A rich woman loved to buy hookers and dominate them

Jean was a wealthy woman who was in to the BDSM scene.
She had paid for services of slaves for years now, even
had one on a full time basic. She was white in her mid
30 and wealthy enough to do anything she wanted.

That day at work she had called the agency and told
them she wanted a black slut for the weekend to use.
They promised one would arrive at 6 tonight. She called
her full time Mexican maid and slave and told her she
had the night off.

She showered when she got home and dressed in her
favorite nightie, a see through short one. She was
going to enjoy using the slut tonight.

At 6 pm, the doorbell ranged as she got up and answered
it. A large black lady in her late 20s was standing
there. She was at least a foot taller than her with a
nice large ass and tits that she could paddle all night
long if she wanted.

Her pussy was just wetting at the thought, as she
demanded her to go to the center of the room and
undressed while she took a seat on the couch. She
started rubbing her pussy as she saw her large breast
pop out when her bra was removed and then the huge ass
when the panties fell down. She was going to fuck that
ass good with her strap-on tonight.

The woman turned around and stood there awaking
instructions while Jean was massaging her pussy harder
in anticipation.

“Slut, get on your knees and crawl over here and lick
my cunt.” She yelled. “Time to meet your mistress you

The large black lady when on her knees and crawled over
as Jean lifted her nightie and pulled her panties to
the side for her face. When she arrived, she wasted no
time grabbing her hair shoving her face deep in her

“Lick bitch,” she said grinding her cunt rapidly on her
face. She was using her as a toy rubbing her cunt on
her nose as she tried to lap at her pussy. She needed
little time cumming on her face.

“Get your ass on my lap.” She commanded her. “Time to
spank some black ass tonight and yours is big enough.”

The black lady slowly got over her lap as Jean pulled
her into position and wasted no time slapping her large
ass cheeks. She was begging for mercy in no time but
Jean was going to show her who was boss and kept

“I’m going to fuck this ass of yours tonight slut and
you’re going to lick my white ass to thank me.” She
yelled down at her. “I’ve got a big black dildo just
right for your big asshole.”

She was really enjoying the feeling of dominating the
larger lady when the lady slid off her lap and got up
with tears in her eyes.

“Did I say you could get up? Get your ass back down
here now or I have you on the streets begging for money
as a whore.” She yelled at her. “I know plenty of
important people who can screw you good slut.”

“No you want,” said the black lady and slapped Jean
hard across the face knocking her back on the couch.
The lady then threw a punch to her stomach, which took
the breath out of her.

“You bitch,” Jean screamed and tried to reach up to
grab her when the woman hit her jaw with another punch
sending her flat on the couch and then turned around
and fell on her ass in the mid section of her stomach.
She couldn’t breathe for the pain as she felt her ribs
were broken.

“No more,” she screamed moaning from the floor in pain.
“Please, I won’t tell anybody. Just go.”

“No way,” said the woman. “It’s payback time for your
white ass. She grabbed her by the hair dragging her off
the couch like a child screaming. Her size was too
great to escape as she found herself be put over the
woman lap as she struggled to get free.

“Time to put some color in your white ass slut and my
name is mistress to you.” The woman commented.

She started slapping Jean ass in earnest as she
squirmed and screamed at the top of her lungs. She had
never been in this position. She had always dished it
out and didn’t care if they could take it or not. Her
ass was on fire as she pleaded and begged. Her cunt,
which was soaking wet earlier, was starting to get wet
again even though the pain was horrible. She found
herself starting to get horny as hell and quit
struggling on the woman lap. She found herself doing
something very strange to her. She started pleading to
be the woman slut toy.

The black lady quit spanking her ass and starting
laughing at her. “What have we here a rich white bitch
that wants to be a black lady slut?”

“Yes, mistress,” Jean cried below her. She couldn’t
fight the urge between her legs. Her pussy was now
soaking wet at the thought.

Her new mistress pushed her off her lap on the floor
causing her to scream as her ass hit the carpet.

“Get your white face in my cunt slut and you better
lick good or I’ll beat that white ass of yours all
night long.” She yelled at her.

Jean had never licked pussy before but got on her knees
and put her face in the woman large hairy bush. She
started licking slowly as the woman grabbed both of her
ears pulling her face deep in her cunt cutting off most
of her air supply. Her ears hurt from the pulling as
she started licking harder and the wetness between her
legs was growing. Damn, the humiliation was turning her
on more than her domination of sluts she knew in the
past. She licked faster as she finally tasted the cum
of her mistress rolling down her chin.

The black lady pushed her away and got up and bent over
with her large ass inches from Jean face as she stared
at the ass she lusted for earlier.

“I got another hole for you to lick you white trash.”
She laughed. “Get you tongue in there.”

Jean crawled forward and started licking her cheeks and
then working in between to her large hairy asshole.
Licking around it, she started working her tongue
inside slowly at first till it loosened and then in
rapid motion as a dildo. The lady was moaning shoving
her ass back and forth on her face. She could see her
put her hand to her pussy rubbing it as Jean continued
to tongue fuck her ass. Finally she bucked on Jean face
and came.

“Go to your room slut and get that big black dildo you
promise me.” She commanded. “I have just the place to
put it in.

She smiled down at Jean face covered with cum.

Jean got up and went to the table drawer pulling out
the dildo and brought it back.

“Where does this cock go slut?” The black lady asked.

“Up my white ass mistress. I’ve been a bad girl.” Jean

“Bend over slut.” The woman above commanded.

Jean turned around and bent over and spread her ass for
her mistress who wasted no time shoving the fake cock
up her ass. She felt like her ass was being ripped in
half as she had done to many sluts in the past herself.
It was everything she could do to remain standing
holding her ass apart and trying not to cry out.

“There now slut. You’re a stuff pig now for me to use.
Get on all fours and crawl around. I want to hear you
oink as you crawl.” The woman commanded laughing at her

A hard slap on her upper thighs and Jean fell to the
floor on all fours and started crawling, oinking as she

“Louder slut.” The woman called out.

“Oink! Oink!” Jean kept crawling oinking in humiliation
with her ass wiggling with the dildo deeply buried
inside. Juices from her pussy were falling on the floor
in her excited state. Her mistress gave her a kick in
the ass to help her move faster.

“Much better, now remember to wiggle that fat white ass
of yours more.” The woman instructed.

Jean kept crawling and oinking for her mistress while
trying to shuffle her ass more and more to the side.
Her mistress finally got in front of her and told her
to lick her large feet as she fell down and started
lapping on them as a dog in heat.

“I’m going to really enjoy putting a dog leash on your
neck bitch,” she yelled down at Jean tonguing her feet.
“I’m going to use that white ass and face of yours till
you beg to serve any black mistress. Now get up on your
feet bitch and suck on my beautiful tits.”

Jean got up from her position on the floor as the woman
grabbed her hair and forced her mouth on her large tit.
She tried to get most of it in her mouth and started
sucking on it as she felt her reach down and grabbed
her cunt hair pulling on them. She started sucking
harder as the woman thinking she was going to pull them
out if she didn’t do a better job. The quip on her
hairs kept her pinned to her as she inhaled more of the
tit in her mouth working her tongue on it inside.

“That’s better slut.” The woman commanded. “Now the
other one.”

Jean ass was moving sideways as her cunt hurt from the
pulling. She couldn’t get loose of the quip and started
working the other tit like the last as she could hear
her moaning in pleasure at her discomfort.

“Much better slut,” she said releasing Jean hair from
her head and pussy as Jean put her hand down between
her thighs to see if it was still there. Rubbing her
cunt she thought her hairs must have grown 2 inches
during the assault.

The lady wasn’t near done with her yet as she grabbed
her pussy in hand.

“Get on the floor on your belly slut and spread those
white legs of yours wide.” She was commanded.

Jean fell to the floor and spread her legs wide. Her
pussy was still sore but her ass hurt more from the
stretch it was being put in. The lady put her foot on
the dildo in her ass and push down causing Jean to

“From now on you’re my slut and toy. Do you understand
slut.” She pushed down again on the dildo.

“Yes, yes, mistress. I’m your slut. I’ll be your toy.
Please don’t push.” Jean yelled up.

“I think I’m going to live here for a while with you
slut.” She was instructed. Do you have any objections?
You get to lick my ass and serve me all the time.
Wouldn’t that be nice?”

“Yes mistress.” Jean moaned, as the pain in her ass was
getting intolerable.

“I’ll do anything mistress. My ass is yours. Please
mistress, no more, please.”

“Worm around on the floor for me slut.” The woman
commanded. “I want those tits of yours to feel that
carpet. Do you understand? Keep those legs wide.”

Jean started scooting forth on the carpet. Her tits was
feeling like pins were going through them but she dared
not disobey or this woman would probably stomp on her
ass. She had been cruel to her slaves but never like
this. She kept crawling and begging as her tits were
starting to feel like they were being sandpapered.

“Had enough, slut?” The woman teased her tapping her
ass with her foot. “Are you going to be a good slut
from now on?”

“Yes mistress, please.” Jean yelled loud. “I’ll be a
good slut.”

“Crawl to the corner and put your face in it.” The
woman told her. “Keep your ass bent over while I watch
TV. I’ll tend to you later.”

Jean got up and ran to the corner and bent forward with
her face in it. Her ass was sticking straight out still
plugged and her tits were red from the carpet burn. She
could hear the TV playing but dared not looked back.
She hoped the lady would go to sleep early. She
remained for about 30 minutes till the lady called.

“Get your ass over here slut. I need a footrest. Your
ass will do for a while.” She heard her yell.

Jean ran over and got down on the carpet with head on
floor and ass high. She felt the lady lay her foot on
the upper part of her ass.

“Don’t move slut or I’ll shove that dildo so deep in
your ass; you’ll never get it out.” The woman
instructed her.

Jean remained motionless with the extra weight shifting
on her butt. She remained that way for a good hour.

“I have to pee, slut. Take me to the bathroom.” She

Jean got up and led the lady to the up stairs bedroom.
She started to sit on the john when she saw a funnel
item attached over the bathtub.

“What’s that for slut? The woman asked.

Jean started crying but replied. “I use it to pee in my
slaves mouth.” She was hoping she didn’t see it.

“And how do you do that slut.” The woman smiled at her.

“I make them get in the tub and put the funnel in their
mouth and then squat on them and pee,” she cried.

The lady got up. Assume position slut. Time you drink

Jean still crying stepped into the tub as she had made
her house girl and all her previous victims do in the
past. She knew the routine as she got on her back in
the tub and put the large funnel in her mouth. The top
of the funnel was about 4 inches with the bottom was 2.

It filled her mouth and left it open for whatever was
put in. She watched her mistress get up and come over.
Straddling her head backwards, she slowly lowered
herself down on the funnel while adjusting her position
so that her pussy was centered on it. Jean could see
her asshole twitching only inches from her face and
awaited her fate.

Her wait was not long, as she felt her mistress piss
flowing in her mouth and she tried to swallow as fast
as she could to keep from choking. It was like trying
to down a full drink in one large swallow. It tasted
salted but she didn’t care as she was swallowing as
fast as she could. Finally it ended when she thought
she was going to choke.

The mistress got up and out of the tub looking back at
Jean tearful face.

“Time to wash off slut,” she said and turned the cold
water on as it splashed on her face down below and all
over her breasts. Seeing her soaking wet and shaking,
she turned it back off.

“Clean your funnel and mouth slut and shave that hairy
pussy of yours. There better be no hair down there when
you come downstairs or I’ll pull it out one by one.”
She warned her. She walked out the room leaving Jean
lying in the tub soaking wet with the taste in her

Jean got up totally humiliated but sexually excited.
She had never been this horny before. She had always
dished it out and never thought how it must have felt.
She didn’t enjoyed that last event but the wetness
between her legs told her she would never go back now.
The dildo was starting to relax in her asshole now and
she pushed it deeper in and grabbed some scissors and
razor and began the task of removing her pussy hairs.

She thought she would come with every touch of it.
Finally she inspected it and removed the hairs
remaining and when downstairs. This lady had made her
nothing but a bitch like she had done to others and she
was drooling for more punishment.

Her mistress was seated in a chair when she came down
and immediately demanded she come over and sat on her
lap as a child. She adjusted her so her ass was over
the edge and she grabbed the dildo in her ass and
demanded that she tell her all her past deeds and
others who had help her.

She was delighted when Jean told on her mother who
would come over and enjoy her slaves more than her. She
told on them all as her mistress worked the dildo in
and out her ass not caring if it got them in trouble or
not. Her mistress had enough information to put them
all in jail if she wanted but right now Jean had to
come and she was rocking back and forth on the plug.

“Get your ass up slut.” She commanded Jean. “You will
call your house girl and tell her what had happened and
that she now works for me. She is to go over to your
mother’s house and pick her up and bring her to me. She
can do what she wants with her as long as she is here
by 7.

As for that bitch mother of yours, she’s going to get
her white ass kicked by a real woman. I plan to make
her my slut too. Call her up and tell her she is to be
naked at the door awaiting Amber when she arrives. Tell
her if she dares disobeys, the films you been taken
will be all over the news tomorrow.”

Jean knew she was in trouble and pleaded for her
mistress not to include the others with no avail. She
had told on them all and didn’t even get to come.
Crying she went to the phone and made the calls. Amber
was in joy at the thought of course and even made her
tell her that she wanted to lick her asshole over the
phone. Her mother on the other hand yelled at first and
then started crying over the phone. There was no escape
now; as she pleaded, Jean hung the phone up.

Jean competed the evening bathing her new mistress and
preparing her meal. Her mistress took great delight in
making her lick her food from her pussy and ass.
Finally 7 pm came and the dreaded knock on the door.
Her mistress demanded she answer it still totally nude
with butt plugged.

When she opened the door, she saw her mother totally
nude in front of her. Her hands were tied behind her
back and her tits were roped together with stripes
across them. A cloth pin was attached to her pussy
clit. Her maid Amber, a lot smaller than her mother in
height, was standing behind her with her hand doing
something in back of her mother ass.

She was smiling and her mother was moaning. Amber was
grinning when she saw Jean and Jean could sense the
fear of revenge in her eyes. She moved aside as they
entered and noticed that mother favorite dildo was
inserted in her own asshole and Amber was pushing it in
and out. Her ass was totally striped in back also.

“Come in.” Her mistress called from inside the living
room. “Slave Jean go clean the dishes while I talk to
Amber for awhile.”

Jean went into the kitchen and started washing the
dishes grateful that she didn’t have to be in the
living room at the moment. When they were completed,
she cleaned off and walked back in. Her mother was over
her mistress lap and her ass and thighs were totally
red. She was pleading and promising to be a good slave
and slut. Amber was at her side pulling on the clamps
on her tits as she yelled. Seeing her walk in, Amber
stopped and grinned at Jean as she walked across the

Amber slapped her hard on the face.

“On your knees slut. Kiss my feet.” Amber commanded

Jean got on her belly and started kissing Amber feet
which she loved to use a belt on. Amber was laughing at
her and started putting one toe and then two in her
mouth at a time as she sucked on them.

“You must not be enjoying the taste of my foot slut,”
she said and walked behind her. She put her big toe in
Jean ass and pushed the dildo down hard in it.

“You want to do a better job this time slut.” Amber

“Yes mistress,” Jean yelled as she removed her foot and
crawled around and started sucking harder.

“Much better slut,” said Amber.

She finally removed her foot from her mouth.

“Since you like my ass so much, crawl around and lick
it slut.” Amber commanded her. “I remember all the days
I wasn’t able to sit after you was through with it and
it’s payback time, bitch.”

Jean crawled behind and started tonguing her asshole.
She knew she better do a good job because her ass was
going to be blistered in a litter while and maybe she
could save some of it. She could hear her mistress
telling her mother to dance in front of her and knew
the clamps must be pinching her tits while she was
doing it. She kept focus on Amber ass at present and
continued licking.

“Better get use to the taste, slut,” Amber called down.
“Donna has made me her personal trainer for both of you
sluts and I planned to spank those big asses of ya till
you can’t sit for days.”

Jean started pushing her tongue deeper inside as she
felt her own cunt wetting at the thought. She was no
longer proud and arrogant. All she wanted to be now was
a slut toy. Amber was laughing at something and moved
to the side to show Jean her mother.

Donna had grabbed her mother by her clit with a good
grip on it while she was dancing and her mother was
yelling that she was a slut, whore, and all other names
as she kept wiggling her ass while she danced for her
mistress. Amber sat on a chair and demanded Jean crawl
over and lick her pussy as she watched the action from
across the room.

Donna released her grip on her mother pussy and told
her to turn around and continue dancing. She grabbed
the dildo in her ass and was shoving it in and out
while she wiggled it. Her mother was sweating and
tiring fast. Her asshole would never be the same again
as she tried desperately to maintain the dance while
pleading for mercy. Finally, Donna stopped.

“I have to pee slut. You know the routine I am told.”
Donna told her. “You better be there and ready when I
get there.”

Jean mother started running towards the bathroom
upstairs while holding the dildo in her ass. Donna and
Amber was laughing at her as Amber climax on Jean face
down below.

Get on your back on the floor and put that worthless
ass of yours up in the air. I got a score to settle
with it.” Amber demanded.

Jean turned over and got on her back and lifted her
legs over her mistress knees so her ass was a perfect
target for her new trainer. Amber grabbed her ankles to
secure her position.

“I always hated looking at your fat ass but I guess
it’s not that bad after all,” she said and raising her
hand brought it down hard on Jean ass as she yelled.
“Plenty more to go slut.”

Amber was slapping her ass hard and fast as Jean was
wailing down below and could do nothing about it. The
dildo popped out of her ass due too the hard slaps as
she wiggled her ass helplessly. She was crying like a
baby when Amber finally stopped. She knew she better
not sit for awhile after that. Amber let go her legs as
she flopped down on her butt and jumped from the pain
of the carpet.

“Get your dildo with your mouth slut and bring it to me
so I can shove it up your worthless ass.” Amber
commanded her.

Jean crawled over and picked up the dildo with her
mouth and brought it back over. Amber made her open her
mouth as she toyed with her shoving it in and out
before she made her turn around and spread her ass
cheeks. Her asshole was sore and she pleaded with her
to be gentle. Instead she pushed it in while 2 shoves
causing her to yell out in pain.