My Black Master

It was summer time in Pittsburgh and I was with one of
my girlfriends trying to decide what to do with an
afternoon off.

We were still dressed from work that morning, and on a
dare, decided to see what an adult theater was like.

Never having been in one before, I was a little scared
and excited at the prospect, so off we went.

It was the “Garden Theater”, and was well known for
its XXX rated movies.

I was dressed in a white nylon blouse, a red plaid
pleated skirt and the usual assortment of undergar-
ments; bra, tailored briefs, slip and open bottomed
girdle and nylons. I wasn’t into pantyhose at that
time — yet.

We went up to the theater and cautiously looked around
to make sure we weren’t seen by anyone we knew, then
slipped inside after paying the $5.00 entrance fee.

It was dark, my, it was dark. My girl friend started
immediately to say that we had made a mistake. However,
I felt a strange calm — like I was supposed to be
there. It was funny, I could feel the presence of
people all around me, but couldn’t see a thing.

After 5 to 10 minutes, I was beginning to get my bear-
ings. I was watching the screen all the while and it
was mesmerizing. Two girls and a guy were really get-
ting it off with each other. I was at home.

My friend, by now was ready to leave, and as I wanted
to stay to see what was going on, she left without me.

As I grew accustomed to the dim lights, I saw that
there was a glass wall in front of me about 10 feet
in front of me about chest high. It seemed to offer
some security, so I went up to it and rested my elbows
on the ledge and watched the movie — ha, I was watch-
ing the action all around me. All men! Some standing
around just watching, some looking at me, about 8 to
10 in all.

I turned back and watched the movie for a while and
maybe 5 minutes later, I felt someone behind me. I
started breathing faster and didn’t know what to do.

All of a sudden, a hard body pressed up against me and
I could feel a huge cock rubbing against my ass through
my clothes. Instant panic! I glanced back and saw
that it was a very tall, well built black man, who
smiled at me and said, “Wanna have some fun white

Where do I run? Yet I was so excited — I thought I’d
cum in my panties, but at the same time I knew I
shouldn’t be doing this.

I felt his hands reach around me and cup my breasts
through my nylon blouse, and I leaned back against
him. His tongue found my neck and ear and his fingers
my hard nipples.

“Yeah, white slut, you’re ready for some training, I
can tell,” he said.

I didn’t know the ramification of what he was saying
at that time, but soon would. I was about to enter a
realm of actions that I could not believe I would have
ever done.

We stood there for a while with him rubbing his cock
on my ass and rubbing my nipples through my blouse,
bra and slip. I was getting very spacey — and hot.
My panties were wet and I could feel the liquid on my

He took my hand and put it on his cock and said, “Take
it out and stroke it for me.”

He put my fingers on his zipper, and what was I sup-
posed to do? I unzipped him and put my hand inside
his pants.

Wow, is all I could think. It was huge, and thick,
and wet from the pre-cum that was copiously leaking
from his uncircumcised dick. I ran my hand up and
down pulling the foreskin back and forth and he said,
“Turn around and take it out cunt!”

I did and he said, “Now get on your knees and kiss

I didn’t know what to do, I wanted to, but with all
the men around me, I was a bit scared. He grabbed my
hair and pulled forcing me to bend down and then to

“Suck it, bitch,” Was all he said. I couldn’t resist
the order and sank to my knees in total submission to
that huge black cock. I kissed the tip and licked the
pre-cum off and put my mouth on the smelly foreskin
and pushed it back with my mouth.

He started to hump into me and then stopped. “Lick
it clean, whore and get it ready for a good fuck.”

I was horrified. Here I was on my knees sucking a
black cock like a two-bit whore on Liberty Avenue.
With an audience yet. How could I sink so low?

But little did I know how much lower I would eventually
go to please my new black master (even though I did
not know at the time that was what he would become).

With the huge black cock in my mouth, pushing the
foreskin back and forth, I couldn’t see too much but
did notice more men around me with their cocks out
watching my performance.

Worse than that, they all had their cocks out and were
stroking them aimed at me. I didn’t know what to do
when suddenly I heard my the black man say, “Wanna
shoot in her mouth? Only $5.00 each — and that is a

He looked down at me and said, “You may not know it,
but you just became a whore — my whore. Get your
whoring ass up and follow me.”

I let his cock go and meekly followed him. He was so
strong and I felt that I had to obey him — and somehow
I knew he was right.

We went into a dirty little back room where you
couldn’t see much, and he took me to a corner and had
me kneel down again. I felt the slime and crud on my
knees at once. He saw me hesitate and said, “You’ll
see worse than that cunt, now get down.” My knees
and legs were soaked, the nylon squishing and sliding

“All right guys,” he said, “get in line and have your
$5.00 ready. This slut will take your cum in her mouth
when you’re ready.”

There were eight men in the line and each was stroking
furiously. I had only sucked my husband once in a very
long while and never had him cum in my mouth before.
And here I was ready and willing to take eight unknown
men into my mouth and swallow their cum.

For some strange reason I was in heaven knowing that
I had found my place. I would do anything for my new
master — and two hours ago I did not even know him or
about my new found subservience. I was his, to use as
he wished. I was his whore, and loved it.

As I knelt there, the first cock was jammed into my
mouth with the owner pumping furiously. He was a
white guy, probably about 45 to 50 and average (about
6ft. with none of this 10″ long and 5″ around stuff —
those are few and far between — I found out.)

Pre-cum was flying and he started to grunt, and I knew
I’d better hurry. I opened my mouth just in time to
feel a ropy stream of hot semen splash at the back of
my throat, followed by five more blasts. I swallowed
fast to keep it all in, but still couldn’t help letting
a few dribbles fall to the ground where it made a small

“Ok, whore, you spilt some of that precious cum,” said
my new master, “bend down and lick it up and don’t miss
any. Every time you spill some, you lick it up.”

I was determined to be more careful after that. He
pushed my head down to the slimy floor and rubbed my
face in the slime. “Lick cunt, get it all. And hurry,
there are people waiting on you.”

At this point, I was borderline having an orgasm. I
think he knew this, because he said, “Keep your hands
off your cunt, you filthy slut. I’ll tell you when
you can cum and it is not now — maybe not even today.
Now get back on your knees and start earning me money.”

I was learning quickly what humiliation, degradation
and subservience was all about, and sort of enjoying
it. Sort of! Hell, I was thrilled with the whole
scenario and wanting more, and sure enough, there were
seven more men waiting impatiently to cum in my mouth.

They were all sizes and shapes, but all about average
in the cock department, (5 to 7″) although looking
back, I remember that a couple of them shot literally
a quarter cup of cum, or so it seemed.

By the time I got to the last one, the front of my
blouse was soaked and I had cum in my mouth, on my
face, my hair, my lap and had to lick the floor a
couple more times.

My face was black and sticky from having my face rubbed
in the slime on the floor, and the overflow of the
eight cocks cumming in my mouth.

A couple of them just had to pull out and shoot all
over me. (couldn’t be happy shooting in me, could
they?) What was I to do? They had paid their $5.00,
and I was their whore.

“Well, cum slut, you just made me $40.00, not bad for
an hours work”, my new master said — and here is your
share.” Handing me $5.00, he said, “Get into the rest
room and clean your face off, we ain’t finished and who
would want to fuck a face that looks like that?”

I went into the rest room and was immediately taken
aback. This was a men’s room and there were two men
standing there
urinating right in front of me. I
looked back and my master who just nodded for me to go

He went in right behind me and stood beside the door
to watch the action, I guess. The two men with their
cocks out urinating, looked at me and smiled. “Well
what do we have here?” the closest one said as he
waved his cock around spreading piss all over every-
thing. “Did you make a wrong turn at the light or are
you looking for this?” He waved his growing member
and it was very impressive, I might add.

“Hold his cock while he finishes pissing,” my black
master said, and indicated I was to take the smelly
pissing cock in my hand. “And when he’s finished,
jack him off in the urinal.”

I was embarrassed beyond belief. How could he ask (no,
order) me to do this humiliating and degrading task.
Yet I knew that I would do it.

As I reached down to take his cock into my hand, he
moved it toward me and pissed all over my hand and
splashed all over my filthy nylons and shoes.

“Take it you filthy slut,” he said, and I meekly did
just that.

He was just about finished and I milked the last few
drops out and started stroking, as his penis began to
engorge. It felt funny, here I was, filthy, covered
in slime and cum, stroking a total strangers cock, and
actually enjoying it.

I began to feel the power I had over men through my
submission. His cock was growing larger and drops of
clear fluid began to seep out the end of it. I took
the lubricant he was generating onto my fingers and
rubbed it all over the purple head, all the while
looking him right in the eyes.

This did it, he grunted and wheezed and shot a healthy
load all over the urinal.

“Now clean his cock off with your mouth, slut”, my
master said. I obediently dropped to my knees and did
just that. I was not about to argue. His cock was,
at least clean, but there was still some urine on it
and I got my first (of many) tastes of piss. When I
was done, he dried off his cock on my hair.

The other guy meanwhile had watched the action and
jerked off into the urinal beside me. I still had to
clean off his cock.

“You’re learning, white slut, but you still have a long
way to go. Now get yourself cleaned up and throw those
filthy stockings away. How can you stand yourself,
looking like that? Even my whores are cleaner than

“But… You made… I didn’t…” I stammered.

I felt the slap across my face and fell backwards into
the urinal. “White cum slut, you’re the filthiest and
most depraved cunt that I have come across in a good
long while, and you do not talk back to me. You wanted
everything you got and I can tell you still want more.”

I lay there in the piss and cum, rubbing my sore cheek
and contemplated his words. Yes, three hours ago, I
was a respectable housewife, working for a bank and
just doing what was necessary to maintain my status.
I never dreamed that I would be in this kind of
situation, but here I was.

And enjoying the degradation and humiliation. Lying on
my back in a puddle of cum and piss across a urinal
having just finished sucking off eight men and jacking
them off and holding a pissing cock. And looking for-
ward to more.

I was ordered to clean up as best I could, and to my
surprise, my black master (and now my pimp?) stood by
the door keeping anyone from coming in.

Apparently, he was well known in this area, as no one
questioned him. Besides, being well over six feet tall
(I found out later, six feet, five inches.) and pro-
bably pushing the scale at 240, who was going to argue
with him?

So, why was I here? What had happened? I knew I
should break and run as soon as I could, but I wanted
to serve this man. I wanted to do anything he asked
me to. His statements were orders.

He didn’t have to threaten me — I wanted to do it,
and would do anything he asked of me, regardless of
how degrading or humiliating.

And there were more testing times to come along. I
had not even been allowed to service *him* yet…