Samantha Pays For Her Mistake with her cunt

Samantha had had a highly successful morning, that is,
it went to nearly 3 pm when she closed the deal and
signed off. Unusually for her, she went out to have
lunch in a street stall with tables under a shady tree.
She finished her salad and coffee and, still feeling
smug about her morning, had just decided to have a
second cup when she saw Sarah coming along the
footpath. “Well, hello there Samantha. You’re doing
just what I was thinking of.”

“Come and join me Sarah. I’d love to tell someone about
this morning and you’re just about the only person
apart from Bill that I can talk to about it.”

Over all of her six years in the company Samantha had
been mentored by Sarah and learnt a lot from her. In
the last 3 years Samantha had been entirely independent
and her success had given her a high status. She was
quite good friends with Sarah at that professional come
personal level where mutual professional respect is a
large part of the relationship.

Sarah and her husband Bill owned and were joint
partners in the firm. These days Sarah worked mainly
from home, sort of reviewing the firm’s activities for
efficiency, quality control and for generally
identifying new opportunities. She and Bill were the
only ones who had full access to all the confidential
files that the fund managers or analysts like Samantha
worked on.

Samantha Kerry was one of seventeen. After graduating
she got a job as a junior research assistant. Within 3
years she had become a full analyst initially with a
few workhorse accounts and then developed her own
clients. She advised where money should be held, be
moved, gave other investment advice and managed the
process when a client agreed to a recommendation. With
a grin she would describe it as sweaty work when
someone asked what she did.

The intensity of this morning for instance was
breathtaking. Over seven million dollars went through 3
currencies, a property sale was confirmed, a factory
started producing whatever it was and contracts were
signed. She would make 8-10,000 on that for maybe all
together 10 days work over the last 7 weeks with the
end point today. Her base salary was not high but a
system of bonuses like that could more than treble the
steady income. This was her 6th big success in the last
12 months plus a lot of little ones.

So Samantha enjoyed her success, she had quickly become
one of the best 4 analysts with clients trying to get
onto her books. She made quite a lot of money, lived
well and enjoyed the work.

Sarah said “I’d love to hear Samantha.” They ordered
coffee and Samantha went through it, not showing off,
just a professional account of the facts. “Samantha,
that was a lovely bit of judgement and very nice work.
Quite a detective you are. You have every right to feel
pleased. That story could make me giggle with
excitement and all the time keeping the client’s
backside covered. Can I tell Bill or do you want to.”
Having now told the story Samantha was enough. Bill
would want to build bits of what she had done into the
routine practice used by others and that was OK.
Samantha had often benefited from the team experience.
They worked well together though accounts were ‘owned’
confidentially. She was just about to say that Sarah
should tell him when the conversation was interrupted
by Sarah’s mobile shrilling its tune.

“Just a minute, Samantha. Yes Sarah Wilkinson here. Oh,
hello Frank, what makes you call, nothing too serious I
hope.” Samantha made a motion to ask if she should go
away but Sarah shook her head. Sarah began to look
serious. The one sided conversation then went like
this. “Yes Frank… is he hurt… that’s good… he is
very naughty to fight and I am really glad it is only
bruised egos… Ohhh… I see… of course I remember
last time… but that was 4 months ago… Ahh, yes I
know the rule, I was on the council last year… of
course I agree, you knew I would…do I have to…
alright, alright… I am Sarah Wilkinson and at 3:25 pm
today, 21st of May, I give parental approval for my son
Jeremy to be given 8 strokes of the school cane for
fighting… Frank I mean it, don’t spare him, he is
thirteen so use the big cane and make it hard…yes I
thought you would… no I don’t need to talk to him,
just do it.”

She rang off.

“You may well gasp Samantha, that’s just an example of
the worries of parenting. Last year the school council
decided to severely increase corporal punishment for
fighting. Anything over 6 strokes needs a parent to say
yes.” explained Sarah to an astonished looking
Samantha. “I better get on my way so I can be home when
he gets there. I’ll tell you about it some time.”

It was at an equally late lunch but in a deserted staff
room three days later that they met again. “Oh Hello
Sarah. How are things? Oh and how did Jimmy fare the
other day?” “Wow Samantha, you should have seen him.
Have you got a minute for the whole story?” Samantha
nodded, “I have time, just waiting for some answers to
come in later on. You can give me a blow by blow
description” she giggled. She could not help thinking
about 8 strokes of a cane on a little boy’s pert bottom
and certainly she felt an immediate squirming
fascination about how it would have hurt. Seeing that
would be something. Hearing Sarah give an account would
have to be juicy enough.

“Blow by blow, Ehh! very droll Samantha, very droll.
Well what happened is this. In the first class after
lunch he was rude to Miss Sampson, the history teacher.
He does not like history or her but he had no excuse.
He should have behaved better, and he was really silly
because he knows she hits hard. Every teacher has a
class room strap. That is 18 inches of heavy leather 2
inches wide. Some use it more often and hurts more than
others. She has a reputation. Teachers are only allowed
to hit on the hands.

She gave him six, 3 on each hand, nice and slowly
apparently. She does not hit across the palm like you
would think. She has the kid point a hand at her and
hits along the length of the hand, so the strap comes
down across fingers and palm. It must really hurt and
she swings it with a great flick of the wrist. So he
got alternating whacks starting on his right hand. I
saw her once punishing two girls. I tell you they both

Anyway, he told me he was crying by the time she came
back for the second on his right hand and after that he
howled, really blubbed. He said he could hardly hold
his hands out for the third ones. She took her time to
make him hold his hands very steady, stretched very
flat and she hit right on the lines of the first two so
it would hurt more.” Samantha gasped “God that’s
cruel.” “Well” continued Sarah, “She must have quite
angry to hurt such a lot. But anyway that was the

Sarah went on, “Then at recess some boys teased him
about being a cry baby and all of a sudden there was a
punch up and then he was in the headmaster’s office.
That’s Frank Evans, you met him once at our place,
remember? He is a golfing buddy of Bill’s.” “Of course,
we met a couple more times, I thought he was nice.”
“Well, after the phone call Frank told the boys to come
to his office 10 minutes before the end of school. When
they got there he did the other boy first, Jeremy tells
me he only got 4, first offence, but the kid screamed
after the third one. It is not over so quickly because
Frank waits a good bit between strokes. Jeremy was
really frightened by then. For his turn he had to lean
over the back of a school desk, you know the old
fashioned sort for 2 kids with the fold up bench seat.

Frank has one in his office. He says it doubles as a
museum piece and for bending boys over. Incidentally
Mrs. Williams the head Mistress, also has one in her
office and it gets a lot of use as well. So Jimmy found
himself standing against the front of the desk, bending
right over the top to stretch his pants tightly over
his bottom and having to hold his head below the folded
up seat.”

“The first I saw of him was at the corner of the
street. He was walking stiffly and you could see he was
still sobbing. When he came in he rushed to me to hold
him and cried and cried for minutes before I could
quieten him a bit. I told him a bath might help and
then I would put some moisturiser on his bottom. I ran
a luke warm bath with him sobbing behind me. He could
hardly undo his buttons because his fingers hurt. So I
had to undress him and helped lower him slowly into the
water. At first he cried more but then it did seem to
help him calm down. When he got out I helped dry him
and he went to lie on his bed.

“Well you should have seen his bottom. Nine raised
welts, each about half an inch across, purple red and
blue. Three of them were diagonal, close together,
crossing the straight across ones on both cheeks. It
looked awful.”

“How come there were 9, I thought you said eight.”

“You are right.” Sarah smirked and grinned. “I asked
him that and he said he got an extra for not holding
still. Wait for this Samantha. He said watching the
other boy and then bending over himself made his willie
grow and he just had to move to get it out of the way.”

Samantha’s hand flew to her mouth, she had to laugh at
the thought.

Sarah joined in. “It was pretty serious really you

Samantha nodded in sympathy. “He told me how he had
cried on only the second one. Frank had stood well back
and really thrashed it into him. I’ve seen the big
cane, it is 30 inches of smooth yellow rattan and looks
really bad. Only kids who are 13 and over get that one
so he just qualified. Jeremy said he could not help
begging not to be hit so hard and before it was half
way over he was just howling. He did not even think
about it when waiting for the fifth one he moved for
his willie and when Frank told him he would get an
extra one for not keeping still he said he screamed and
begged. He could not help screaming for every stroke
after that. Apparently Frank did it quite slowly even
by his standards so it seemed to Jeremy it would never
end. It hurt a lot.”

“The poor boy,” said Samantha “Did you give him a pain

“No, Bill and I have talked about that before. When a
punishment has happened they should have to bear it.”

Samantha raised her eye brows. “So do you use corporal
punishment at home, do you have a cane?”

“Ha, no,” said Sarah, “we decided not to get a cane.
That is for school. But I do have a perfectly effective
little paddle.”

“Really, tell me Sarah.”

Sarah looked around again to make sure that no one was
in the room before confiding to Samantha. “You promise
never to tell about this?”

Samantha nodded.

“Well, I do spank when needed. It sort of happens every
2 or 3 months. The paddle is only small but I can tell
you it can hurt quite impressively. It is wooden, about
2 inches wide, just a bit longer than a foot ruler and
a good half inch thick. I got Bill to make it 3 or 4
years ago, a hand on the bottom was not good enough
anymore, at least for Jeremy, though now both get it.
Bill does not really approve me using it much and he
has never used it himself. It is quite wicked. One end
is narrowed into a short handle, the front end has 3
holes drilled in it about 2 inches apart. That makes it
smack harder and helps the bottom really feel it.”

Samantha tried picturing the situation. “I can just
imagine it Sarah but a foot sounds like it’s a bit
small, it would hardly reach over even a small bottom.”

“You are right. But I’ll tell you the way I use it.
Both Jeremy and Alice really try not to come back for
more. They always get it at bed time no matter when
during the day they got into trouble. They spend the
time knowing that it’s coming that night. I don’t let
them watch each other getting it but I guess they hear
the sound effects. I never listen to any pleading or
change my mind. With Jeremy when he has gotten into his
pyjamas he comes out to tell me. I take the paddle and
we go to his room. He takes his pants right off, moves
his pillow down to the middle of the bed and lies face
down across it, along the right hand edge. His little
round bottom sits up very nicely.

“I then stand next to his shoulders so my right arm is
perfectly over him. I hit down the length of the cheeks
one at a time. The paddle fits perfectly that way. One
stroke on top of the cheek and the next on the lower
curve. The whacks overlap in the middle. So he gets two
whacks for each count, one on each cheek. I tell you I
always hit fairly hard and do it nice and slowly. Each
whack of the paddle leaves a lovely red streak at least
6 inches long. The standard is 8 whacks on each side.

“If he has been very naughty he gets up to 12 and
sometimes I give him another lot the next night.
Usually he really cries after only four or five no
matter how hard he tries to be brave.” Samantha could
not help but be fascinated at this picture of pain and
a glimpse into Sarah’s family life. She pushed a bit
for more of the story. “What’s the most you have ever
given him?”

“Oh, just last January during the school holidays there
was one really bad occasion. Bill was away for 10 days
on a job. Elaine, Jeremy and I were alone at home on
the Saturday. There was trouble with Jill, the girl
next door. The 3 of them often play together with just
the odd squabble up to then. I gave him 18 that time
and a dozen the next night.”

Samantha was amazed, what could a 13 year old do to the
girl next door. “You don’t have to tell me but I am
fascinated. What on earth did he do?” “I don’t mind
telling you as long as you never let on to Bill or
Jeremy that we talked about it.” To Samantha it seemed
Sarah had really been looking for a chance to talk
about it to someone.

“Well, Jill’s mother Janice and I were just having a
chat and coffee. The kids were outside. Suddenly we
heard Jill screaming. We rushed out to the garden.
Jeremy had grabbed and squeezed Jill’s breasts. His
dirty hand prints were all over the front of her shirt.
We just about caught him in the act. He made it worse
then by saying it was her fault, that she made him. I
could not understand why he would lie so obviously.
Alice said she had seen him do it. Well Janice calmed
Jill down and told Jeremy he was very naughty. She
looked to me to see what I would do. So I told her that
I would give him the most severe spanking he had ever

“Jeremy just kept on saying it was not his fault. That
made me decide not to wait until bed time. I told
Janice I would spank him right now and when she nodded
and got up to leave I said she should stay and watch to
see that he got it properly. He started crying right
there and then. I could not let him get away with it. I
told him to go and get the paddle. He came in bawling
and gave it to me and I let Janice hold it till I had
him ready.

Janice was telling Jill to go home but I said she could
stay too if Janice did not mind. So Jill stayed to
watch and so did Alice, though I did not notice her at
first. I don’t think the girls had ever seen anyone let
alone a boy getting spanked before. I know Janice gives
Jill the strap because I have heard it landing on what
sounded like a bare bottom and her howling.

“I told Jeremy to stand against the right side of an
armchair and told him to take off his pants and undies
and then lean over the arm rest with his face on the
seat and arms folded under him. I remember thinking the
chair did a better job of stretching his bottom nice
and tightly than lying over a pillow.”

Sarah stopped for a moment and then went on. “I told
him that this time he would get 18 and another dozen
the next night. You should have heard him howl and
plead at that but I just went ahead. I hit him quite a
bit harder than normal. The first whack left a wide red
stripe. The holes made 3 dark red rings, that really
stings. You should have seen and heard him. He howled
really loudly and after just 3 he kicked his legs like
anything. Jill and Alice went around behind him to get
a better look.

“I guess they must have had a good sight of his bottom
and when he kicked so wildly, his little bag as well. I
can tell you he screamed that day. I made it last quite
a while, a good pause in between each whack. Afterwards
I made him stand up with his hands on his head and
lectured him. He danced from foot to foot, bending over
and wriggling backwards and forwards to try and ease
the pain. I said that was enough for the moment. Janice
told him she hoped that it would hurt even more the
next night. On that day at least his willie stayed very
small and the girls made sure they had a good look as
it flopped up and down,” she added with a grin.

“Wow!” said Samantha, “there is something about a good
spanking on a boy’s bare bottom, isn’t there. I would
not have minded being there myself. I can see why
you’ve asked me to never tell. Did you really hit him
again,” she added fishing for a bit more of the story.

“Sure. At bed time the next night. He howled already
when he was pulling his pants off before I even
started. I know it was probably too cruel but he
deserved it. I hit really hard again right on top of
the bruises. He could not help kicking his legs and his
whole body jerked around with trying to get away from
the paddle.”

“Do you whack Elaine too?”

“Yes, but being only 11 she gets no more than six or
eight and it does not happen very often. She is a real
cry baby and howls before I start but she gets it hard
all the same. Don’t get the wrong impression. I don’t
have to spank very often. What he gets at school is
another thing. I have to go now, see you later.”

That left Samantha pressing her thighs together feeling
quite hot.

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