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Jen sat at the kitchen table, this is insane. Last night I had the best orgasm of my life and my son’s best friend gave it to me. He’s eighteen what are you thinking girl. That’s not the worse of it you fucked and sucked your son dry and enjoyed the hell out of it. Its incest, the thought bothered her, what to do?

Since today is Friday will Zack want to spend the weekend? I’d like that but I’ll need to be sure his parents approve. I’m not thinking properly it was the best fuck of my life but he’s my son’s best friend. She went about her house work until noon when the phone rang, it was Zack. “Hi honey”, “Hi Jen, what are you doing”? “I was just cleaning up around here a bit”. “I was thinking later I’m going to call me mom and ask if I can spend the weekend with you guys so is she calls you tell her it’s OK”. “I’ll tell her it good with me as Sam flying Europe”, “Anything special you’d like to see me in”? “I left a Victoria catalog in the den open to the page I really liked”. “I’ll get working on it, and we should talk this weekend”.

What am I doing, I’ve just agreed to have him her for the whole weekend. Well let’s see this outfit, and in the den she went. There was the catalog open to the page he spoke about, wow she thought. The model was wearing a low cut lace bra where you could almost see her nipples low cut tight boy shorts in yellow. Black garter belt with black fish net stocking and black 5”heels. I better get to the mall before they get home.

As she was getting into the car to head to the mall the phone rang, it was John, “Hi honey what’s up”? “Mom after school Brian’s dad is picking us up and taking us to there cabin so we can go fishing early Saturday, ok”? “John I thought you and Zack were coming home after school”? “Mom this is something I don’t want to miss and I’ll be home Sunday by noon and I hope you’ll be ready”. “I will be ready for you, have a good time”.

Well this may work out better for me then I thought. I’ll explain to Zack after at least one good fucking that this can’t go on and then it will be over, maybe I shouldn’t let him fuck me just tell him and end it. I’ll get the outfit for Sam when he gets home, he may like it.

At 2 PM Zack’s mom Carol called and they women chatted for no more then two minutes. Once Carol was sure it was OK with Jen she was off the phone and free for the weekend.

Jen spent the balance of the day fixing her self up, she was going to end it but she still wanted to look good for him. Not that she was going to wear the outfit but looking good was OK.

By 5:30 she was beginning to wonder where Zack was, should I call him? No, that’s not the thing to do, I’ll just pretend I’m uninterested
and go from there. She went into the den to watch TV.

Twenty minutes later the back door opened and Zack walked in, “Hi Jen”. “Oh Hi Zack good to see you, how was your day”? He walked over to her and she stood up. He put his arms around her and his tongue was in her mouth, she immediately started sucking it. His hand rubbed her ass he ground his crotch into her pubic mound. The embrace had lasted almost two minutes before they broke. Now she realized she had a wet spot starting in her panties and there was a slow burning between her legs.

“Where’s John”? “He went with Brian fishing at the cabin they have”. “So are we alone for the weekend”? “Yes we are”. “Zack baby we should talk”. “Ok but first I’d like to change get a drink and then we can talk”. “When I come down would you like a drink”? She thought about it, “A vodka and cranberry would be very nice”.

Zack changed into a pair of loose shorts and t shirt, and headed to the kitchen. He was preparing her another x and vodka. He headed into the den and handed her the drink. He sat across from her and his cell phone rank. “Hi Armen what are you up too”? “Sure I’m at John house; yes we can do that, so I’ll see you there at 8. The phone conversation ended and Jen sat there with her mouth open. “Are you going out”? “No Armen is coming over at 8 he owes me money and I told him I need it this weekend”. “Why”? “Well I thought I could take you out for dinner or something”. “Thank you that’s sweet”.

The drink was getting to her, it was already 7:15 and Armen would be there at 8, no time to really talk. She was getting a warm feeling between her legs and smiled at him.

“Jen why don’t you go upstairs and put on the outfit for me”? “If that’s what you’d like I will”. Jen was half way up stairs when she thought I shouldn’t put it on and when Armen leaves just sit him down and tell him, then we can both take cold showers.

In her bedroom on her bed was the bag with the sexy outfit he asked for, the burning between her legs was still there. I should put this on to show him what he can’t have??

From down the hall she heard talking and laughing and noise in general. Grabbing a robe she headed down the hall to John bedroom. Zack and Armen were watching the computer screen. Stepping in the room she looks at Zack “You two perverts watching porn”? They both looked up; Zack replied “Sure are want to join us”? “I’m not sure, as she turned back to her bedroom.

Wow Armen was taller then she remembered. A tall black boy, basketball player his family had moved here five years ago from Kenya. God he must be 6’6” she thought.

Zack entered her bedroom, “Why don’t you put on the outfit and join us where watching mom porn”. “I’d love to but Armen is here”. “Is that a problem for you”? The tone in his voice pissed her off as she wasn’t bothered by anything at this moment. “If it’s ok with you I’m ok with it as you know I like porn”. “Good we’ll be waiting for you”.

Fifteen minutes later she entered the bedroom in the outfit Zack had asked for, with a sly sexy look she cooed to Zack, “You like baby”? “Yes, yes come get between us and we can watch the movie”. Climbing on the bed between them she giggled her tits in an attempt to excite them further then they were. Both boys were in there boxers, each had a tent in them already and her tits bouncing made them harder.

As she lay between them propped up by three pillows she giggled, looking down at her crotch, “Wow these panties fit so tight you can see my pussy lips and clit perfectly”. “That was the whole point of the outfit”, Zack replied. “Well I really like this look, do both of you”? At this point Armen rolled over and put his tongue in her mouth and rubbed her tits. Zack slowly rubbed his fingers on her panty covered pussy lips. She was already very hot and the fire between her legs was beyond control. Each boy put a leg around one of hers so they kept her spread she was moaning with delight as she felt a shiver start at her crotch and then consume her she just moaned and felt pussy juice squirt out of her. Both boys sat up and looked at her crotch. “Now that’s the look were going for tonight”, was Zack’s response.

“Well if you want sloppy pussy gentlemen I’d suggest you get to it”!! Zack took the waist band of her panties and pulled them down, she lifted her ass to help and once down he immediately got between her legs. Slowly he rubbed the head along her wet lips and gently pushed the head in. Spreading her legs as wide as possible she moaned “Deeper baby, I need it deeper, please now”. Zack pushed his cock all the way in till there pubic mounds touched. Armen was sucking her nipples which were standing out straight. She felt the fire burning between her legs and knew it wasn’t going to be long, pulling Zack close she put her head in the crook of his neck. ”Baby fuck me hard shoot your load as deep as you can I need it”! Zack pushed down hard as he could and held it there or a second, she felt his cock twitch and felt the first spurt of cum flow into her pussy. At that moment she felt the wave engulf her in passion she just moaned dug her fingers into his shoulder letting her pussy milk the cock dry, which she did after it spurted five times.

Zack rolled off and Armen immediately got between her legs. He wasted no time in getting the head of his cock in between her sloppy pussy lips. Zack had recovered enough to stuff his cock in her mouth and she sucked the whole thing down her throat. Armen was building a rhythm and pushing deeper and deeper, how much more cock did he have left to go in. With one last hard push he buried it to the hilt, her eyes opened and she was aware her pussy was completely filled and stretched to the limit. But quickly she was getting accustom to the new cocks size. It felt wonderful and his rhythm was getting her to the boiling point. The cock in her mouth was rock hard and almost ready when she felt the familiar shiver of another fantastic orgasm start to sweep over her. Armen pushed deep held it there for a moment and then it felt like she had a fire hose in her pussy. Cum was spurting so hard it was unbelievable, what a great feeling. Her pussy was milking every drop out of it. Zack grabbed her head and pushed his cock deep down her throat she was helpless to do anything as hot cum shot down her throat into
her belly. Three healthy loads shot out before he pulled back so any remains could be sucked out by her and swallowed. Sucking the last few drops out of his cock she gulped them down.

The three lay on the bed allowing there breathing to slow. “Jen baby that was great you have a great tight pussy”. “Zack honey you and Armen have definitely gotten it very sloppy wet, is that the look you like”? “I sure do, do you agree Armen”? “Yes a very tight hot pussy, I really enjoyed it”.

Zack rubbed his cock and it was hard again, “Jen get on it”. “No problem baby”. She impaled herself on the hard cock and started rocking herself as the burning between her legs started again. Suddenly she felt a pushing at her ass and the head of Armen cock was in her. He pushed the large cock in slowly but kept pushing until both cock heads met inside her and a membrane was separating them. The started working there cocks in unison the feeling was electric. They kept this up for ten minutes as she fought to keep from cumming until they were ready and as there tempo quicken she was giving loud guttural moans of pleasure. Pulling Zack down to her she whispered I want to feel both of you shoot cum in me at the same time, that was all they need and she felt Zack’s cock twitch and start spurting then she felt Armen unload his cum in her bowels and she had an orgasm which took her breath away.

Both boys fell off exhausted, looking down she realized she was leaking cum like a faucet. “Zack hand me my panties so I don’t leak cum all over John’s bed”. “Standing she pulled the panties up”. “Do I look good covered in cum”? “You certainly do”. She turned to leave the room and heard clapping, she turned and both guys were all smiles. “What was that for”? “You have two large cum stains”, Zack replied “I do”? “Yes Jen in the front and back of you panties”. “Well so I do and I’d like to thank you both for making it possible”.
“I have a question when I come back any chance of a repeat performance from you two”? “Jen as soon as you get back we’d be happy to accommodate”. “See you in a few babes”.

Jen woke up Saturday morning in her bed between her two young lovers. She was covered in dry cum, her bush was so matted with cum she wasn’t sure she could get her panties off without pulling her hair. Zack open his eyes and smiled at her and her hands glided down to his cock which was rock hard. “Honey I love your cock but you should think about wearing a condom”. “No way, if you get pregnant you can have a child with me and we’ll be together”.

She laid there looking into his eyes and thinking this is crazy. Why did I do this again last night? I’ve got to stop before it’s gets out of hand. But it may be out of hand already as I just fucked Zack for the second and Armen
and they have photos I’m sure. “Jen how about a blow job”, “Anything you’d like lover”. She was bobbing up and down on the cock when she felt Armen pull her panties down and push his dick in he pussy. “I’m going to get this pussy first this time”, Zack gave him a thumbs up and Jen grunted. After only about five minutes Armen pulled her hips tight and she felt the fire hose burst forth in her pussy, she shook as her climax overtook her while her pussy milked every drop of cum out, just then Zack emptied a large amount of cum into her mouth. Swallowing twice she got it all down as Armen roll off and collapsed on the bed.

“Armen you guys have got to wear condoms from now on”. What the hell am I saying, from now on what? They may decide to fuck me every week, this is nuts.

Armen left about 11 am and Jen spent the days fucking Zack in every position possible.
They ate pizza and Zack looked at her, “Jen after dinner were going to the drug store”. “OK sweetie, what do we need”? “Your right, from now on all the guys who fuck you will wear rubber except me”. “Except you honey I’m”. He cut her off mid sentence. “I’m the only one who will be making a baby with you”. “Even John will use rubbers unless he uses your ass or get a blow job.

Jen just sat at the table looking at her young lover, what the hell am I doing she thought.
“OK Zack whatever you want”.