It all started when I noticed my friend trying to sneak peeks down my wife’s top
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It all started one night, years back, when my friend
was at our house playing cards with us. Just your
normal card game, not strip poker or anything like

AS it was a hot night, no AC, my wife was wearing a
pair of silk pajamas. A button down top with the shorts
My wife has blonde hair and at that time, 36C tits, and
a sweet ass that got plenty of looks from guys.

As we were playing cards, I accidentally slid one of
her cards off the table. I never thought much about it,
until I dealt the next card to my friend. It was then
that I noticed his eyes were on my wife and not on my
dealing. It was just a quick glance, but enough that I
noticed it. I acted as though I was busy dealing and
hadn’t seen him, but it had got my attention, and my
mind racing. Different emotions were going through my

At first I was pissed, but the more I thought about it,
it kind of excited me! Hell, if the situation had of
been reversed, I’d have done the same thing. After
that, I noticed once in awhile when he was dealing, he
would “accidentally” slide a card of the table – always
hers of course.

I also noticed, when he thought no one was looking,
he’d adjust himself from time to time. After awhile, I
decided that he’d had enough peeks for this night. Then
I thought, why not one more?

I said, “Well, we’d better call it a night. It’s
getting late”. They agreed and we said we’ll have to
play again next weekend. My friend was REAL quick to
announce that he thought that was a good idea, as he
had nothing else planned. To end the night, as I went
to pick up the cards to put them away… wouldn’t you
know I knocked them ALL on the floor. Hehe!

As I cussed, they both were on the floor picking them
up. I picked very few up, as I was busy stealing
glances, at my friend stealing glances down my wife’s
top (unknown to her). After thanking him for helping
pick up the cards, I said, “Same time next weekend,
don’t forget.”

He assured us he’d be here. All I really wanted at this
point was for him to get the hell out of here.

When he finally left, I was excited but nervous at the
same time. It felt like my chest was about to explode I
was so excited. On the other hand, I almost felt sick
to my stomach. What would my wife think? Not only my
friend seeing down her top, but me even making sure he
got more opportunities.

I decided to get right to it and find out her reaction.
He had barely pulled away from the house, when I put
her hand on the front of my shorts. She felt my hard-on
and said, “What the world brought this on?”

I said, “I noticed Craig (not his real name) looking
down your top tonight.”

She looked at me in disbelief, saying, “Oh he did not!”

I kept trying to convince her I was telling the truth.
I asked her if she hadn’t noticed he tended to manage
tossing a few of her cards in the floor. After she
still didn’t believe me, I told her I knew how to prove
it. I had her set in the chair she had been in. I went
and got a small mirror she used when she brushed her
hair. I got a card out and tossed it in the floor, then
I sat in the chair he had been in. I told her to pick
up the card, like she had all night long. When she did,
I said, “Stay just like that! Now look in the mirror at
what he got to see.”

When she looked up, I could tell then, that she knew
he’d seen all of her tits.

At first she was pissed. She was going on about the
next time she seen him, she’d tell him she didn’t
appreciate him looking down her top like that. I told
her, she should be proud, that he was interested in
looking at them and how really it was a compliment to
her. She seemed to settle down after awhile and the
subject was dropped and we went to bed.

We had been in bed awhile, watching TV and she said, “I
still can’t believe he was looking down my top. Could
he really see all of my tits?” I told her she’d looked
in the mirror, she’d seen it all hadn’t she? I
commented how he was most likely jacking off at this
very moment! I couldn’t help but notice, her eyes had
that glassy look to them, so I decided to see if I were
correct in my thinking. I rolled on my side and in one
motion, slid my hand into her pajama bottoms. Sure
enough! My fingers slid right in… My two middle
fingers slid right in to the knuckles. Her pussy was
completely soaked!

She immediately moaned and arched her back, raising her
ass completely off the bed, bucking violently… She
had cum already. I fingered her a bit, slowly in and
out at first. I said, “So, it turns you on knowing he’s
seen you tits, doesn’t it?”

At first she said no, but I mentioned how soaked she
was and how she’d cum, almost as soon as my fingers
went in her pussy. She finally admitted she was turned
on, the more she thought about it. She asked if I were
mad about all of it, and did I really believe he was
playing with his cock thinking about seeing her tits?.
I again put her hand on my cock. This time I asked her
if it felt to her like I was mad about it. And told her
that I was positive he was doing just that.

In response, I told her to get her pajamas off and get
on her knees. As soon as she was in that position, I
slid my cock in all the way with no problem. I’m only
average in length, but have a thick cock. You couldn’t
tell it right then, though. I started fucking her hard,
slamming my cock into her soaked pussy. The faster I
fucked, the harder she wanted it.

I was ready to cum way quicker than I wanted. The
excitement of the events was more than I could hold
back. I pulled out of her pussy and shot a huge load!
It went from her ass, all the way up to her hair. It
seemed as if I couldn’t quit cumming.

After we’d both finally regained our composure, we
started talking about it again. She asked me if I were
sure that I didn’t mind my best friend, seeing his
wife’s tits. I reassured her that no, it actually
turned me on knowing that he’d seen them. Then I added,
“Maybe next weekend, we can make sure he gets some more
peeks at them.”

She wanted to know what I meant. I told her that her
pj’s obviously worked, so she would wear them again and
I’d be sure and “accidentally” slide a few cards off
the table and I was sure he would do the same. If she
were willing and wanted him to see down her top, I
suggested she use the excuse that the cards were slick
and hard to pick up off the floor. That would give him
a little extra time to get a good look at those tits of
hers. She said, “We’ll see. I’ll think about it.”

We both knew, there was no doubt, she’d be more than
ready, by the next weekend.

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