Wife Sharing Nightmare

I came across a story, “Wife Sharing Nightmare” by
Shock, a rework of another story, “Badfuck” by Karl
Kramer. I was inspired to write my own version, to
twist my own particular kink in the tale.

Size doesn’t matter, except to the women to whom it
matters. I learned that this month. I’ve learned a lot
about penis size and women lately. Most I wish I could

Joanie and I had been married for over twenty years.
We were both virgins when we met in college. She was
seeing someone else at home. He was pressuring her into
marriage. She went with both of us for a while, seeing
me at school during the week, and him in her hometown
on weekends. But I won her heart and her virginity.

I graduated a year before her. I got my first job, and
moved away. I played the field extensively, before
satisfying myself that she was the one for me. She was
never with anyone else during that time and I was
secretly grateful.

We got married just after she graduated.

My problems started six weeks ago, at the mall. My wife
and I have a game we play on escalators. With her on
the step above me, I press up against her from behind.
This puts her hand at just the right height to fondle
my cock. We rode for several flights, surrounded by
crowds, isolated within the handrail walls, with her
stroking my erection. Usually I have a coat or shopping
bag for concealment when we step off, or I just walk
closely behind her, until things subside.

This time my hands were empty, and she scampered off to
a sales table, leaving me exposed. We had a whispered
argument among the racks of purses. I was upset about
being seen with an erection in my Dockers. She didn’t
understand. “Your little thing,” she said, “It’s not
like it’s big enough for anyone to notice!”

After twenty years of marriage I had become too small
for her, and I didn’t know why. I had never seen
another man erect, so I had no basis for comparison. I
just assumed I was average. From that point in time I
was “Tiny.” My cock was,” that little thing” or “the
teeny weenie,” my erections became “small problems.”

Our sex life didn’t change much at first, until the day
she first gave me deep throat. I was so stunned that I
lost my erection. This was something she had never
attempted with me before. A whole new skill. I was
blown away by the ease with which she took all of me
into her mouth and throat. Where had she learned this?

Who had taught her? Who had she practiced on? How big
must he have been, if she could take me so easily?

I accused her of cheating on me. She lashed out at me
for not trusting her. She tearfully confessed that she
was dissatisfied with me because she had never been
with anyone else. She told me that her fiancee, had
been bigger, and that she wished now that she had done
more with him. She said I hadn’t given her anywhere
near the amount of orgasms she should have had.

We finally patched things up. She told me I was all she
ever really wanted, but I became obsessed. I read
everything I could find on sexuality, on sexual
technique, on women’s sexual responses. I read dozens
of articles and web pages with variations of the title
“Does size matter?” I found surveys, tables, and
charts and graphs on penis size: I was either dead
average, or an inch below, depending on the author. One
source said I measured up to the average thirteen-year-
old! I learned sensual massage, and techniques for the
tongue and fingers. I attended a seminar on oral sex. I
lurked in forums on hot wives, on cheating wives, and
on swapping couples. I read too many stories about
husbands who shared their wives with other, larger,

I felt I was in competition with every other man for my
Joanie’s affection. The idea of watching my wife with
another man, and then proving my superiority over him,
stuck in my mind. While I couldn’t compete in size, my
superior skills and knowledge would win my wife back
again. In one step, I could restore our relationship,
by giving her an experience with a large cock, and then
proving that I was better.

Joanie was never really sold on this idea but she
weakened to the point that one night she finally said
she would do it, for me, if this was what I needed to
overcome my depression. I convinced her this was the
only way to repair our marriage. I convinced her that
there was nothing I wanted more.

I found the guy in the showers at the gym. He was a
well-developed weight lifter. He was as long soft as I
am hard. I invited him to the bar around the corner
from the Gym, and after a few beers and a description
of my pretty wife he agreed to participate.

I could tell by the size of the bulge in his sweatpants
that he had a tool big enough to help convince my wife
that size wasn’t what she needed, and to provide me the
test I wanted.

Saturday was her birthday, so I decided to set it up
then. I called her from work and told her I wanted her
to be dressed very sexy for me when I got home. My
sweet wife agreed, not suspecting that I was bringing
someone home with me.

When I got home, Joanie met me at the front door
wearing a see-through white teddy and very black
panties that barely covered her crotch. It was obvious
she wore no bra. She looked fantastic. Even if I
weren’t planning to fulfill a fantasy that evening, she
would have turned me on with that outfit. I could tell
the she was turned on herself.

She gave me a big smile and a kiss, but then noticed
the man standing behind me. She abruptly pulled away
and stepped back as I walked in with our new friend
following. She turned her back and was fleeing upstairs
when I called out after her to stay.

She looked embarrassed and said that she didn’t feel
properly dressed for company. I introduced her to Hank
and said that he wasn’t just company, that she should

Joanie remained hesitant for a moment and then realized
what I had in mind. She stood awkwardly for a minute,
then uneasily took a seat on the living room couch,
crossing her legs to cover her crotch.

Hank and I sat down across from her. I wished her happy
birthday. I told her that Hank was her present.

She looked upset. She asked me if I was really sure
this was what I wanted.

I assured her that it was exactly what I wanted. It was
something our marriage needed in order to recover.
Then, strangely excited, I invited Hank to enjoy my
wife. We had agreed in the bar that I was going to
watch them make love.

He got up and went over to my anxious wife and sat down
beside her. He immediately started playing with her
firm breasts through the lace of her teddy. He moved
her hand to the lump in his pants. He worried her
breasts and nipples with his tongue and teeth. Almost
against her will, Joanie’s nipples began to grow and
harden. Her juices began to flow I could tell.
My wife was still very nervous. She looked to me, with
a silent plea in her eyes for help.

I shook my head no.

Finally she lay back against the cushions on the couch,
and let Hank have his way with her.

He wasted no time. He stood up, pulled Joanie’s panties
off and spread her legs apart. My lovely wife opened
her eyes in fright when she felt her panties being
removed. She looked at me pleadingly as he dropped his

I wasn’t disappointed when I saw the size of his
erection. It was completely hard and huge.

My wife saw his over-sized tool too. She looked at me
with a worried expression on her pretty face,

I just smiled at them and nodded.

She looked over at me and pleaded, asking one last
time, “Honey is this really what you want?”

I nodded again, and said in a husky voice, “Yes. Yes it

She looked deeply into my eyes. After a moment, very
hesitantly, she lay back again with a look of resigned
acceptance on her face.

Hank finished climbing out of his pants.

In the bar I had told him that he would have to use a
condom because my wife wasn’t on the pill. I had a
vasectomy ten years ago after a near fatal problem
pregnancy. He agreed to use one.

Hank quickly pulled a condom out of his wallet and
rolled it onto that monster cock of his. Then he
stepped between Joanie’s lovely thighs, grabbed her
legs, and placed then up over his shoulders.

All the research I had done didn’t really prepare me
for what I was actually about to see. I thought that
this moment would be arousing, but when I saw Hank
start to press that huge monster into my wife, when I
saw her wince as he started stretching her pussy, the
true reality of the whole situation hit home. What the
hell was I doing? Here was my pretty wife, who I loved
more than life, having her most private parts invaded
by a stranger. I couldn’t take it any longer. I jumped
up and yelled, “Stop! I’ve changed my mind!”

I crossed the room and grabbed Hank by the shoulders. I
yelled that I’d made a mistake and that he’d better go.
Suddenly the whole sight made me sick. I wanted to
vomit. What had I done?

But the worst was yet to come.

When I grabbed Hank by the shoulder, he turned and
slapped me across the face. The blow knocked me
backward on my ass, leaving me dazed. I jumped up again
to tear him off of my wife, but this time he punched me
in the stomach, forcing all the air out of my lungs.

Hank grunted, and yelled that there was no way he was
NOT going to fuck my wife now. He swore at both of us,
calling her a “cock-tease” and cursing at me. He
yelled,” If we tried to stop him, he’d teach us a
lesson we would never forget!”

All I could do was gasp for air and watch as he again
grabbed my wife’s legs, thrusting them over his
shoulders as before.

Joanie screamed. She struggled with him to break free,
but from that position she couldn’t get away.

Hank growled, “OK asshole, watch this!”

I looked on in horror as he held my wife’s legs with
one hand and reached down and pulled the condom off his
big swollen cock with the other.

Joanie heard it snap as it came off and immediately
reached down with both hands to cover her pussy. She
pleaded with Hank not to do this. But it was no use.

He just pushed her hands aside and moved his cock into
position at the entrance to her pussy. He moved it up
and down within her slit, oiling it with her juices and
opening her lips. He shoved into her. Hank only got the
head of his prick into her at first, but he thrust

My wife screamed as her pussy stretched wide to
accommodate this invading monster.

I felt terrible. I was helpless, I couldn’t move. I
felt guilty that what I was watching was making me
hard. I didn’t want to be turned-on by it, I was

After several mighty thrusts he had forced his cock all
the way into her. Hank held himself there for a bit
while my wife caught her breath and the pain subsided.

He withdrew to the rim of his cockhead, then thrust in
again, fully. My wife gasped in pain. He held there
again, reaming her opening, sliding just an inch up and
down, spreading her lubricant. He withdrew all the way
to the very tip of that massive cock, then impaled her
again in one slow swoop.

Joanie, my wife, my beloved, gasped in something other
than pain.

Then the big brute started riding her for all she was

My poor wife was helpless to stop him, and I was
completely useless, even after I finally caught my
breath and struggled to my feet. I stared in horror as
what I thought would be the prelude to the most erotic
experience of our lives turned into my worst nightmare.

To make matters worse, Joanie continued to relax, and
then to enjoy his brutish penetration. The fatal insult
came when she started to thrash about in orgasm. I
couldn’t believe that she could come after what had
just taken place, but she did. She started again,
groaning with every stroke. One of his hands were
between them, on her clit, forcing her to a second

“Harder. Deeper,” she moaned. Her hands grasped his
ass, pulling him deeper. Her body betrayed us with
another explosive orgasm. When she pulled his head down
for a tongue-swapping kiss, it tore my heart out by the
roots. I couldn’t handle it anymore. I left them
grunting and groaning like animals, while I crept off
to the kitchen, trying to block out the sound and sight
of what was happening in the living room.

I couldn’t bear to hear the wet sloppy fucking noises
anymore. I especially couldn’t bear hearing my wife
begging for more, moaning as he bottomed out in her
ruined pussy, whining as that bastard fucked her to
orgasm. It seemed forever before I heard him yelling
that he was going to come.

I rushed into the room. I heard my wife plead with him
to take it out and shoot on her, but he wasn’t going to
deny himself and just kept pumping her deeply. My poor
wife screamed, “No! Please don’t do this to me, I’m not
on the pill.”

The bastard laughed and said, “I know.”

“Please,” she begged,” please come in my mouth.”

The bastard laughed. “Next time,” he said. He made one
last plunge into her and held himself there while his
cock spasmed. He shot his huge load into my wife. I
could see his body tense as his seed spurted into my
helpless wife.

As the couple’s bodies slowly relaxed, the silence in
the room was deafening. Joanie just lay there, in
shock. I should have killed myself right then. I slunk
back into the kitchen as Hank got up and put his pants
back on. As he walked by the door, he said, “Thanks
for the use of your wife’s pussy, asshole. I’ll be

After the door closed, I looked into the living room.
My wife was still lying on the couch. I could see that
her pussy was torn and badly stretched. His sperm was
leaking out of her. Her eyes were glassy, but she had a
satisfied half-smile on her face that just crushed me.

I helped her up and got her showered. I tried calming
down. For all I knew, she could be pregnant!

My dad was a mechanic. He always told me, “If it ain’t
broke, don’t fix it.”

I wish to God that I’d listened to him.