The dominant husband 1.
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Gary was pushing Melinda farther down over his crotch.
“I’m not gonna suck your cock,” she complained.
“Go ahead, honey,” he begged huskily, “you’ll like it. You’ll want me to give you my dick. Taste me.”
Melinda shook her head and closed her eyes.
“I told you I wanted you to suck my cock off,” Gary demanded.
He gripped her head tightly. He was trying to force her down over his cock and it wasn’t working.
“Pretty please with honey on it,” he said angrily.
“Maybe if you’d put some honey on your dick,” she told him, “I could stomach it. It would make me forget that I’m licking your sticky old cock.”
“Quit talking that way about my pecker,” Gary told his wife flatly. “I’m proud of my penis. I’ll put some honey on it if you’ll suck it.”
At least she had derived that much of a compromise. Melinda went from the bedroom to the kitchen. And all the time she was thinking. Thinking of ways that she might distract her husband.
She came back with the plastic honey container and handed it to him.
“Are you sure you want me to go through with this?” she asked with a wry smile forming around her lips.
“Look, damn it,” Gary snapped, “I’m gonna make you lick my asshole.”
Gary wasn’t kidding. Melinda stood there at the foot of the bed frozen. She watched him as he placed a pillow under his ass. Next she observed him slipping the nozzle of the honey container right up his rectum.
“You don’t expect me to stick my tongue up there,” she exclaimed.
“I would like that,” he smiled. “Doesn’t a husband rate any more?”
Melinda knew better than to cross Gary. Too often he had become outraged when she did. Then when he had finished shooting the honey up his asshole he placed the container on the night stand and looked up at her.
“Now get down there,” he told her, “and you’ll be liberated.”
“You bastard,” she snapped.
That did it. Gary was off the bed. He grabbed her.
“Get down there,” he told her, “and you start licking.”
Gary had repositioned himself. He was in the middle of the bed. He bent over his ass was up in the air and Melinda was gripping his buttocks.
“Stick your tongue in my ass crack,” he demanded, “aid start right away.”
Her tongue swung up his ass.
“Now do it,” he told her, “and you do it like I tell you. Suck ass.”
He was becoming more and more intensely excited every moment.
“I said, lick my sweet ass,” he smiled as he watched in the mirror.
Melinda’s head was buried in his behind. Her tongue was surging up his rectum. She could taste the honey. At first the thought of it made her ill. However, once she experienced the pleasure of pleasing Gary in this unusual manner, she was actually enjoying it.
“Suck my ass,” he panted as he wiggled his butt for her.
She sucked all right. And at the same time she realized she could tongue fuck his behind and add to his pleasure.
“Oh, eat me,” he smiled, “eat my ass. That’s how you do it, honey. Eat my ass out.”
Now Gary knew he could get her to suck his penis.
“Baby, let me roll over on my back,” he suggested. “Then you can lick my dick.”
Pulling her tongue from his asshole she looked at him in a new light. She enjoyed his being dominant. She didn’t mind being subservient.
“Now, baby, I’m, gonna feed you cock,” he smiled, “six and a half sucking inches. I want, you to do a good job on it for me.”
He flipped his penis in front of her lips.
“Go down on it, baby,” he begged her, “that’s what I want you to do. Suck that big juicy cock. Suck it off.”
At first she didn’t know what to do. It was the first time she had succumbed to her husband’s request to fellate him.
Gary shook his head in dismay.
“You’re no good,” he complained, “you don’t know anything about it.”
“Teach me,” she said.
“All right,” he smiled. “I’ll teach you. First, I want you to meet my cock. I want you top your lips on my cock’s lips.”
She did that.
“Now French kiss my pecker,” he begged her.
She dipped her tongue in the small slit at the top of his penis.
“Oh, baby, that’s beautiful,” he told her. “Right on the tip of it like that.”
Next he told her he wanted her to place her lips just under the head of it.
“That’s it, baby,” he panted, “now let your tongue slip and slide over the top of it. Oh, baby, keep that up. Faster. Yes. Now, baby, whip your tongue around my dick. Oh, suck. Suck. Suck it.”
Gary’s voice indicated just bow stimulated he was. His wife was more than happy. For she had broken through a sexual barrier. She had wanted to be totally uninhibited. She had imagined what it would be like to bye Gary’s tongue licking her all over. Now that she was going down on him she was certain that he would go down on her.
“Play with my nuts,” Gary begged her, “that’s it. Pull on them. Oh, massage my balls. Yes. Keep sucking. Let your mouth go the whole length of it. Oh, baby, suck my cock. Suck it off.”
Melinda’s head was bobbing up and down on her husband’s penis shaft. Her hands were gingerly working around his testicles.
“Keep it up, baby,” he begged her. “That’s it. Oh, sweetheart, keep sucking. I’m gonna shoot you a load in a minute.”
It wasn’t going to be much longer now. She could hardly wait until her husband shot his gun off in her mouth. She wanted to know what his sperm load tasted like.
“Suck it, baby,” he begged her. “Suck it. Suck my cock. Oh, baby, that’s how I like it. Keep sucking, sweetheart.”
All at once Gary’s cock exploded. The hot white cream shot into her mouth. She sucked him hungrily.
“Eat me,” he begged eagerly, “eat my prick. Oh, baby, suck my dick.”
She went on sucking and swallowing his sperm until she had drained him. Slowly easing off his penis she looked up at him through misty eyes.
“That was fun, baby,” she told him.
“I’m gonna return the favor,” Gary assured her. “I’m gonna suck your snatch. How does that grab you?”
“I’d love it, darling,” she assured him. “I sure would.”
Gary wasted no time.
“Stretch out all the way across the bed,” he guided her.
Melinda stretched out and her, husband got over her. He started licking at her lips. Next he moved down to her bosoms. He sucked on both breasts as he felt of them. His hands wandered down to her buttocks as his tongue licked at her vagina.
“Oh, Gary baby,” Melinda panted, “suck my pussy. Come on, you pussy eater. Lick me.”
Gary’s tongue didn’t need a second invitation. He stabbed into her vagina with hard driving tongue jabbs he licked.
“Eat my pussy,” she panted excitedly. “Come on, baby, eat my box.”
His tongue whipped inside of her. He licked away at her velvety vagina walls. His teeth nibbled her clit…
“Love me,” she begged, “love me. Oh, yes. I want it. I want it bad, baby.”
He knew what to do. He eased a finger up her tight anal channel. At the same time his tongue was invading his pussy his finger was slowly fucking her asshole. Reaching up he played with her breasts with his free hand.
“I can’t stand it,” Melinda panted. “Oh, Gary. You’re driving me out of my mind.”
He was also driving her to a juicy, sticky climax. “I’m cuming,” she panted. “Oh, Gary. Lick me, lover. Eat me.”
His tongue continued whipping inside her. He was enjoying her sticky love goodness.
“Suck my pussy,” she begged. “Oh, baby, suck me. That’s the way to do it. Suck me.”
When he had finished eating her he withdrew his tongue slowly.
“I enjoyed that,” he told her.
Glancing down at her husband’s penis she observed he had another erection.
“What are we gonna do about this?” he smiled as he reached for his cock.
She rolled her head back and forth on the pillow and laughed.
“You’re a real repeater peter,” she giggled.
“If you mean I am a horny man,” he told her, “I am. I enjoy fucking.”
She couldn’t help wonder what he would want now. But she, didn’t have long to question.
“Why don’t you roll over on your stomach, sweetheart?” he suggested.
“All right,” Melinda replied.
Innocently she rolled over. Gary’s hands massaged her back as he straddled her. When his hands began massaging the swells of her buttocks she knew what he had in mind. His thick cock was trembling now.
“Do you want to fuck my ass?” she turned to look at him.
Gary didn’t answer. He nodded and smiled.
“I was afraid of that,” she shrugged.
“I know how to do it so it won’t hurt,” he told her.
“I don’t believe it,” she told him flatly. “That cock of yours is much too big for my tight asshole. I’m sorry.”
Gary wasn’t taking no for an answer. He pulled his wife’s behind up to meet his cock.
“I’ll just spit on the tip of my dick,” he told her, “and plunge it up your asshole. You’ll like it.”
“No, no,” she protested, “you’re not stabbing that cock up my ass. I won’t let you.”
Part of Gary’s pleasure was watching his wife struggle. He was certain she would enjoy it once he had indoctrinated her. However, it was not going to be easy.
“Hold on, sweetheart,” he told her. “You’ll love it when I slide it in there. I know you will.”
“Please don’t,” she begged. “Please. I’ll let you do anything. But not that.”
Paying no attention to her at all, Gary plunged his saliva-slickened cock between her ass cheeks. With a savage stab he rode it right up her asshole.
“Fits tight,” he laughed as he pumped away.
“Oh, stop it,” she protested, “I can’t stand you. I hate you.”
With hard driving cock stabs Gary fucked away.
“Oh, beautiful, baby,” he panted, “that’s how you do it. Come on fuck it.”
Gripping her ass cheeks he watched his cock pump into her asshole. It was a pleasurable sight.
“Fuck,” he begged her, “come on, baby, fuck.”
He was bringing her around.
“Twist your hips, honey,” he told her. “Now you’re doing it. That’s the way I like it, sweetheart. Fuck it!”
Churning her ass around did excite him. He was glad that she was willing to perform for him.
“Keep it up, baby,” he told her, “now you’re doing it. That’s it, lover. Keep fucking.”
Every moment that he stabbed his cock into her pleased her more.
“Oh, baby,” he panted, “you don’t know how good that feels to me.”
His balls bounced against Melinda’s ass cheeks as his penis plunged right up to the hilt.
“Oh, now, baby, now,” he groaned in delight. “Milk it. That’s what I want you to do. Milk my cock.”
She realized she could give him more pleasure when she squeezed her sphincter muscle in her ass. This came a quite a surprise to her. For she never realized how much pleasure was possible utilizing her anal channel.
“Fuck,” he exclaimed, “oh, baby, fuck it. That’s how you do it. Fuck.”
She continued grinding her hips for him.
“I’ll get it out of you,” she told him, “give it to me. Oh, honey, I enjoyed it when you got your gun off. You liked it, too, didn’t you?”
He slapped her ass cheeks in appreciation.
“You know it, baby, doll,” he told her. “I’m nuts about you. You sure know how to make your old man happy.”
Melinda churned her hips a couple more times as Gary stabbed into her. After that he slowly withdrew. He lay on the bid and she lay beside him.
“You’re beautiful,” he told her, “you really are.” She looked at him lovingly. She wrapped her arm around him. Gary wrapped his arm around her and squeezed her shoulder.
“I’m glad you would do what I told you to,” he told her.
“At first I thought I would hate it,” she admitted candidly, “but once I got into those acts, I enjoyed them.”
“Did you even enjoy licking my honey-coated asshole?”
Melinda nodded. Her eyes told him she had thoroughly enjoyed herself. For she had the look of a satisfied woman, who was luxuriating in the afterglow of beautiful sex.
“I’m uninhibited,” Gary reminded his wife, “and I believe in sexual exploration.”
“I guess you could call it creative fucking,” she grinned back at him.
“Right on,” Gary smiled happily. “We will have to think of new ways of getting kicks. You and ma and somebody else. How would you like to have two cocks stabbing into you, baby?”
“Wouldn’t it bother you?” she asked her husband, a bit surprised.
“Why should it?” he asked her point blank. “We know we love each other. If we want to share our bodies with someone else, beautiful.”

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