Alan, fuck me in the sprinkler!

“Yes, mother?”

“I want to help you find what’s troubling you.”
Margaret’s voice was directed to her daughter, but her gaze
was turned outside the window. “Ok, dear?”

“Ok, mom.”

“Kendra, I want you to lie down and go to sleep. I
want you to feel that it is bedtime, and experience the
world of sleep as you have been the last few nights.

Kendra stepped away from her mother, and stretched
across the bed. She was perfectly on her back, and folded
her arms gently across her stomach. Her blouse hung open,
and her breasts heaved gently to her sides as far as her
silky bra would allow.

Margaret watched Kendra’s beautiful eyes close and her
lips part slightly. She then turned again to the window,
noting a dozen or so young boys playing in the courtyard.

It was only a few moments before Kendra was deep in
sleep. Her breasts heaved with slight breath. Her knees
turned slightly outward from lack of tension. And her
fingers lay limply across the olive skin of her stomach.
Margaret took in the beauty of her daughter. She gazed upon
her as Kendra slept quietly. She watched with a caring,
prideful face at the sexy wonder to which she had given

A good amount of time went by. Then, Kendra’s fingers
twitched. “Ooo…” Kendra moaned very softly, with more
whisper than tone. Her right hand slid down her abdomen.
Her index finger extended, and pressed against the silk
covering the folds of her pussy.

Margaret leaned forward, and whispered softly. “Go
forward, baby… satisfy your yearnings…”

Kendra rose form the bed. Her eyes opened, but started
with the glaze of oblivion. Margaret stood in front of her.

“Come… come.. ” she motioned with her hands and
spoke quietly. Kendra followed her mother out of the
bedroom. “Outside… you must go outside…”

Kendra didn’t speak a word. She didn’t give a look.
She didn’t look at her near naked state, she didn’t re-
button her blouse. Instead, she went out the doorwall that
Margaret had opened.

Kendra walked into the square. In a matter of seconds,
the young boys turned to her. Their eyes immediately
detected her panties, and the long olive-skinned legs.
Kendra’s eyes were open, but started blankly ahead with no
particular focus.

The boys expected her to say something. They expected
her to somehow explain the fact she was walking around
outside half-naked. But they really didn’t care… that
crotch… that cunt… They felt a simultaneous hard-on at
the sight of her hips moving slowly towards them. They knew
who she was. They had noticed her firm, sexy shape with the
fervor of budding sexual interest. They all ogled Kendra
whenever she walked by, and showered her with luscious
stares when she graced the confines in a small, feminine
bikini. But this was her bra and panties. The meaning, the
secretness, the forbidden nature of the lace and silk that
covered those precious parts. Oh God, this clearest image
they could hope for of what it would be like to fuck her.
Not that fucking was entirely the action they conceived of,
they were almost too young for that. All that mattered was
this beautiful woman in her underwear. The sight was

Margaret smiled as the boys froze in their places and
admired her beautiful, mesmerizing daughter.

She was so hot! Her perfect legs gleamed a few feet
from them now. The delicate, sheer white panties. The open,
tight blue blouse at her sides and the gorgeous bumps of
flesh straining in the smooth whiteness of her bra. The
boys trained their eyes, hoping for the slightest glimpse
of the dark hair marking the spot of ultimate pleasure.

It was there.

The boys managed to break their gaze after a deep look
and momentarily check each other’s reactions.

Kendra had stopped in the middle of the square. She
brought her right hand between her breasts, and seemed to
stare off into an invisible distance.

A young boy was only a few inches from her. Only a few
inches from the white of her delicate panties. He looked
at Kendra’s face, and discovered a boldness born of his
want for her and her apparent lack of the situation.

He touched her pussy.

Kendra was oblivious to his denting fingers. The tips
wedged slightly inside her, stopped only by the sheer
fabric. The rest of the boys gasped with awe and

“She’s totally gone, man!”

“What’s wrong with her?”

“I don’t know!” the boy continued rubbing his fingers
in her warm slit. He began massaging her thigh with the
other. Kendra parted her lips, and slowly bounced her hip
with his rhythm.

The boys stood watching. They were afraid to join.
They figured she would snap to at any second. Kendra’s
panties moved up and down with the lone boy’s rubbing,
offering slight glimpses of her naked pussy beneath. She
still seemed undisturbed. Her body had stopped, and her
eyes had closed. But she made no motion to escape the
groping boy’s touch.

“Touch her tits!” one of the boys whispered. The brave
one lifted his hand up her unbuttoned blouse. He watched
her, waiting for any sign of awakening. His shaking fingers
closed on the clasp. he struggled with it as he tried to
undo it with his fingertips. He feared any touch of
strength would surly wake her. But his frustrated lust
quickly kicked in, and he pressed his hands against her
soft breasts, undoing the clasp once he gained the courage
to bring his other hand to her chest. The bra snapped away
with a jerk. A moment of fear spread through the boy. Then
a moment of worship. Kendra’s breasts were exposed.

“Oh, wow!” the boy exclaimed as he started at the
smooth, curved, olive flesh. Kendra’s breasts bared
themselves before the collection. Her nipples poked into
the afternoon air. They seemed so delicate… so pink and
innocent. It didn’t take long for the boy to touch one. It
sprung to erection under his touch, responding with the
rest of her body. The boy looked over his shoulder at his
companions. They nodded at him, urging him to continue his
exploration. Had he looked to a certain window, he would
have seen Margaret nodding, also urging him to continue his
exploration. The boy turned back to look at Kendra. At this
point, his eyes couldn’t be away from this woman for more
than a second. His breath grew heavier as he eyed the
round, fleshy shapes. His heart pounded at the sight of a
few scattered freckles and the slight jiggling of her
breath. He opened his hands, and rested them ever-so-gently
on her breasts. With no start or concern from Kendra, he
decided to take them fully into his hands. His confidence
was assured. He squeezed the tender flesh in his young
fingers as he circled his thumbs over her nipples. Her
flesh was so soft, almost gooey in texture. The boy’s head
felt rushed, and he closed his eyes.

The other boys could hold out no longer. They sprang
upon her. They groped, touched, and tasted any spot of her
exposed flesh they could reach. Kendra bounced between them
as small fingers slipped in her panties and brushed against
her cunt. Her breasts mushed against the shorter boys’

Margaret gripped the curtains. She watched with
widening eyes as the exploration of her daughter
progressed. She began whispering quietly to herself. “Fuck
her… fuck my baby…”

“What are you doing?” One of the boys noticed a
companion undoing his pants.

“What else? I’m going to fuck her!”

Margaret leaned her head back with the sound. “Oh,

The other boys all sported bulges in their pants, but
seemed to lack the courage of the aggressive one. He was
the first to touch her. He was the first to rub her. Now he
would be the first to have sex with her.

“Come on, get her to lie down…” he ordered his

They tugged on Kendra’s arms, and she obediently sat
on the concrete. The boys resumed rubbing her breasts and
taking quick kisses on her nipples. The aggressive boy
waved them off, and now stood alone with the beautiful,
adult woman. He was in his underwear, and his straining
penis was apparent to the crowd. He knelt between Kendra’s
legs, and rested her head against the concrete. He moved
his hands to her panties, all the while watching her face
for a sign of movement. She didn’t respond as he began
sliding the silky covering down her legs.

“Look at her pussy!”

The boys huddled closer as they tried to glimpse
Kendra’s most feminine area. The boy pulled off his
underwear, flopping his young erect penis into view.

“Do you know how to do it?” one of the boys asked.

“Of course I do!” he replied. But he struggled at
first. He tried to move his penis into her, he tried to
penetrate her. But he kept missing and re-positioning his
body. Margaret watched with shortness of breath. She was
about ready to run out there and teach the boy. But then he

“Oohh..” he breathed instinctively as he felt his cock
surrounded by the warm moistness of Kendra’s cunt.

The boys watched in disbelief as they watched the fuck-
in-progress. They boy’s ass humped slowly, but picked up
speed as he gained more confidence. Soft “Oohs” emerged
from his lips as he penetrated his sexy neighbor.

Kendra’s eyes were still closed, but her lips were
smiling. Her body rocked back and forth with the erratic

“Your sperm… your sperm…” Margaret whispered to
herself. “Fill my baby with your boyish sperm.” She
wondered if the lad was developed enough for that.

Kendra’s legs were open just enough for the boy to
gain access to her pussy. Her half-pulled down panties
prevented further widening, despite the stretching they
were undergoing.

“Get off of her!”

The boys hadn’t seen the man running up behind them.
Margaret hadn’t seen him, either.

With one arm the man lifted the naked boy off of
Kendra. He didn’t say another word to the children. He
knelt down, and slid his hands under Kendra’s smooth body.
He lifted her into his arms, holding her under her knees
and under her arms.

Margaret noticed her daughter’s pussy was still
visible past the panties. She looked so beautiful in the
mans arms with her legs pressed together and her head
draped to the side.

“Damn!” she realized the man was returning her home!
He must know Kendra and where she lives! Margaret jumped on
the couch and shut her eyes. She pretended to be asleep as
the doorwall opened and the man entered with her daughter.

The stranger rested Kendra into the recliner. He
looked back at Margaret, and believed her asleep. Margaret
watched his hands move to Kendra’s panties and begin
sliding the fabric up. Is he going to touch her? She
wondered. Touch her… touch my daughter’s pussy…

The man snapped the elastic around Kendra’s waist, but
didn’t touch her. He did pretty much the same with her bra.
He re-clasped the silken garment, but only allowed his
fingers to brush against Kendra’s soft breasts. he didn’t
grope, he didn’t nibble, and he didn’t rub. What kind of a
man could resist my daughter!!! Margaret thought to

“Umm, ma’am?”

Margaret pretended to awake with the stranger’s voice.

“Oh, my God!” she leapt up with a start. “Are you
raping my daughter?”

“Oh no, oh gosh no! She was sleepwaking outside. I
thought I’d better bring her in.”

“How’d she get undressed? Did you do that to her?”

“No, I swear I didn’t. She was already like that.
Look, I’m a friend of hers and Mark’s. My name is Alan.”
Margaret thanked Alan for saving Kendra from
embarrassment. She eyed the young man for any “extra” looks
her daughter’s way. After all, she was still mostly nude.
The majority of her breasts were visible. Her legs, thighs,
hips, and stomach were all visible. But Alan didn’t look
again in Kendra’s direction. They spoke a few moments, then
Alan excused himself. He headed for the doorwall.

“I’m sure I’ll see more of you.” he said.

“Yes, I’m sure. And you’ll see more of Kendra, too.”

Alan looked towards Kendra. Got him! Margaret
proclaimed to herself. The look lingered a bit longer than
a casual one would have. He was enjoying her breasts. and
her legs. He couldn’t resist her daughter!

Kendra slept normally for the rest of the afternoon.
When she finally woke up, she rose to her feet still
lacking any concern for her exposed state. Margaret never
left her seat. She eyes Kendra’s body the entire time she
slept, and now followed her daughter’s movements to the

“Mark will be home soon. I’d better get dressed.” She
buttoned up her blouse and put her cut-off shorts back on.
She gave no indication of knowing what happened outside.
She didn’t look out the window to see if the young boy that
was having intercourse with her was still around. For all
apparent signs, she ignorant of the event.

Mark came home about seven. He kissed and hugged his
fiancee as she prepared dinner. he longed to love her again
like he did a few days before. But her mother was here now,
and that certainly couldn’t happen!

After dinner, Margaret returned to the subject at

“Mark, I would like to put Kendra under hypnosis.”

“Really? You think that’s the answer?”

“Do you really have to do that, mother?”

“I think it’s the best next step. I’ve spoken with
both of you, and haven’t heard anything that seems out of
the ordinary. If I can be allowed to hypnotize my daughter,
I’m sure we can get to the bottom of this.”

Mark was the first to reply. “If you think it will
work, I have no problem with it.”

“Um, Mark, mom, I don’t know if that’s such a good

“Why not?” Margaret asked.

“I’m scared. I don’t know, I’d be uncomfortable.”

“Kendra, dear, there’s nothing to worry about. It’s
perfectly safe. And you won’t say anything that you really
don’t want to. is that it? Is there something you didn’t
tell me earlier?”

Kendra looked at Mark. “No, nothing. I’m just a little

“Don’t be silly, dear. We love you. we want to help

Mark took Kendra’s hand. “It’ll be ok, honey. And it
could really help us.”

Kendra still seemed uneasy, but nodded her agreement.
“Ok. Let’s do it.”

“Ok, Kendra, picture yourself falling asleep. Picture
yourself in your warm bed, comfortable and happy, and eager
to get some rest. Are you doing that?”

They were in the bedroom. Kendra was stretched out on
the bed. Margaret sat in the chair next to the small desk
they had in the corner. Mark stood next to Margaret, too
nervous to sit.

“Yes.” Kendra’s body was still. Her lips barely moved
with the answer.

“Ok, good. Now tell what you’re feeling…”

“Sleepy… so sleepy….”

“Ok… that’s good. Let your body relax as if it was
falling asleep, but you will remain awake. You will
continue talking to us…”

Kendra’s head fell a bit to her side. The last bit of
tension in her body had been released.

“Are you still with us, Kendra?”


“How does the sleep feel?”

“Good… very good…”

“Ok. Now imagine you have been asleep for awhile. You
are dreaming, feeling content, and getting rested. The
hours of the night are starting to roll by. Picture that
Kendra… now, if you start to feel anything uncomfortable,
go ahead and say it. If you feel there is anything you need
to do, go ahead and tell us?…. Ok, your in deep sleep
now, but still able to talk with us… the world is gone
from your mind… you are alone in your thoughts…”

“MMMM!” Kendra moaned, almost with pain.

“What is it Kendra. Are you feeling something?’


“Is it uncomfortable to you?”


“What is it?’

“It’s my pussy.”

Mark looked at Margaret. She seemed unfazed by her
daughter’s use of the word.

“What’s wrong with your pussy?”

“It hurts…” her voice was almost childlike, and
definitely near tears.

Mark leaned forward, realizing the answer was near. He
partly feared it, but knew the issue had to be resolved.
Was it a sexual dysfunction? Was she a sex addict? Or the
worst case… was he not satisfying her?

“Do you know how to make it stop hurting, Kendra?”

“No.” she wailed.

Kendra’s hand cupped her crotch, oh that beautiful
crotch! Mark thought. She rubbed herself while the rest of
her body remained still. Mark felt his penis swell, but
concentrated on the instructions Margaret gave her.

“Does touching yourself help, Kendra. Does it help
your pussy?”

“Yes… a little. ”

“Ok, Kendra. What do you normally do when your pussy
hurts like this?’

Kendra didn’t answer. She sat up in the couch, and
slowly opened her eyes. They were still glazed over. She
was in her sleepwalk…

Mark and Margaret watched as Kendra stood up, and
walked to the wicker chair next to the bed. It’s armrests
where thin, tubular curves of wood. Kendra straddled one of
them, pressing her crotch against the wood.

Mark felt himself continue to grow hard as he watched
his fiancee’ start bucking on the wooden chair. The wood
was wedged between her jeans shorts, her long olive legs
jiggled as she quickly thrust up and down on the armrest.

“Does that make your pussy feel good?” Margaret asked.
Mark was amazed at her composure. She was watching her
daughter masturbate. Mark had no problem with it, in fact,
he enjoyed it. But most mothers wouldn’t be crazy about the

“Ohh. It makes it feel soo good. So good.”

“Wouldn’t you prefer Mark’s penis in your pussy?”

“No! No!”

“Why not?”

Kendra started crying as she continued humping the

“Come on, Kendra. Tell us… Don’t you like sex?”

“I love sex!” she wailed.

“Don’t you want Mark to put his penis in you?”

Mark felt a jolt of fear with the question. What if
she said no again? What if she didn’t want him? Oh God, it
was the worst!

“Go on, Mark, go!” Margaret answered for her
daughter. But he was confused by her command.

Mark turned towards Margaret. What?”

`Go! Put your penis in her. Fuck her.”

“Here? Now?”

“Do it!” Margaret whispered sternly. her tone was
enough. Mark unzipped his pants.

“Kendra, Mark is going to put his penis in you, Ok?”


Mark pulled Kendra’s still humping hips from the
chair. She finally relaxed as he undid her shorts. Mark
pulled them down, stopping momentarily as he eyed her
beautiful crotch. He loved the way her legs formed a `V’ at
her cunt. He loved the white, lacy panties and the delicate
beauty they created between her legs and up to her hips.
They were wet now, Kendra’s rubbing against the chair once
again heightened her sexual arousal. The sight helped him
forget the presence of Margaret. he didn’t look back at
her. He didn’t see the intense, almost obsessive look in
Margaret’s eyes.

She didn’t need the closet. She was in the room. She
was actually in the room where her daughter was being
fucked! Her beautiful, sweet, sexy daughter was going to be

Mark had to leave the shorts wrapped around her feet.
Her tranced body didn’t think to step out of them. Mark
slid hand along her leg, and softly kissed her panties. He
slid them down, exposing his wife-to-be. Here he was,
kneeling in front of his lover’s naked pussy while her
mother enjoyed a perfect view. Oh well, it was for Kendra’s
own good.

“Lick her cunt.”

Mark turned toward Margaret.

“Do it, Mark. Lick my daughter’s pussy.”

“I thought I was supposed to put my penis in her.”

“She likes having her pussy licked. She said so
earlier. Do it, do what she wants.”

Mark extended his tongue, and flicked it over Kendra’s
cunt. He pressed his hands between her legs, pulling the
lips open and exposing her more fully. He licked for about
a minute, until Margaret barked out the next command.

“Rub her tits. Reach up and rub my daughter’s tits.”

Mark reached up and took Kendra’s breasts into his
hands. He rubbed them, though somewhat awkwardly. His face
was buried between her legs, kissing and licking her cunt.

“No, not like that! She likes a swirling motion, with
more pinching.”

Mark stopped for a second. Kendra told her that? He
tried to adjust his technique, but soon heard Margaret
shouting again.

“No, no, no! That’s still not right. I’ll show you.”

What? Before Mark realized what was happening,
Margaret was pulling him away. She descended on her
daughter, kissing her nipples as she squeezed her breasts.
The pinches popped the nipples right into Margaret’s mouth.
She started kissing down her daughter’s chest, still
squeezing her breasts with the nipples centered at the base
of her thumbs.

Mark stepped back, absolutely dumbfounded. He was
watching his fiancee’s mother make love to her.

Margaret began licking an flicking her tongue between
Kendra’s legs with a precision and speed he never though
possible. She deftly moved from clitoris to thigh to deep

Kendra was moaning. He head was back, her hands were
moving, joining her mothers hands in the rubbing of her
breasts. She remembered her mother’s tongue. She remembered
her mother’s touch. her hips humped slightly with
Margaret’s probes. It had been so long…

Mark watched in shock as Margaret brought her daughter
orgasm. Kendra’s voice hit pitches he never though
possible. Her body quivered and shuddered with an
excitement he had never seen her experience.

Kendra crumpled on to the bed, stroking her pussy and
moaning softly. Margaret stood up, and turned towards Mark.

“Fuck her. Fuck her now.”

Mark hesitated.

“She’s a woman. She still needs the satisfaction of a
man’s penis.”

Mark looked Kendra. She was steaming with sexuality.
She was blistering with excitement. He had to fuck her. He
mounted her. Kendra moaned as his cock mushed into her
pussy. She started humping before he did. He barely moved
as Kendra’s hips pulsed in a lightning rhythm on his cock.

“Ohhh! Ohh! Yess!!!” She cried.

Mark started to feel better. She still needed him. She
still needed his cock. Kendra’s body was flailing wildly.
She screamed with orgasmic fury. She just needed better
prepping, that’s all. She just needed prepping…

Margaret watched, repeating “Good… good…” over and
over. She sat confidently, believing she was curing her

Kendra continued fucking with her eyes closed.. The
fucking she was going through still wasn’t enough to snap
her out of unconsciousness, or at least she didn’t want it

But her eyes did open for a moment. they open, still
possessed with a glaze, and saw Mark’s body inside her.

“I can’t! I can’t!” Kendra pulled back. Mark froze as
he watched his beloved scurry up to the head of the bed,
covering her wonderful opening.

“What’s wrong, Kendra? Why won’t you make love with
Mark?” Margaret seemed completely surprised. What was going
on? She knew her daughter needed her mother’s touch, but
she always liked having sex with men, too? had that

Kendra shoved her hands between her legs. “I can’t! I
can’t anymore…”

“Why not?’ Margaret asked. She must have… she must
have changed.

Mark was confused. He was baffled. And he was sacred.
Scared that his beautiful bride-to-be was going to be lost.
She didn’t want him. Or at least she didn’t want sex with

“I’m a bad girl…” Kendra whispered. “A very bad

“She feels guilty about something.” Margaret whispered
to Mark. Probably fucking her mother, Mark thought.

“Why are you bad, Kendra, what have you done?”
Margaret was certain. She preferred women. That had to be

Kendra burst into tears. Mark watched a few droplets
splash across her bared breasts. He watched as his wife-to-
be, his exposed woman, wrestle with something deep and

“I’m a bad girl…” Kendra said. “Because I’m fucking

Mark’s jaw dropped. Margaret’s eyes grew wide. She was
fucking Mark’s best friend.

Kendra wiped her streaming eyes, then rubbed her bared
cunt. “I need his penis in my pussy.”

Mark collapsed. he fell to the floor barely able to

“How… how long?”

Kendra’s conscious mind was returning. She shook her
head, looked at her mother, and then at Mark.

“About a year.”

Yes, she was conscious now. The revelation woke her
from her trance. She had tried to find love with one man.
She had tried to find the feeling she had so long ago.

But Mark wasn’t the one.

She looked at her mother, knowing she didn’t need her
anymore, but was glad to have her. Margaret smiled back.
Her daughter had come into her sexuality. She was so proud
of her.

Mark was sobbing on the floor. He couldn’t think. He
couldn’t speak. His fiancee, his beautiful fiancee that he
loved. He looked at her. She looked back. Her eyes spoke
her message for her lips: I’m not going to marry you. I’m
fucking Alan. I want to fuck Alan. She could use the word
with him. She could do everything with him. She could say,
“Alan, will you fuck me?” or “Alan, fuck me in the

She stepped forward, and kissed Mark on the cheek.
Then she looked down, and noticed her incredibly beautiful,
exposed cunt. She pulled up her panties from her legs, then
her shorts from her feet. Mark watched, absolutely stunned,
as her clothes went up her olive legs and granted him one
last look at her beauty.

Kendra turned, and walked out the door. She went to
fuck Alan.

Margaret followed behind her.