The Adventures of URPrego2 – Wendy
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Okay. You asked about that young chick you saw me with last month, right? So here’s the deal.
Wendy emailed me about three months ago and said she had seen my ad and wanted me to get her prego. I talked to her for maybe 30 minutes on the phone and she sounded legit so I invited her to meet me at my favorite coffee shop that Saturday afternoon. I would have to say I was quite impressed with her at first.
Well you saw her, right? Those long shapely legs that ended in tiny feet. Long blond hair and huge red lips that just begged for a huge cock to suck on. And that tan! My gosh did she ever have beautiful skin; like liquid gold that just glowed in the sunlight. This one wasn’t fat. Not at all. In fact she was probably a little thin for her 4’10” frame. Her smallish tits were nice and perky. In fact the nipples on those tits were sticking straight out thru the local university football jersey she was wearing. That alone was enough to make my tongue hard and my dick start to rise.
You saw us when were on our way from the coffee house to my place and I’m sure you noticed that body even before you saw her face. That body that had just turned 18 three DAYS before we met!

When we got to my place I asked her again all the usual questions:

“What is it you want from me?”
Get me pregnant!

“Why do you want me to get you pregnant?”
So I can have a baby.

Okay, but why do you want ME to get you pregnant?
Cuz my boyfriend either won’t or can’t.

You understand that it will cost you $500 and there is no refund unless you fail to get prego, right?
“That’s what we agreed on, yes.”

“Say, how old are you anyay?”
18… Three days ago

“Say what?!”
I turned 18 three days ago. Why? Is that so hard to understand?

How long have you and your boyfriend been fucking together?
About 8 months now, give or take.

Now I realized I was going into new territory. My dick was already harder than Chinese arithmetic thinking about pounding away in her tight little (almost) virgin cunt, but I had to keep a firm hold on my common sense and be sure I wasn’t being set up for something, like prison! I asked her for her state driver’s license and then for her college ID. I looked at both carefully and decided to make copies of them, just in case.

While I did that I supplied her with a copy of my ‘standard’ contract and had her read it over carefully. I noticed she turned a light shade of red a couple of times reading it and asked her why?
“Uh, this part that says you can fuck me anytime and any way you want too until I get pregnant.”
“Uh, what exactly does that mean?”
I looked at her sitting there nervously like a little girl, (Hell. She WAS a little girl!) and told her with a straight face that it means I can, and I will, fuck her in any hole I choose, whenever I choose until she becomes ‘In a Family Way….’ Why? I thought you had had sex with your boyfriend? Didn’t you?
“Well, yeah…, but it was ONLY sex. I mean he took his thing and stuck it in my vagina and we had sex… Not in my mouth or… you know.”
You mean to tell me that you two have been having sex for eight months or more and you have never given him a blowjob?
“Uh, yeah. “fraid so I guess. Why? Is that a deal breaker?” she asked with the beginnings of tears in her eyes.
No, it’s not a deal breaker unless you intend to continue like that. I expect to get anything and everything I want if I’m going to do you a favor.
“Uh, you aren’t EXACTLY doing me a favor you know”, she said. “There is the matter of the $500.”
I looked at her again and realized just how tiny and insecure she was. She stood about 4’10” on her tip-toes and had a tiny waist and an even smaller set of hips. If she weighed 80 lbs fully clothed and soaking wet I’d be surprised. Her long blond hair was curled slightly around her pretty face and hung down her back just past her shoulders. Her lips seemed to pout naturally and almost begged for a taste of a hard cock from any man she met. But the thing that stood out the most was her soft blue eyes. Wendy had eyes that could wrap around you and hold you tight. There was no denying her something when she turned those beautiful eyes on you. It just wasn’t going to happen. You would do what she wanted and be glad that she had let you do it!
Well, if I’m not doing you a favor then I’d suggest that you leave right now and find guy who WILL do it as a favor.
She stood up and, for a moment, my heart went into my mouth thinking I had just blown the whole deal.
But instead of moving off, she looked me squarely in the eyes and slowly started removing her clothes. As I stood there frozen in place, her top came off with a slight wiggle exposing her small bra covered breasts. Then the skirt slowly slid down her legs and as she bent over to remove it, I got a wonderful view of her panty-clad ass that started making my dick even harder. With just the tiniest of smiles, she reached behind her and unhooked the bra while holding it in place with her left hand and slowly let it slide down until she could toss it nonchalantly onto the chair at her side exposing her small but extremely nice pair of titties.
While again staring straight into my eyes, she ever so slowly began to roll down those tiny black lace panties that were her only covering. When they reached her knees, she wiggled seductively and they fell to the floor where she stepped daintily out of them.
I had the definite feeling that she was trying to use her good looks to get what she wanted without all of the other stuff, and that just wasn’t going to work in my house, so I told her to get on her knees and crawl up in front of me. Without lowering her eyes she slipped down to her knees and inched the two or three feet to be directly in front of me.
Have you ever sucked on a man’s cock before?
“No, but I have thought about it and thought that it might be fun.”
Well let’s find out shall we? And with that I opened the front of my shorts and let them fall to the floor. Before I could reach up and start my boxers down, she put her hand out and said, “Let me.” Her hands found the bulge in the front of my shorts and she moved it around some before reaching up and slowly pulling the boxers down to my knees. Then she softly grabbed my hard package and looked at it carefully. With no encouragement from me, she moved the tip to her mouth and ran her tongue across it ever so slowly, getting the taste and feel of it at the same time. Then, with a smile she opened her mouth wide and started down on my hard cock with the enthusiasm of a beginner and the experience of a novice.
I allowed her to continue for a few seconds just enjoying being her ‘first’, but she was so bad that I finally had to say something.
Look, if you’re going to give a guy a blow-job, then you need to do it right. Don’t just suck his cock but make love to it. Show him that you love that hard muscle and would do anything just to have it in your mouth. Whether that’s true or not is not important, but making him FEEL that it’s true IS important, okay?
She started again and I have to admit that she was doing an excellent job now. Her tongue would slide up and down the whole length of my meat before she slowly slid the end into her mouth and when she did that, WOW! Did she have some suction! In just minutes she was sucking me like a pro and had me ready to fill her mouth with my first load of spunk. I was going along enjoying the sensations of this novice blow-job when she hit me with another surprise. Out of nowhere while she was bobbing up and down on me, she took a deep breath and slowly slid all eight inches of my cock right down her throat and held her head up against my pubes! Oh Holy Hannah, I almost lost the load right there!
When she gently pulled back off, I pushed her away and lifted her up to her feet.
“Where in the devil did you learn to do THAT?,” I asked her. I thought you said you had never done this before.
“I haven’t done this before silly, but I do read and I’ve heard that taking the whole thing down your throat was a real turn-on for the guy. Did I do something wrong?” she smiled kind of coyly at me and looked into my eyes. “I can not do that anymore if you want, but I kind of liked it.”

Oh yeah, you’re going to do it some more alright. And with that I grabbed her, picked her up and turned her upside down holding her around her thin waist. I bent over and stuck my tongue in her pussy just far enough to find her clit. And she got the idea too. She immediately started sucking on my cock and deep-throating it like a pro. I wanted to blow my load down her throat so bad that I was shaking by the time I carefully set her back down. Shaking, but not done. I pushed her over the back of a chair in the kitchen until she was on her tip toes. Then I lined up my raging cock and drove it straight up her hot dripping tight snatch. Before she knew what was what, I had driven my cock as far into her as it would go then pulled it out and drove it back in again. In less than 20 seconds I was unloading my poor balls deep into her warm soft cunt with the head of my meat tight against her cervix. She had barely recovered from being upside down and I was shooting gobs of my hot sperm into her waiting cunt. Gawd I love my job!
I pulled out of her and went slowly to the sink where I got a big glass of water. I drank about half of it and offered the rest to her. She gratefully accepted the glass and started drinking from it while I stared in awe at the cute lady I had just ravished.
“I sure hope you recover as fast as you fuck mister,” was her comment to me as she set the glass down and took my hand leading me to my bedroom.

Once in the room we both found our way to the master bath for a quick clean up before we fell on the bed and started to play with each other again. I was laying on my back and she crawled over me and got on top with her head down towards my crotch. She picked up my soft cock and started to play with it, licking and kissing it like a lollipop. In nothing flat that cock went from soft to rock hard and she was deep-throating it again like it was the best tasting thing in the world. Man, for a girl who had never sucked a cock before, she sure did an amazing job on mine!
That was the thought that passed thru my mind as I pulled her cute little butt on top of me and began to lick on her nether region. My tongue found that wonderful slit between her legs and the tiny little clit that had started to stick out of it. In no time I was licking and playing and sucking like a fool as her ass wiggled above me and her wonderful mouth did that amazing deep-throat trick on my cock.
It only took a few minutes and I was feeling the need to shoot my baby makers inside her soft wet love tube. Almost regretfully, I pushed her off of me and climbed out of the bed. Then, with her on her hands and knees, I lined up behind and slowly started sliding my hard man-meat up and down her slit being sure to hit that clit on every pass. That only lasted a few seconds however as she reached back and grabbed my raging cock. In one swift motion she lined the head of my man-meat up and slid her butt back taking the entire length deep into her wonderful pussy.
“Now fuck me, asshole,” she said and she started to move back and forth on my hard dick. And fuck her I did. As we got into a rhythm and our bodies learned what each of us wanted, she began a litany of the coarsest and foulest language I had ever heard from a lady.
“Come on, fuck that pussy,” she would say. “Put that hard dick in me and make me cum all over it.”
“You’re a wuss, damn it, I said FUCK my cunt.! Make me scream and cum on that hard piece of cock until I can’t scream anymore.” “God damn it, are you a man or a little boy.?” Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK me HARD!”
I don’t need to tell you how that made me feel. I grabbed her hips and started to really pound her good! I used her hips to pull her ass back and drove my hard meat deeper and deeper into her hot little love box. I was slamming into her with all my might and she just kept up the talking and egging me on.
“Come on boy,” she said once. “If you’re going to fuck a woman then get to it. I want to feel you and that hard piece of meat as it drives into my hot twat. Slam that cock into me and shoot your hot spunk deep in my pussy. I want it deep and I want it NOW.”
Well that’s all it took. I was driving in and out of her as hard and fast as I could. I usually try to hold off and enjoy the feel of a strange pussy nestled around my cock, but there was no holding back with Wendy.
In what seemed like only seconds to me (although we had been fucking for close to 20 minutes) I felt the unmistakable urge to cum. I doubled my efforts and she, somehow knowing I was close, started all over again with her litany.
“Come on fucker, give me that cock. Give me that cum of yours. Use that big sumbitch and get me pregnant. I want that fuckin’ cock deep in my tight pussy when you shuck that love juice in me, ya hear me? Harder, I said HARDER! I want to feel that cock explode inside me and make me feel all warm and gooey inside.”
“NOW fucker! Shoot that goo in me NOW! Oh Gawd I’m cumming, shoot your gun and get me pregnant Pa-LEeeease!”
That was all I could stand. With one final shove I drove my 8” cock as deep into her as I possibly could and unloaded my balls deep into her waiting cunt. I held her tight to me and literally forced my cock to shoot directly up into her cervix and find her waiting eggs.
Hell, I don’t even know how long I held her like that. My cock fired several ropes of hot sticky baby makers and it felt like I had penetrated her womb when I forced myself so deep into her slippery tunnel. I just held her there and shot my love juice into her without a thought of whether I was hurting her or not. When I was finally done, I collapsed on the floor and lay panting for two or three minutes before I was able to get up and slowly start for the bathroom.
Wendy joined me and we made our way into the shower where we carefully cleaned each other up. I spent a lot of extra time cleaning and massaging Wendy’s perky little titties and that clean tight cunt of hers. She, in turn, spent the same amount of time cleaning my dick and balls and being sure they were squeaky clean and ready for more fun.
When we finally dried off, Wendy turned to me and asked me if I was a ‘One shot’ kinda guy or could I go again. I assured her that I wasn’t done with her quite yet and we headed back into my living room to watch some TV.
In a short while my stomach was growling and I decided to fix us a quick meal. Instead of staying at the TV, Wendy came into the kitchen to lend a hand. Needless to say she ended up doing the lion’s share of the work and we sat down to a wonderful dinner in no time.
I guess that I expected that after dinner she would tell me her good-byes and leave, but that was not the case. Instead she walked around the table and sat on my lap. Then she started kissing me and snuggling all over my body, and, as you’ve probably guessed, my pecker was getting harder than Chinese arithmetic again.
Then I got a real surprise. She looked at me and said, ”You talked about sticking that thing of yours up my butt. Did you mean that or was it just talk?”
“Oh I meant it alright”, I told her. “I have every intention of shoving it in as far as I can and doing it over and over until I’m ready shoot again. Then I’m going to pull it out, shove it into your pussy and fill you with lots of little baby makers. How does that sound.”
She looked into my eyes for several seconds and finally said, “Look. I’ve never let anyone in my ass and until today I considered it ‘exit only’, but IF you will go slow and allow me to learn and get used to it, I think I’d like to try that. I know my boyfriend wants to put his thing up my butt, but I haven’t let him. If I can learn to do it for you, then I can let him have some more fun too. Is that okay or do you just want to rape my butt and get it over with? You can do that and I won’t complain, but I’d rather you didn’t…”
Wait a minute… she was going to WILLINGLY let me fuck her virgin asshole? I mean I had a great time in her pussy and her blow jobs had become exceptional, but I had never had a girl offer me her virgin ass before! AND, she seemed willing to let me just RAPE that ass if it was what I wanted! Holy SHIT!
I told her I did not think that raping her ass would be necessary if she wanted to try anal sex but she would have to agree to do what I say and let me teach her.
After thinking about that for a short while, she agreed to my terms and got up off my lap. She then turned her ass to me and bent over the table. Again I laughed and told her that we should probably take this back to the bedroom. She smiled and walked away from me with a very sexy walk that had me following her instantly.
In the bedroom I put two big pillows on the bed and told Wendy to lie face down on top of them. Then I went to the drawer of my cedar chest and got the stuff I would need. I returned and let her watch as I got the lube out and put a large dollop on my hand. This I put on her ass and slowly used my finger to push it inside her tight brown hole. One finger then two and finally three fingers worked their way around and inside her rosebud as I loosened her up for the coming event.
Wendy didn’t seem to be in much pain as I rotated my fingers around inside her tender backdoor so I slowly started to finger-fuck her ass. This got a low moan and she dropped her head onto the bed as I continued to move my three fingers in and out of her ass while I used my left hand to massage her back and legs. In about 5 minutes or so the Lidocain had started to work and was relieving what little pain she was having. Wendy was getting more and more into taking it in her ass. I carefully took my hand away from her back and pulled my fingers out of her butt. She looked around then and asked if I was going to fuck her ass now. I told her that I was and she simply said for me to please go slow. With that said she put her head back down on the bed and I got up, pulled on a rubber and lubed my cock. That poor cock had been hard for ten minutes and was demanding for me to slam into her ass and just use it for our pleasure, but I squelched that idea and instead slowly lowered myself onto her and slid my hardness easily into her nether region. I had expected it to be much harder to get into her virgin asshole, but she knew enough to push out as I tried to enter her and I just slipped right in and had almost half of my eight inches into her butt before I was able stop. I froze there for several seconds and then slowly started to push the rest of my rock hard cock deeper into her backdoor. When I finally had my balls against her pussy and my hard prick all the way inside I told her that it was all in.
Wendy giggled when I told her that. She said she would never have guessed that just because my balls were pushing on her cunt and my hips were completely down on hers.
I stayed still and Wendy surprised me. She began wiggling around a little and even pulled away and pushed me back into her butt. She said that it hurt, but in a good way. I stayed still and let her get used to having a huge dick shoved up her backside while I tried to think of anything to keep from just slamming my cock in and out of her oh-so-tight little butt.
After what felt like an hour of waiting, but was probably only three minutes of so, she told me to go ahead and start fucking her. Oh how I wanted to just grab her and force my hard manhood in and out of her, but I knew better, so I started to slowly move just a few inches in and out to let her get used to being ass fucked. In less than two minutes she was breathing faster and I could feel her body joining my rhythm and trying to meet mine on every stroke. I carefully increased the length and depth of my stokes and watched as her body got more and more into this ass fucking. Soon I was driving my whole eight inches in and out of her and feeling like I could now really fuck this tender piece of meat.
About that time Wendy pulls her head up from the bed and tells me, “Please fuck my ass! Fuck it like you want it and you demand it. I want to feel you USE me and take me. Shit, I want to CUM with your hard cock buried to the hilt in my tight butt and I want you to fill my bowels with your cum!”
Well that’s all it took friend. I lifted off of her and planted my feet on the floor. Then I grabbed her and pulled her ass back to me before I drove my hard cock right back into her tight little butt. I started to slam into her and use her the way my cock had wanted to all along. I held her around the waist with the fingers of my left hand sliding around and going to her clit as I began pounding her ass as hard and as deep as I possibly could.
In no time at all I was driving into her tight butt like a trip hammer into concrete. I held her up by her waist with her feet completely off of the floor and fucked her ass. Then I pushed her down, used my fingers to spread her butt cheeks and drove unmercifully into her little brown sphincter even further than before. Finally I shoved my right hand under her pussy and, using my thumb, I rubbed up into her cunt again and hit her clit while I drove my dick balls-deep again and again into her butt.
Wendy started to whine and then she started to scream as her orgasm came on. I held myself in until she had cum and was winding down. When I knew she had climaxed, I pulled out of her tight brown hole and ripped off my rubber. Then I immediately drove my raging hard cock into her very tight cunt and started to fuck her pussy like I just had fucked her asshole. I really tried to hold out; honest, but that tight little twat was just more than I could stand after spending so much time in her tight butt and I finally let loose. I must have unloaded a huge amount of baby-makers into her cuz her cunt couldn’t even hold it all. It was leaking out all around my cock which was still buried in her tight little butt. When I pulled out I’d swear I heard a pop and cum started flowing out of her.
I grabbed her and immediately turned her over and around. I put her on her back on the side of the bed with her head on the floor. I told her to keep her body up on the bed so the baby-makers would run up into her instead of down and out. I also told her to stay that way for ten minutes and then I gratefully staggered into the shower.
Fifteen or twenty minutes later I came back out to find Wendy just getting up. She had a big smile on her face and walked over to me and kissed me. Then, without saying a word she went into the shower to get herself cleaned up.
By now I was ravenous and headed down to the kitchen to make some supper. Wendy joined me, still completely naked and helped as I cooked a couple of sirloin steaks with all the trimmings. We ate in silence for a while and sipped on the sweet red wine she had gotten out of my ‘frig.
When I got up and started to clean the dishes off, Wendy helped me stack them in the dishwasher and then led me off to the bedroom again. Gawd this girl was insatiable! Once in the bedroom she simply dropped to the floor on her knees and started to suck on my cock like a delicious lollipop. In no time at all she had me hard as a rock and ready to go. Then she stood up, leaned over the bed and told me to fuck her in the ass.
No, I’m not kidding. She really did. She said she had been an anal virgin but she really enjoyed what we had done and she wanted me to fuck her right up the old poop-chute again.
This time there was no ‘go slow please’ or ‘wait until I adjust to your size’. I simply walked over to the bed, pushed her head down on the mattress and slid my hard cock into the crack of her tiny ass. I slipped the head up and down several times to feel the tension in her sphincter and to get some of the lube leaking out of her hot twat. Then with no warning at all, I pushed my hard piece of man-meat right into her butt and drove it all the way to the hilt.
I had expected a scream or crying, but instead I got a loud ‘Uh’ and an ‘Oh Gawd’, and then her head fell on the mattress and her ass started moving around trying to get even more of my hard dick into her tight crack.
I assumed this meant she wasn’t in too much pain, so I just started to slam my hard meat in and out of her backdoor. This time I wasn’t worried about her cumming, but she surprised me again and came almost immediately. While I was building myself towards a monumental climax and enjoying this tiny cute piece of tail, Wendy came again and this time it was long and loud! She must have cum at least three times before I got to shoot my wad of baby-makers into her. I know I had promised to pull out of her ass and shoot my load into her pussy, but there was just no way. I was hammering on her like there was no tomorrow and suddenly I HAD to cum. I forced my poor sore cock as deep into her ass as I could possibly go and held her there while I let fly with my last load of white hot man-juice. Just as she felt my climax starting up and into her ass, Wendy let out a short scream and her body shook like a leaf. Then she froze and all of her muscles in her ass tightened up as she came one last time HARD. Her tight little asshole squeezed my cock like a vice and her cunt locked around the finger I had inserted there. She just shook as I finished dumping my cum up her anus and into her bowels. Then she went limp and I had to hold her to prevent her from falling on the floor.
When we had both recovered and could breathe again, I slipped out of her wonderful butt and we carefully headed for the shower.
Again we cleaned each other, but this time there was no lust left and it was purely functional washing.
We went back and climbed into my bed. I rolled over and snuggled up to her like a spoon with one arm under her pillow and the other one around her waist and my hand in between her legs. In less than a minute I was sound asleep with her in my arms.
I woke about four in the morning and felt the grip she had on my cock. I eased out of bed, went to the bathroom and returned climbing back in bed and snuggling back up to her.
When I awoke again about seven thirty or so Wendy was no where to be found. I put on my robe and went into the kitchen. There was a fresh pot of coffee made and a note from Wendy. She said she was pretty sure I had done the job and she was ‘in a family way’ now. She thanked me for everything and said she would let me know if it turned out she was wrong.
Now THAT was a night to remember….

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