Sexual pleasures with a fat mom
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Hello, my name is Jake. I am your average 23 year old boy, super horny. I was a let bloomer when it came to losing my virginity, I was 20. I started looking at my mom sexually at around 18, but I figured it would go away and that I was just so desperate for sex anyone was looking good to me. When I finally had sex at 20 that did not happen. My desire for my mom grew. She is my biggest fantasy. She is 54 years old about 5’5 and 280 pounds. She is the reason for my love of bbw women. Whenever I am watching porn or am getting with a girl I always make sure they are bbw.

I have been trying to find some good mom son porn to masturbate to but it’s just the same old shit with rachel steel and sometimes jodi west and I am sick of it. I want some bbw moms taking their sons cocks. I am always looking up mom son videos to see if any real ones are out there. I never have any luck. I just always wanted a way to finally have sex with my mom.

My dad left us when I was about 13 years old. She was very lonely. Sometimes she went out with her friends to dinner, but that is it. I have never seen her go on a date. Even though she is 280 pounds she has a very pretty face. Long brown hair, brown eyes and nice full cheeks. She could have been a plus size model. Her breasts were very full. They were a 40F and looked every bit the part. Her belly was pretty flat but you could tell it sagged down when she was nude. Her thighs were like tree trunks, exactly how you would expect someone her sizes thighs to look. My moms ass was huge. When I say huge I do not mean JLo big, I mean 280 pounds big. If my mom was skinny she would have no ass, you could tell, but as a result of her weight it grew into this massive wide ass full of cellulite that I wanted to taste.

One day we had a really bad hurricane coming in, they expected major blackouts and severe winds.

“Jake make sure you tape all the windows before this storm comes.”

“I know mom you only told me 100 times.”

“I am sorry Jake, you know how I get with stuff like this.”

I went over and gave her a hug, I know she meant well. Her tits squished into me, I could not even get my arms fully around her.

“I am going to start dinner, just finish up here and I will let you know when it is ready.” I watched her massive body waddle as she walked away, fuck I wanted her.

The storm hit around 9pm, I was already in bed but I heard the wind going crazy outside. around 9:45 our power went out. A couple minutes later I heard mom coming down the hall with a flashlight in her hand.

“Jake, you okay back here?”

“Yeah I am good mom, you?”

“Uhhh, not really, it is very dark in here and the wind outside is going crazy, I don’t want to be alone. Would you do me a favor and sleep in my room?”

“Sure mom I will grab some blankets and a pillow and be right in.”

When I got into her room she was already under the covers, I set up a little bed at the foot of her bed and laid down.

“Thank you for sleeping in here with me Jake.”

“No problem mom, anything for you.”

I laid there a couple minutes and I began to hear my mom snore. She always fell asleep early. With the power out I had nothing to do, so I began to rub my cock. I was thinking about my bbw mom sucking my cock and it was really getting me going. I know I could not cum because I had nowhere to put it so i slowed down a bit. I decided to just try and sleep off the hard on.

Next thing I know I woke up, I looked over at my phone, it was 3:30, mom was still snoring. I was sweating under the blanket so I took it off and went back to sleep.

“Jake, you up?”

The sounds of my moms voice awake me, “Yes, now I am.”

“I am going to make some eggs, want some.”

“Yeah I will have 2 sunny side up.”

I heard her move in her bed and get out. She walked to the front to where I was. “Ohh wow, Jake.” I looked down, I had not even realized but I had no covers on and my morning wood was pressed tightly under my boxers. I noticed she did not look away.

As second nature I screamed out, “what are you doing!” and covered myself up. She went downstairs without saying anything. I laid there and realized what just happened. Why did I react like that? I wanted to fuck her so why did I scream when she looked at my dick?

A couple minutes later my mom called up and told me the eggs were ready. I went downstairs and I could tell she was very embarrassed. “Jake we are going to get this out of the way right now. There still is no power so we are stuck with each other today without TV so lets not be awkward. I am sorry for looking, I just didn’t even realize what I was doing.

“Mom, I am sorry for screaming, I don’t even know why I did. I honestly did not care as much as it seemed. I would be lying if I said I never caught myself in a trans like that with your cleavage.” I tried to break the ice make her feel better. “It is just instinct to look.”

“Exactly Jake, when I see that you look there it does not mean anything. I’ve caught you starring a few times Jake I just never said anything because I know you don’t mean anything by it, I’m just your fat old mom. When you screamed though I go nervous because I didn’t think you got that and were disgusted by me.”

“I am sorry, it was just a natural reaction. To make you feel better and show I really didn’t think you are disguising I will tell you something but promise you wont think I am gross.” She waved me on. “Sometimes I realize what I am doing when I look at your cleavage.

I immediately looked down at my plate after I said it. “Jake, you shouldn’t be looking at me like that, besides I promise anything left to your imagination is better off staying there, believe me you don’t want to see anything here.”

I giggled and kept eating my eggs. “Mom, can I ask you something since now is as good of a time then ever. How come you never dated after dad?”

She sighed and answered, “Well, I just don’t even know where to find someone plus when I met your dad I was 130 pounds lighter than I am now.”

“That doesn’t mean anything mom. There are a whole bunch of men out there that like big women.”

“Jake, even if they are they are only after one thing and I am not going to have one night stands, have you ever dated a big girl? No, because no one dates them, everyone only has sex with them.”

“I actually have mom, I just never brought her home.”

“I didn’t know you had a girlfriend, why didn’t you tell me?”

“I was waiting to see if it got serious before that.”

“Can I see her?” I went on facebook on my phone, my battery was at 40% now so I had to save it with the power out. I pulled up the girl picture. “Wow Jake, I had no idea you liked them like that.” The girl I was showing mom was about 250 and very round.

“Yeah, like I told you a lot of guys like big girls.”

“Jake I know, but she is really big, she is almost as big as me, you should get someone hotter than that.”

“To me that is hot mom, I just like them big,” Thinking about big girls made my cock start to grow.

“Whatever you say Jake, can you clean the dishes for me?”

I sat there for a second and finally decided to just say it, “Give me a minute I can not stand right now if you get what I am saying.”

She thought for a second and I saw the lightbulb go off. “From thinking about her?”

“Yeah, and just big girls in general.”

“Wow, I guess you really are into them. I don’t see how, Jake, My body is disgusting.”

“I don’t think so mom, you have nice boobs, a big butt what more can you want.”

“Like I said earlier it is a whole new game with the clothes off jake, all the sag and wrinkles and cellulite.”

“Call me weird but I am into that stuff.”

“Well, you are weird.” She got up and took the dishes off the table.

I decided to be bold, I went on my phone and pulled up a bbw porn with a real fat girl.

“Mom, come here I am going to show you a big girl naked just so you see your body is fine.”

“Jake I do not want to see that shit.”

“Do not be embarrassed, I am going to shower I will leave my phone here just look at it.”

I came down from the shower, “So did you look mom?”

“Jake do you seriously think that girl
has a hot body?”


“So, you think my body isn’t gross then?”

“Not at all mom and plenty of guys would feel the same way.”

“I don’t know, my stomach is just so gross to me I could never take my shirt off in front of someone.”

“How many times do I have to say it, so many people think that is hot, besides your ass would just be too nice for any guy to resist.” So gave me an odd look. “I’m sorry mom, was that out of line?”

“It is okay, I just had no idea my ass was that nice.” She turned her head and looked at it over her shoulder. “Jake, it is just me and you here, no one else has to know your answer, just give it to me honestly. Are you attracted to me.”

I gave a long pause and finally admitted to it. “Yes, I know it is wrong and all, I just hope this does not make anything awkward.”

it is faltering
Jake, how about this, we all know I am a lonely 54 year old who has not gotten any action, and you are a horny 23 year old. How about if I show you my butt, you show me your penis.”

“Mom, are you serious? Wouldn’t that be inappropriate?”

“Has this whole conversation not been inappropriate?” She was right. “No one ever knows, we don’t talk about it after this and we both get a little bit of help.”

“Mom if you are sure about this.”

“Yeah, think of it as helping your mom out.” She had on a nightgown that came down to her ankles. She began to lift it up and I was getting very excited. When it was about to her knees she turned around and her big ass was facing me. She continued to lift her skirt up, finally the bottom of her ass cheeks came into view, and then her whole marvelous ass. She held her nightgown up just above the top of her ass. Her thighs were so thick from the back and filled with cellulite. She did not have a crease at the back of her knee, instead of thigh fat sagged over it. Her ass cheek was like a giant cliff coming off of her thigh. It was so round. Her ass was also filled with cellulite which was no surprise. Her ass cheeks were wider than her torso and stuck out to the sides. Each cheek was so round and has to be 16 inches wide. It was so juicy and everything I thought it would be. She let her nightgown go, and with it went her amazing ass.

She turned around to look at me, I could tell she was a little embarrassed. “Jake, it is your turn.”

My cock was rock hard from looking at her ass, I stood up dropped my pants all the way to my ankles and let my mom marvel at my fat cock. “Is that from looking at me, or did you touch it?”

“I swear I did not put a finger on it, that is all from looking.”

“Wow, it is really fat. If I went back on our plan to show each other, and I offered something more would you be upset.”

“Mom I am so horny for you I want to do it all. Whatever you want to do, I promise I am thinking about right now.”

She walked over and wrapped her hand around my dick and began to move it up and down. “Jake, that is the fattest cock I have ever felt.”

I whispered in her ear, “Why dont you feel it in your mouth?”

Without saying anything or any hesitation she went to her fat knees, lifted my cock and licked it from my balls to my head. Once she got to my head she put it in her mouth. There I was looking down at my mom, as she had my cock in her mouth. She started to suck it fast, going 3/4 of the way down on my 6 inch cock. Her hands were on both my hips and we was rocking herself back and fourth onto my cock. She pulled it out of her mouth and held it with her hand, “Jake, we have all day for me to suck your cock, right now I have not even touched a dick in 10 years and I am dying to feel it inside me.”

She got up off her of knees and lifted her nightgown over her head. There it was, my mother in all of her glory. My eyes first went to her heavy sagging breasts. Her F cup tits were sagging almost like an untied water balloon, all the meat was on the bottom. Only half of her areola showed because of the sag. The half that did show was big enough to be a whole one on another person and were dark pink. My eyes next went down to her stomach. It has stretch marks and cellulite on it and sagged down over her pubic area a little bit. Her vagina looked perfect. Nothing was showing, it was simply a slit in her body. Her pubic hair was wild all around and thick.

“You sure you like this Jake?”

“Mom you have no idea.”

“I am sorry I am so hairy down there, I just was not expecting anything, plus back in my day this is how we wore it.” She walked over to me and pulled my shirt over my head. We were both standing there totally naked in front of one another. “Let’s go upstairs to my bed.” I followed her up the stairs watching her big ass crease and form more cellulite with each step, not to mention how it shook with each step. We got into her room and get got onto the bed on her back and spread her legs open. I crawled between them and held my cock in my hand against the outside of her pussy. I could feel how wet it was just from barley touching it. I slowly pushed myself inside her and she began making nose. Once I was all the way in I looked down at her. “Jake do not go slow, we are not making love here, we are fucking.”

I could not believe my mom just said that. I began to fuck her fast and hard. I pushed myself up onto my knees, spread her legs apart and moved as fast as I could. Her belly was all bunched up right above her pussy. Her tits were bouncing all over like crazy. She was screaming. I kept going, my dick was getting wetter and wetter from her pussy. Her F size tits were hitting her in the face, a grabbed onto one as I fucked her. After about 5 minutes she told me to stop.

“Jake, that has been so long. I am more than satisfied. I actually think I need a break. You need a reward too. I want you to fuck me until you cum, you deserve it.”

“Okay, is there any chance we can do doggy?”

She got up rolled over onto all fours and put her ass up in the air. It was HUGE. There is no other way to describe it. It was a mixture of veronica bottoms and peaches la rues ass. I grabbed each cheek and shoved my cock in. I pumped in and out slowly and her big cellulite ass was still shaking like crazy. I just kept going slow watching it do the wave and shake in my face. I only last about 1 minute and I pulled out and covered her big ass with my cum. I went and got her a towel and cleaned her big ass for her.

“Jake, that was so amazing, no one can ever know about that.”

“I know mom, I just can not wait until next time, when I can last longer and actually enjoy that ass.