling, pushing them back, a sigh breaking through her lips as the boy obligingly widened his thighs to give her more room. “That’s it,” she whispered, a little globule of cum bunting suddenly from the little eye at the end of the straining cock.

He jerked uncontrollably at the pressure of her hand, another droplet of cum edging out of the tiny hole. He was breathing heavily and, try as he might, he couldn’t keep his eyes away from her tits, which seemed even larger as they pressed themselves against the thin material of her blouse. Her thighs, too, now that her skirt was riding high as she crouched below him, seemed strangely erotic and filled him with lust.

“You made him beautifully hard for me, didn’t you, Steve?”

He hadn’t, of course, but the suggestion made him shiver. He wished she would rub his cock again instead of just forcing it to reach and strain. He tried to pull back for some relief, but her hold on his balls would give him no leeway. “Ooooh…” he groaned.

“Yes, he’s very excited.” Her eyes were but a few inches from the churning young cock. “Would you like me to kiss him?” The pointed projectile-like head of the boyish prick was inviting and exciting. She ran her tongue around her full, sensuous lips, knowing the urge was irresistible, but not wanting to turn the boy off. “Would you?” she asked dreamily.

“Mnnnn…” He wasn’t sure what a kiss on his boiling cock would achieve. He was almost coming and he wondered if she knew.

She took his murmur as approval and opened her mouth wide. So wide that when she moved forward, the cock was right in before she realized it. Then she closed her lips, the silky strands of thin crotch hair around the base of the little cock tickling her lips momentarily. But then her tongue raised itself hungrily to cradle the throbbing prong, hesitating for a moment as the boy shook almost completely out of control. A moment later and the tongue was washing over the pulsing cone-like head, licking around the ridge which was barely distinguishable from the remainder of the little shaft, and she fought to contain the boy who was thrusting and jerking in a series of sudden convulsions.

His knuckles where he held onto the edge of the vanity were bone white. Never had he experienced such fantastic joy. Not even his wildest fantasies had ever given him such exquisite bliss and he tried to hold on, but knowing the mounting tension in his balls was ready to explode. “No… please… Robin…”

She withdrew her mouth from the slippery shaft, stared up into the frantic face of the boy as her fingers replaced her mouth on the shimmering, throbbing prick. “You must always let me do this for you, darling,” she whispered, clutching the balls more firmly so that the wet, hot cock seemed to reach all the more. “I’ll make him strong and powerful just like your dad’s.” She opened her mouth and placed it lovingly over the writhing, jerking cock.

Almost at once, Steve’s hips went into a convulsive series of wild jerks. He had no idea what his father’s cock looked like. It was probably six inches at least and twice as thick. Then he had a vision in which he saw Robin doing this to his father’s cock, and he could no longer contain the boiling jism which was simmering in his balls. He tried to cry out, and his hands flew to her head, his fingers grappling wildly in her hair as he tried to warn her. But then his hips began a rhythmic churning back and forth. He cried out once, the cry fading in his throat as the taut little muscles in his cock finally gave up. Then he just hung on, trembling and shuddering under the onslaught of his orgasm.

To Robin Birks, her stepson’s final release was the only approval she needed from the boy. For one fantastic minute the slim column of cock had extended itself fully into her hot wet mouth. She was still fascinated with the fact that she had so much room left in the cavern of her mouth. So much, in fact, that her tongue could do anything to the intruding, quivering prick. But then it was hardening even more, stretching itself hopefully under the continuous fluttering of her excited tongue. Five seconds more, as she fondled the hard little nuts more thoroughly and her free hand moved around and over the boy’s jerking butt to hold him in place, and the reaching prick spurted the first thin jet of fuck juice. It struck the back of her throat with dart-like effectiveness. That was when she lovingly but persistently licked and sucked until Steve’s balls were finally dry.

The following night, in L.A., Scott Birks was paying off the cabbie and appraising Pauline Harper’s home at the same time. She had shown him two homes after lunch, and then he had retired to his hotel room to change and clean up, accepting her invitation to drop out for the evening and join her for dinner. Now, as his eyes took in the fabulous home set in its own grounds and far enough away from nosey neighbors, he wondered for the first time just what sort of income Pauline Harper must have to even maintain such a place.

She opened the door before he had a chance to rich mane of chestnut hair, wreathed in a big, fresh smile.

“I see you made it,” she grinned, her eyes taking in the muscular chest made more prominent by the finely knit sports shirt. “Welcome to my home.”

“Jesus!” His eyes traveled over the expensively furnished front room and hallways before dropping to admire her as she stood smiling alongside him.

“I gather you like it?” She was wearing a full-length hostess gown of bright yellow, which failed to hide her fully ripened tits.

He slipped one arm around her waist without thinking, as they walked through several rooms. “What sort of money buys a place like this?”

She flipped her head back and brushed at the shoulder-length hair with her fingers. “Not that much really. It belonged to a Hollywood starlet who went berserk after appearing in one movie. She made two grade-B movies and ppfft! It was all over and she was bankrupt. My husband grabbed this as soon as it came on the market. A friend of ours bought the two Cadillacs she had purchased, and that was the end of Tanya Toiler.”

They were walking through patio doors towards a huge kidney-shaped pool surrounded by white sandstone blocks on which deck chairs, chaise lounges and umbrella tables were casually arranged.

“I thought you might like a swim before dinner,” she said, turning her head to smile up into his face.

“I haven’t anything to wear.”

Her face broke into a wide grin. “We don’t really need anything. No one can see.”

A jolting streak of lust swept into his balls. All the time he had been getting ready at the hotel, he had tried to convince himself Pauline Harper was merely a real-estate agent hoping to make a sale, and all her obvious charms were merely selling aids to help her make that sale. He squeezed her waist delighted when she responded by turning to face him and put her hands on his chest.

“I was only kidding,” she grinned. “Barry, my son, is just leaving and I want you to meet him. He’ll have swim trunks you can wear, if you really want to swim.”

“I’d love to. The hotel has a pool but I’ve been far too busy to try it.”

“Let me pour you a drink and we can relax.”

They drank bourbon on the rocks. It was still very hot even though the sun was fading fast, so that the scorching liquor did nothing to cool his bursting ardor. He thought of Robin and wondered if she felt the same way. Then Pauline’s teenage son ambled through the patio doors, his thick mop of reddish hair and green eyes leaving no doubt as to his relationship with Pauline Harper.

“Barry, this is Mr. Birks.”

Scott started to get to his feet.

“Don’t get up, Mr. Birks.” He shook the older man’s hand. “I’m just leaving and I wanted to meet you after what Mom was telling me.”

Pauline Harper had been staring admiringly at her son. At seventeen he was already a very handsome youth. It was something she worried about with the boy having no father at the most critical age. Yet they both had a very open relationship when it came to sex and worldly things.

“Before you go, Barry, I wonder if you could find some swim trunks for Mr. Birks so that we could have a swim.”

“Sure, Mom. I’m sure I can find something.”

As he turned to go, Pauline said, “Those knit ones you had last summer would do,” a little shiver streaking around her cunt as she tried to imagine Scott Birks in the tight, binding little shorts.

Barry Harper hesitated but a moment, a little smile curling the corners of his mouth very briefly. “Yeah,” he murmured thoughtfully, “sure, Mom. The knitted ones.”

Later, after Barry had swept out of the driveway in his foreign sports car, Scott Birks walked self-consciously through the patio doors.

Pauline was already sitting up and finishing the last of her drink. “Well,” she said, gazing admiringly at Scott’s clearly defined cock which was upthrust and brazenly outlined in the thin material of the tight shorts. “Those look perfect. How do they feel?” It was all she could do not to burst out laughing as he tried to stretch the stubborn shorts a little higher.

“I can hardly breathe,” he grinned, looking down and examining them himself. He’d had a partial hard-on ever since he had walked into her office that morning. Now the tight unyielding shorts seemed to caress his aching cock and make it that much bigger. He gave up trying to hide it, a little color creeping into his cheeks as he realized she was still admiring his tool, and then he reached for his drink and gulped the last of it. “Want another, before we have that swim?” he asked.

“Sure,” she grinned. “Maybe it’ll cool me off.” She watched the hard, masculine ass and strong thighs as he strode towards the patio door. For the first time she had the feeling this was a man who could fuck her if he wanted. He was fantastically well-hung, and if he wasn’t too hung up on that wife back home in New York, she sure could use that eight inches of dick he was flaunting at her.

Half an hour later, she struggled to her feet from out of the chaise lounge. Scott was still finishing his drink and wasn’t paying attention. But then she was unzipping the yellow robe and casting it aside. A moment later and he almost choked as she stood, smiling down at him, wearing the briefest bikini he had ever seen; it barely covered the magnificent melon-like tits and the triangular beauty of her perfect crotch.

“Like it?” she asked.

“Jesus! It’s breathtaking.”

She held out her hand and hauled him to his feet. “I thought you might like it, seeing as how you are far away from home.” They held hands, their eyes traveling over each other’s straining bodies. There was nothing like a skimpy little bikini to make a healthy male warm up, she decided. Then her eyes were back at the swollen column of his cock beautifully poised behind the clinging fabric of the knitted shorts. “Last one in is a stinker!” she cried, unable to believe the excruciating streaks of sheer ecstasy which were racing through her tits.

They swam the length of the pool and back, Pauline clutching the safety rail with one hand and wiping her face with the other. “Marvelous,” she said, grinning as he came along side her. His eyes immediately settled on the dome-like tits which bulged dangerously over the two-inch strip of the halter.

She squared her shoulders, purposely, the veiled lust in his eyes bringing a surging new warmth to her itching cunt. It was a foregone conclusion he was about to touch her, and she wondered how she should react to another woman’s husband, even if he was far away from home and obviously very horny. Then his free hand was on her bare waist and his fingers were digging into her trembling flesh as he swung around in front of her. A moment later and his mouth was crushing hers, his broad, powerful chest squashing her tingling boobs so that they seemed about to burst. Then for the first time, the enormous upthrust cock was pressing itself hungrily into her belly, snugly sinking into the billowy softness as her cunt burst into flame.

“That was very nice,” she said softly when they finally came apart. “You must be missing your wife.” She had to mention his wife and give him the one chance to reconsider. She didn’t know why she should. She just had to.

“Jesus! I just have to have you.” His hand had moved up from her waist and was cradling one fabulous tit.

“How long has it been?” She was moving her crotch in a slow, teasing motion against the upthrust cock.

“Two weeks.” His balls were almost exploding and he couldn’t be sure he hadn’t already come.

“I’ve been waiting two years.”

“You’re kidding.” He couldn’t believe this beautiful body had been deprived of cock for two years in L.A. “I thought L.A. was a swinging place.”

She gave up resisting and moved her hand down between their squirming bodies, her fingers closing in around the throbbing shaft, feeling it through the woolly material of the shorts and driving herself insane. “I suppose it is, but I’m in business here. I’m not a little housewife no one knows. I have to be careful.” She gave a little laugh. It was nervousness brought on by the impending knowledge she was about to get fucked. “Discreet is the word.” The feel of the thick cock as she clasped it, intensified the yearning in her cunt. She turned her face and he kissed her again. It was a tender kiss, their lips opening partially and working slowly in hot, wet harmony. When she finally twisted away, she said, “Can you fuck discreetly?”

He made a choking noise in his throat as her hand moved over the top of the knitted shorts, her fingers edging teasingly down the inside until she could grasp his thick cock. He had to help her pry them over his hips, the shorts clinging stubbornly to his thighs and then his knees. Finally he kicked them off, looking up in time to see the thin halter strap disappear. A few seconds later and she was holding up the two-inch strip of nylon which had covered her cunt. Then she put her arms around his neck, her mouth crushing his as the magnificent big prick slid deliberately up to the very top of her clutching cunt.

“God!” she groaned, twisting her mouth away from his but still clinging tightly to his neck. “God, but that feels heavenly.”

He held it in, fully extended. It was pulsing and throbbing in the glorious soft warmth. She worked her cunt muscles along the length of the steaming rod, making him shudder as his loins burst into flame. Then he grabbed the rail with both hands, kissing her briefly on the mouth before his face had fallen and was sinking itself into the billowing softness of one exquisite tit. Only then did his hips begin that frantic churning against hers, his excited cock sliding up and down the grasping tightness of her cunt. Faster and faster was the humping, his wildly gyrating body sending wavelets rolling the length of the pool.

She hung from his neck, panting and gasping, the feeling in her cunt unbelievable after all this time without cock. “Holy Mary!” she groaned, her hips now moving in time to his thrusts. Briefly she wished they had waited and fucked upstairs on her own big bed. Then she realized this was probably only the first screw for tonight. Later, after dinner, they would fuck all the more. “Yes… God, yes…” She tightened her arms but stayed far enough away for him to continue sucking on her tit. Then the unbelievable urgency in her twat made her hump along his cock even faster, the big shaft thickening noticeably and widening out her hole. “Yes… Jeez! Please… Scott… oh, God!”

Her cries only spurred him on. He switched to the other swollen tit, their size still astounding him as his tongue worked over the fully blossomed nipple. Then he was sucking on it, his hips beating a tattoo against hers as his powerful balls began to eject hot fuck juice. “Jesus, sweet Jesus…” he groaned, thrusting now like a well-oiled machine and driving the fuck juice to the tip of his boiling cock. “Yes! Oh, God.” She had opened her legs and was curling them around his flailing legs. A few seconds later and he had thrust his prick in to the hilt, reaching and straining into her cunt as his pock belched forth a mountain of cum. He recoiled quickly and thrust in again, another gob of boiling cum taking her by surprise as it struck her cervix. He gave a series of jabbing thrusts, emptying his cock as he released his hold on the rail, both of them sinking slowly into the depths of the pool.


Scott Birks rifled through the mail on his desk in the new office at the terminal building. Workmen were still trying to put the finishing touches to the warehouse section, and the first shipment for New York had just arrived. It was a consignment from Japan, consisting mainly of auto parts.

There was nothing important in the mail, and he decided to go see Pauline about some of the houses he had been looking at.

At the offices of Harper Real Estate, he parked next to Pauline’s convertible. Cindy Connors primped at her hair when he appeared through the glass doors.

“You can go right in, Mr. Birks,” she said, flashing him a wide smile.

“I almost feel I work here,” he said, more for something to say than anything else, although the slight delay gave him time to study her gorgeous tits.

She nodded in agreement as he started for Mrs. Harper’s office.

Pauline Harper looked up from the deed she was reading when Scott knocked and walked in. “Well!” she grinned. “Have you made up your mind or do you want to see another place?”

“God, I don’t know.” He decided against the chairs and the long sofa and walked around her desk to sit on one corner. “I still like that Gilbertson property.” His eyes had gone to the skirt she was wearing and which was biked across the top of her luscious thighs. It was a pleated white little skirt, each pleated fold appearing to point like an arrow downwards to her crotch and thighs. “Jeez, but you have a beautiful pair of legs,” he groaned.

Pauline Harper laughed. “I was beginning to think I had nothing,” she quipped. “It must be two weeks since you noticed anything about me.”

“It’s exactly two weeks,” he said slowly, his eyes moving up to where the magnificent tits were pressing enticingly against the thin white sweater. “I didn’t realize it’d been that long.” They had fucked twice that night, the second one in the big bed where she had completely sucked him dry.

Since then, she had wondered if he had suffered remorse and felt guilty, but now looking at his open shirt and the thick crop of black hair clearly visible, the familiar tingling was back in her cunt. “I decided you must have thought I wasn’t too good.”

His cock was trying to raise itself, hopefully, in the front of his pants. “Frankly, I thought you were terrific.”

“Out of practice a little,” she said, almost apologetically. Then she sat up in the huge swivel chair and put her hand on his thigh. “I’m always willing to try harder,” she went on, leaning forward and looking up into his handsome face.

He brought his mouth to hers and his hands to cradle the magnificent tits. His fingers closed into the yielding flesh as his tongue edged teasingly through the wet, luscious lips to find her tongue stabbing and darting like a startled little needle.

She managed to struggle to her feet as the kiss continued. Then, unable to stand it any longer, she moved one arm around his neck, and her hand which had been on his thigh to the big bulging cock at his crotch.

“Jesus!” he gasped as they broke apart. “Think we can go to your place for a swim and cool off?”

“Not if you’re going to cool off,” she grinned, her hand moving over the upthrust shaft as it stretched behind his fly.

“Then I’ll take another look at the Gilbertson place. Robin’s going to be awful mad if we’re separated for another two months, but it’s still the best place I’ve seen for the money.”

Pauline Harper put both arms around his neck and pressed her lush body against his. “I’ll keep you in shape for her,” she said, grinning as a wave of ecstatic bliss swept through her cunt at the thought of having him for two months.

He moved both hands around her, and down to the fabulous ass, his fingers digging into the firm smoothness of each cheek. “You could, too,” he admitted thoughtfully as his lips brushed hers. “You certainly could.”

Later, when he had managed to get into the tight knitted swim trunks and walked out of the guest room, Pauline shouted from her bedroom. “You can come in, Scott. I’m almost ready.”

He pushed open the door to find her balanced on one foot and pulling the bikini brief up over her knees and then her thighs, the heavy crop of chestnut-red hair at her cunt slowly disappearing as the triangle slipped into place. The huge, melon-like tits still bounced free, each moving majestically as she straightened up, a little grin on her face.

“Jesus!” he groaned. “I don’t know if I can wait.” He stood, almost sagging as she proceeded to hold the wispy triangles of fabric out before bringing them over the thrusting tits.

“That’s good for you,” she grinned. “Gets your sex nerves primed so that you’ll do a good job later.” She caught at the strings and slipped them around her back, turning slightly before asking him to tie them.

When he had finished, he ran his hands over the velvety smooth shoulders, a mounting wave of lust sweeping into his balls as his hands went over and down to where the huge tits were bunched and unbelievably silky-soft. His cock was a throbbing iron rod, and he edged it between the cheeks of her beautiful ass.

She put her head on one side and he kissed her on the neck, making her cringe. His hands, as they moved teasingly over her blazing tits, were making her boobs tingle excitingly, while the massive cock had brought a dull, yearning pain to settle achingly in her cunt. “I must say you feel very good already,” she said softly. She was beginning to wish she had let him get into her cunt when he had first walked in. They could have worked off steam and left the heavy fucking for later. “Are you always this well primed?” She had her hands against his powerful thighs and she moved them up to the swim trunks.

“I am when I see tits like those.” His hands were still molding themselves over the swelling fullness, and he was tempted to edge his thumbs inside the flimsy triangles and free the gorgeous tits.

She gave a little laugh. “Yes, you’re quite a tit man, aren’t you?” She edged one hand in between their squirming bodies and covered the massive cock. It throbbed and pulsed through the material of the swim trunks.

“You’ve got quite a pair, did you know that?”

“They’re bigger than your wife’s, I gather.” She had no idea why she had to bring his wife into it, except that the last time she did, he seemed to get more excited. She closed her fingers around the covered cock as he shivered excitedly.

“Yes,” he admitted despairingly, his fingers edging under the silky triangles of cloth and forcing them over the bulging nipples of her tits. Then his fingers were wildly grappling with the ripe brown nuggets, pulling and working on them as Pauline emitted startled little ones.

“Much bigger?” she managed to ask, knowing now that any reference to his wife only made him more excited.

His hands could now roam freely over the gigantic mounds which were trust out with practically no sag, but beautifully suspended from high on her chest. He cradled them, his hands wide and open and reaching under the fantastic globes. “Yes, quite a bit,” he gasped, her hand still clasping his cock through the wool but not rubbing it.

She put her head back on his shoulder and sighed. “You certainly know what to do with them,” she murmured. His fingers were like hundreds of worms wiggling and squirming all over her tits. “How big would Robin’s be?” she asked softly, not wanting to put him off, and smiling as his huge cock jerked against her hand.

He hesitated and then closed his fingers around three inches of each tit. “About like that,” he groaned.

“Oh, quite small.”

“About like Jaffa oranges.”

She couldn’t stand it any longer and her fingers caught in the top of his trunks, prying them over the throbbing prick with the help of her other hand. It immediately arched itself, soldier-like between the billowy softness of her asscheeks. She pushed at the shorts until they dropped to his feet. Then she straightened up, the feel of the upthrust shaft as it pressed against her ass bringing a wave of mounting lust to careen through her cunt.

When her head was back and resting on his shoulder, she said, “There! Now he can stretch and relax.”

Scott Birks made a choking sound. “Jesus! The only way he’ll relax is by getting into your sweet cunt.”

His hands were under her tits again, squeezing and lifting them in a series of jerky motions that had her shivering with mounting lust. “He’s much too excited to fuck,” she said softly. “Besides, we want to keep him for later.” His fingers were tweaking at her nipples which were already fully engorged and quivering from his attention. “God, but you certainly know about tits,” she gasped, the rippling streaks of ecstasy through her boobs driving her insane. “Robin’s a very lucky girl.” Again she was rewarded by an urgent thrust of his cock against her ass, and she was tempted to reach behind and hold down his dick so that she could ride on it. “Do you do this to Robin very often?” she asked as his hips began a regular writhing against her.


“Smaller tits are very sensitive.”

“Are they?” Never had his hands grappled with such huge soft tits.

She didn’t know how much longer either of them could stand this teasing foreplay. Her nipples were like jutting fingers and ready to pop out. His cock was stretching like crazy and she suspected it had just spurted a blob of hot precum which was trickling down the base of her spine. “Oh, yes,” she whispered, “Robin’s tits would be very sensitive once they’re firmed.” She gave a startled groan as he moved one hand flatly over her firm, round belly. She waited until it came back up to cup and lift a tit and squeeze it. “You’ll be able to have these to play with anyway. That way you can have both kinds of tits to practice on.”


“Anytime.” The excruciating feel of his hands was throwing her over the brink.

The thought of having this to enjoy in L.A. made all hope of stopping his urge to fuck her disappear. “All I want to do is fuck,” he groaned.

“He’s much too excited.”

“He’s excited to fuck.” He’d never heard of anyone referring to a cock as if it were alive. He bunched the fabulous tits and stared at them through eyes veiled with lust.

“Has he ever been tit-sucked?” A mini-orgasm had just burst in her cunt and was seeping through the little triangle of the bikini brief.

“What?” he asked incredulously. He had never dreamt this beautiful, voluptuous woman would even know what cocksucking was all about.

“Tit sucked.”

“Jesus, what’s that?”

She pulled away from him and turned, a wide smile on her face. “Only a woman with tits like these can do it,” she said, cupping her jugs and laughing at the look on his face. She glanced at his straining cock which was about ten inches of steaming red meat. “I don’t think Robin could do it for you.”

His eyes were wide and he knew he had a flaring look in them. The way she was holding her tits, teasing him with their bulging ripeness, was filling his balls with hot sperm. Then, as he watched her dazedly, she dropped to her knees, a wide grin on her face, before falling backwards onto the deep shag carpet and stretching out.

She held out her arms. “The bed is too soft for this,” she explained as he got down alongside her. “Kneel on me here, with a knee on either side.” She pointed to her waist just below the rib cage. When he was on her, she took his cock in both hands, staring at it hungrily for a moment before pulling on it and forcing him to straddle her higher. “Put your knees right under my armpits,” she went on, her eyes feasting on the massive cock which was already emitting bubbles of hot sperm as she continued to clasp it. “That’s it. Right up as high as you can come.”

He wiggled upwards, his thighs bunching the towering tits until they were upthrust boldly and nestled on each side of his blazing cock.

“Now we let him feel the witness,” she whispered, as if talking to herself. She was prying the thick shaft down between the ripe smoothness of the tits, finally using one hand to squeeze the boobs into place so that all but the shimmering head of the cock was visible as it burst through the opening at the top of her jugs. “Now I’ll take all that excitement out of him and we can go for our swim.”

Scott Birks thought for one horrible moment he was about to pass out. He was balanced on his knees, his feet tucked under the warm, pulsing skin of her waist, the indescribable feeling of his cock encased in the fully ripened tits almost driving him insane. He watched fascinated as Pauline found some clothing and tucked it under her head, raising her face so that it was but an inch or two from where his cock was baring its glimmering head from between her tits. Then, a moment later, and she was molding her hands on either side of the liquid-smooth tits and providing an exquisite squeezing motion over and around his steaming cock.

“How’s that?” she asked, a new huskiness in her voice.


“Give a little push and make him reach. You won’t hurt me.” Her hands were working slowly on the velvety soft globes, the throbbing bone of hot cock bringing streaks of static to course through both tits. “I may give him a little reward if he really tries.”

Scott was beside himself with excitement. He could only stare down, fascinated, at the way she was staring at the glaring head of his cock. Her eyes were misted and veiled and her tongue had just lazily ran along her lips and making them glisten. He gave an erratic jerk, the mushroom head of his cock straining for her ups but not quite reaching them.

“He must try harder,” she murmured softly, “if he wants that reward.” She rearranged her hands on the fully ripened tits, pyramiding them so that they towered around and over the thick, pulsing prick, leaving the head and about an inch of red cock reaching for her face. This time when he humped, the head almost touched her lips. She caught the first pungent aroma of cock, and it filled her with mounting desire. She folded one knee and planted her foot on the floor, the movement easing the tightness in her cunt as more juice dribbled through the bikini brief.

Scott Birks was trembling and shaking so badly, he didn’t know what to do. Up to now he had tried not to place too much weight on the shapely, soft body beneath him. Now, as he stared down to where his throbbing cock was reaching and straining from between the fantastic tits, he threw caution to the wind. He readied his hips as the beautiful face below waited expectantly. Then with a shivering, jerking spasm of forward motion he watched excitedly as his shimmering, helmet-like cockhead darted forward to the waiting lips.

To Pauline Harper, the sight of the thick knob of cock lurching towards her face was one of the most unbelievable experiences of her life. Her husband, Murray, had done this only once before he died. It was one of the things she had regretted most about their sex life, but she had suggested it the last time they had fucked, and it had almost driven both him and her crazy.

Now she kept her lips loosely closed and her teeth high and out of the way. Even then, the shock of the pulsing cum drenched cone striking her lips, widening them and penetrating about a half-inch, startled her. By the time her tongue had obediently responded in order to lash at the intruding cock, it was gone and Scott was sitting up, trembling and shaking worse than ever.

Pauline looked up and flashed him a wide smile. “That was better,” she said softly, her eyes still veiled with lust and a faraway look in them as if she were half-asleep. “Let him try it again.”

This time Scott raised his straining ass from her soft belly, poised himself and thrust with more weight on his knees. His cock streaked out of the confines of the bulging tits, the helmet-head glimmering from cum and saliva. A moment later and he had two inches of steaming cock throbbing and pulsing under the movement of her lips and tongue.

She made no effort to take more of it inside. Instead she concentrated on the flaring, mushroom of cock, her tongue raking the ridge, darting at the knot on the underside before washing over the throbbing pulpy meatiness as Scott whimpered and grunted in a series of startled cries.

When he could stand it no longer, he hurriedly withdrew, panting and choking as his cock recoiled into the exquisite softness of her tits.

“That felt good, didn’t it?” Her eyes were startlingly bright, as if she had just experienced the most exciting event of her life. “Please let me suck him. I’ll make him ready for later.”

“I… I… going… to come.”

“Of course.” She lowered her eyes, wild streaks of excitement darting across the pupils as she focused on the gleaming head. A string of cum joined the little eye in the mushroomed head to one of her tits. “Let him come.”

Scott made a choking, desperate sound deep in his chest. He couldn’t believe she actually wanted to suck cock, even though he had seen it with his own eyes. Robin had kissed his cock once, in a frenzy of lust. But to have anyone as beautiful as Pauline Harper suck cock was unbelievable. He moved his hands to her shoulders, and readied himself for the next thrust. He didn’t want to hurt her, or disgust her or do anything he would regret afterwards. Yet the raging ache in his cock and balls was unbearable. He poised himself, ready, and then slowly thrust forward. A moment later and the pulsing head of his blazing cock was in a can of worms, and he had to close his eyes.

She had to open her mouth wide as the shimmering dome slid in. She let go of one tit in order to wrap her fingers around the reaching column of sticky cock, holding it in place, and at the same time making sure all the surplus skin was held back. A moment later, mumbling excitingly through her grasping lips, she let the other tit go, that hand reaching for the massive clump of his balls and grasping them hungrily. Now he was firmly in place, and her mouth and tongue and lips began the suckling she knew she must give to bring him to the peak of his excitement.

To Scott Birks, the next few moments were nothing short of sensational. He hung there, kneeling and trembling and unable to believe the indescribable happenings to his cock. It was like having it in a little steam bath, the soothing motions of her tongue and lips bringing a mounting joy to his straining, churning cock. Never had he experienced such utter bliss as she lavishly washed around the reaching, quivering head.

To Pauline Harper, it was the answer to a long, drawn-out prayer. If anything, she had missed the opportunity to try sucking cock once more, far more than she had missed having some excited man ram his big prick up her cunt. She twisted and turned her face in order to bring more devastating thrills to the throbbing roll of meat. Then, with a disappointed grunt, she realized he was coming and her excitement mounted to the point where her tits seemed to be about to burst into flame.

The one time she and Murray had done this, he had been too shy and reluctant to let her finish. She had tried to hold him in place, but he managed at the last moment to withdraw his beautiful cock so that it belched out its precious cream, striking her face and nose. She could still remember the disappointed cry she had given as the warm cum had jetted free to be wasted on her face. Now, she tightened her holds on the throbbing shaft and the heavy clump of balls. Then, as the cock thickened in readiness and Scott gave warning little cries and the first indication he would try to withdraw, she gave the first tentative suck as her tongue darted around the thickening ridge. A moment later and the cock had filled her mouth, stretching her lips and teeth amazingly wide. It throbbed heavily for a few more seconds, and then like a huge cannon it ejaculated a massive dose of jism, slamming it against the back of her throat, delighting but startling her as she tried to swallow it. She just managed it as it gave a recoiling action. Another second and the next load landed, followed by an erratic expulsion of thinner but even warmer jets of pure cum.

“Oh, God!” Scott’s hips, even though he was trying desperately to control them, were flipping to the spurting of his sperm. “Jesus, Holy Jesus!” The relief was like a mantle of soothing oil as she continued to suck his cock. “No! Please… no.”

She was pulling him gently by his balls, her little hand completely filled with his scrotum as the thick cock, still pulsing excitedly, was urged on through her sensuous lips. Her tongue could no longer wash around it. Instead it stroked and licked at the taut underside. A fraction of an inch more and the fully bared head was nestled in the softness of her throat, pulsing and throbbing against the membranes, and flooding her with delight.

“No! No… oh, God! Please… no… Jesus, but that’s heavenly.”

She wasn’t sure what she was doing, except moving her throat and encasing the quivering cockhead. Her lips still worked industriously around the stem and her tongue idly licked at the underside. She squeezed the balls tighter, pressing them back so that the head of the enormous cock seemed to bury itself more firmly against the back of her throat. Then in a series of little sucks, she made him quiver and shake until he was finally dry and just shaking.

They fucked after a swim. It was a long fuck, lasting well over an hour, during which he screwed her with all the vigor of a twenty-year-old getting his first piece of ass. He’d been a long time coming, and he put it down to the fact that she had sucked him off earlier. But then her excitement had mounted to unbelievable heights and she had been forced to throw him over onto his back. A few minutes later, with her hips and thighs beating a tattoo against his, she had finished up in a sitting position, his ten inches of steaming cock deeply imbedded in her clutching cunt. Then she had ridden up and down on him, drawing a second batch of hot, scalding jizz from his powerful balls.

“You love cock, don’t you?” he said matter-of-factly as they lay side by side, panting for breath.

“I love it.” She was cupping her fabulous tits which were rising and falling from their strenuous fuck. “I just don’t get enough of it any more.”

He put his hand on one of her boobs, and she immediately withdrew her hand so that he could feel the huge, billowy soft tit. “Well, you may not get enough in the future, but I’ll see you get some.”

She used her free hand to fondle his cock. It was partially flaccid and looped over across his crotch hair. “I hope so.” Then she raised herself onto one elbow so that the beautiful big tits hung there, his hand moving back and forth from one to the other. “Think you can keep two women happy?” Just the thought of having a cock now and again, discreetly, and without any nosy local people knowing, filled her with lust as she slipped her open fingers under his balls.

“I think so,” he replied, grinning as she lowered her face and kissed him tenderly.

“What if Robin finds out?”

“I don’t think she’d care.”

Pauline sat up, and stared at him incredulously. “She wouldn’t?” she asked, unable to believe it.

“I haven’t told her about you yet, but if she was here, I don’t think she’d care.”

A little tingling streak of excitement coursed through her tits as he continued to play with them. Just the thought of a woman allowing her husband to fuck another was fearfully erotic. Then the possibilities overwhelmed her as she thought more about it. “You mean, she really wouldn’t mind if she… well… caught us… screwing?”

He laughed and squeezed one of the hanging, lantern-like knockers. “I know she wouldn’t.”

Pauline clutched his halls tightly. “How would you like to have Robin and the family move in with Barry and I until the Gilbertson house is ready? We have six bedrooms and more room than we ever use. That way you could have your family here and be ready to settle into your own home later.”

Scott Birks thought about it as he pulled playfully on a nipple. “I hate to put you to all that trouble,” he said finally, “but it would let the kids get settled into school before the summer break.”

She talked him into it as they dressed, and afterwards, Scott had called his wife in New York to tell her the good news.

“It’ll be two months, but Pauline doesn’t care,” he assured Robin as he listened to her give little whinnying cries of joy at the news. He was standing by the telephone table in the long hallway with his arm around Pauline and his hand cupping and squeezing one fabulous tit through the thin hostess gown she was wearing.

“She sounds very nice.”

“And thoughtful, too.” He managed to slip his hand inside the gown, his fingers groping until she turned partly around so that his hand could encase her swollen tit.

“The kids will go berserk when they hear we’re at last moving.”

He moved his hand to Pauline’s other tit, his fingers sinking into the warm, yielding flesh. She responded by running her hand flatly over the front of his pants, the fact that he was talking to his wife while she was feeling him making her excited all over again.

“I’ll call the movers in the morning, and then I can let you know when I’ve made reservations for the flight.”

His cock was growing rapidly and trying to find room to stretch. It made him horny, and he said, “I can’t wait to give you a big hunk of tail.”

Robin gave a delighted laugh. “Believe me, I can’t wait either. God, but I’ve missed you!”

“Didn’t you see Bill and Joan?”

“Yes, he came home last week and Joan called me one morning. I went over for lunch — and had a ball.”

“That would make you feel better.” He pressed his now upthrust cock against Pauline’s hand as her face widened into a grin. A moment later and her fingers were fiddling with his zipper, pulling it down and allowing her hand to edge inside to search through his undershorts for the huge cock.

“I’ll say. I really needed that. I’m going over on Saturday night again and maybe he’ll oblige.”

Scott Birks laughed. “I bet he will, the lucky devil.” Pauline’s hand had pulled out his cock and was rubbing it slowly and gently. “I wish I could be there myself.”

“Then we’d be tao busy at home, just the two of us.”

“Oh, well, it won’t be long until I can have you all to myself. You know, I bet we’ll need a whole day in bed.”

“Truer words were never spoken,” laughed Robin, aware for the first time that she was squeezing and kneading one small, ripe tit. “I can hardly wait.”


Robin Birks was sitting on the vanity bench in front of the mirror, brushing at her long ash-blonde hair. It was Friday night and she had turned off the T.V. in disgust, deciding she would retire instead and read a sexy novel she had picked up at the newsstand earlier in the day.

Tomorrow night she was going to visit Bill and Joan Allingham, and a little jolt of passion quivered momentarily in her cunt. Sex had become so natural and open between the Allinghams and Scott and herself, that it was one thing she and Scott would miss most when they moved to Los Angeles.

She put her head on the other side and continued brushing, her eyes going to the pair of firm, round tits which were clearly visible through the flimsy little nightie she was wearing.

Robin was still brushing thoughtfully at her hair when she heard the front door close and Donna’s footsteps down the hall. A moment later and her door opened as Donna stuck her head in.

“Hi, Robin! Going to bed early?”

“Come on in,” said Robin, patting the edge of the vanity bench, and noticing for the first time how flushed and disheveled the teenager looked. She immediately looked concerned, and put the brush by the vanity mirror. “Darling! Is anything the matter?”

Donna brushed at her hair with her hand. “Not really,” she said, without conviction, as she joined Robin on the bench. “We got a little steamed up from necking in the car, that’s all.” She pressed her hands down the front of the white mini-dress as she tried to get rid of the wrinkles.

Robin gave a short laugh. “Well, that’s normal, isn’t it?”

“Not this time. Derek was really wound up.”

Robin put an arm around the girl’s shoulder. “Well, we’ve all gone through a night like that,” she said sympathetically. For almost a year she’d been trying to figure out whether Donna had been screwed or not. The teenager’s reluctance to come right out and tell her frustrated Robin, who had always tried to have an easy-going relationship with the two children as far as sex was concerned. “Tell me all about it and maybe I can help.” She brought her other hand up without thinking and placed it gently on Donna’s thrusting young tit.

Donna shivered and said nothing for a moment. She was trying to decide whether or not she could come right out and talk about it with Robin. She decided she would and gave a long sigh, Robin’s gently moving fingers on the front of her thin dress making the sensational streaks of ecstasy course through her boobs once more.

“There, there,” murmured Robin, trying to give the young girl confidence and at the same time hide her own impatience. “Tell me all about it.”

“Well, we went to Hogan Lake as usual to fool around.”

“Uh-huh…” Robin had unzipped the girl’s dress and was slipping it off her shoulders until it fell to her waist. She put one hand back to stroking Donna’s neck beneath the long sheath of black hair, and the other to tease and fondle the firm tit which was now clearly visible as it nestled in the frothy little bra.

Donna was having difficulty going on.

“Then what happened?” asked Robin, now almost beside herself with impending anticipation.

“Well, we started feeling each other up a little as usual, kissing and so on.”

Robin was becoming more impatient with the lack of details. “He was feeling your beautiful tits, was he?” She had never been particularly impressed with the boy who seemed almost too lazy to do anything very well.

“Yes, and we were kissing. Then I… well… I… I started to feel his…”


Donna swallowed hard and wished she had never agreed to relate the story. “Yes, his… his cock.”

“Did you take it out or just feel it through his pants?”

“After a while I took it out.”

“That felt better, didn’t it?” Donna’s tit had showed a definite response and was firming up with the pouting young nipple budding suddenly to press at the skimpy bra. She ran her fingers over the top of the small bulge.

“Yes, but I got so excited tonight.” She sighed as if she was annoyed at herself. “And of course I got him far too excited. I mean, I just had to really feel his… his cock tonight. I just had to and I even helped him take his slacks well down so that I could use both hands.”

Robin was finding it increasingly difficult to hide her own enthusiasm. Quite obviously Donna had never been screwed and she was anxious to know if tonight she had lost her cherry. “This was the first time you’d felt his balls, was it?”

“Yes, and — oh, God, Robin!” She rested her head suddenly on Robin’s shoulder, the coursing little thrills in her tits unbearable as Robin started fluttering her fingertips back and forth over each one in turn.

“Well, of course you’d found a secret, that’s all,” said Robin soothingly. “Men love to have their balls fondled while you rub their cocks. You just have to do it very slowly and teasingly to make it very effective.”

“Yes. Well, Derek never gets angry or anything like that, and I had to let him open my dress like it is now. But then he had to have my tits out and play with them and I thought I’d go insane. I mean, we’ve fooled around before, but tonight he was so horny and I found myself wanting him like I’ve never wanted a guy before.”

Robin sighed with relief now that the news was out. “You know,” she said softly, watching her hand caress a tit which showed signs of bursting over the top of the shallow bra, “I wish you’d been more open with me before. I could have prepared you for tonight and you would have enjoyed it. As it is, the only good thing about it is the fact we were smart enough to have you on the Pill.” She couldn’t stand it any longer, and she eased the beautiful young tit out and pulled tenderly on the excited nipple.

“I can see that now, Robin, but you’ve no idea how wonderful it is to have you here and now.” She was starting to breathe more heavily, and she turned her face towards her stepmother and lifted it. A moment later and she was working her warm, moist lips against Robin’s, her tits ecstatic as Robin unclasped the bra and let it join the dress around her waist. “Mnnn… that’s marvelous,” she whispered as their mouths parted.

“As good as Derek, when he did it?”

“More so. You have wonderful hands.”

“That’s because a woman knows how.”

“Jeez, but it’s unbelievable.”

“Are you going to tell me what happened next?”

Donna had closed her eyes, a look of contentment on her pretty face. “Well, then he asked if he could fuck. I should have stopped playing with his cock, but it felt so wonderful I couldn’t believe it. The next thing I knew, he had his hand inside my panty brief and I thought I’d die. I mean, I even opened my legs so he could put a finger right inside.”

“He’d be excited by then.”

“I know. His cock was so hard and straining I thought I’d die.”

“You should have sucked it if you didn’t want him to fuck.”

Donna opened her eyes and stared at Robin, a strange look on her face. “Could I?” she asked questioningly. “I mean, is it all right to suck a boy’s cock? I know other girls who do, but I don’t know. I never really knew if it was okay or not. I mean, it sounds dirty and it doesn’t sound like something a nice girl would do.”

Robin lifted the firm young tits and squeezed them gently, now that Donna had turned and was facing her. “It’s not dirty it’s very exciting, mind you, for both you and the boy. And of course you don’t do it to anyone unless you really like him, or, in your case tonight, you could have done it to unexcite him, if you know what I mean.”

Donna nodded thoughtfully. Her tits were like blazing torches, the constant brushing of her vibrant young nipples almost driving her insane. “Do you… well… do you suck Daddy’s cock, Robin?”

Robin looked at the girl, startled. It was one thing listening to Donna’s sexy confession, but she wasn’t sure she wanted to do her share of confessing. She lifted and kneaded the excited tits, their exquisite softness bringing a screaming urge into her own tits so that the fully ripened nipples appeared to burst through the gauzy material of her nightie. She took a deep breath. “Yes, Donna,” she said softly, as if explaining how she did her housework. “Sometimes I do, and we enjoy it very much.” She watched the smoldering look in the girl’s eyes and she leaned forward to brush her lips against Donna’s mouth. “It is much more difficult with a fully matured man, of course. It’s something you learn from experience.”

Donna stared almost blankly into Robin’s eyes. She was trying to imagine how big her father’s cock would be. That was obviously what Robin meant when she said it was more difficult with a fully matured man. She’d read somewhere that the average cock was about eight inches long, and she wondered if her father’s was better than average, or smaller. He was six feet, she reasoned through the turmoil in her mind as Robin continued to tease her tits in the most devastating way possible, so he must have at least an eight-inch cock and possibly much bigger. She shivered ecstatically and moved her mouth to Robin’s once more.

This time when they broke away, Robin said, “And then what happened tonight? When Derek became so excited?”

“Well, he wanted to fuck, and I guess so did I.”

“This was inside the car, was it?”

“Oh, yes. It had to be the front seat, too. Derek’s car doesn’t have a back seat.”

“That’s too bad.” She was trying to visualize the twisting arms and legs as each of the teenagers tried to get a better feel. It brought back memories of similar experiences of her own, although she’d never gotten fucked in the front seat and she could imagine the frustration.

“Anyway, I finished up with my head against the door and my hand on the steering column. I couldn’t seem to get my leg out of the way, and Derek was wild by then.” She looked down to where her navel was just showing above her rumpled dress. “I actually think he came on my stomach.” She ran her hand down and inside her dress. “I think he did,” she went on almost dreamily, “he was spurting and cursing while he tried to stretch out on top.”

Robin stopped fondling the swollen young tits. “Stand up for a moment, darling, and we’ll have a look.” She waited until Donna was standing alongside her. Then she pried the dress and the girl’s bikini-styled panties over the shapely hips and down to the teenager’s feet, watching as Donna stepped out of them. She ran her hand flatly over the soft round belly before edging it over the thin crop of luscious black pussy hair. Donna parted her thighs as her stepmother’s fingers moved into the warm, moist heat of her beautiful crotch. “Beautiful,” whispered Robin, her own excitement reaching new heights as the exquisite softness of the girl’s skin was transmitted through her fingertips.

Donna could no longer control her taut raw nerves. She clenched her fists and put back her head, the long black hair cascading down the length of her back to where her firmly rounded ass started its outward curve and was divided into the twin cheeks. “God, Robin, you’re driving me crazy!”

Robin was too busy running her finger just inside the clinging little slit from which was oozing a dribble of juice. She presumed it was juice the boy had aroused in his attempt to enter the girl’s beautiful cunt. “Did it feel like this when he fucked?” she asked, keeping her voice soft so as not to put the teenager off. She moved her finger in and out of Donna’s hole to the first knuckle.

But Donna’s body was already reduced to an uncontrollable mass of quivering flesh. She flipped her hips and managed to get another inch of the teasing finger inside her cunt. “God, yes! Like that.” She worked her hips as Robin merely held her forefinger in place, so that the hot little cuntlips were constantly grasping at an inch of the stubborn prod.

Now Robin could no longer stand the waiting either. “Let’s move to the bed,” she suggested, standing up and putting an arm around Donna’s slim waist.

When the beautiful teenager was stretched out before her, Robin climbed up and half knelt alongside the perfect body. She molded both hands over the towering young tits with their dusky tipped nipples already fully blossomed. “How’s that?” she asked softly, the exquisite smoothness of the straining tits bringing a mini-orgasm to burst in her own cunt. Joan Allingham and she often massaged each other during an afternoon when there was nothing else to do.

“Marvelous,” groaned Donna, unable to believe such fantastic feelings could ever be endured. She shivered momentarily as her stepmother ran one hand down over the plane of her belly, combing with her fingernails through the lush triangle of pussy hair. Then with a cry she parted her legs, welcoming the way the marvelous fingers gathered around her pulsing cuntlips and tugged and pulled on them gently so that she was almost out of her mind. “Yes. Oh, God… yes.” Again that prong was inside her hole, teasing and stroking and never quite satisfying her.

“I think he probably only got in this far,” whispered Robin, her eyes taking in the fascinating way Donna’s hips gave that querulous little flip each time she inserted her finger. The teenager’s clit was springing like a jumping bean each time her finger brushed it to and fro.

“Yes… yes… like that.”

“And I don’t think he satisfied you.”

“God! It was nothing like this, believe me.”

Neither were aware of Steve’s approach until he was standing by the bed.

“Steve!” gasped Robin, startled at the sight of the young boy as he stood, fascinated with the scene unfolding before him. “How long have you been here?” She moved her hand from Donna’s cunt, but for some reason kept on massaging the upthrust tits.

“I couldn’t sleep and I heard you talking.” His eyes were glued to his sister’s towering tits.

Donna appeared to be in too much of a daze to notice or realize what was happening. Her entire body was shaking under the persistent squeezing of her tits, and her head was flailing from side to side, her hair hopelessly tangled and crisscrossing her face. “Oh, God!” she gasped, aware now that her younger brother’s presence was somehow adding to her total collapse.

Robin watched the boy’s eyes as they took in the shapely body of his sister. “Would you like to help?” she asked quietly, noting the sudden flickers across his eyes. She lifted one hand and reached for his, bringing it back and placing it on the pyramid of excited tit and closing the boy’s fingers around the thrusting cone. “Isn’t that nice?” she murmured as Donna groaned out loud and started gasping for air. “I bet that’s making you excited.”

The boy gave a soft whimper as his fingers sank into the firm but yielding flesh. He was dimly aware that Robin was moving her free hand to the front of his pajamas, and then the excruciating warmth and excitement of her fingers on his cock sent wild streaks of lust coursing all through his loins.

“Jeez!” he croaked, bringing up his other hand and running it over Donna’s quivering belly. “Oh, yes, p-please,” he stammered as Robin obligingly moved her other hand so that now he had both of the towering tits to play with.

“Yes, you are excited, darling.” Robin had pulled the stiff little prick out of its hiding place. “See, Donna?” she said very softly. “Isn’t it a darling little cock, and growing so big?” She had made a circle with her thumb and forefinger, running it to the base so that the boy was thrusting.

Donna was trying to focus her mind and her eyes on what was happening. When she did finally turn and saw the stiff little prong held securely in Robin’s fingers, she gave a little cry. “Jesus!” she whispered, unable to believe the fantastic beauty of the little prick as it strained and stretched and already gleamed with fresh cum. Then she held out her hand, clasping the sticky shaft and feeling the pulsing warmth. “God, but it’s beautiful,” she murmured, her eyes wide and glued to the throbbing pecker. It was about four inches long and not quite as thick as Derek’s had been. “It’s beautiful.”

If Robin was excited before, she was now almost ready to pass out. She withdrew her fingers from the boy’s cock, reached under to the little sac of balls, pulling on them gently and squeezing them so that the cock in Donna’s hand appeared to reach all the more.

“That’s it, rub it very gently,” Robin said, reaching for Donna’s hand and loosening the fingers which were grasping the straining prick. “That’s it, nice and loose and slow, teasing strokes to make him ready to fuck.”

The moment she said the wow, the boy’s hips started pushing.

“Oh, but it’s a darling,” whispered Donna. Quite often, lately, she had been tempted to try to feel Steve’s cock. It would have been so easy to fondle and play with it, whereas boys at school and on dates never let you have a good look at their cocks, or the opportunity to play with them thoroughly. She turned on her side, ignoring the weird sound which burst from her brother’s throat as her swollen tits hung invitingly nearer for his quivering hands. “Let me,” she groaned, reaching with her other hand until Robin had released the boy’s hard little balls, and left them for Donna to play with. “Oh, my God, but aren’t they fantastic?”

Robin choked back a groan of her own. “Very gently, dear. Little squeezes and then a little pressure back. That’s it! See how the head is bared and pointed when you push back his balls?”


Robin put her hand on the boy’s waist and pushed at his pajamas. She had to take his cock from Donna who moaned with disappointment, until it was back in her hand. Then she slid the pajamas to his feet where he obediently stepped out of them. “That’s better,” she whispered as she watched Donna again rubbing the steaming little prong and fondling the clump of miniature balls. “Would you like to give it a little suck?” she asked, keeping her voice barely above a whisper as she put one hand on the girl’s back and the other over the boy’s squirming, young ass. As Donna hesitated, but almost naturally ran her tongue across her lips, she added, “A wonderful opportunity to learn, darling, and he gets so excited when you suck his cock.”

Donna didn’t notice what Robin had said. She was much too fascinated with the way the sliver of cock was jerking as she eased back the little balls and fanned her fingertips along the slippery stem. The cock had practically no head and consequently no ridge, but just then a little bubble of fresh cum oozed out the eye which up to now had been appearing to wink at her. “Oh, he’s so excited.” The pressure of Robin’s hand behind her shoulders had increased, making it easier for her to move to the edge of the bed and nearer the pulsing little prick.

“Open your teeth so that only those full sensuous lips of yours can kiss the beautiful cock.”

Robin’s voice seemed a million miles away, but. Donna found herself eagerly preparing. She had to hold her brother’s balls more firmly as he started to pull away. But then she clasped the shimmering column of cock, pushing her fingers to the base so that the cone-like head looked more inviting than ever.

“Very gently, because he’s very excited after playing with those beautiful tits of yours.” Robin smiled as she watched his small hands frantically knead and squeeze the firm tits. “Very gently. That’s it.” She watched, enthralled as Donna’s glistening mouth opened and moved around the shimmering cone.

“Aaaagh!” Steve’s cry was a mixture of fear and ecstasy as his cock slid into the hot, wet abyss of his sister’s mouth. “No…” He tried to jerk back, but Robin’s hand on his ass and his sister’s clutch on his balls were too effective. All he could do was stare stonily down at the fabulous tits while his loins burst into flame.

Robin moved her hand from the girl’s shoulders. It was obvious that Donna needed no encouragement now that she had tasted the boy’s throbbing cock. Robin moved the hand down the squirming girl’s back, over the beautifully firm ass to squeeze anti knead at the twin cheeks. Then as Donna settled to a steady twirling motion with her lips around the steaming head of Steve’s cock, Robin moved her hand in between the girl’s thighs and gently stroked at the hot little cunt.

To Donna Birks, the first pungent odor of the little cock almost put her off. But then her eyes were taking in the straining little prick but an inch from her mouth, and she made a startled grunt. A moment later and her tongue had darted, snake-like to touch the pulpy meat of the head. Then her lips had welcomed the cone-like thrust of the hungry cock, and the warmth and taste were overwhelming.

Robin watched as the boy’s hands roamed frantically over his sister’s firm young boobs. He was squeezing them erratically one minute and pulling on them the next. Then he found the nipples, pulling and stretching them as he tried to find something which would ease the torment in his cock.

“That’s it,” said Robin, just managing to hide her own bewildering excitement as she watched the young teenager’s cheeks inflate and deflate as her lips moved soothingly around the straining prick. “Nice, very gentle movements of your lips. That’s it. Very slow and gentle and be sure to use your tongue. Just a little licking here and there, and always wash the head.”

She still held the boy in place, his hard ass constantly trying to recoil against her hand. She studied the expression on his face, trying to decide if he was ready to come or not. It was an expression of sheer relief as his sister’s avid mouth tenderly washed and licked at his cock. Just then he gave a deep sigh and moved his feet apart. “Perfect,” she whispered. “You’re doing beautifully, darling, and Steve just loves it, don’t you, dear?” She wished she could have a few minutes with the cock herself. She sank her finger fully into the teenager’s pulsing cunt. Then as Donna made a choking sound from deep in her throat and turned her hips slightly as she spread her legs apart, Robin slowly and teasingly edged another finger into the steaming cunt, working them both in the torrid moist head of the clutching little hole.

To Donna Birks, nothing she had ever done or ever seen had been so utterly fantastic. At first the initial smell of her brother’s cock had almost put her off. Then for some reason she was filled with an urgent desire to suck it. The next thing it was in and through her trembling lips and the first salty taste made her even more excited. After that, the throbbing of the meaty little roll had made her lose all her senses at once. From then on all she had to do was suckle and chew on the darling little cock as her tongue hungrily licked and lapped all around the straining stem. She pressed back on the clump of hard balls now that Steve had opened his thighs. Now the hard prong of cock was reaching even more, forcing her to lash it with her tongue just as she did when Derek would thrust his thick, juicy tongue into her mouth. But just then Robin was sticking a finger right up her cunt, and she had to spread her thighs. A moment later and Robin had rammed at least two fingers into her boiling hole, and she immediately had a vision of her daddy standing naked, with his huge cock primed and ready. A few seconds later and she was avidly sliding her lips back and forth along the slender pole of her brother’s cock, ignoring his cries and those of Robin until finally, explosively, the slim shaft thickened and a moment later was jetting hot, creamy sperm to the back of her throat.


Scott Birks had insisted on Pauline joining him at the airport to welcome Robin and the kids to Los Angeles. Now she stood a little nervously beside him, waiting for the big jet to taxi up to the apron of the terminal.

Half an hour later, Pauline Harper was a little stunned to find herself taking in the shapely ash-blonde who appeared but a couple of years older than Scott’s daughter, Donna.

Scott had taken the shapely young woman into his arms, kissing her hungrily before everyone in the busy concourse, before introducing her and the children to Pauline.

“I’ve heard so much about you, I feel I know you already,” admitted Pauline as she took in Robin’s attractive figure. A feeling of relief had just flooded over her at Robin’s easy-going and obviously friendly attitude toward her. It was far more difficult coming face to face with a wife, after fucking with her husband, than Pauline had imagined.

“I’m delighted to meet you — I guess I can call you Pauline?” When Pauline nodded so quickly, she went on. “And I know I have to thank you for taking such good care of Scott.” She put an arm around him as she talked, a yearning for him creeping slowly and teasingly into her groin.

Pauline wasn’t sure just how much Robin suspected, and she gratefully accepted the introductions to Donna and Steve. She couldn’t wait until Barry got a look at Donna in those tight pants which appeared to be sprayed on so that the cute little ass and thighs looked almost naked. The girl had full sloping tits which were obviously braless and as big or even larger than her stepmother’s.

On the way to the car, Pauline listened delightedly to the two children who walked on either side of her. Try as she might, she found it impossible to avert her eyes from the happy couple walking ahead of her, with their arms intertwined around each other’s waists. Scott’s trim waist and firm masculine ass brought an ache to her cunt, reminding her of the fabulous screwing he had given her last night. But then her eyes would settle on his attractive wife’s ass and the way it rocked gently from side to side as she walked, the twin cheeks clearly impressed in the confines of the white slacks she was wearing. She could well imagine how that ass would lift and fall as it tried to get more cock inside her cunt tonight.

At Pauline’s house, both Donna and Steve went into raptures at the pool. Robin had purposely not mentioned the fact the house would have a pool, although Scott had told her on the phone. Now she watched delightedly as both children jumped up and down with joy.

“Can we go for a swim now?” asked Donna excitedly.

“No reason why you shouldn’t,” allowed Pauline. Then, as Scott went to pick up the suitcases, she smiled at Robin. “Why don’t we all get into something more comfortable and I’ll mix up some drinks?”

Robin sighed and nodded agreeably. “If you don’t mind, I’ll have a swim, too. It’ll take out the creases after sitting for so long.”

Pauline put an arm around the slim waist. “Just do whatever you want to do and make this your home,” she said pointedly.

“It’s so good of you to do this so that we can all be together so much sooner. I don’t think I could have stood being away from Scott for another two months.”

Pauline was only too aware of what Robin meant. She’d never considered herself to be the sexy type of woman before, but the fuckings she had enjoyed at the capable hands of Scott, had made her a new woman and she’d never felt better in her life. “We can just make it a holiday for everyone,” grinned Pauline as she squeezed the younger woman’s waist.

“I’ll only be a few minutes and then I’ll join you for that drink.”

“Why don’t you take your time,” grinned Pauline, a knowing look in her eyes as Robin Birks started up the stairs. “I’ll keep an eye on the children in the pool until you and Scott come down.”

For some reason Robin felt the color creep into her cheeks. She gave an apologetic laugh. “Thanks,” she grinned. “Maybe I’ll take you up on that suggestion.”

It was forty minutes later when Robin and Scott finally joined Pauline on the patio. Donna and Steve were frolicking in the pool, and Pauline had somehow managed to get into her bikini and was sitting propped up on a chaise lounge.

She grinned as the couple joined her. “You look better already,” she said, noting the fabulous body of the young wife in the briefest bikini she had ever seen. She touched the chaise lounge next to hers. “Sit down and I’ll get us a drink,” she said to Robin, waiting, until the attractive girl had settled herself, but not before the small but firm and shapely young tits had hung precariously suspended and in full view. “I must say you have the perfect body for a bikini.”

“Thank you,” grinned Robin. “But I’d say your own looks pretty fabulous.” She stared approvingly as Pauline struggled to her feet off the chaise lounge, the big ripe tits hanging momentarily as Robin and Scott both took them all in.

“What’s your favorite drink? I know Scott likes Scotch.”

Robin thought for a moment. “How about gin?”

“That’s what I’m having myself. Tom Collins okay?”

“Beautiful.” Robin lay back contentedly and found her sunglasses as Pauline walked away.

Scott, who had been watching the two children cavorting in the pool, turned to stare down at his wife. The tits were still peaked with the skimpy little triangles of cloth barely covering the upthrust towers. “Feel better?” he asked softly.

“Marvelous. You completely recharged me.”

“That’ll get you in shape for tonight.”

She grinned up at him. “I can hardly wait. I have a lot of catching up to do.”

“Bill Allingham didn’t look after you too well.”

“Oh, yes. But it’s just not like having it right there whenever you feel like it. Besides, you get the feeling you’re imposing and it’s not as much fun knowing you’re being invited just to get fucked.” She sat up on one elbow to see if Pauline was coming back. “I can see why you’ve been kept satisfied. What a pair of tits!”

Scott grinned at Robin’s reaction. “Do you like her?”

“Very much. She’s not only attractive but she looks so genuine and sincere.”

He reached for her hand and squeezed it. “Just how I would describe her, but she’s also an alert businesswoman. You’ll have to see her offices. They’re fantastic.” He looked up as Pauline returned with a tray of drinks. “I was telling Robin about your offices,” he said, his eyes taking in the big beautiful boobs which were hanging suspended as she leaned forward with the tray. Almost without thinking, he lowered his voice so that the children would not hear, and murmured, “Jesus! Did you ever see such a pair?”

Robin gave a short, surprised little laugh. “Never,” she admitted, grinning at the startled expression on Pauline’s pretty face. “They’re nothing short of sensational.”

Pauline had made a choking noise, but recovered quickly. She was trying to straighten up, but Scott had failed to remove his glass and was holding it on the tray. “You’re not supposed to say things like that in front of your wife,” she admonished him. “At least not right away and after that long absence.” She was annoyed at herself for being so nervous and she suspected she was blushing. Then, as streaks of static electricity darted joltingly through her tits, she watched excitedly as Scott removed his hand from the glass and slowly and teasingly moved the back of his hand up and down over one blazing tit.

He grinned at Pauline’s obvious embarrassment. “So beautiful and firm,” he said softly, noting the excitement in Robin’s eyes, and grateful for the way the kids were shouting and splashing in the pool behind him. “Maybe Pauline will let us work them over,” he said as Robin nodded her head enthusiastically.

By now Pauline was shivering and choking at the same time. “Take your drink, Scott, please!”

Scott laughed and took the drink, watching the embarrassed woman straighten up before putting the tray on a little table nearby. “I just wanted you to know I won’t forget you, dear.” He watched her adjust her bikini top with a casual movement of her fingers inside the flimsy cloth.

“I’ll make sure he doesn’t,” added Robin, grinning in order to try to give the older woman confidence. “I’m very grateful for you having looked after him.”

Even though Scott had assured her Robin wouldn’t care, Pauline Harper still found it hard to realize a wife would share her husband. She knew some people swapped mates. They said almost everyone did it in L.A. But it was one of those things you always thought of other people doing, and you never actually knew anyone who did. For her own part, an arrangement such as Scott was advocating — and his wife obviously endorsing — was almost too good to be true. It meant she could get that wonderful fucking Scott was capable of giving, and with his wife’s approval. She sat on the edge of the chaise lounge, still a little embarrassed, as she sipped thoughtfully at the Tom Collins.

Robin Birks could sense what Pauline was thinking. She reached over and put a hand on the older woman’s knee. “Back East, everyone thinks all Californians swing,” she said, grinning. “And with that body of yours, it would be crazy to deprive yourself of good healthy tail.”

Pauline gave a little shiver. Her sudden need for sex was somewhat frightening. She had even noticed herself recently appreciating the stares she was getting from strange men. “Maybe it’s because I haven’t a man to share with you,” she said pensively. “I mean mate swapping is one thing, but two women sharing one guy — well, it’s sort of funny.”

Robin moved her hand up and down along Pauline’s thigh. “Don’t worry about it. Let’s just act like good friends. Just pretend you’re borrowing a dress or a piece of jewelry.”

They all laughed, knowing that borrowing cock was not quite the same. They were still laughing when Barry Harper ambled in.

“I want you to meet my wife,” said Scott, his face twisting into a grin as the youth’s eyes took in the high round tits of Robin as she sat up on the chaise lounge.

“Hi, Barry. I’m pleased to meet you after all Scott has told me about you.”

Barry unashamedly took in the young, shapely body beneath him. He was used to seeing his mother’s big, melon-like tits, but these were simply adorable, and he feasted his eyes on them as they lay nestled so beautifully inside the thin triangles of thin cloth. “I must say you’re very beautiful, Mrs. Birks,” he said, a wry grin appearing around the corners of his mouth.

“Thank you. And now you should meet the kids.” Robin called to Donna and Steve, who climbed out of the pool and ran towards the gathering.

Donna was thoughtlessly adjusting her bikini so that the twin tits were almost bobbing free. When she looked up, it was to find Barry Harper with his thick mop of reddish hair, brazenly examining her from head to foot, and obviously liking what he saw. A shiver ran down her spine and a tingling swept into her tits. “Hi, Barry!” she replied to his greeting. His mod haircut and the way he rested one leg as he stood admiring her brought a new wave of sudden bliss to settle in her cunt. He reminded her of a guy back at school she had always wanted to date but who, for some reason, never appeared to notice her. “Why don’t you join us for a swim?”

“Sure,” he said, his eyes settling on her thrusting, young tits. “I’m going to have a Coke first. Want one?”

“Thanks. I will.” A welling wave of sensuality swept over her as the handsome youth held out his hand, taking hers as they both walked towards the refrigerator inside the patio doors.

“Better get one for your brother,” said Barry as he opened the fridge door. Then as he handed out the bottles, his eyes went over her again, once again settling on the bulging tits which appeared as if they might burst from the top of the straining bikini. “You’re nicely put together,” he said thoughtfully. “I mean you have everything in the right place.”

She blushed furiously and was annoyed with herself. “Coming from a guy in L.A. that’s quite a… a… compliment,” she managed to stammer.

“Left a boyfriend back home, I bet.”

“No one in particular.”

“You played the field, did you?” he grinned.

“I guess so.” His continued examination of her tits no longer embarrassed her. In fact, she was beginning to feel quite proud of them. After all, the guys in California were supposed to be such swingers. To have one admire anything about her was quite flattering. “I’m really looking forward to living here.”

“Here in this house, or L.A.?” The good-looking grin was almost driving her insane, and he was almost certain he could see the pinhead nipples ripening and pushing against the bikini bra.

“Both,” she countered, staffing to regain her confidence.

“You and your brother sip on the Cokes. I’ll be back in a jiffy.” He allowed himself another long look at the shapely teenager, the first halting quiver going through his cock as it started to erect inside the tight jeans. He watched the firm, young ass as she strolled back onto the patio. “Jesus!” he whispered, running his hand over the rising bulge at the front of his jeans. “What a piece of ass. I can hardly wait until I sink my cock into that.”

Afterwards, in the pool, when his mother and Mr. and Mrs. Birks had joined them, he managed to slip his hand wistfully over Donna’s cunt mound. The first time, when he had touched her, she had given a little shriek which had prompted him to apologize for running into her. The next time, to his delight, she didn’t even move but allowed his hand to stay at her crotch, his fingers pressing teasingly all around her cunt.

Later that evening, Barry Harper generously offered to take both Donna and Steve to the drive-in. He would have preferred taking Donna by herself, but it would have been too obvious to date the girl the first night, and a little selfish not to include little Steve.

At the drive-in, Barry was a little startled to note both movies were skin flicks. He hadn’t bothered to check what was showing because he never did, caring little about the show but only how fast he could get into a girl’s pants. Now, as he realized they would be doing nothing but sitting there watching sexy movies, he started worrying about the boy. Then he suddenly realized he would be watching sex while sitting next to the best-looking chick he had seen in a long time, and the first dull bursts of raw lust began smoldering in his balls.

Halfway through the first movie, Barry suggested Steve should visit the canteen. He gave the boy a five-dollar bill and told him to buy anything he wanted and bring back two Cokes for Donna and himself. As soon as the boy had disappeared, he put into operation what he called a test-run. It was something he tried with any new girl he took to a drive-in movie.

His arm had been along the back of the seat, and now he used his hand to turn Donna’s head and face towards him. The next thing she knew his mouth was on hers, his tongue idly drifting along her warm, sensuous lips before piercing them slowly as their mouths gradually surrendered to each other’s driving needs. She sucked hungrily on one inch of hot, juicy tongue for several minutes, failing to notice his hand on one tit until his fingers were digging into the base through the thin material of her sweater. She was undecided whether or not to object. She compromised by bringing one hand up and placing it over his.

The first full feel of the ripe, shapely tit had brought a ripple to his balls. He had suspected she was wearing no bra, and the feel now confirmed it so that his cock thickened hungrily, raising itself hopefully as he continued to move his fingers over the tit. At first the arrival of her hand on top of his had disappointed him, but now that she made no other attempt to stop him, he began a more thorough arousal of the beautiful boob.

She gave a soft moan and twisted her mouth away from his as she fought to catch her breath. She moved her hand from his, as if surrendering, and said, “Phew! You certainly know how to kiss.”

“And you certainly have a pair of tits.”

She gave a little laugh. “Thanks.”

They kissed again and this time he found the hem of the sweater and ran his hand upwards over the exquisite softness of her belly to the rib cage, the feel of her thrusting young tits bringing a jolting streak of heat to skim along his cock. He avidly squeezed and kneaded first one tit and then the other, his fingers plucking at the ripening nipples as his tongue fenced and darted with hers inside her mouth.

This time when they broke the kiss, she said, “You’re just making yourself excited for nothing.”

“I know.” He was panting for breath, and now that she had put her head back on his arm and had squared her shoulders, the tit in his hand was firm and fully thrusting so that be was almost going insane. He rubbed both tits alternately, the fact that she had shown not the least sign of resisting, making his need to fuck her worse than ever.

She listened to his excited, erratic panting. His hand roaming over one tit and then the other brought a rising mountain of lust to settle in her cunt. “You have very nice hands,” she said almost wistfully, feeling him shudder at the remark as he moved to the other tit.

“May… may… maybe we should move to the back seat when Steve comes back,” he croaked.

“Sure,” she replied as he turned her head once more, “as long as you don’t get too excited.”

This time, as he hungrily kissed her, he reluctantly dropped his hand from beneath the sweater and into her lap. She was wearing a little pleated mini-skirt, and a moment later his fingers were in her crotch, fussing over the bulging little cuntlips which were encased in the fabric of her panty crotch. He gave a grunt as she obligingly folded one knee, widening her thighs and giving him more room.

She moaned her appreciation as his fingers pulled and stroked at her cunt. She wished Steve would get lost for an hour so that she could enjoy this heavenly feeling. She heard what she thought were footsteps near the car, and she gave a despairing groan. A few seconds later and she moved her hand to the massive clump at the front of Barry’s jeans, her fingers tenderly closing in around the excited dick as the youth shuddered violently and twisted his mouth from hers.

“Jesus! Jesus!”

“I told you you were getting excited.” She straightened her leg and trapped his hand. When he reluctantly withdrew his hand, she straightened the little skirt, knowing Steve must be coming back at any moment. Her hand still clenched the huge bulge in his pants, and she moved one finger over the length of his upthrust cock. “It’s silly getting so excited when you can’t do anything about it,” she whispered, knowing she was driving him insane. “Now you be good for the rest of the night, or I won’t want to come again with you.”

He made a snorting noise as she continued to stroke his cock. “God, why don’t we just fuck and to hell with your brother.”

Donna pretended to look hurt. “That wouldn’t be very nice, now would it?” she said poutingly, the way she was teasing him making her all the more excited herself.

Just then Steve arrived back, precariously balancing a cardboard box which he was using as a tray.

“We’re going to move to the back seat, Steve,” said Donna, shuffling across the seat as she listened to Barry give a dull moan. “There’ll be more room.” She got out and opened the back door, managing to slip out of her bikini panties in the confusion as Barry and Steve decided how and where to distribute the drinks and popcorn. She kicked them under the car before climbing in next to Barry, Steve cautiously getting in behind her as he held a paper cup of cold pop.

A few minutes later, and they were finally settled. Barry had cunningly given himself the corner seat and then steered Donna so that she was half turned and leaning back against his shoulder. He had promptly finished his drink in one long gulp, leaving his hands completely free. Now he ran one arm along the back of the seat so that Donna could rest her head on it. His other arm hung loosely by his side until Steve was again watching the movie and munching at popcorn. Then Barry slowly slid his hand up the inside of the sweater, reaching around the warm, exquisitely smooth body of the girl until the beautiful tit nearest to him was again in his trembling hand.

Donna glanced down to see if the hand on her tit was bulging her sweater. She was relieved when she saw it wasn’t. There was no reason why Barry couldn’t fondle and play with her tit, providing he didn’t get too out of hand. She laid her head back on Barry’s arm and gave a contented sigh as his fingers gently probed and kneaded her tingling tit. She wondered what Barry would think and do if he knew she was without panties. He’d probably lose all control and just fuck her, she decided. And she really didn’t care. Certainly little Steve wouldn’t care. In fact, he might get quite a bang out of watching his sister getting screwed. She studied the boy as he finished the last of the popcorn, the way his eyes had widened as he watched the movie, causing Donna to glance at the screen for the first time.

When she did, she uttered a gasp. A beautiful young nurse was sitting on the side of a bed staring down at an older but very handsome man. She was unbuttoning the front of her uniform, warning the patient at the same time that he could look but not touch. Then suddenly she was opening the front of the uniform to display a magnificent pair of beautiful boobs which the man was frantically reaching for, but which were just outside his grasp.

At the sight of the bobbing tits on the pretty young nurse, Steve Birks had made a catching noise in his throat. Donna turned to watch the boy, whose hand had moved to his crotch for a moment, as he squirmed slightly, and his eyes became wider as the pretty nurse continued to flaunt her lovely tits and tease the older man. Donna’s own tits were raging under the persistent rubbing of Barry’s hand which he used expertly to lift and squeeze the throbbing tit. She watched Steve’s trembling hand, a coursing little thrill darting up her cunt as she thought she saw the hand move in a gentle to and fro motion on the little mound in the front of the boy’s pants. A moment later, and she had reached for the boy’s shoulder, drawing him back so that he was resting against her, his eyes still glued to the screen where the nurse was now drawing back the single white sheet which covered the patient’s waist.

For several minutes, they both watched as the nurse bared the patient’s bloated cock. But then, almost without thinking, Donna’s hand was in Steve’s crotch and the boy was trembling uncontrollably as her fingers found the zipper, opened the fly and a moment later closed around his steaming little prick. He gave a pathetic but grateful little groan, spreading his thighs to give his sister all the room she needed. Then he lay back, convulsively quivering as he watched the nurse climb onto the patient’s bed before lowering herself to rest along the full length of the man’s excited body.

The feel of Steve’s stiff little prick in her hand was the last thing Donna needed. Her tits were on fire, and she knew at least one gush of hot juice had already seeped into the seat below her cunt. She continued to rub the boyish cock in a slow, deliberate movement which he was obviously enjoying, but now she moved her other hand to Barry’s crotch, feeling the boy quiver as she pried open the zipper. A moment later and he was stifling muttered oaths as her fingers searched teasingly inside his shorts. Now, for what would probably be the only time in her life, she mused, she held a cock in each hand, and for some ridiculous reason she wondered if either Robin or Mrs. Harper had ever had the experience. She reached under both cocks and cuddled the swollen balls. Barry’s were quite big and powerful, while Steve’s were quite small — like pigeon eggs, she decided.

Donna glanced at the screen where the nurse, now impaled on the massive cock of the patient, was gently squirming her hips. She had braced herself on her arms, allowing him one of the beautiful tits which he was avidly sucking.

“Jesus!” Barry Harper was beside himself with mounting lust. He tried to sit up to see if Steve knew what was happening, but the boy was wedged against his sister and out of sight. It was a position Donna had thoughtfully arranged, he decided gratefully, as her fingers continued to rub his steaming cock in the most excruciating way it had ever been rubbed by any girl. “Jesus,” he whispered again, “what are you doing to me?” He was about to warn her he would come.

“Shhh!” Steve’s little hips were thrusting as her fingers circled the base of his slender cock. She held them there, feeling the violent convulsions of the boy’s loins as he tried to thrust against her hand. She took time out to touch his shoulder. “Move into the corner, that’s a boy,” she suggested, returning her hand to the pulsing little prick as the boy hurried to comply. Then when his head was wedged in the corner of the seat and his body lay before her, she opened up the front of his pants, baring the stiff little stem. “Donna will help you.”

Barry was too excited to care what was going on. He figured the boy was falling asleep, and he hoped Donna was making him comfortable so that they could at least have a little screw in peace.

Now that the boy was settled, Donna glanced over her shoulder at Barry. Her hand still worked on the upthrust cock and she wasn’t sure but what it was ready to unleash its load of scalding sperm. She raised her butt and edged herself back and over Barry’s hips. “You can get in,” she murmured, grinning at the expression on his face which she could just dimly make out from the flickering light of the screen. Then she held his cock upright, her beautiful ass moving over it until she could nuzzle the pulsing cockhead at her hole. A moment later, with Barry still unaware of what she was about to do, she eased her pulsing, aching cunt downwards over the length of his raging, blazing cock.

“Jesus! Aaagh…” he groaned, unable to believe the sensational feeling of the hot, boiling cunt as it wrapped itself delightfully around his upthrust shaft. “Oh, my God!” Never had cunt felt so good and so completely enveloping.

“That feel good?” She sank down until her cuntlips were wrapped around the thick base of his cock, moving her hips and thighs in a slow, rhythmic motion that had him gasping for air.

“Great,” he groaned, his hands flying to her waist so that he could press more of his boiling cock inside her hot hole.

Donna giggled with nervous delight. She was using both hands on Steve’s little cock, holding it up with one and running her fingers up and down and over his balls with the other.

Barry Harper rammed his hands up under the sweater to reach around and grab at her fabulous tits. He no longer cared if her brother saw him do this or not. He just had to feel the velvety softness and the ripe fullness of each jug. He thrust his cock as deep as he could, delighted when Donna suddenly started to bend over so that her beautiful little ass was more rounded and the position made her cunt tighter for his blazing cock. A few tentative jerks and he knew he could move about three inches of cock in and out of the tight little cunt. He milked furiously at her tits, aware now that he was coming. Then he started the steady, methodical fucking he knew he must have in order to find release.

To Donna Birks, the position and everything about it was exciting. She listened to Steve’s little murmurs of approval as her fingers played and fondled with his cock. It had already given a little spurt of hot cum, readying itself. But then the screen had provided more light and she had managed to see the straining little prong. At the same time, Barry had started milking her tits, beginning a fire in them as his cock finally managed to thrust to the top of her hungry cunt. A few moments later, and once again the delicious feeling of her brother’s eager little prick as it passed through her lips filled Donna with uncontrollable excitement. This time she expertly ran her lips down the length of the hard, throbbing little cock, her tongue licking and lashing relentlessly at the upthrust prick. Then, as Barry’s mountainous jet of boiling jism hit the top of her gulping cunt, her brother’s brief spurt of thin sperm slammed teasingly against the soft membranes of her throat.


Robin Birks hastily dropped the pocket novel she had been reading, and furtively slipped it under the chaise lounge as she struggled to sit up. The children were all at school, and Scott and Pauline were both at work.


Robin turned her head in time to see Barry Harper stroll unconcernedly through the patio doom. “Oh, hi, Barry. What are you doing home so early?”

“I have an exam tomorrow, so I’m supposed to be studying.” He came over and sat on his heels, facing her, a little grin on his face as his eyes roved over her bikini-clad figure.

“How would you like a drink, and then we could have a swim together?”

“Does your mother allow you to drink in the afternoon with a strange woman?” She was trying to sound facetious while she collected her thoughts together. There was no mistaking the look in his eyes as he focused them on her bulging tits.

“Just one,” he grinned, his eyes dropping to where the beautiful crotch angled in, the little strip of bikini cloth no wider than a ribbon.

“Well, I’ll have just one,” she replied, still uncertain of his intentions and determined to play for time. “Gin and tonic, or gin and something.”

He held out his hand, delighted when she responded by reaching for it and swinging her long, shapely legs over the edge of the chaise lounge. A moment later, as she fell in beside him, he slid his arm almost naturally around her waist, his fingers sinking into the warm suntanned flesh and making her give a startled shiver.

At the bar just off the patio, he carefully mixed a Tom Collins, decapping a beer for himself before handing her the glass. As she took it, she stepped back, but not before his hands had found her waist again, taking her by surprise.

“I guess you were a fly-girl, weren’t you, Robin?” he asked, drawing her to him so that she had to hold out her arm, in order to protect the drink.

“A stewardess.” She held back her face away from his, but their hips had squeezed together, bringing a familiar warmth to her cunt. “And I don’t think you should be doing this, Barry. Scott would kill you.”

He answered with a wide grin, and brought his mouth to hers. She tried to twist her face away, and he missed connecting properly, but then his hands flew from her waist, one to spread quickly over her firm round ass, the other to her back so that he could hold her in place. For some reason which escaped them both, he now managed to crush his mouth on hers, the liquid softness of each other’s lips causing a melting warmth which somehow took them both by surprise.

When their mouths parted, she said, “Now, I think that was very nice, Barry, and now we should have that drink and swim. Maybe it’ll cool us both off. After all, I’m a guest here, and I know you wouldn’t force me to do anything I might regret later.”

Barry returned his hands to the slim waist, still holding her beautiful hips and thighs against his so that his cock stirred hungrily in the swim trunks. “You’re one beautiful piece of ass,” he said softly, lowering his eyes to stare at the bulging tile which showed every indication of bursting over the thin confining bikini bra.

“I take that as a compliment, coming from a handsome teenager,” she said, smiling, but hoping he’d note the reference to his age.

“You’re not much older than me,” he countered, still holding her close as his cock raised itself hopefully into an upright position.

She took time out to sip on the drink, the liquor coursing down her throat and creating a new warmth to settle in the pit of her stomach. “Ugh! You made it strong,” she said, smiling. His cock was now arched and nestled against her belly.

“You need everything strong.” He lowered his hands slightly so that they were resting on her hips, holding her more firmly in place. The fact that she could feel his cock excited him, and he wondered what she’d do if he tried again. “Tits like those would take a lot of satisfying.” He studied them as if examining some fine jewelry, his voice strangely soft and fascinating.

She looked at him, the boyish face so close to hers that she had difficulty studying it. But just then she gave a little shiver, the motion causing her belly to more thoroughly press against the upthrust shaft. She gave a broken sigh and this time pried herself away from his grasp. “I’m ready for that swim,” she said, smiling until he reached for the bottle of beer. Then she watched him tip the bottle and guzzle down at least a half of the contents before finishing her own drink far faster than she had ever intended.

In the pool, they swam side by side over two lengths. It was big for a residential pool, built by the movie starlet in her burst of extravagance, and Robin hung on the safety rail at the far end, exhausted. She wiped at her eyes and started to adjust the bikini bra, but then for some reason she stopped, using both hands to reach up and back for the rail as she hung there, suspended and still fighting for breath.


She turned her face to find him staring at her tits which were rising and falling to her labored breathing. His mouth hung slack and his eyes were hungrily taking in the tits, frightening her a little, but yet making tingling streaks of ecstasy to race through her tits and downwards to her cunt. “You’re dreadful,” she said, unable to stifle a little laugh. “Do you realize I’m a happily married woman and I don’t need attention from a handsome young man like you?”

He had moved toward her as she was talking, the hungry, lustful look in his eyes now glazed and almost veiled. A moment later and his hands were on her and he was hanging from the rail, his body against hers, his mouth searching for hers as she twisted her face from side to side.

She was surprised to find his cock was still hard. “Barry, you mustn’t!” He was grinding his cock against her belly, his hips moving just enough so that the throbbing shaft was enjoying a squeezing motion.

“Yes, they’re gorgeous.” He brought one hand down and held her chin. Then his mouth was crushing hers once more, his tongue slashing wildly against her lips which up to now she had managed to keep tightly closed. He moved his hand from her chin, hanging now by one arm as his free hand went to one tit, cupping and squeezing it in the thin triangle of wet cloth. A few seconds later, as a bursting heat spread through his balls, he slipped his hand under the bottom of the triangle, lifting the wet fabric over the swollen tit until it was finally bared. A broken sobbing sound escaped through his frantically working lips as the exquisite beauty of the bare breast suddenly filled his hand.

For one terrifying moment, Robin Birks thought she would have to let go. The pool was ten feet deep, and she wasn’t sure just how she would handle the situation once she was submerged. There was always the possibility the horny teenager might lose control and attack her underwater. She hung precariously as the youth’s mouth crushed hers, his hand on her bare tit bringing the familiar mounting lust to the blossoming nipple. Then almost with a sigh of relief, she parted her lips and accepted his hots juicy tongue, her teeth nipping at it tenderly as her tongue flicked and licked at the darting, meaty roll.

How long they kissed, neither was ever sure. Barry was only concerned with the growing ache in his balls as the beautiful boob began firming, the nipple like a brown nugget, eagerly presenting itself for more attention. He pulled away from her mouth and dropped his face to the fabulous tit, his hot, wet mouth now ravenous as he sank his quivering lips around the pointed, shining nipple.

“Aaaagh… no, please, Barry! No!” Her mind was in a daze as the youth’s mouth sucked and licked at her raging bit. She bravely lowered one arm and hung from the other, her hand going to the waist of the boy as darting streaks of bliss coursed all around her tits. “Please, Barry! That’s very naughty, Barry. You know… you shouldn’t…” She knew she should pry his mouth away and then push him from her altogether. But the fantastic working of his mouth was out of this world and almost unbelievable.

When they did eventually part, they hung there, staring at each other. When she made no move to cover the beautiful tit which was now folly ripened and thrusting itself towards him, he reached for the other, trying to slide his fingers under the triangle of confining cloth.

“No, wait. I’m afraid you’re going to ruin it.”

He watched, fascinated as she reached behind with one hand and unclasped the thin strip of bikini top. Then the smoldering look was back in his eyes as she flung the skimpy piece of cloth over the side of the pool before hanging from both arms, the twin tits now powerfully thrust out as if waiting for his attention.

“Christ, but you really have a pair.”

She watched him through a daze, not caring now what he did or who walked in or what happened. Her body was a blazing cauldron of lust, her tits tingling like crazy and a hungry, yearning ache now settled in her cunt.

“Let’s go inside,” he groaned.

“You can only look.”

“What?” he asked incredulously.

“I’m just letting you look.”

He moved against her, one hand taking a tit and roughly squeezing it. “Jesus, I want to do more than look.”

“No.” She had a funny little smile on her face as she watched the torment in his eyes. “Just look.”

He squirmed against her, his cock now fully upthrust and crying for a fuck. He forgot what he was doing and tried to use both hands on the fabulous tits, only to find he could not tread the water fast enough to stay in front of her. His head sank momentarily below the surface and he had to surge upwards, shaking his head violently to free it of water.

“You’re going to drown yourself. Why don’t you just look and get it over with.”

He caught the rail, panting and spitting out water as his hand returned to one bulging tit and then moved to the other.

“That’s better. You’re getting yourself all excited.”

Vaguely he was aware Donna had said the same thing at the drive-in movie that first night after they had arrived. “God what a pair of tits,” he went on mumbling, unable to believe the global softness of the boob which somehow managed to stay perfectly suspended with no sag at all. “Let’s go inside,” he groaned. “Jesus, Robin, let’s go inside.”

“If you’ll behave and just look.” She didn’t know why, but she had this unbelievable urge to tease the boy into an orgasm. It was the only way he could be satisfied, and she still be in a position to say he hadn’t fucked her.

“Okay.” He moved dejectedly to the edge of the pool alongside, and with a powerful leap, climbed over the edge, holding out his hand and staring down at the beautiful bare-titted woman beneath him.

They walked silently towards the patio doors, their wet feet rhythmically slapping at the tile and Robin’s shapely tits bobbing and swinging and driving him mad.

As they climbed the stairs, Robin said, “You know I don’t know what your mother would think if she knew about this and the way you’re acting.” Her body was on fire and she had a yearning desire to keep on teasing him. “After all, you must know girls to have a little fun with.”

“Mother knows I screw around.”

She immediately thought of Donna and wondered if he had screwed her yet. The girl had never been happier than she had since arriving in this house. For the first time it dawned on her that Barry had probably screwed the girl two or three times since they had arrived. “Then I don’t see why you’re getting so horny over me,” she said, glancing from the corner of her eye and noting how his eyes were hungrily watching her tits.

“Jesus, but you’re really something.”

She gave a short laugh. “Let’s go to your room,” she said, the idea of teaching and teasing the boy at the same time tilling her with a growing blaze of raw lust.

In the room, she stood with her hands on her hips, a slow smile spreading across her face as Barry turned from shutting the door to feast his eyes on the out thrust mounds of her tits. “Let me see you,” she said almost snappishly.

He made a choking noise and lowered the zipper at the front of the swim trunks, edging the damp fabric over his hips until they dropped at his feet. Almost shyly he stepped out of them and came towards her, his hands going to his hips just like hers.

“Stand there,” she said, a little more kindly, her eyes going to the upthrust prong of his cock which appeared to be reaching and straining beyond endurance. She could just see the pink head as it started to bare itself, pressing through the taut foreskin as if readying itself for a fucking. She figured it was five inches, possibly six inches in length, the sight of the young prick bringing wave after wave of unmitigated lust racing up and down her cunt. She moved towards him and ran one hand over the youthful chest, her other startling him as it furtively reached for his balls, holding and squeezing them as the boy shivered with joy. “You’re quite well-hung, really,” she said, purposely keeping her voice soft and a little husky. She moved her other hand down over his flinching belly and clasped his cock. “Yes, you’re going to be quite a man.” She clasped the cock and slowly caught the surplus skin before moving her fist to the quivering base. “Yes, you must keep it exercised,” she said, a ring of authority in her voice as the teenager gave a violent shudder, his hands going to her tits and fondling them avidly. “How much fucking do you do, Barry?”

He appeared to be on the verge of collapse, his youthful body shivering as if it were cold, yet the heat of his cock as her fingers gently massaged it was burning her hands.

“About two a month,” he managed to blurt out, his hips flipping nervously as her hand held the base of his throbbing cock.

“You have a regular girlfriend?” she asked, hoping to catch him off guard. He had cupped his hands, lifting her tits as if he were weighing them. She made a circle with her thumb and forefinger, pressed back on his balls with her other hand, and then tightened the circle at the bottom of the straining prick.


She rubbed his cock two or three times, feeling the cock stretch and strain eagerly through the circle. “Have you fucked Donna yet?” she asked quietly. Then, in order to make him more confident, she added, “Donna likes a little fucking now and again.”

He started to speak but had to clear a catch in his throat. “Yes,” he admitted, unable to control the urgency of his lust as his hips jerked towards her. “Once.”

A little thrill of excitement coursed through her excited tits. Such intimate confessions involving someone she knew always fascinated her and made her horny. She tried to imagine the well-built youth mounted on the girl, his firm young hips thrusting down on her and her legs wildly flailing as his beautiful cock swept in and out of her tight little slit. “She’s quite good, isn’t she?” Robin asked, after waiting for a series of steady thrusts of his hips to subside.

“Yes,” he admitted, sighing deeply, his fingers closing in around about three inches of her luscious tits. Then with choking, rasping sounds he flung his mouth down to one tit, hungrily sucking and chewing it.

“Now, now,” she murmured softly, a touch of sympathy in the tone of her voice. “We’re only going to look, aren’t we?” She looked down at the frantically working mouth, the cheeks moving in and out as he eagerly sucked on her blazing jug. She rubbed his cock a little harder, feeling the powerful muscles on either side as they hardened, her other fingers pulling on the swollen scrotum as his balls filled with sperm. “I don’t think you should do that, Barry. It’s not good for you and you’re getting far too excited.” She waited until he had sucked some more, her tits a tingling mass of unreleased lust as he deftly used his tongue to attack the nipple. “It’s very nice, and you’re doing quite well, but really, Barry. You’re getting so…”

He broke his mouth away and groaned. “Jesus, excited. Robin, please… please just let us fuck…” He looked up into her pretty face to find her smiling sympathetically. “Please… please…” Her fingertips were flickering along the length of his steaming cock.

“Poor boy,” she whispered, her fingers continuing the tantalizing teasing of the reaching cock. “Let me help you, that’s a boy. Let Robin help you.” She eased him back towards the bed, the edge of the mattress striking behind his knees so that he teetered momentarily until she had forced him backwards onto the bed. “There, now you can look,” she murmured softly, noting his eyes wide with excitement as he stared up at her tits. “I’ll help you.”

He spread his thighs as her fingers slipped under to grasp at his balls. She gathered them together, pushing down on them as his young cock throbbed and strained. “Aaaagh… God!” he gasped as her other fingers gently stroked up and down the pulsing shaft.

“Yes, you’re going to be nice and strong,” she whispered, bending over so that her jugs hung in all their glory, the brown tips of the nipples teasingly glistening from his recent sucking. Then she dropped to her knees, carefully slipping her elbows on either side of his quivering thighs, her mouth but a few inches from the helmet-like head of his straining, excited young cock. “I’ll help you,” she muttered huskily. “I’ll help you, Barry.” She made a tight O with her lips and placed them on the pulsing dome of his cock. A moment later she was allowing the cone of cockhead to pierce her sensuous lips, the first wave of salty muskiness filling her nostrils and her loins with a blazing lust.

The unbelievable warmth and wetness of her mouth took his breath away. He had never really believed she would suck his cock, even when she had looked so lovingly at his genitals and played with them so fondly. He had always heard fly-girls liked cock, and now he believed it as he shuddered and shivered and stared in utter disbelief at what was happening to his cock. His body was almost exploding as the heat of her sensational mouth and gently working lips filled his balls to the bursting point. “No! God, please… Robin!”

She held the head of his cock against the roof of her mouth while her tongue lazily washed along the length of the streaming young prick. She licked it some more, her elbows keeping him from jerking too much as her hands teased and fondled his balls and straining prick. Just when she thought the cock was readying itself to ejaculate, she withdrew her mouth, and looked up along his tormented body which was twitching and shivering. “Don’t come in my mouth, Barry,” she warned him quietly. “You mustn’t come in my mouth.” She formed an O once again with her hot, wet lips, allowing the helmet-like head to penetrate again, keeping her lips tight so that they gathered in the surplus skin, pushing it all before them to the thicker, jerking base.

“No… please, Robin… I have… I have…” He was on the brink of shooting his load, and watching her head bob up and down was doing nothing to cool his ardor. “No… God, please… Robin…”

Again she had the head pulsing erratically against the roof of her mouth. She found the tiny knot and stabbed at it with her tongue. The boy was having difficulty keeping his hips under control, and she had to press her arms more firmly against his thighs. She pulled her mouth lazily up the stem of the thickening cock. “Please don’t, Barry,” she pleaded. “I don’t want you coming in my mouth.” She looked at him sympathetically. “This will make you very strong, but please, Barry. Please don’t come in my mouth.” Her eyes fell to the shimmering shaft as she held it upright, her saliva gleaming enticingly as she adjusted her fingers, making the slender young prick strain as her other fingers held his balls more firmly, one finger on his sperm cord and holding back the juice. “Remember,” she whispered before placing her mouth on the tip of the cone, then eased her quivering lips downwards to the base, the head of the throbbing cock burying itself into the soft, warm membranes of her throat.

His hips started the violent thrusting as he fought to contain the powerful urge. Never had he wanted to ejaculate so violently before. His arms flailed here and there, his fists clenched and slamming against the bed covers as the indescribable feeling of her hot, wet mouth sucking on his cock almost drove him insane.

To Robin Birks, the taste and feel of the hot young cock throbbing and pulsing against the back of her throat were unbelievable. Never had she enjoyed a cock so much, all the previous ones having been huge, thick rolls of meaty cock which had left no room for anything other than a brisk up and down movement of her lips. Now, her tongue lashed and licked at the slender pole of prick. It had practically no ridge, only a slight indentation, but the tip of her tongue told her it was just as sensitive, just as excited when she licked around it, as the big shelf-like ridge of Scott’s powerful cock. She closed her thighs, aware of the tickling little dribble of cunt juice which had escaped through her bikini crotch and was coursing down one thigh. Then, too excited and exhausted to do more, she slowly withdrew her finger from the boy’s sperm cord. A moment later and she had to fight the thrusting violence of his hips and thighs as he sought relief and release.

“I’m… I’m… coming! No, no! Robin!” He had to warn her even though the onrushing cum was already spurting wildly. He tried to sit, gave up and lay back, thrusting his hips wildly, and vaguely aware that she was making no attempt to avoid the gushing geyser of his cock. He found he could plant his feet firmly on the floor, giving him some leverage. Then he forced his hips into a series of steady and prolonged up and down thrusts, his spurting cock emptying itself delightedly in the succulent heat of her welcoming mouth.


“Man! That’s what I call a magnificent hunk of woman flesh.”

Scott Birks laughed at the older man’s expression. “That’s quite a compliment,” he said, still laughing as Keith Regan continued to stare with admiration at Robin. “It happens to be my wife.”

Both men were standing near the edge of a throng of people all of whom were talking, sipping on drinks and nibbling on hors d’oeuvres in a reception room at a downtown hotel. Condor Air Freight was celebrating the official opening of its terminal in L.A., and the room was filled with invited guests, all of whom were potential customers and shippers on Condor planes.

Keith Regan, who had taken a sip of Scotch after making the remark, burst into a fit of coughing. When he stopped he said, “Good Lord! I’m sorry, old man. I was really admiring her, although if I had known it was your wife, I would have put it a little differently.” While he was talking, his eyes were taking in the young, attractive blonde as she edged her way through the groups of guests.

“Hi, darling!” Scott Birks held out his hand until Robin had taken it. “I want you to meet Keith Regan.”

Robin flashed the older man a wide smile. “Mr. Regan,” she said, as he held her hand, his eyes failing to ignore her beautiful tits which were curved and straining in the low-cut neckline of the attractive black dress.

“Mrs. Birks. It’s my pleasure.” They were the mast beautiful tits he had seen in some time, and he had always considered himself a fit man.

“Mr. Regan has agreed to sign a pretty big contract with us to haul to his oil drilling rigs in Northern Canada. Why don’t you take Mr. Regan over to the buffet?” suggested Scott pointedly. Ever since he had been appointed as manager for Condor, he had hoped and prayed he could get at least one big fat contract. It would somehow prove he was the right man the company had chosen.

“Of course.” Robin slipped her arm, without thinking, through Regan’s, a pleasant feeling about the expensive floor-length dress she had splurged on filling her chest. Practically every man present had tried to get a glimpse of her tits, filling them with what she had always called her sex urges. “Do you live in L.A., Mr. Regan?”

“Yes, I’m a bachelor.”

She turned to look at him, as if appraising km. “You’re kidding,” she cried, with just enough enthusiasm to bring the proud smile to his handsome round face. “What a waste of manpower.”

He put back his head and roared his approval of her quip. “A rich bachelor — although I wasn’t always,” he admitted thoughtfully.

“One can only assume you get everything you want without marriage,” she said, almost coyly.

When they got to the buffet, Robin handed him one of the large plates as they started at one end of the table. “When we move into our new home, you’ll have to come to dinner,” she said, spooning into a jellied salad and half turning so that he could catch a glimpse of her tits now that she was bending over. “Any bachelor I ever knew was half starved for a good meal.”

“Well, thank you. I’ll look forward to it. But believe me, I do get enough to eat. I have a housekeeper who prepares delicious meals.”

“Does she live in?”

He laughed with a knowing look on his face. “No. I live in a bachelor penthouse at Kingsley Towers. She comes in about eleven on Mondays to Fridays and leaves at five. My dinner is in the oven on the nights I’m staying home. On Saturdays and Sundays I have dinner out.”

“I’ll remember that and have you for dinner on a weekend.”

They had reached the end of the line, their plates heaped with a variety of foods.

Robin looked around to an area set aside for eating. “There’s an empty table over there in the corner,” she suggested. “It’s out of the way and we can hear ourselves talk.”

He studied her ass as she walked ahead of him. It had just the right roundness and firmness he liked, and the long skirt of the dress was just tight enough to make the twin cheeks most impressive as they swayed very gently from side to side. At the table he held out her chair, getting a good look at the beautiful tits as she sat down, the sight bringing a dull ache to his groin and reminding him it had been at least six months since he’d had a piece of tail.

“You know, Mrs. Birks,” he said when he was seated opposite to her, “when I first saw you this afternoon, I made an awful faux pas.”

“Please call me Robin, and do tell me about the faux pas.”

“I said to your husband he should look at the magnificent piece of woman flesh on the other side of the room. Then he told me it was his wife and I felt like two cents.”

Robin laughed. “That wouldn’t bother him at all. He’d take it as a compliment. As for me, well, I’m rather flattered.” She studied him from beneath lowered lids, noting the touches of color in his cheeks.

“It was a compliment, I can assure you.”

She gave a short laugh. “However, I always think of horses for some reason, when I hear the term ‘worn flesh’.”

He put back his head and laughed. “Funny you should say that. I always considered myself a judge of women and homes.”

His handsome good looks and athletically built body had kept the dull, urgent ache in her cunt. That and the way his eyes constantly appreciated her tits, which were still tingling from the moment he had first shown interest in them. She had always been fascinated with older men, frequently dating them when she was a stewardess if the opportunity occurred, and preferring them over the skittish, excited young men she was more apt to meet. “Have you judged me, Mr. Regan?” she asked, an innocent expression on the pretty face as she noted the difficulty he was still having in averting his eyes from her tits. “Or would you have to feel my flanks and fetlocks?”

“I’d certainly like to,” he said knowingly, his eyes twinkling mischievously as he studied her beautiful face. “Frankly, I can’t think of anything which would give me more pleasure.” He had slipped his hand under the tablecloth to pull at his crotch, the throbbing of his cock driving him mad.

She decided to tease him to the limit. “I suppose I’d have to be stripped for that,” she said, keeping her voice soft although the group at the nearest table were noisily telling jokes.

“If you wanted me to judge you truthfully.” Never had he enjoyed such a titillating conversation and his cock twitched eagerly. “I would, Mr. Regan.”

He released a burst of air. “Call me Keith.”


He smiled at her, unable to believe they were actually talking about fucking. He tried to dampen his horniness. She could be a cock-tease and not really want to screw. He’d had his share of those over the years. But just being able to run his hands over those beautiful tits would be enough, he reasoned. That and seeing her nude and running his fingers over the beautiful cunt she must have, would be more than enough to make the exercise worthwhile. “When would you like me to judge you, Robin?” he asked, his eyes holding hers.

“Soon,” she grinned, putting down the fork and pushing her plate away. “One day next week at your place?”

“Late afternoon on any day, when my housekeeper has gone.”

“Of course. I don’t want anyone around while you’re judging me.”

Later, they were joined by Scott and another man Robin didn’t know.

Later still, as Scott started to bring more guests over the table, Keith Regan decided it was time to leave. “I have to go,” he said to Robin, taking her hand and squeezing it. “Thanks for being such a wonderful hostess.” Then, under his breath, he added, “Call me about that appointment and I’ll see what I can do.”

She flashed him a wide smile. “I intend to.”

He nodded his head. “Regan Explorations will get me. It’s in the telephone book.”

She nodded her head, just then catching a glimpse of Pauline Harper coming through the wide doors into the reception room. She caught at Keith’s arm just as he started to go. “Oh wait, Keith,” she said abruptly, “there’s someone I want you to meet.”

Keith Regan looked in the direction as Robin pointed. “Jesus!” he muttered. “Not another one.”

Robin grinned as she watched Pauline approach with her thick, shoulder-length hair swaying from side to side as a backdrop to her beautiful face. “I thought you might be interested,” she went on, noting how Pauline’s magnificent boobs moved rhythmically and independently behind the front of the finely knit dress. “How would you like to judge that, Keith?”

“Jesus, would I!”

“I could probably arrange it.”

“You’re kidding!”

Pauline Harper had stopped to talk to someone she obviously knew, giving Robin the opportunity to keep on teasing Keith Regan. Robin had her arm through his again, and she could actually feel him tremble. “She’s a very healthy woman,” she went on, matter-of-factly. “Do you think you could handle her?”

“Could I?” The ache in his balls was unbearable.

Robin wished she could stroke at her cunt. “Could you handle both of us?” she asked softly.

“Both of you?” he asked incredulously, another shiver running down his spine as he tried to visualize this stunning blonde and the gorgeous redhead lying naked and waiting for a fucking. His cock was poker-stiff and he had carefully clasped his hands in front of the mountainous bulge.

“A threesome is much more fun,” she murmured, almost indifferently, “providing of course the man is capable.” She squeezed his arm with her hand. “And you certainly look capable, Keith.”

He made a choking sound, unable to control his reflexes as her suggestion sank in.

Robin was finding it difficult not to laugh at the older man’s mounting enthusiasm. His eyes were already veiled with lust as he continued to study the attractive woman, and Pauline had cooperated beautifully by resting one leg so that it was in plain view in the deep slash down the side of the floor-length dress. “She’s a widow so you’d have to put every effort into it.”

“You mean… I mean, she doesn’t have a… lover… a boyfriend?”

Robin shook her head as if sympathizing. “That’s what I meant when I suggested it had to be someone very capable.”

This time Keith Regan did choke, finishing up in a coughing fit which he had difficulty controlling.

One afternoon a week later, Keith Regan was standing on the diving board of the swimming pool on the roof of Kingsley Towers. He was staring down to where Robin Birks and her friend Pauline Harper were cavorting in the pool. Apart from three or four young housewives lying sunning themselves, the roof was unoccupied, just as he had expected it would be.


Pauline Harper was treading the water, and staring up at him, her fabulous big tits boldly inviting him as they appeared about to burst free.

“I’m waiting until you get out of the way,” he replied, the throbbing pain in his balls almost unbearable.

Robin was clinging to one side of the pool and waiting for him to dive. When he did, she swam over to where she had decided he would appear. She misjudged it by a couple of yards so that his hand had slid teasingly between her thighs as she tried to stop swimming and protect herself. The next moment and she had flung her arms around his neck in order to stay above the surface, his fingers gently playing and tugging at her cuntlips as she shrieked and cried in utter dismay.

Keith Regan was grateful to the housewives who didn’t even bother to look up, but then Pauline Harper arrived at his side, realized what he was doing and pretended to pout.

“How come I don’t get that special treatment?” she said grumpily. Then when his arm had swept around her slim waist, she burst out laughing. “Okay, okay!” she cried as he pulled her flatly against him so that his huge cock rubbed against her firm belly muscles. “I give up. I give up, please, Keith.”

Then they left the pool, and went to his fantastic penthouse, the women drying themselves as Keith poured martinis.

“Mnnn…” murmured Pauline as she took the first sip. “There’s nothing like a martini for staying power.”

Keith laughed uproariously as Robin promptly finished hers in one gulp. “Give me more. Give me more!” she cried delightedly, holding out her glass as he poured her another.

They shed their bikinis before his smoldering eyes. His hard-on was unbearable, and he only hoped he could last. Never in thirty-odd years of fucking had he ever found himself in this predicament, and his eyes hungrily watched as both women stood proudly before him, their magnificent tits bobbing and still gleaming from the water from the pool.

“I’m ready,” grinned Robin, studying his lust-filled eyes. “Are you going to judge me or not?”

“At least let us see what you have to offer,” suggested Pauline, who was still sipping on her first martini.

“He’s shy.” Robin walked over to where he was standing and proceeded to push at his shorts.

“God, look at that,” she murmured approvingly as the swim trunks fell at his feet and he proceeded to step out of them. “Isn’t that something? God, what a piece of cock.”

Pauline had a strange, almost shocked expression on her face. This past month had been so bewildering when it came to sex that she constantly found herself half-aroused most of the time. She joined Robin to stare at the upthrust shaft. Then, as Robin brazenly reached under to clasp the powerful balls, Pauline cleared a catch in her throat, her hand reaching out to fully grasp the throbbing column of thick cock. “Man, that’s quite a prick,” she whispered, rubbing the twelve-inch pillar and baring the helmet-like head. “Who’s going to sample it first?”

Keith Regan was beside himself with excitement. Ever since the reception given by Condor Air Freight, he had found it difficult to believe these two gorgeous women had been really serious. At first, he had decided he must have had too much to drink. Then when he did convince himself they would accept his invitation, he had suffered massive hard-ons which the coldest of showers had failed to have any effect on. Now they were here, stark naked, and casually admiring his big cock. He shook his head as if he still could not believe it. Then slowly and persistently he started playing with their tits.

“I’ve heard of a guy being well-hung,” admitted Robin as she deftly squeezed the enormous clump of balls.

“God, I can hardly wait,” volunteered Pauline, her cunt bursting into flame as she brought her other hand into play along the pulsing stem. “I’d settle for a trial run, just to get the feel of it.”

Robin looked up just as Keith Regan lowered his face. Their mouths met and she accepted his thick, juicy tongue, sucking and chewing it hungrily as he lifted and toyed with her swollen tit.

When their mouths parted, she said, “Now I want to see how good you are, darling. Pauline has been looking forward to this all week. Do you feel very strong and capable?”

He made a choking sound as a shiver of lust swept through his balls. “In the bathroom,” he groaned, smiling at the look on the two women’s faces.

They obediently walked beside him until he had thrown open the door, a gasp escaping from each of their throats as they examined the huge sunken bathtub and the wide apron of tile around it. They watched as he adjusted the silver taps so that a foaming geyser of bubbling water entered the tub. Then, when he had added oils and salts which filled the huge bathroom with a delightful perfume, he held out his hand, helping each of the women to step into the warm water. A moment later and he was lying outstretched with Robin kneeling on one side and Pauline on the other so that they immediately started massaging him from head to foot, the warmly scented water cascading all over his magnificent physique and up to the women’s waists.

It became a competition as to which of them could hold the massive cock. Little cries of admiration kept escaping from their lips. His hands were driving them wild as he lingered on one fully ripened tit and then switched to another. For several minutes, they stood the fantastic teasing, but then Pauline was losing all control.

Robin, who had been expecting it, stopped fondling the magnificently built man beside her. Her hands went to Pauline, her fingers closing in on one of Pauline’s huge, swollen tits, lifting and kneading it as Keith attended to the other. A moment later, unable to stand it any longer, Pauline had thrown herself on top of Keith, her legs flailing wildly as she tried to guide the thick column of cock into her aching, gulping hole.

“Aaagh… yes… God… oh… wow… yes!” she cried, ecstatic at the feel of the thick shaft of hot cock plunging up her cunt. “Good… God… Holy God!” Never had her cunt been forced to open so wide, and she squirmed her hips in a valiant effort to get all his prick inside. “Oh, it feels so wonderful,” she gasped, unable to believe the sensational feelings now coursing through her body. She braced herself with her hands on his shoulders, leaving enough room so that both he and Robin could continue the heavenly massage of her raging tits. Then she gratefully rode the powerful cock, impaled on its full length, her cuntlips grasping at the stem as she began a powerful thrusting with her hips. “God, what a cock!” Her excited cries were a series of gasping pleas as Robin began to stroke along the straining spine, reaching under the plunging asscheeks and touching the flaring cunt. “Yes! Oh, my God, yes! Yes.” Pauline began a more determined thrusting of her hips, the water lapping over the tiles and the massive head of the cock slamming against her cervix.

To Robin Birks, the scene was one almost too exciting to be true. Never had she seen a woman so enthusiastically enjoying cock. She doubted if Pauline Harper could be forcefully pulled away from that healthy big shaft which was undoubtedly reaching to the very end of Pauline’s clutching cunt. She lowered her face and kissed Keith on the mouth. Only his face was above the surface and her chin was in the water as he sucked hungrily on her tongue. When she finally broke away from his mouth, she realized one huge tit was swinging near her face. She tenderly caught it, turning it outwards so that she could place the fully blossomed nipple in her mouth. A moment later and she was avidly munching on it, Pauline’s startled cries adding even more excitement to the atmosphere around the bath.

Pauline was still eagerly thrusting on the massive cock when Keith Regan came. She gave a disappointed, almost pathetic little cry. But then her hips rammed furiously against his as the thick shaft began belching hot cum. “Jesus, Jesus!” she cried, flinging her head back so that her mane of chestnut-red hair was a tangled mass across her shoulders. “God, yes! Oh, God yes! What a fuck! What a… what a… fuck!” Her pubic bone hit his and she held it there, the huge cock shooting its load into her horny cunt, reducing her to a shivering mass of uncontrolled flesh as Robin released her tit. A moment later and she lay exhausted along the length of the magnificent male beneath her.

Robin Birks stared at the two bodies alongside hers. “My God, what a screw,” she whispered, as if talking to herself. Her own cunt was twitching and gulping in the oily water as a mini-orgasm burst from her loins. She slipped her hand between their straining waists, her fingers moving down to where the enormous cock was still deeply imbedded in Pauline’s pulsing snatch. He was still hard around the base of the stiff prick, and she murmured her approval as he shivered in response. “I told you she needed a good fuck.” She gripped the base of his cock, but her fingers failed to fully encircle it. Then she withdrew hay hand and ran it along the length of the outstretched Pauline, settling on the beautifully rounded ass and squeezing it. A moment later she shivered as Keith’s hand came out and settled on her pussy mound, his fingers scratching through the thick crop of blonde hair.

“You have a beautiful cunt,” he managed to gasp as he fought for breath after the recent fucking. “Have you ever had it eaten?”

Robin Birks shivered in anticipation. “Once or twice.” She widened her thighs and allowed his fingers to stroke along her soft, wet slit. “Would you like to feast on me for a while?”

“I’d love to.”

She moved on her knees around his shoulder to the end of the tub. Then she moved over him, kneeling upright as his powerful hands guided her thighs. A moment later and his warm, delightfully pleasing tongue was pressing itself hungrily upwards through her puffy cuntlips, piercing into the fleshy softness of her hole and filling her with ecstatic joy.

Pauline Harper had recovered from the thorough fucking and was only now aware that the huge cock imbedded in her cunt had relaxed for several moments, only to begin hardening into an upthrust shaft once again. She raised herself on her arms, and now as she watched the ecstatic look creeping over Robin’s face at the feel of the curled tongue in her cunt, Pauline began a gentle swaying movement over the throbbing prick, encouraging it and teasing it at the same time. In a matter of moments it was as strong as ever, reaching and straining inside her twat as if completely refreshed.

“Marvelous, darling. You know exactly what to do.” Robin was beside herself with excitement as the thin but strong tongue explored all around her cunt. She stared down between her outthrust tits to where she could just make out his chin. It was moving in time to the penetrating little jabs of his tongue. Then her eyes took in the gentle movement of Pauline’s shapely hips and she realized Pauline was once again enjoying the full strength of the massive dock. Her hands reached out to play with the other woman’s tits. As they did, Pauline’s face came closer and their mouths met.

For almost ten minutes, the two women kissed as their cunts were tormented by Keith. Never had either woman experienced such slow, erotic bliss. Their hands teased and fondled each other’s blazing boobs, their tongues idly searching in the hot, wet chasms of each other’s mouths. But always there was the piercing, the jabbing, the penetration of cock and tongue.

For Keith Regan, the experience was one he would never forget. He had enjoyed a lot of fucking in his time, but nothing to equal the sensational experience, with these two women. He couldn’t get over his good fortune, and was still trying to figure out how he had come to be so lucky at that reception, when he was aware of the growing intensity in his powerful cock. The gentle movement around its full length as Pauline’s hungry cunt wrapped itself around the long stem, was nothing short of excruciating. He thrust with his hips in an attempt to make her fuck. But always she kept on with the rhythmic swaying so that the walls of her cunt were constantly clasping his cock, drawing it and squeezing it as if wanting to suck it dry.

Pauline Harper was aware of the impending ejaculation as the big cock inside her snatch quivered ominously. She continued the same, methodical movement of her hips and thighs, drawing on the massive cock which was sending the most fantastic thrills coursing up and down her gulping cunt.

Robin Birks was aware that Keith was about to come by the startled darting of his wanton tongue. Up to now, it had been content to swish and wander all around her gushing cunt. Now, as she held her breath while still kissing Pauline’s busily working mouth, she was aware of the teasing little tongue searching. A moment later and her body burst into flame as the lips closed in on her stiff little clit. Then, as the clit was expertly drawn out of its sheath and sprung delightedly through the sucking lips to be held and stabbed with lightning-like darts, she cried out ecstatically, flinging herself backwards but managing to keep her hot, quivering cunt securely imbedded over Keith’s mouth. There she hung, half crying, half pleading as his mouth and tongue brought an exploding orgasm bunting from her cunt to cover his face.

Staring in fascination at Robin quivering in orgasm, Pauline was now only vaguely aware of her own growing climax. Her hips had begun the familiar thrashing as her cunt took in more cock. She flung her hands to the side of the tub, her chin now resting on the thrusting, flailing belly of Robin as the excited younger woman shuddered in the throes of her orgasm. A few seconds later and Pauline’s hips were working like a well-oiled machine, driving up and down on the cock as it shot spurt after spurt of steaming jizz into her burning, exploding cunt.


Keith Regan finished lighting a fresh cigar before stretching expansively. “Frankly, I never realized what I was missing before.” He was sitting relaxed in his swim trunks beside Pauline Harper’s swimming pool, his eyes taking in the slim, beautiful figure of Donna Birks as she stood poised on the diving board at the far end of the pool.

It had been three weeks since the eventful reception by Condor Air Freight which had led to his fantastic relationship with the thirty-five-year-old widow, and he still found it difficult to realize his good fortune. He had never felt fitter in his life, and he put it down to the increased exercising he had started, and the regular screwing he had been enjoying with Pauline.

“I told you a bachelor led an unnatural life,” grinned Robin Birks as she lay outstretched on a chaise lounge, staring at the sky through enormous dark glasses. “Just like a virgin woman, and you see them all around. They look sort of prunish and dried out.”

Scott Birks gave a short laugh and reached for his drink. “No fear of that happening to you, darling,” he said, thoughtfully. “You like to be well greased all the time.”

“Naturally,” allowed Robin, turning her face and sticking out her tongue in her husband’s direction. “Fortunately, you can take good care of me.”

“Sometimes I wonder.” Scott Birks watched Donna make a perfect dive into the clear waters below as Barry Harper took her place on the diving board.

Robin looked mischievously across to Keith Regan. “Anytime you have trouble, I’m sure Keith would help me out.”

Keith blew a column of blue smoke to one side. “You’re damned right,” he said, grinning as he winked at Scott Birks. He still found it difficult to talk about screwing Robin with her husband right there. He had regretted a thousand times not having gotten his big thick cock into her beautiful cunt three weeks ago when she and Pauline had visited him. But the way she had so thoroughly enjoyed him eating at her cunt still brought a jolting streak of ecstasy to his balls. That and the way she had insisted on him satisfying her friend, Pauline.

Pauline Harper, who had been watching the two teenagers cavorting in the pool, was sitting next to Keith and she reached for his hand. She pulled it over to rest on her thigh. “You could, too,” she said, smiling. This past month and a half with the Birks had been almost unbelievable, and if anyone had said she could change her morals and life style so completely, she would have thought them crazy. But then Keith Regan had appeared on the scene and it was as if the last barrier had vanished completely. She tried to remember how many times Keith had screwed her in three weeks. It must have been five times at least. Then she recalled Scott had serviced her twice and a shiver ran down her spine. As it did, Keith moved his hand teasingly along her thigh until his thumb was stroking her cuntlips.

“You two had better go inside,” said Robin, keeping her voice low so that Barry and Donna wouldn’t hear. “You’ll get the kids excited, to say nothing about me.”

“I think you’re a little late worrying about that.” Scott had watched Barry dive, Donna shrieking delightedly as she flung her hands down towards her crotch only to find herself hurled bodily upwards to fall backwards into the water. Then he got up and walked over to where Robin was sitting and sat down, slipping his arm around her waist. He kissed her, then got to his feet. “I’ll get some fresh drinks,” he said. Just then, however, Donna was wearily pulling herself over the side of the pool, her perfectly shaped tits hanging suspended for everyone to see. “She certainly is a very healthy little girl, isn’t she?” Scott murmured thoughtfully.

Robin, who was the only one to hear his remark grinned. “Very,” she said, stretching out once more along the chaise lounge.

A few minutes later, as Scott busily prepared the drinks, he was startled to find Donna standing beside him and toweling her hair. “Oh,” he said, startled, “are you trying to scare an old guy to death?”

“You’re not an old guy, Daddy,” she said, laughing as he shivered when she put a wet, cool hand on the middle of his back. “I came to get some Cokes.” She opened the refrigerator door with one hand, allowing the towel to fall to the floor, and managing to keep her hand on his back as she moved it, her fingers outspread in a circular motion.

A shudder went through him and he stopped trying to pry the stubborn ice cubes from the tray, turning his head to watch her reach down. As he did so, his eyes fell to where her twin jugs hung down inside the two flimsy triangles of thin cloth. “They’re on the bottom shelf,” he said, managing to keep his voice reasonably steady, although the fully blossomed nipples were clearly bulging like ripe berries against the wet, thin cloth of the skimpy bikini top. “Are you having a good time, darling?”

She straightened up and held up her face until he had kissed her. While they kissed, she had purposely opened her eyes and caught him examining her straining tits. She had thought he probably would, and she was pleased her nipples had been so prominently evident. Usually when her daddy had caught a glimpse of her tits, she had been unprepared and more like a little girl than a ripe and ready woman. “I’m having a great time,” she replied, leaving her face up and close to his as her hand moved idly upwards to his powerful shoulders.

“Barry’s very good to you.”

“I told you boys on the West Coast were really something.” She raised her arm to his shoulder and then around his neck as he started to kiss her again. The movement of her arm had made the bikini top bunch, opening it out so that her quivering young tits were even better displayed for his eager eyes. Tingling streaks of bliss coursed through her nipples as she watched him purposely prolong the kiss in order to examine her tits more thoroughly. When he finally had to break away, gasping a little for breath, she said, “Thank you, Daddy, for bringing us here.” The look in his eyes was indescribable and just a little frightening. “Here! I’ll help you mix those drinks,” she said, laughing. “Or the ice cubes will be warmer than the liquor.”

Just then Steve Birks came from upstairs. He had been industriously working on a plastic model. “Can I have a Coke, sis?” he asked.

Donna handed him both cans which she had been holding. “Give one to Barry,” she said.

Steve skipped through the patio doors to where Barry was sitting beside his stepmother.

Meanwhile, Donna had slipped ice cubes into each glass and was watching her father measure out the liquor to follow. She found the tray, aware that her father’s eyes were following the swaying motion of her young, firm ass. When he had placed each glass on the tray, she walked ahead of him and out onto the patio. Just knowing how easily she could arouse him had startled her, yet she found the feeling strangely erotic. It was like having a mysterious, hidden power. A moment later and she was staggered when Keith Regan reacted the same way, his eyes actually lighting up as she was leaning forward while he reached for the glass.

Later, when Scott and Keith were coaxing the barbecue into life and Donna had once again refilled their glasses, Keith held up his hands.

“Before I get more lightheaded,” he said, grinning at the look on the women’s faces, “I just want to say that I would like you all to spend Saturday and Sunday on my boat.”

Pauline Harper looked at him affectionately. She had spent two marvelous afternoons on the big yacht during which Keith had given her the screwing of her life. Even the swarthy captain, who was Mexican or Spanish, and the boy steward who was an Oriental of some kind, had failed to dampen her enthusiasm, although she was never sure whether or not they had been aware of what was going on below deck. Both men had silently given her a knowing look when she and Keith had finally come on deck and stretched out to enjoy the sun.

“That’s very nice of you,” said Scott. “You didn’t have to do that, you know, just because we wanted you here. Are you sure it won’t be too much trouble?”

“Hell, no. I don’t use it that much, and now I know why. You need people around you to enjoy yourself, and besides, I may as well get something out of that old tub. Its sure an expense keeping it.”

“Wait till you see it,” quipped Pauline, who couldn’t wait to see the children’s reaction. “It’s not my idea of an old tub. I’d call it a big yacht.”

The following Saturday, when they were all on board and had finished their admiring appraisal of the big yacht, Steve was delightedly perched on the flying bridge with Captain Rodriguez Cavalles, whom Keith had introduced as Rod. The tall, well-built Mexican was swarthy, as Pauline had described him, but the white knit shirt and matching slacks were impeccably spotless. His trim black beard gave him a virile appearance that immediately disturbed Robin, who found she couldn’t take her eyes away from him. So much so that when she and Pauline appeared in their bikinis, ready to sunbathe, she was a little jealous that he appeared only to have eyes for Pauline. She assured herself it was only due to the fact that he had already met the voluptuous Pauline before, and she proceeded to make him notice her.

“Be sure and tell Steve if he gets in your way,” she said, climbing up onto the bridge beside the captain, who was cautiously guiding the big yacht through a maze of other craft and jetties.

“I’ll enjoy having him up here,” he said, failing to even turn his head after she spoke.

“I just don’t want him to get in your way.”

The tan Mexican glanced at the boy and grinned. “He won’t be in the way.”

Robin gave up and joined the others on the after deck where the Chinese teen, whose name was Ling, had set little tables and chaise lounges.

“Your pleasure, Madame?” he asked as she chose one of the cots and proceeded to ease herself onto it.

“I’ll have gin and tonic,” she said, flashing him a smile as she realized he was taking her all in as she settled herself. For some mason he had brought back her confidence as an attractive woman.

Later on, however, her confidence was bolstered again as she caught Keith Regan openly admiring her. “A penny for your thoughts,” she said, grinning back at him.

“I was thinking how grateful I should be for having met your husband.” When Robin looked at him questioningly, he went on. “That allowed me to meet you, and that in turn led me to Pauline. I wouldn’t be lying if I said I think you are two of the most attractive women I have ever met.” He remembered Donna, who was sharing a large blanket with Barry just below the bridge. The teenagers were lying on their stomachs, their shoulders together and one hand entwined in the other’s. “And of course that led to meeting Scott’s daughter, a very beautiful young woman.” Just the thought of the young girl was all he needed to make his cock stiffen fully inside his shorts, and he slowly crossed his legs. It was going to be a rather miserable two days with no opportunity to screw Pauline unless he could join her during the night when everyone else was asleep.

That evening, however, when the yacht was carefully anchored and they were all relaxing after a wonderful dinner consisting of lobster and everything else imaginable, followed by a choice of delicious wines, all beautifully served by the expert Ling, the soothing effects of the food and the evening seeped into each of them. The ship was in a cove, near the shore, which appeared to be uninhabited, a gentle lifting and falling of the tide making everyone sleepy and yet yearning for something else.

Around midnight, Keith Regan stretched and said, “Now’s a perfect time for a swim.”

Robin, who was still feeling the effects of too much wine, laughed. “Ideal place for skinny dipping,” she allowed thoughtfully, her eyes staring at the shoreline which was just visible in the light from the stars.

Keith watched her admiringly. “No reason why you shouldn’t.”

It was Donna who sat up, startled out of her own reverie brought on by the three gasses of wine she should never have had. “You wouldn’t, Robin!”

Robin turned and stared at her stepdaughter pensively. “I would if you would, Donna,” she said, her voice soft and almost husky.

A silence fell around the group onboard as Donna nervously looked towards a door leading to the galley and from which were emanating the muffled conversation of the captain and Ling, as well as the rattle of dishes which were obviously being put away.

“I doubt if Rod or Ling would see anything they haven’t seen before,” laughed Keith, the pain in his balls almost unbearable at the thought of seeing the exquisite teenager completely naked.

“And I will if you and Robin do,” added Pauline, the itching around the lips of her cunt unbearable now that there was a possibility Keith would fuck her. All along she had thought the possibility unlikely with so many onboard.

Robin got to her feet, swinging her long shapely legs off the chaise lounge. “I’ll check on Steve,” she said, deciding the boy must have fallen asleep on a bunk below deck. He had been exhausted after eating and the long, exciting trip down the coast. “Just make up your mind, Donna. You’re a big girl now.”

Donna watched Robin’s cute round ass wiggle encouragingly as her stepmother headed for a door and disappeared through. Her tits were on fire at the thought of baring them for Keith and Barry to see. Then her eyes glanced quickly at her father and she almost fainted, the piercing streaks of ecstasy in her tits darting fleetingly like arrows to her crotch. She waited breathlessly for Robin’s return, her mind stupidly going blank as the shapely Robin reappeared. A moment later, a choking sound escaping from her throat and she was staggering to her feet and facing Robin, a strange, faraway look on her face and her breathing coming in short, sharp gasps.

“There, there,” said Robin, now standing before the shaking teenager. “You have to grow up sometime, don’t you, dear?” Her arms had gone around the girl and were freeing the tie of the bikini top. “I don’t know why you’d want to be so shy about showing them,” she went on soothingly as the top finally came free and she was loosening the neck strap to pull the triangles away.

It was her father who sucked in his breath when Donna stood in nervous nakedness. The exquisite beauty of the teenager as she stood bathed in the starlight made the ache in his cock indescribable, and he stood up and pulled at the crotch of the restrictive shorts he was wearing. Even when Robin and Pauline dutifully followed Donna’s lead, he still found himself hungrily staring at his daughter’s out thrust cones with their dusky-tipped nipples perfectly centered on each tip.

Keith and Barry were just as fascinated, although Barry, now that the other two women were standing naked and laughing, found himself more and more drawn to the lush muff of red hair at his mother’s beautiful cunt. His eyes traveled back and forth, for some reason examining each cunt and he couldn’t figure out why. He put it down to the fact that he had never really seen a cunt before. Not when he could stare at it and get his fill without being embarrassed.

Robin and Scott started towards the side of the yacht, but Keith stopped them.

“I’m afraid I’ll have to get Rod to put down the ladder and some safety lines,” he said apologetically. “It’s pretty deep even though we are near shore.”

Donna shivered at the prospect of the bearded Mexican seeing her. When he did come and start arranging the steps and lines along the side of the boat, however, she was just a little disappointed that he seemed to fail to notice all the women were naked.

The three men plunged in first, the cool water reviving them after the hot sunning and the effects of the wine. They all playfully swam and frolicked around the boat, each finding some arousing way to touch and feel the shrieking women as they swam and floated beneath the starry skies.

Barry and Donna made a fast turn around the bow of the boat. They had been swimming side by side with Barry occasionally reaching out to touch Donna’s back or ass or one of her beautiful tits. Now, as they swam in amongst the others on the shore side of the boat, he managed to catch her and run his fingers over her tight little cunt. She cried out excitedly, and tried to back away. As she did so, her luscious young body collided with another and, without thinking, she turned, her arms grabbing for the shoulders as she tried to get away from Barry.

It was several seconds before she realized her rescuer was her father, and by then it was too late. With an anguished, animal-like cry, she found herself clinging to him as he in turn hung from the safety line connected to the boat. A moment later and his thick, upthrust cock was nestling comfortably against the soft muscles of her belly and her hips were crushed against his, a terrifying jolt of ecstasy sweeping through her straining tits as they crushed themselves happily against his chest.

“Hey, you two! Watch it!” Pauline was staring, fascinated at the sight of a father and daughter clinging nakedly together.

“He’s a lucky fella,” grinned Keith Regan, the beautiful form of the young girl bringing another bursting spasm to his already aching balls. He caught at Robin who was starting towards Scott and Donna. He wrapped his arms around her lusciously cool body, his fingers finding the fabulous tits and squeezing them possessively. “Jesus, what a pair,” he groaned as Robin instinctively reached down and cradled his balls in her hand. “I’ve been wanting to feel those for ages.” He sank his chin into the crease of her neck as she tried to squirm away from his grasp.

“Why didn’t you?” she asked, playfully moving her hand away from the powerful balls and clasping his massive cock. It was definitely the thickest prick it had ever been her good fortune to grasp. “God, but you’re built,” she murmured as her fingers moved down the heavy shaft and his cock stretched and strained.

Barry and his mother were excitedly watching both couples until Keith had managed to reach the safety line alongside Scott who was still hanging there, his daughter clinging to him as she gasped and fought for breath.

Barry unthinkingly took his place on the other side of Scott, his eyes focused on his playmate as he reached up to grasp the line, his other hand holding his mother’s as she slowly and unconsciously moved in front of him. They both then watched Scott as he held his daughter in place with an arm around her waist. A moment later, without thinking, Pauline Harper had floated against her son, the first startling fed of his upthrust cock nudging against her pussy mound and sending a coursing shiver to streak up and down her cunt.

“Oh, Daddy!” Donna Birks’ startled little cry brought a mounting wave of lust to his balls.

Robin had purposely allowed herself to be drawn against Keith Regan’s majestic cock. She squirmed her hips against his, reveling in the sensational feeling of the reaching shaft now comfortably pressed against her belly. She was intently watching Scott and his daughter, the scene unfolding making her more excited than ever before. She reached out and took his arm from around Donna’s waist. “Hang onto the rope with both hands,” she suggested, shivering delightedly as he willingly complied. “There, Donna, darling,” she went on, “now you can hang onto Scott more securely.”

Donna quivered in response as she tightened her hold around her father’s neck, the position making her young, eager body cling even closer to her father’s powerful body.

Robin was now beside herself with growing anticipation. She slipped one hand down between her own writhing body and Keith’s, finding the throbbing cock and pressing it down until it slid into the moist heat of her waiting cunt. Slowly and teasingly, she brought her hips back against his, the powerful shaft sliding easily upwards into her quivering cunt. “That’s it,” she whispered, her eyes taking in the growing sensuality of the young teenager. “Doesn’t that feel wonderful?”

“Yes… yes, but…” Donna’s mind refused to clear. In fact, it was more bewildered now than when she had finished the wine. She clung to her father’s neck, the feel of his throbbing shaft sending wave after wave of unmitigated sexuality coursing through cunt and thighs. “God, Daddy.”

Robin gave a teasing recoil with her hips before sinking Keith’s burning prick deeper into her hole. Then, as if she were merely adjusting the girl’s dress, Robin slipped her hand between the trembling Scott and shivering Donna, her hand finding the upthrust cock in all its glory. A few seconds later, as Donna half giggled and half cried with the delirious anticipation of it all, she felt her father’s huge prick slide slowly and with devastating thoroughness inside her gulping, clutching cunt.

“Oh, no… no… Daddy!” Never had she believed her cunt could accommodate such a thick cock. She tried not to move, feeling guilty and very nervous. But then the magnificent feeling of the intruding cock entering her cunt filled her with a powerful desire to fuck. A moment later and she had hurriedly dropped one arm to encircle his waist and keep her straining young body in place. Then she began the methodical thrusting with her hips, a broken sigh of joy escaping through her quivering lips as she lunged excitedly against his stiff, unyielding body.

No one spoke as the young girl thrashed mercilessly against her father. All eyes were focused on the bobbing tits as they slammed and crushed themselves against his chest, her tight, shapely little ass causing wavelets to widen outwards as she industriously thrust to get more cock.

Robin’s hand came out again to place itself carefully over the squirming young ass. “Nice and easy now. You’re only supposed to have a taste of it. That’s my cock, you know.”

But Robin’s words only spurred Donna on, and the young teenager began a series of lunging thrusts, impaling her twat on the throbbing prick which seemed to be reaching for her tits inside her raging body. She gave a broken sob and moved her hand from around his waist and over his hard round ass. As she did so, he spread his legs, allowing her inside his powerful thighs. “Yes. God, yes! Oh… God!” Then suddenly the cock was thickening, filling her cunt so that the sides were sucking at the shaft. A moment later and she cried out ecstatically as the gushing geyser of fuck juice filled her entire cunt. “God… oh, my God! What… a… what a fuck!” she screamed, flinging back her head as her young, pliable hips thrust ravenously against his, her eyes opening briefly to find herself staring up into the excited eyes of the captain and the steward.

For several minutes they hung there, gasping for air which seemed to elude them. But then both of them became aware of the excited things going on around them, and they stared, fascinated, first on one side where Keith and Robin were exploding in a sea of raging surf. She had her knees hanging over the older man’s hips, her thighs urgently squeezing and grasping at his as his belching cock emptied itself inside her raging cunt.

As they finished, Pauline Harper shivered for the last time. Barry’s cock had been childishly small after Keith’s and Scott’s. But then, almost in answer to a prayer, it had thickened perceptibly as the boy had dazedly watched the outstanding fuck of Donna and her father. Pauline had possessively held the boy in place, her hands around him and squeezing the firm young ass as the boy hung precariously from the safety line. A moment later, as Donna and Scott had finished and Keith and Robin had gone into the final thunder of their orgasm, Barry’s young cock had valiantly stretched itself and thickened at the same time. That was when she had really gone to town, thrusting and writhing and drawing the darting jets of hot cum from the balls, a feeling of maternalistic pride bunting in her tits as the stiff little prick quivered under the tumult of her own bursting orgasm.


It was a year later when Keith Regan married Pauline Harper. Scott and Robin Birks jokingly took credit for it, and Keith agreed he would never argue. The friendship between the two families and Keith just kept on growing, and even Pauline’s business relationship with Keith never appeared to cause any problems with their love life.

“I screwed her in the office a couple of times,” admitted Keith when they were all over at Pauline’s house one night for a barbecue dinner, “but that was the only difference our business relationship made to our private lives.”

“Of course, I haven’t made a mistake yet in any of my business dealings,” pointed out Pauline. “If I did, it might be a different story, and he might even have cut me off.”

Just as she finished, Keith managed to grab the shapely redhead, forcing her across his knees as he sat in a deck chair by the pool, and proceeding to spank her beautiful asscheeks which were completely bare and separated only by the thin ribbon of the bikini brief.

Robin and Scott Birks watched the performance, streaks of excitement appearing suddenly in Robin’s eyes. Once or twice she and Scott had fooled around with him chasing her and playfully spanking her when he had finally caught her. The fucking afterwards, she recalled had been nothing short of sensational.

“Let that be a lesson to you,” grinned Keith Regan when he finally let the screaming Pauline recover. “They say a husband should spank his wife at least once a month, so I guess I may as well practice before we’re married.”

Pauline scowled at him and tenderly rubbed her ass. “Just wait,” she said, suddenly grinning. “That’ll cost you a fucking the next time you want one.” She went over and sat on Scott’s lap, her hand going to the front of his swim trunks and moving flatly over the fly. “You’ll service me, won’t you, darling?” she said, putting one arm around his neck and kissing him hotly on the mouth. “Yes,” agreed Scott, his hand cupping one of her big, fabulous tits and almost easing it out of the confines of the bikini top. “So long as Keith doesn’t threaten to cancel his contract with Condor Air Freight.”

“Now that would be mixing business and pleasure too much,” she grinned, kissing him again as her busy fingers showed signs of making his thick cock stir inside the trunks.

“You’re getting more and more sexy all the time,” grinned Scott. “Isn’t Keith looking after you at all these days?”

“You know there’ll always be enough left for you.”

“Even after you’re married and you get fucked every night.”

It was Keith’s turn to interrupt. “Who said anything about getting fucked every night?”

Pauline turned on Scott’s lap and stared with disgust at Keith. “You’d better, after we’re married,” she said, trying to sound cross, though her hand on Scott’s growing cock had brought the first delight waves of sexuality to settle in her cunt.

“You want a piece every day now, so I expect it every night then.”

Keith held up his hands in despair. “You’d better move in with us, Scott,” he grinned. “Maybe between the two of us we can keep her happy and satisfied.”

“Looks as if I may be left wanting,” said Robin, finishing the last of her drink and getting rid of the glass on the nearby table.

“Not while I’m around,” laughed Keith.

Pauline shrugged her shoulders. “I give up. First you say you can’t screw every night. Now you want that second wife around.”

But Keith was looking serious. “That joking about canceling the contract with Condor reminds me,” he said, puffing briefly on a cigar which had gone out. “I want to talk to you one day about setting up my own air carrier.” He made a gesture with his hands. “I want some figures on buying a freighter aircraft and running costs. I must be paying enough now to Condor and other transportation companies to pay for my own organization.”

Scott looked startled and forgot about Pauline’s fingers stroking at his cock which was now upthrust and painfully confined in the crotch of his swim trunks. “I like that,” he grinned. “You want me to work it all out so that you can take the biggest piece of business away from my company.”

Pauline interrupted him by kissing him very deeply on the mouth. When their mouths parted, she held her face close, smiling at him. “Wait till you hear what Keith has on his mind.”

Scott looked quizzically at Keith who had just winked at Robin, patting his knees as an invitation for her to join him. When she did and was comfortably supported by his strong arm, Keith said, “I’d be taking it away all right. But I’d want you to run it.”

Scott gasped at the opportunity being offered to him. “Me?” he said, unable to fully comprehend the offer Keith was making.

Keith threw the cigar butt toward the ashtray and missed. He tightened his hold around the slender waist of Robin, his fingers sinking into the softly yielding flesh of the shapely young ex-stewardess. “You’d be my logical choice,” he explained. Then he shook his head thoughtfully. “You know,” he went on, “it’s funny how people fail to realize why one man makes a lot of money and another doesn’t. But one reason I’ve been fortunate is the fact that I never do anything myself which I know can be done by someone else better. When I went into the explorations business, I hired the best man I could find in the exploration field. He was with the biggest oil research company in California and I swiped him. When I found I had to buy millions of dollars worth of heavy equipment, I set up my own supply once I had found a man who knew all about it.”

Scott nodded his head. “I see what you mean.” Keith’s offer was slowly coming to light in his brain. “You want to do your own hauling by air, and you want me to run it for you.”

“You can’t tell me the position of Vice President of Regan Exploration-Transportation Division, wouldn’t interest you.”

“Are you kidding?” Scott squeezed Pauline so that she yelped. She sank her face into his neck and playfully bit him.

Keith shook his head. “I’ve been talking it over with my advisors — and of course with Pauline. I’d be crazy not to move into that sphere, and if you want it, there’s no one else I’d like to see get it.”

“It sounds marvelous.” Robin impulsively lifted her face while Keith kissed her, his hand automatically coming up to cup a high, round tit and squeeze it affectionately.

Scott just shook his head. “I’m stunned.”

Keith laughed, but left his hand fondling the beautiful boob. “Think about it for a while. I’ll be too busy getting waffled over the next few weeks. You and Robin give me a decision when I’m through screwing Pauline for a week on the yacht.” They all grinned knowingly, but then he went on. “Talking of that yacht, how about us all going out for the day next Saturday or Sunday? We haven’t had a good old foursome for ages.”

It was Robin’s turn to look disappointed. “Scott’s flying East on Friday,” she said dejectedly. “Wouldn’t you know!”

Scott shrugged his shoulders. “That’s too bad, but maybe Keith would take you anyway. It would be a chance to relax with Steve at camp.” Donna was already away at a school for stewardesses in Florida.

“Sure, it’s okay with me. I don’t like screwing a guy’s wife when he isn’t there,” he grinned, “but sometimes you have to do these things you don’t like just to be sociable.”

Robin ran her hand down into his crotch. “Just keep it hard for me, darling,” she whispered. “Ooooh. Golly! Is it ever soft?” she asked, a serious expression on the pretty face.

“Not as long as you let me play with one of these,” he grinned, nodding to where his hand had eased her tit from the thin triangle of bikini top. A moment later and he had lowered his face, his wet mouth sucking on the ripe, straining nipple as Robin threw back her head and giggled with delight.

The following Saturday, Captain Rodriguez was edging the big yacht away from the marina where Keith kept it berthed, the powerful engines subdued as he cautiously steered it through the throng of small boats in the bay.

Ling, the Chinese boy steward, served them drinks on the after deck as the captain sped up the engines. The youth gave Robin a bland smile for the first time, although she had been a visitor on the yacht on several occasions.

“I was going to invite another man along,” said Keith suddenly as he watched Robin return the boy’s smile. “Then I thought I’d better not.”

Robin looked up at him, a funny look on her pretty face. “I’d prefer seeing him first,” she said hesitantly. “Our special relationship isn’t one I want to enjoy with everyone.”

Pauline looked at the younger woman admiringly.

“I thought that was the way you felt,” said Keith.

Robin sipped at the long drink. “It’s funny, I suppose, but I have to know the man before I know his cock.”

They all laughed until the steward reappeared, and Keith was asking him to install the canvas sides around the deck.

“Our guests may wish to sun themselves,” he said as the youth went about the task. Then as the steward started to leave, Keith turned to Pauline and Robin. “May as well relax for an hour,” he suggested. “I told Rod to head for the cove.”

Pauline casually removed her bikini top and then the bottom, stretching out on an air mattress which wan already in place. A few moments later and Robin had joined her, the first startling wave of sensuality coursing through her veins is she stared through her dark glasses to where the tall Mexican was standing on the budge. His back was towards the two women, his white slacks making his swarthy skin above the slacks look darker than it was.

Keith, who was sitting in a deck chair followed Robin’s eyes. “Do you fancy him?” he asked, a grin on his face as his eyes took in the upthrust round domes of her tits with the luscious fully budded nipples topping the sloping cones.

“Quite a hunk of man, I bet.” She could see his white undershorts clearly outlined through the white slacks. He had strong, powerful-looking thighs which brought a sliver of excitement to settle in her cunt.

“Yes, I’d imagine he could certainly work you over.”

The expression sent an erotic quiver through her tits so that she brought up her hands without thinking, running her fingers along the sensitive underside of each boob. “Have you ever watched him screw?”

Keith shook his head. “I’ve never asked him to. He’s admired a lot of women onboard this vessel, of course, and I’d imagine he’s had a difficult time on occasion lasting until he was back in port. Sometimes he must have given some woman on shore an awful rough time.”

Robin smiled at the thought of it. “What do you think, Pauline? Does he appeal to you?”

“He always has, but I agree with Keith. Now that we’re going to be married, I think I would have to pass if he was offered to me. After all, I may want to come on the yacht by myself, or with guests when Keith is away, and it could be embarrassing if he was expecting to screw me.”

A little later, when Ling returned and served fresh drinks, Robin waited until the shy youth had disappeared through the galley door. “Now there’s one who could really turn me on,” she said thoughtfully, the memory of the boy’s eyes raking over her nakedness bringing a fresh new streak of startling bliss to settle in her cunt.

“Really!” said Keith, his eyes falling to the grapefruit-shaped tits now that Robin was braced on her elbows while sipping at the drink. “It’s certainly fun to tease him.” One could practically see the boy’s crotch swell as he served the drinks and took in as much of the beautiful female body as he could. “I doubt if he could even start to satisfy either of you.”

Pauline gave a little laugh. “He could certainly try if he wanted to.”

Robin joined in Pauline’s laughter. “He could just wiggle that cute little ass of his as much as he wanted on top of me,” she added, laughing again at the expression on Keith’s face. “But I suppose he’s a no-no, too.”

“Not really,” said Keith, surprising them. “He was an orphan boy, as a matter of fact. I think of him more as a son than an employee, whereas Rod, there, was hired for his ability as a seagoing captain. He knows the coast like no one else.”

“Maybe we should try the boy on for size,” grinned Pauline, nudging her elbow against Robin’s arm.

At the cove, they swam naked around the yacht. Keith screwed them both, surprising even himself, the two women having hung from the safety line side by side while he playfully thrust several times into one and then the other. Even the cool water had failed to dampen his mounting desire, each fresh cunt making his prick harder, and he was more determined to screw at least one until she had reached the peak of a mountainous orgasm.

It had been Pauline first when she had flung her long legs around him, eventually managing to get her ankles locked to hold him in place. It was the fourth or fifth time he had thrust his big cock into her cunt, but not she couldn’t wait. Any thought she may have had about the rule that guests come first was quickly forgotten. She hung on, her arms aching and her legs tightly around his waist and ass as his big cock reached and strained inside her twat. He had at least half of her tit in his mouth his tongue lashing and stabbing at the tormented nipple. Then, as he pulled himself tightly against her, his cock began belching and spuming out hot sperm into her oily cunt.

Robin had lost no time in sucking his dick back to life. It meant, for the most part, slipping her head and face under water, but the effect was new and different, making it more sexually exciting as she tried to fight for breath and chew and suck on the swollen head of his cock as it slowly came to life.

Her screwing had been more thorough and with a determined thrusting she had learned to recognize whenever Keith had fucked her. She waited, whimpering slightly as her orgasm mounted. He was a long time earning the second time, and she made a mental note to remember that, but then the big cock was thickening and throbbing and she followed Pauline’s advice. Her knees came up to his waist, gripping him solidly as her legs were flung around and below his ass. The effect was to widen her thighs, allowing him to sink his fabulous cock into her snatch to the hilt. A few moments later and he was again belching hot sperm. The quantity was less, but the excitement just as good, and Robin cried out ecstatically as he proceeded to empty his heavy balls. Then, almost without thinking, she released her hold on the safety line so that they both sank intertwined to touch the soft, sandy bottom.

It was late when the captain finally hauled them up the little steps and helped them over the side. There was a bright moon shining, giving their bodies a golden-hued shade which was almost phosphorescent.

Keith went over to a rack of clean towels. He threw one at Ling, who was standing with his arms folded and taking in the scene. “Towel Mrs. Birks,” he said almost gruffly, and nodding to where Robin was standing to one side. Then he threw one to the swarthy, bearded captain. “Rod, you do Mrs. Harper.” Then, as an afterthought, and with a wide grin on his face, he added, “And don’t forget she’s going to be my wife.”

Robin was trembling by the time the Chinese steward was standing before her. His eyes had never left her tits, which were boldly out thrust as if waiting to be sucked. He silently walked to a spot behind her.

Even then, she could not stop the trembling as the towel suddenly arrived near her shoulders and the boy’s hands inside began to move downwards over her tingling spine. She looked to where the captain was vigorously drying Pauline, his big hand moving upwards over her lower leg, her knee and then smoothly up the tapering thighs. It was several minutes before she realized Ling was doing the same with her left leg and was now approaching her knee. She half turned to see him, the youth’s slim back now crouched and his face but a few inches from the back of her thigh. A moment later and his wonderful hands were moving upwards over the shapely thighs, the coarse towel brushing at her cunt hair until be had carefully moved to wipe at the firm, round ass.

Keith Regan was drying himself and trying to watch the two industrious employees enjoy themselves. His own recent exertion had left him spent and useless, but he was reasonably sure the sexy little Robin could handle lots more cock. He watched the captain diligently towel Pauline, the scene bringing a welling warmth to his balls as he watched the man attend to the big, swollen tits with so much determination. Then he glanced at Robin, a little surprised to notice her trembling and the youth only toweling her ass. He couldn’t wait, he decided, until the bay started on those tits.

By the time Ling was ready to start at the front, Robin was a little annoyed at herself. She was acting like a high-school girl at her first beach party. She tried to pull herself together, but only succeeded in bracing her shoulders and making her swollen, excited tits stand out all the more. She watched the boy hesitate, undecided where to start first. But then he suddenly crouched, the towel and his marvelous hands drying one foot and then the other. A moment later and he was moving up one, leg and she threw back her head to stare at the sky.

He brushed at her pussy hair with delicate smoothness, the towel parting her cuntlips as she unconsciously opened her thighs to give him room. Then the boy continued the gentle stroking at her cunt, his eyes fixed staringly up to where her firm, round tits hung.

Keith, who had walked over to view the performance himself, had a little grin around his mouth. “He’s very thorough, isn’t he, Robin?” He glanced at the captain, who was still toweling Pauline’s tits, the expression on her face one of mounting sexuality.

“God, yes.”

“Why don’t you lie down on the mattress and let him finish you off properly?”

She brought her head down as the boy stood up. Her tits still gleamed in the moonlight from the seawater. “Are you excited?” she asked, her voice husky and full of lust.

A shiver ran through the thin frame of the youthful body. “Yes,” he said, beside himself with lust as he stared at the beautiful tits which were in line with his eyes.

Keith laughed as Pauline and the captain joined them. “Why don’t you find out for yourself, Robin?” he asked, the prospect of watching the boy get into the beautiful blonde restoring his own virility.

Robin reached forward as if in a daze, her fingers going to the white slacks the boy was wearing, and pulling down the zipper. “Yes,” she murmured, grinning now that her previous trembling had suddenly disappeared and her fingers closed around the strong little cock, “you axe excited, aren’t you?”

Ling choked back a sob as her delightful hand closed in around his dick. He glanced once at the captain, who was nodding his head enthusiastically. Then he glanced at Keith, trying to decide if his foster father was really on the level.

“Would you like to fuck me?” She unfastened the button at the top of the trousers and watched them fall at his feet. Then she let go of his cock and pushed at his shorts, the boy’s hands joining hers in an effort to shed them faster. “Come,” she said softly, taking his hand and leading him over to where the mattresses were still laid out on the deck. A moment later she wan watching his excited eyes as she stretched out gratefully and waited for him to mount her.

The other three had casually sauntered over to stand by the rail and watch the scene unfolding. Pauline was standing between the two men, aware of the nervous glances her tits were getting from the tall Mexican captain. She was tempted to encourage him to feel them, but she wasn’t at all sure Keith would approve.

“Kneel here beside me.” Robin talked as if in a dream world of her own, her hands going out to cuddle and play with the youth’s genitals. She clutched the small balls, pulling on them so that the boy winced. Then she tried to press back the foreskin and bare the pink head it was hiding. The cock was dry, the foreskin stiff and unyielding.

“Here, move up beside me,” she suggested, pulling on his balls and cock as he shuffled along on his knees. “I’ll get him ready.” She raised and turned her face, taking the stiff little prick into her mouth and washing it with her tongue, the boy going insane as the molten heat of her soft mouth and tongue completely enveloped his steaming cock. “There,” she murmured, working the foreskin back and forth as the excited boy moaned and groaned with pleasure. “Have you ever fucked before?” she asked kindly.

He shook his head, his eyes staring at the golden-tanned tits which were reaching and straining so near to him.

Robin caught his stare and smiled. “You can touch them,” she said, giving the youth a wide smile. “They won’t bite.”

He brought out both hands but held them hesitantly over the towering tits. He still expected this beautiful white woman or Mr. Regan to call a halt and leave him desperately near to ejaculation. His cock gave a jerk and a little spurt of thin precum.

“Yes, he is excited, isn’t he.” Robin found the little glob of juice and gathered it on her finger before touching it to her lips. Her tongue came out and gathered it in. “Sweet,” she murmured, “beautifully fresh and sweet.” His hands suddenly dropped over her blazing tits. “Nice and easy,” she murmured, trying to slow the boy down. “Now you’d better start the fucking,” she said softly. “He’s almost ready to come.”

A sigh went up as the boy awkwardly mounted her, the first stunning feel of her lusciously soft body beneath him bringing a welling, excited warmth to course up and down his cock.

“I’ll help you,” she said, reaching between their warm, silky bodies until she could again hold the slender cock. She pried it downwards over her pussy hair and under her pelvis, the boy trembling like a leaf until she finally had it in place. “There,” she whispered as her own craving for cock mounted and she had put her hands on the slim hips above hers. “There you go, Ling, that’s it. Yeeeees… Oh, my!”

The boy had hesitated once again, but then slowly and steadily the thin prong of cock entered her hot, oily hole, the sides of her cunt clasping at the intruding cylinder of hard cock as it eased itself up into her soothing, heavenly cunt. He gave an enormous shudder as his short cock stretched and strained, the base pressing furiously against the hard bone of her pelvis. But then all the waiting through the years caught up, and he frantically grabbed at her beautiful tits. A moment later, to choruses of approval from the spectators nearby, his slim young hips started lurching and humping so that the blazing little prick was hurtling in and out of her juicy twat.

To Robin Birks, the experience was not one of complete contentment, but she had never expected it really would be. She had a maternalistic feeling as she held Ling in place, his little cock prodding and probing her match as it tried in vain to satisfy her. She studied his face, which was a picture of impending excitement. Then she reached over his ass and into the gully between his thighs. A moment later and she tenderly held the little balls which were showing signs of swelling, warming them in her fingers as the boy sought to reach the peak of his excitement.

“That’s it… wonderful,” she gasped. “I thought you might like that.” The slim prick was now fully extended and reaching and straining at the end of each thrust. “Good, very good,” she murmured, widening her legs and no longer caring what the others thought. Then she folded her knees as she felt the little cock thicken. A moment later as the boy cried out in relief, she felt the first darting sliver of cum as it slammed against her cervix.

She waited until the boy had thrown himself wearily along her body, his face buried in one beautiful tit. Her hands roamed lazily over the length of his back, the youth shivering delightedly as she squeezed his young ass. Then very gently she kissed his head, a feeling of accomplishment having suddenly rippled through her excited body as the boy gave an enormous sigh and kissed the tip of her boob.

“Short and sweet,” allowed Keith Regan philosophically. He was still debating whether or not to let his captain really work her over.

“He lasted very well,” pointed out Pauline, her own desire having reached a pinnacle of lust as she had watched the boy screw Robin.

Robin gave an enormous sigh and kissed the boy again. “Something tells me I’m going to be looking for someone like Ling,” she said, grinning up at the three fascinated faces staring down at her. “Scott has already promised a yacht — maybe not as big as this one — as soon as he accepts that new position Keith has offered him.” She ran her hands once more over the smooth, youthful back of the boy.

“A captain will be harder to find,” said Keith.

“Yes, but not as important to me,” grinned Robin, shivering once more as the youth’s cock showed the first signs of reviving in her clutching, hungry cunt.


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