Sex with one thousand men took one hundred hours nonstop
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Vin’s memory of events after that was a little bit hazy.
A good portion of the convention center floor had been covered with
closed cell foam wrestling mats.
At a glance, this open space, resembled widely spaced groves of trees on
an open savanna.
It was not a savanna and it was not groves of standing trees.
It was groups of standing Marines.
At the center of each grove was an Aphrodite lady on her back servicing
a Marine, as his buddies
surrounded them, looking down, shouting encouragement, looking into the
face of an elegant society lady,
pink flushed with sexual excitement, looking up at them, deliriously
happy, smiling up at the dozen
vigorous young men, waiting their turn.
Each excited marine, was in and out in less than three minutes, as each
Aphrodite lady held her arms wide,
looked up, into the smiling, excited face of the next Marine, kneeling
above her, about to penetrate her.
Smiling at her unending line of enthusiastic, incredibly horny, young
Pink flushed society women, held their legs wide, quivered in continuous
orgasm, as twenty men an hour fucked them, as their vaginas filled with
two hundred squirts of hot semen before sunrise.
Vin watched, open mouthed, he had known these pompous broads for
decades, they were simply not capable of sweetly inviting a visiting
army to gang-fuck their high-class cunts.


New Earth’s largest Fleet Week was in Las Vegas.
Each citizen soldier returned from three weeks of war-games, was treated
to an all expense paid
sex orgy at the Las Vegas convention center.
If Vin was available, he would hand out unit citations, exceptional
units were dismissed immediately,
attending the ongoing sex orgy.
Under-performing units stood in ranks, listening to droning speeches,
waiting for the ceremony to end.
The convention facilities could accommodate ten thousand women lying on
their backs.
The ladies auxiliary knew to the man how many soldiers they would have
to service, each woman indicating, how many men she was comfortable
having sex with.
It was Fleet Week all over again, right down to the gold mats reserved
for the military.
There were white mats for blow jobs, pink mats vaginal sex, brown for
anal, stripes for sandwiches,
and black for bondage.
The military types seemed especially appreciative of women chained
spread eagle, vaginas exposed.

Fleet week was not a military facility, Vin let the military use the
facilities which ran seven by twenty four. There were plenty of other
facilities, providing nonstop Roman Orgy’s, there had to be, with the
need for three billion sex acts between total strangers every week.
Vegas was the biggest, the best, Roman Club, the one Vin took a personal
interest in.
Anyone desiring anonymous sex would take the roundabout to 0089109.
There was no need to stay in the expensive hotel.
Millions of couples attended Fleet Week as their only medical necessity,
there was nothing to join, no meetings to attend, dues to pay, other
than a modest locker rental fee, there was no charge.
Even the locker rental fee was avoidable, no one would glance at your
twice walking through a roundabout
in a bathrobe.
Couples would undress in the locker room, usually sharing a locker.
The wife would find a mat of the correct color, spreading her legs.
Some husbands enjoyed watching, most wandered off looking for a warm vagina.
Some husbands enjoyed filming, there were special areas with
professional lighting.
There were many restaurants near the facilities, as many couples enjoyed
a meal together afterwords.

Socialism fails because central planning is not possible.
Vin was not trying to create the planets largest ladies club, quite the
He did not plan on the plethora of restaurants surrounding the
convention facilities, which sprouted like mushrooms after a warm spring
He did not plan, for thousands of women, sitting alone at small tables
in these restaurants.
Nicely dressed, attractive women, with freshly done hair and nails.
Women who smelled good, smiling at passing men, making eye contact with
While trying to do the opposite, Vin had created the perfect Ladies
Club, with no dues, and no meetings.
Vin took pride in what he had inadvertently created, walking slowly
through the restaurants,
smiling, nodding at the beautiful women, smelling the subtle lovely odor
of warm, accessible pussy.

Lady Kathy’s staff did not set Vin’s appointments, they offered him a
range of possibilities.
Today’s award ceremony in Las Vegas was a no-brainier.
The University was just to the east of the convention center, where Kay
had her sex research laboratory. University students volunteered as
subjects in Kay’s research clinic, occasionally, for large-scale trials,
Kay would enlist the help of the Fleet Week, a few blocks away.
This use of the convention center facilities was more of a small scale
trial, involving only three women.

“You’re looking good.” Vin said, meaning every word of it.
Kay was almost totally naked, the strip of tape on her side hardly
counted as clothing, calling attention to the
cable, running around her backside, disappearing into her vagina.

Kay, Lady Kathy, and Kate were “dressed” identically, wearing internal
vaginal cameras.
Their cameras had lights, illuminating the inside of the vagina,
allowing tilt, zoom and pan.
Mother, daughter, and granddaughter were having a contest, fucking one
thousand men … each.
Each woman had a three-judge panel, who would press a button, on
observing an ejaculation.
The contest was a race, computers would record the elapsed time from
ejaculation one,
to number one thousand.

“I thought you had better sense than this.” Vin said to his
He was rewarded with that look of exasperated pity, married men know so
So Kay is not the driving force behind this … Ah ha! Beatrice and Kate
recently returned from a two-week vacation in Jamaica, where Beatrice
surely told my daughter about the thousand man contest she did with Lady
Kathy, long ago.

As soon as Vin heard about the screwball plan, he joined in making the
best of it.
He did not try to talk them out of it, he had known Kay, and Kathy about
four hundred years.
They had decided they were going to fuck a thousand men each, Vin could
approve or disapprove,
he could watch or not watch, but they were going to do it.
After he pointed out the clocks could be turned off, during potty
breaks, he was able to talk to them into
a semi-reasonable schedule, taking nine hours off each day and a twenty
minute coffee break every seventy minutes.
Skipping breaks did not give a competitive advantage, as the computers
kept track of total time, not elapsed time.
As long as Vin had been in the orgy sponsoring business, the rule of
thumb have been ten men per hour,
one hundred men in ten hours.
Sex with one thousand men took one hundred hours nonstop, four days and
four nights.
A brutal gang fuck, most fathers would not enjoy watching their daughter
Vin’s “kind and gentle” schedule took six and two third days … that was
the plan any way.
They used an army of premature ejaculator’s, driven half mad by “fluff
girls” giving them blow jobs.
The fluff girls would hand the men over when there were three strokes
away from a climax.
Even with the kind and gentle schedule, Vin’s women got it done before
noon on the fifth day.
Vin watched of course, he held the fiberglass wand out of the way,
escorting his mother-in-law onto the custom-made closed cell foam mat,
helping her out of her satin prizefighters robe, kissing her tenderly,
as a technician plugged her
vaginal camera in.
Lady Kathy was next, spreading her long lovely legs, exposing her
incredible vagina, as she looked up at him, pink flushed with sexual
excitement, blowing him a kiss, before turning to view the three story
high display wall, watching her camera go live displaying the inside of
her vagina.
She smiled, mashing her powerful muscles, marveling at her control over
the enormous image.
She nodded, smiling, knowing her husband, was about to see a battalion
fuck his wife.
His daughter went last, incredibly beautiful, clearly enjoying the
bright lights and hovering cameras.
The timers started with the first ejaculation, so being a long-timer was
not a showstopper.
There was a hushed expectancy in the giant room, as people stared at the
giant display walls.
The feed from the shoulder mounted cameras was displayed alongside
images from the internal cameras.
The event was live on the Internet, a gigantic porn shoot.
The contest began with Madame Kathie blowing a police whistle.
Three internal vaginal cameras showed the world wide audience three
penises, slide into view, penetrating three vaginas simultaneously.
The split screens showed the men on top thrusting away, and the view
from inside the vagina.
They saw Kay through her arms around her grandson, thrusting against
him, as Mark hollered for the cameras.
“Oh, Grandmother I love you!”
Young Leopard stuffed his wine bottle sized dick balls deep into Lady
Kathy, thrusting away, as Vin
penetrated his daughter.
Kate maintained eye contact with her father, humping like a machine,
squeezing with her powerful muscles
forcing him to climax.
“Fuck me!” She demanded.
Vin heard wild cheering, guessing correctly Kay’s vaginal camera was
showing semen squirting
from her grandsons penis.
A second round of cheering told him semen was flowing into Lady Kathy.
Vin could not help himself, Kate turned her head as well, both of them
facing the gigantic wall display,
watching a father’s penis squirting semen into his daughter’s vagina.
They did not have time to spend in each others arms, the cock-clock had
Vin leaped off, standing to the side, looking down at his daughter,
watching her quiver as the second man penetrated her.
It was over in a matter of seconds, Vin watching white semen squirting
out of the penis.
He looked back down at his daughter, who was smiling up at him, knowing
what he was seeing as
the third man mounted her.
Vin looked back at the display watching the head of the penis become
visible, Kate’s vagina expanding to accommodate it.
He stood where his wife and daughter could look up at him, maintaining
eye contact, as they threw their arms around their sex partners, humping
like machines, forcing men to climax as quickly as possible.
The contest was to see who was the best fuck, who could throw her arms
around her lover, looking into his eyes, squealing enthusiastically,
rocking her hips, mashing a climax out of him in the shortest amount of
The mats had been arranged so mother, daughter, and granddaughter could
hold hands, smiling at each other as they fucked a thousand men.
Vin enjoyed watching the women he loved having sex with other men.
He had translucent memories of a Chinese army fucking his pregnant wife
to death.
Vin knew the source of his hang up, not caring, he had long ago come to
grips with the fact he was a pimp.

Kate won, of course, with her exceptional beauty, her mother and
grandmother were not far behind.
Vin went last, the internal vaginal camera clearly showing his
ejaculation on the ten meter high wall display.
One thousand and one men had climaxed in his daughter’s vagina. She was
the winner.
“Let’s all crawl together, into that super king sized bed upstairs, and
sleep for eighteen hours.”
There were no dissenting votes.

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