Time to go fuckies, boy!
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Thor came trotting across the room to meet his mistress, squirming and whining as he scented the hot fragrance of her well-fucked but still horny pussy.
Barbara dipped at the knees and parted her thighs, letting the big black brute thrust his muzzle into her crotch. He sniffed and yelped with enthusiasm and his long wet tongue began to slurp up the cum and cunt cream from her hairy pussy.
She rubbed her cunt around on his snout, stroking his head affectionately.
Leaning over, she watched his prick harden and lengthen under the scented inspiration of her pussy. His slick red cockhead came squeezing from his hairy sheath. She enjoyed the ministrations of his nimble tongue for a few minutes, then turned her back to the brute and bent over as if she was trying to touch her toes. She spread the firm cheeks of her ass apart with her hands, wriggling her butt about invitingly. Thor hesitated. With her haunches turned towards him she was almost in a familiar position and the doggy waited to see if she was going to drop down onto her hands and knees.
“C’mon, you dumb son of a bitch,” Barbara urged him. “Shove your tongue up my shithole-”
The mongrel yelped and began to slap his wet lapper up through the crack of her ass and against her puckered brown assbud. Barbara shuddered with the pleasant sensation. She always liked to hive her asshole rimmed out by a tongue, and now it felt so lovely that the horny blonde was tempted to let Thor bugger her ass with his big prick. But her pussy was hot, and she knew that it might be frustrating to take his cum load up her ass and not get a cuntful.
She figured that once she had plenty of nice, big doggy boarders, she would have all the canine cock that she needed and enjoy the luxury of taking jism loads in all three of her hot fuckholes, one right after the other-or maybe even two by two, one dog in her mouth while another fucked her cunt or asshole.
The very thought of it caused the girl to tremble spasmodically and her pussy flooded again. Cunt-juice poured down her thighs.
Thor lapped up the overflow from her legs and jammed his muzzle into her groin from under her ass, licking it up from the source. He began to whip his tongue out with long, rippling strokes that began on her clit and swept on up to her shit-hole.
She turned to face him again, tilting her crotch up, providing a creamy snack.
Thor shot his lapper up her slot greedily. His cock was fully erect now, but he was content, for the time being, with pleasuring his hungry tongue and sensitive nostrils as he wallowed about In her swampy fuckslot.
Barbara knew that she was going to cream soon if she let the beast tongue her much longer. Wanting her pussy nice and hot and horny for fucking, she yanked his head from her crotch. He yelped, trying to jam his snout back into her creamy cunt-hole, but she held him back and sank down onto her knees beside his flank.
Reaching under him, she grasped his cock and balls. She squeezed his vibrant fuckrod and gave it a slow, deliberate push-pull. Her other hand tugged his bloated balls up and down, as if the brute were a cow that she was milking.
Thor howled and his, whole powerful body erupted, muscles pounding and nerves sparking.
Barbara push-pulled on his prick and squeezed his balls, and the doggy humped, fucking through her fist. She stroked up his cockstalk and fondled his throbbing cockhead. She decided to play with his prick for a while before she let him fuck her cunt, both to make sure that he was as big and hard as possible, and also because it was a handful of fun. Since she had sucked the animal off not long before, she wasn’t worried that he might have a premature orgasm in her bands.
She curled onto her hip and raised one knee, thighs parted to expose her pussy.
Thor twisted his big head around and shoved his snout into her foaming fuckslot from a new angle. The frantic doggy seemed to be trying to shove his whole head up her cunt, and his tongue was sliding into her damned near as deep as a cock, slurping and slithering about inside her inner pussy-folds.
She jerked back on his prick-stalk, making his slick red fuck-knob flare out in a pulsing battering ram. The hunk of musky dog-cock looked so delicious that Barbara just had to have another taste of it. She slid under him and began to lick his slimy cockhead. His tongue slurped and splashed up her cunt-hole and he humped, fucking against her mouth. But Barbara kept her lips pursed, refusing to let him fuck into her mouth, knowing that once she started to nurse on his sweet prickmeat she would be unable to stop until she’d swallowed his cum.
Her tongue slid all over his naked red prickhead, bathing him. In this twisted sixty-nine position, girl and doggy lapped merrily away. Then globs of pre-cum began to ooze from his pisshole and Barbara licked them up and rubbed his cockhead against her fat fits, smearing her fit-mounds with spunk. Thor jerked violently and his head came up from her crotch, his tongue lolling out and dripping with cunt-juice.
Barbara leaned across and sucked the mongrel’s drenched tongue into her mouth, French-kissing the brute and savoring the flavor of her own pussy nectar mixed with doggy slobber. Barbara hadn’t eaten out a cunt in several months and now, tasting her own succulent pussy-juice, she decided that she would have to find some agreeable girl for a bit of cuntlapping in the near future-as soon as she had satisfied her depraved craving for multiple dog cocks.
She sucked his tongue, then held his head against her fits and let him lap at her nipples. She leaned under him to tongue his dripping cockhead some more. He humped and his cock slid along her cheek. Barbara lapped his balls as they swung into her face.
“Time to go fuckies, boy!” she purred.
She gave his wet cock a last loving slurp, then twisted away and turned onto her hands and knees. Thor continued to slap his eager tongue into her cunt from behind. He slurped all the way from her bushy cunt-mound up through her gaping fuck-slot and onto into the crack of her ass, his tongue dipping into her shit-hole at the end of the stroke.
She shoved back, jerking her ass and the mongrel’s shaggy snout stuffed right up her cunt, his tongue lapping at the soaking inner folds of her steaming pussy.
Barbara lowered her blonde head to the floor and heaved her ass up to the highest point of her posture.
“C’mon, boy-mount me!” she urged.
The dumb brute was so keen on lapping her succulent pussy that he didn’t seem to realize that she had assumed the doggy-fucking position. She reached back and grasped him by the collar, yanking his head out of her frothy fuckslot and pulling his muzzle onto her ass. Thor stiffened with sudden realization.
Tensing his haunches, he sprang up, mounting her grinding ass. His front paws clamped firmly around her hips, clinging to her. Barbara shoved her crotch back toward his loins and Thor humped frantically. His cock shot out like a rocket and his cockhead bounced off the back of her thigh, then rebounded from her ass. The brute was so eager that, in his haste, he was missing the mark.
He humped again and his hairy cock-stalk slid up through the crack of her ass and nudged at her shit-slot. Barbara murmured happily as his naked cockhead jabbed at her puckered assbud, giving a lovely foreshadowing of how good an asshole full of doggy prick was going to be, as soon as she had a spare prick available. But her cunt took precedence at the moment, steaming and foaming for a load of hard cockmeat. Reaching back between her knees, she grasped the doggy by the hilt of his prick. His big fucker pounded in her hand. She guided his swollen cockhead into her cunt-slot and stirred it up and down through the gaping folds and against her dynamic clit. Thor held himself rigid, trembling, letting his mistress move his cockhead around in her steaming pussy-lips. Tilting her wrist, she worked his fat prick-slab up and down, squirming against him.
Then she slowly nudged his smoking hot fuckknob into her cunt-hole. With his cockhead lodged in her, she drew her hand away, giving the doggy free rein. For a moment, Thor just clung to her haunches, with his naked prickknob throbbing in her pussy and his long, hairy cuntshaft sticking out like a bolt between her pussy and his balls. Barbara worked her skillful cunt muscles, caressing his slippery cockmeat and pulling him deeper.
“Give it to me, Thor,” she whimpered. “Hammer your big prick up my fuckhole, boy! Feed it to me.”
Thor yelped, growled and braced his hindquarters. Then he pumped his prick into her violently, burying every inch of his shaggy fucker up her cunt.
“Ooooooh-yeah!” Barbara wailed, feeling the brute’s cockhead throb deep in her pussy.
Thor began to pump his prick to her furiously. His haunches leaped with sinew as he slammed all of his rock-hard cock relentlessly up into the blonde girl’s fuckhole. As his fuckrod stuffed her full, cunt-juice came spraying from her pussy-lips; His swollen balls swung in and slapped against her crotch like a blackjack, so full of jism that they were swollen. The brute dragged her back by his grip on her hipbones and shoveled his cock up into the core of her cunt.
Barbara, gasping, jerked her ass and hips around, working her pussy on his cock. She was whimpering like a bitch in heat as she took the dog’s prick into her greedy cunt-hole. She humped under him in counterpoint to his thrusts, sliding her fuckhole up and down on his prick.
Thor jerked back until only his fuck-knob was stuck in her cunt, paused, then jolted every hairy inch back into her, shaking her violently and rattling her hipbones. Moving faster, the brute commenced to fuck her with wild abandon. His dark haunches were a blur as they sped in and out, propelling his prick. His spine twisted and his shaggy tail swept behind him like a rudder guiding his strokes.
Barbara was churning under him, trying her best to match the lightning strokes that the beast was throwing up her cunt. Thor was stuffing her so hard and fast she couldn’t tell if his cock was going in or coming out. His prickmeat hissed up her hot fuckhole, came out dosed with her pussy-juices, then shot into her, again like a heated crowbar levering her loins.
“Unghhhh!” she grunted, as his cockhead battered into the core of her cunt-hole, shaking her.
His cock was pumping pussy-cream from her cunt in pearly ribbons and his balls were soaking wet as they slapped into her lathered crotch.
Unable to keep pace with the dog, Barbara began to twist her ass and hips around instead of humping, so that she was winding her cunthole around on his prick, adding torque to the friction of his in-and-out lunges. It felt as, if his iron-hard cock was boring a hole right through her belly, jolting her vital organs aside.
Thor jerked back too far and his cockhead slid from her pussy. He pumped a stroke up the crack of her ass. Barbara moaned and grabbed him by the balls, guiding his cock back into her cunt-hole and Thor slammed in to the roots with lightning speed, jamming her ass up high and forcing her blonde head down to the floor.
The mongrel was fucking her like a locomotive,, his mighty cock engine remorselessly plunging into her willing loins. His whole shaggy body was trembling as his hindquarters snapped and bucked, shoveling his cock in to the balls with every long stroke. Barbara was going crazy with the joy of it. His cockhead felt like a boulder in the core of her cunt. As he whipped his hairy fuck-stalk into her, her cuntmuscles clamped and sucked on his prick, driving the brute wild. Faster still, he heaved it to her, fucking her to jolly.
His prick lurched and Barbara thought he was going to shoot, but he kept on humping, only a trickle of pre-cum sliding into her creamy pussy-gash. His shaggy head bobbed up and down over her ass, dribbling doggy slobber onto her back. Barbara was slobbering herself, gurgling and gasping with the rising thrill. She was so fiery hot that she couldn’t tell if she was coming yet or not. Waves of bliss shot through her belly and ran up her thighs.
She reached back and fondled the brute’s swollen balls, then spread her fingers over her crotch so that she could feel his hairy cockshaft push in and out of her open pussy-slot. She rubbed her stiff clit and her hot fuck-bud exploded.
Now she knew she was creaming. Her cum-juice flooded into her fuckhole and the mongrel’s fat prick slithered like a submarine up her soaking pussy passage.
Barbara shook as a spasm hit her, then another. Her clit and cunt were going off in volleys. Girl spunk splashed out onto the dog’s balls. She felt his prick swell inside her.
“Ooooh-cum in me, boy!” she cried, yearning to feel his hot, thick slime hose her melting cunt-hole.
Thor howled and his balls erupted. His fuckjuice sped into her cunt-hole so hard that it seemed he would blow her off the end of his cock. He hauled her back by the hips and blew another gooey wad of jism into her as she creamed yet again. His jism was so thick that it felt as if he was pumping slimy rocks into her. Her fuckhole was flooded and overflowing, a swirling maelstrom of cream.
Barbara came again, the thrill enhanced now by the dark joy of feeling doggy jism spurt into her. She was almost fainting, crazed by her carnal desire. As her pussy dissolved, the powerful brute pumped load after load into her, as if, his balls were boundless.
His final squirt hit her and the mongrel slowed, panting and whimpering. A few last trickles slid into her pussy. Barbara kept on churning under the animal, finishing her climax joyfully. She smiled with contentment, kneeling there with her dog’s fat prick still stuck up her, drained now, but still stiff in her cunt-hole. He tugged back, and for a moment Barbara thought they might be stuck together-which she wouldn’t have minded at all. But then his prick began to soften and slide out. Thor hopped down from her ass, yanking his cock from her pussy-hole.
His cock came out with a slurp, and cum and cunt-cream streamed from her empty cuntslot.
Barbara twisted around to face the doggy. His balls were collapsed, and his prick was beginning to droop and retract. She sucked his cockhead into her mouth, relishing the delicious flavor of cockmeat that had just been soaked in a creaming cunt. She nursed on him expertly, hoping that she could coax another hard-on up.
But Thor was finished for the moment.
And then it no longer mattered, because the telephone rang. Barbara’s first customer was calling to ask about boarding his Great Dane.
“I expect him to get the best of care,” said the dog owner.
“Oh, he certainly will,” said Barbara.

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