First date ends up with fat girl on her knees
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Tori Long flipped the switch that turned off the numbered sign of her register. The customer continued to unload her grocery cart, unaware that she would be Tori’s last customer of the afternoon.

As the Super One Foods employee scanned the customer’s items, she chatted pleasantly with the harried mother. The young blonde smiled tightly as her toddler continued to whine and fuss.

“One sixty nine eighty two,” Tori announced and fixed the smile on her face while the woman now tried to locate her credit card.

“Jesus, bitch, stood there with a stick up your bony ass whole time; why didn’t you look for the card then?” Tori wanted to say.

“Damn it, did I? No, no, here,” the woman muttered.

“Debit or credit?” Tori politely asked, preparing to hit the appropriate key.

After wishing the young mother a good day, Tori started the shutdown sequence of her register. As the register chattered, she push the call button on her stand.

“Coming, coming, Patrick Gernaud wheezed a few minutes later.

Tori quickly stepped out from behind the register as Patrick approached. The first few days she’d worked at Super One Foods grocery store, she’d not moved fast enough; Patrick had grabby hands and liked to rub his nearly nonexistent package against unsuspecting females.

“Hmm, oh, okay,” Patrick said, reconciling the drawer against the receipts.

“G’night,” Tori said and walked toward the rear of the store.

Patrick locked down the register then waddled to where Stephanie Mintz waited impatiently. She too stepped out from behind the register, not giving Patrick the chance to ‘accidentally’ grope her cute buttocks.

“I, uh, looks like, hmm,” Patrick mused, seeing that Stephanie was at least thirty dollars short.

In the stockroom, Tori waddled to the computer kiosk. She stood at five feet tall and weighed one hundred and seventy three pounds. Her cute pixie style haircut framed her round face, framed her almond eyes and pouting lips.

“Hey Tori,” Boyd Eastman smiled as he finished entering his employee number.

“Hi Boyd,” Tori whispered, a hot blush coloring her golden skin.

Boyd was handsome, with sandy blonde hair, strong nose and jaw, and piercing blue eyes. The six foot tall young man had played football in high school and had gone from high school to the United States Marine Corps. The good looking young man still maintained his Marine Corps physique.

“Hey I uh, you uh, you doing anything uh, you know, tonight?” Boyd stammered as Tori entered her employee number into the computer.

“I uh, no, I not really,” Tori stammered.

“I, you like Manny’s? I love their salsa, I swear,” Boyd asked as they now walked toward the store’s rear door.

“I, yeah, yeah, I love Manny’s,” Tori agreed.

“You uh, want go? Get something eat?” Boyd asked, pausing by his F150 pickup truck.

“I, yeah,” Tori said, looking over at her own Kia.

“Leave that here? I’ll bring you back after we eat?” the handsome man suggested.

At Manny’s, they were relatively early for the dinner rush so were seated right away. Over their menus, they continued to talk. They were two young people, on a date, getting to know one another. Even though they both worked at Super One Foods grocery store, she was a cashier, he was a stock boy. They saw one another all day, but rarely had time to talk.

Boyd Eastman told Tori of his time in the service, of being stationed in Okinawa, of spending time in South Korea. He did not tell her of his eighteen months of active duty in Iraq. There were still some things the former St. Thomas Aquinas student couldn’t bring himself to say out loud.

“No kidding? Jade Garden?” Boyd asked when Tori let it slip that her mother owned and managed the popular Baylor Lake restaurant.

“Mm-hmm,” Tori said. “Ever had this shrimp burrito?”

“No, I uh, I’m allergic to shellfish,” Boyd admitted. “So, uh, your momma owns that, why you working at Super One?”

“You’re kidding right?” Tori asked. “Worked there minute I was fifteen, sixty, seventy hours a week, then come to find out I’m getting paid squat?”

“Really?” Boyd asked. “I uh, I might only be a sophomore at U.L.D. but I’m pretty sure that’s illegal.”

“Mother tells me she’s putting all my money toward my college,” Tori explained. “Then when I graduate high school, she tells me,’ okay, you done with school, no more school, you come work.’ I asked her what about college and she says ‘you no need college. You come work now, no more play around, you come work.’ And so I quit.”

When Tori imitated her mother’s voice, it was a harsh, demanding voice. She even twisted her pretty face into an ugly mask of bitterness.

In an effort to change the subject from her mother, Boyd asked about the name, Tori. She said it was short for Victoria.

“Used to be Vicky,” Tori admitted. “Then one day? I felt sick, I mean horrible. My mother? ‘You no sick, you play around, you no sick, you go school. I got no time you play sick.'”

Again, the harsh voice, again the twisted mask of anger. Boyd shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

“At school? Got sick. I mean, sick. All over the place. And all I hear is ‘EW! Vicky puked! EW! Icky Vicky! Ew, Icky Vicky.’ All through school, even into high school, I’m ‘Icky Vicky.’ So, when I started at Super One? Told them my name’s Tori,” Tori said.

She then giggled. Their waitress put their platters in front of them.

“Sorry, really kind of a gross story talk about right before eating, huh?” Tori said.

“Hey, I asked, huh?” Boyd smiled tightly.

After their dinner, Boyd drove back to the grocery store. The couple sat in the cab of the truck, trying to think of something to talk about, trying to prolong their time together.

“I uh, well, I guess…” Boyd stammered.

Tori leaned over the hard console and placed her pouting lips to his full lips. Her chubby arm went around his neck.

Boyd’s left arm went around Tori’s pudgy torso, balancing her in that uncomfortable position. Her mouth opened and he slowly sucked her tongue out of her mouth.

“Mm, oh,” Tori sighed as they kissed.

“Mm-hmm,” Boyd agreed.

“I uh, what shift you got tomorrow?” Tori asked.

“Off. You?” Boyd asked.

“Late. Want come over?” Tori asked.

“Yeah,” Boyd agreed.

They kissed for a few more moments. Then Boyd got out, ran around and helped Tori out of the truck. She opened her car door and they kissed again.

Boyd followed Tori to an apartment complex on the DeGarde-Baylor Lake boundary. He saw where Visitors were to park and parked his truck.

“I’m on the third floor,” Tori said.

“Lead the way,” Boyd smiled and they kissed again.

Walking behind her, Boyd enjoyed the sight of Tori’s ample buttocks straining against the cheap polyester slacks of the Super One Foods uniform. He did not see panty lines and felt his cock, which was already hard from their heated kisses, grow even more uncomfortable.

“You looking at my butt?” Tori playfully accused.

“Yes I am,” Boyd crowed.

Tori unlocked her apartment door and urged her date in. The apartment itself was a one room efficiency. The room was twelve by fourteen, with a tiny kitchenette, a door for the bathroom
and a door for a tiny closet. The only furniture was a small table with three chairs, a bookcase which held a small television set, a floor lamp, which Tori turned on, and a small futon.

“Nice,” Boyd lied, looking around at the sparse area.

“Yeah,” Tori agreed, pulling Boyd onto the futon.

They kissed again. After a few moments, Boyd chanced touching Tori’s small breasts. She pressed her chest into his large hands and he gently squeezed the small mounds.

“Tell me what you want,” Tori whispered into Boyd’s ear.

“I want to taste you,” Boyd admitted.

Tori kissed Boyd deeply, then slid her shoes off her feet. She then wiggled out of her uniform slacks, leaving her nude from the belly down.

“Oh!” Boyd moaned as he felt Tori’s smooth thighs, her wide hips.

With another kiss to Tori’s small mouth, Boyd then slid off the futon to kneel on the floor. He urged her quite thick thighs apart and knelt between the chubby limbs.

Her pubic mound was very pronounced. There was no hair covering her puffy pussy lips as they peeked out of her plump mound. They were a dark pink in color, slick with her excitement.

Her clitoris peeked out, a fat little thumb sticking out of the folds of dark pink lips. The expanse of flesh underneath her slit was also slick with Tori’s excitement.

“Whoa!” Tori giggled as Boyd hefted her large buttocks into the air and pulled her forward on her futon.

Then, with no preamble, Boyd lowered his face to her pussy and began tasting her. Boyd licked up and down from the bottom of her slit upward. He reached Tori’s clitoris and batted it rapidly with his tongue.

“Oh shit!” Tori hissed, almond eyes shut tightly.

She unsnapped the work blouse, flinging the polyester material aside. Her 39B bra fluttered to the floor.

Tori cried
out as Boyd’s tongue delved deep inside of her.

She pinched and twisted her nipples while Boyd tasted her. Tori tugged her nipples, pulling her breasts away from her large ribcage.

“Mm!” Tori screamed in her throat as Boyd sucked her clitoris.

Her ejaculation coated Boyd’s cheeks and chin. Boyd backed away from her clitoris and lapped at her pussy lips. He then lapped at the expanse of skin between pussy and anus.

Tori grunted and wheezed after her orgasm. Her throat actually hurt from stifling the scream of pleasure.

“Oh, Boyd, that’s, that’s…” Tori protested weakly as Boyd lapped at her anus.

“Mm-hmm,” Boyd agreed.

He continued to tongue her anus. He used his strong hands to push her large globes of flesh apart. Tori jerked slightly when Boyd’s tongue speared into her rectum.

Then Boyd pushed two fingers into Tori’s rectum. He began to lick from the bottom of her pussy to the top again. He then shoved two fingers of his other hand into her pussy. His thumb mashed against her clitoris.

“Mm! Shit!” Tori grunted in orgasm.

Boyd licked and sucked Tori to two more orgasms. By the time she weakly pushed his face away from her pussy, he had three fingers stretching her anus, four fingers in her sloppy pussy.

“Boyd, I need you, need you in me,” Tori wheezed, wiggling to lay on the futon.

Boyd got to his feet and stripped out of his clothes. Tori’s eyes opened wide at the sight of his beautiful, muscled body.

Her eyes became almost round when she saw the seven and a half inches of thick meat pointing right at her pussy.

Their first fuck was just that, a fuck. Boyd forced his hard meat into her wet pussy slowly, inch by inch, until his balls rested against her sweaty ass cheeks. Then with an animalistic growl, Boyd pulled out, then slammed forward.

“Yyeess!” Tori hissed, stomach knotting up.

“Mm! Argh!” Tori screamed in her throat.

Tori felt Boyd’s thick semen jetting into her before she realized, she was fucking him bareback. This was a dangerous time for her. Then his pubic bone was pushing against her and she shook in orgasm.

“Oh well, thank God I’m on the insurance at work,” Tori thought as she squeezed Boyd tightly.

A moment later, Boyd pulled his slimy cock from her pussy. He was a considerate lover; he kissed her softly, trying to keep his weight off of her.

“Tell me what you want, Boyd,” Tori whispered, thrusting her tongue into his mouth.

She could feel Boyd’s semi-erect cock begin to grow again. She giggled, relishing the feeling of power, of happiness that came with exciting her man.

“Want that ass, God, that is the most beautiful ass,” Boyd moaned into her mouth.

Boyd wiggled off of the futon. He pulled Tori to kneel on the futon, hands gripping the back of the simple piece of furniture.

Tori looked over her shoulder as Boyd knelt behind her. The lighting was terrible, and the angle was bad, but she watched as his eyes seemed to sparkle.

“God, it’s, you’re just so fucking beautiful,” Boyd hissed and began tonguing her anus in earnest.

The sight of his semen dribbling out of Tori’s stretched pussy, trailing down her fat thighs had Boyd cock hard. But what had him nearly blasting his spunk onto her back and buttocks was the sight of her smooth, golden skin, the sight of her monumental globes of flesh.

Tori giggled, then groaned as Boyd’s tongue tickled her anus. Ever since the incident in the second grade, when she went from just being Vicky Long to being Icky Vicky, Tori had stuffed her hurt, her pain with cakes, pies, brownies, ice cream.

She had already been a bit of an anomaly; she was the only Asian child in her class. By fourth grade, she truly stood out, being Asian, and being fat. But she had never felt beautiful. Until tonight.

Boyd lubricated his fingers with the juice dribbling out of her pussy. His lubricated fingers slid easily into Tori’s tight anus.

“Oh,” Tori groaned, the feeling of being penetrated there so naughty, so nice.

“You got…” Boyd asked and got to his feet.

“Mm, damn it!” Tori groaned.

She’d been close to orgasm. His tongue in her back door, his fingers in her back door and in her pussy had her just on the brink.

“Augh!” Tori grunted as she felt Boyd’s slimy fingers at her anus again.

Then he was driving three fingers deep inside of her. The intrusion was slightly painful, very exciting. Boyd corkscrewed his fingers inside of Tori’s struggling, wiggling anus.

“Ugh!” Tori grunted when Boyd’s thick fingers suddenly pulled from her stretching hole.

“Ugh! Oh God damn! Stop, stop,” Tori cried out as she suddenly felt the head of Boyd’s thick cock at her tiny hole.

Boyd reached around, down, over her sagging belly. His fingers ran over her pubic mound and found her throbbing clitoris.

“Ugh, you fucking ass hole!” Tori grunted as Boyd pinched her clitoris, hard.

The pain in her clitoris caused Tori to shove back. This maneuver pushed an inch of Boyd’s blunt cock into Tori’s anus.

Tori could feel the ridge of Boyd’s cockhead as it rested just inside her anus. She could feel the searing pain radiating from her anus outward.

“God, beautiful,” Boyd groaned, then bent and kissed Tori’s broad shoulder.

“Boyd, please,” Tori whimpered, the pain was burning.

And he pushed forward. His cock thrust a fraction of an inch into her struggling, straining bowels. She could feel the cockhead rasping against her struggling muscles. His hot breath was at her right ear.

“Oh, Jesus,” Tori grunted; her ears were so sensitive.

“Fuck! God damn fuck!” Tori bellowed as Boyd pushed more of his cock into her stretching, struggling hole.

The searing, mind-numbing pain slowly ebbed away. Tori’s guts pulsed, throbbed with an odd warmth.

“God, Tori, you’re tight,” Boyd hissed, then sucked her ear lobe into his mouth.

“You God damned bastard,” Tori moaned.

She could feel the ridge of his cockhead rasping against her rectal walls. She could feel her muscles rippling, pulsing, trying to force him out of her. She could feel the thick vein of his cock rubbing deliciously, stretching her tightly clenched anus open.

“Mm, oh yyeess!” Tori screamed in her throat as Boyd again pinched her clitoris.

“Fuck me. Go ahead, fuck me,” Tori grunted in orgasm.

Boyd pulled his cock back until just the head of his dick rested inside of her. Then he pushed forward.

“Mm, oh Jesus,” Tori screamed in her throat as Boyd’s bristly pubic hair rested against her stretched anus.

Boyd moaned an agreement. Then he again pulled back.

In. Out. Back. Forward. Tori rested her head on the back of the futon. Her left hand grabbed her breast. Her right hand snaked down between her legs.

“Mm, oh God, yyeess,” Tori whimpered as her orgasm welled up in her guts.

“Mm hmm,” Boyd agreed, his thrusts picking up speed.

Tori orgasmed. Her sphincter muscles clamped down around Boyd’s thrusting cock. A moment after Tori’s orgasm, Boyd pumped a hot stream of his semen into Tori’s clutching bowels.

Tori got to weak legs. As she waddled toward her bathroom, Tori gave Boyd instructions on how to lower the back of the futon.

“I mean, it still works,” Tori said. “Me? Short as I am? Usually don’t even bother.”

she finished in the bathroom, Boyd did have the futon’s back lowered, creating a bed. Tori did glance away, slightly ashamed of her earlier wanton behavior.

Boyd’s gentle kiss kissed those worries away. After he used the bathroom, cleaned himself up, Boyd joined Tori on the futon.

A gentle hug turned into a gentle rub. A gentle caress turned into a soft kiss. A soft kiss turned into a passionate kiss.

“Yes, mm, yyeess,” Tori groaned in her throat as Boyd again slid his hard cock into her pussy.

They fell asleep, entwined with one another. Their nude bodies were sweaty from their exertions, their flesh stuck to one another.

In the morning, Boyd woke Tori with gentle kisses and soft touches. Then he licked and sucked her pussy to a grunting orgasm. Tori returned the favor, pulling Boyd’s cock toward her mouth.

“Mm, God!” Boyd groaned as Tori’s hot mouth and tongue coaxed him to a quick climax.

“Damn! Need do laundry,” Tori giggled, looking at the few stains on the futon’s cover.

“Oh. Well, if you already going do the cover…” Boyd said, forcing Tori to roll onto her knees.

“Mm, shit, that fucking hurts,” Tori complained, even as her hands reached back to pull her fleshy ass cheeks apart.

She eagerly awaited the intrusion. Her hole twitched and throbbed with anticipation.

When she felt his greasy cock touch against her anal opening, Tori shuddered, then drove herself back. Boyd slid nearly half of his thick meat into her on the first thrust.


Tori Long flipped the switch, turning off the numbered sign. The customer continued to unload her cart onto the conveyer belt, unaware that she would be the Super One Food’s employee’s last customer of the day.

Boyd Eastman pushed another long line of carts into the store. He looked over and
when he saw that Tori had turned her sign off, indicating that her lane was closed.

Looking at the short, plump woman’s taut buttocks as she scanned the customer’s items, Boyd’s cock began to swell. Then, when Tori turned to drop the customer’s items into the bags, Boyd’s could see Tori’s beautiful belly, becoming swollen with his, their baby. His cock jerked to full hardness.

In high school, Boyd Eastman had been the quarterback. He had dated Antoinette Delacroix, an adorable, and quite slender cheerleader. They’d given their virginity to one another. At that time, Boyd had been a selfish lover. He had been the quintessential ‘Minute Man.’ Jump on, hump, jump off.

In time, that relationship fizzled out; he found out later that Toni was in fact gay. But after Toni, there had been a long series of empty relationships. Each relationship had been based solely on looks, not on substance.

In San Diego, Boyd had gone with a few of his buddies to a Mexican restaurant. A table near theirs had four laughing, squealing, giggling teenaged girls. Buying their meals got the seven Marines the girls’ attention.

Carmen latched onto Boyd Eastman. After their meal, she took him to her studio apartment.

“Hey, hey, what’s your hurry, huh? You Rapido Gonzales?” Carmen cooed. “No, no, take your time. Enjoy it.”

He was an hour late returning to base. His sergeant looked at the grinning young man, smirked, and told him he’d earned KP duty for the next week.

“Let’s see if scrubbing a few hundred pots will teach you to tell time, Eastman,” the man barked. “Was she worth it? I can smell her kootchie all over you, boy.”

“Sir Yes sir, she was worth every one of them fucking pots sir,” Boyd hollered in reply.

Carmen had taught Boyd to pleasure his partner. She had taught him to eat pussy, and to like eating pussy. The first date Boyd had with Tori, he had done his best to show Tori what Carmen had taught him.

In Boyd’s first deployment to the sand pit of Hell, men would stand around, showing off pictures of their wives, their girlfriends. Lance Corporal Tom Norman nodded agreeably as his fellow Marines bragged about their girlfriends, their wives. Then he’d show them a photograph of a chubby little blonde.

“Norman, huh? What the fuck. She’s a porker, huh?” more than one man would exclaim.

“And every ounce of that woman is all mine,” Tom would smile. “I am over here’ she’s back home in Oakleaf. And I don’t have lose a minute of sleep worrying ’bout what she’s doing.”

“Aw, fuck you, Norman! God damned ass hole,” more than one man would snarl bitterly.

Wives, girlfriends giving in to temptation happened more than many would like to admit. Tom’s simple words hit home with many a man, and a few of the women as they sweltered in that miserable slice of the Middle East.

Boyd asked Tom to show him the picture again. Tom smirked and pulled out a second photograph, one that he did not share often. It was of the same chubby blonde, standing nude.

“Lot of those guys? Got spend every minute kissing their girlfriends’ asses, their wives’ asses,” Tom smiled. Them girls? Think they something special. “My Jill? Thinks I’m something special. She’ll do anything I want, no matter how nasty.”

Upon his return home, unsure of what to do, Boyd decided to get a job at Super One Foods grocery store. Sitting around, trying to figure out what to do with the rest of his life was not providing an income.

Boyd had reconnected with a few friends from high school days. He’d even reconnected with a few old girlfriends. And, the past seemed to be just as empty as it had before his joining the Marines. Many of those girls seemed to think he should jump through hoops, perform like a trained seal, just for the privilege of being with them.

Boyd Eastman knew he wasn’t anything special; he was a jarhead. But, jarhead or not, he didn’t think he should have to kiss ass just to get a little pussy.

Now, standing just inside the store, watching his girlfriend, Boyd smiled. Jarhead or not, Boyd knew Tori thought he was something special. And he vowed, he’d do what it took to prove her right; he would be something special for her.