Fat Sharon pleasuring herself
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Fat Sharon

Sharon was a fat girl, a Big Beautiful woman; with an emphasis on both the ‘big’ and the ‘beautiful’. But she wasn’t scared of using the ‘f’ word, in fact it annoyed her when other overweight women described themselves as ‘Big’ or used some other pseudonym.
Sharon peeled back the pretty floral bed set and opened the curtains, Saturday had arrived at last, her special day for herself.

She had been single for a while and had gotten to experimenting with her body, on her own; actually having more pleasure by herself than she’d had with her previous lover. The phone was already switched off and the door was locked.

Sharon liked to sleep naked and last night had been no exception: she sat up and smiled to herself in the mirror, the chubby face and red cheeks that she’d been teased about mercilessly in her childhood but now rather liked; her long wavy fair hair, her large breasts lolling downwards.

She was kind of a girlie girl and liked feminine things: her bed linen had bright flowers on a cream coloured background with a frill to the edge, her carpets a deep pile soft pink and her Vanity Unit was an ornately trimmed white unit with a triple aspect mirror.

A simple pink topped stool, with a vinyl seat was practical for her to sit on when she applied her make up or wanted to watch herself as she enjoyed solo pleasures.

Many a man would have loved for it to be his face she was sitting on rather than the padded seat.

This morning she slowly got out of bed, noticing the weight of her tits as they, completely unsupported, sagged towards her generous belly, as she went to the wardrobe to get a pair of black leggings, a pretty polka dot blouse and a simple black bra with matching full back briefs.

She smiled at her own reflection in the large wall mirror as she sat on the edge of the bed, admiring her full lips, her soft fleshy spare tire and her equally generously proportioned ‘thunder thighs’.

She lifted one foot then the other and slipped on the knickers, trembling a little with the excitement of what she knew was coming.

Big knickers are perfect for a big arse and Sharon stood in this cheap simple black pair in a shiny polyester fabric, feeling cheap and slutty; perfect.

She turned a little to adjust her knickers, and admired her side profile, noticing the flabbiness of her inner thighs, the folds of flesh which travelled around to her front to meet her breasts, the wisps of minge fur escaping from the front of her knickers and the swell of her fat butt cheeks similarly escaping at the rear.

She turned away from the mirror to get her Bra, ignoring her need to pee, and sat on the bed.

She played with the saggy folds of spare flesh around her stomach, before slipping the plain black Bra over her wide shoulders, fixing the clasp and finally, adjusting her long hair as it tumbled to her shoulders.

Her ample tits looked so pretty in the cups and her reflection smiled back at her as she sat, enjoying the beginning of her Saturday playtime and wondering why on earth she had ever wished she was slim.

It made her feel sexy sitting there in her bra & panties and staring at herself in the mirror and she decided to delay the moment by brushing her hair, something which always felt sensual.

She took her time, gently removing the occasional knot and enjoying the feeling of her golden brown hair as it lightly caressed her naked shoulders, a few more months and it’d reach to her generous cleavage; how sensual it would be to brush her soft shiny hair against her soft womanly breasts.

Now she needed shoes. She adored shoes and had a wide variety to choose from. Strappy, Classic, Modern in all sorts of colours.

She took a moment to consider which would be best for her pleasure and chose a pair of very high black strappy heels, which she had last worn to quite a wild party, they weren’t particularly easy to walk in, but she hadn’t bought them for walking, or for comfort.

She loved how they helped to shape her fat calves into a very sexy arch that men, and women; seemed to find irresistible; and they made her a little taller too… when she wasn’t on her back that is.

She returned to the mirror with them in her hand, then sitting down and pointing her toes she just about squeezed them around her wide feet and carefully clasped the narrow ankle strap prettily around her wide ankles.

Sharon was a fat girl, a Big Beautiful woman; with an emphasis on both the ‘big’ and the ‘beautiful’.

But she wasn’t scared of using the ‘f’ word, in fact it annoyed her when other overweight women described themselves as ‘Big’ or used some other pseudonym.

There was nothing wrong with being fat, as long as you could enjoy life, and Sharon definitely did that.

She had grown to love her arse with its generous cellulite and the way it wobbled as she walked, the view of it in side profile and the feeling of a nice large toy up her arsehole when she had a fun day like today.

She liked to dress up for her days off, but for the moment a pair of tight leggings and a tight fitting T-shirt would suit her purposes best, she’d learnt that something simple such as leggings felt the best when she pissed herself.

It was a bit impractical pulling the tight black leggings over her high heels, but her ‘fuck me’ shoes added so much to the simple Bra & Panties as she admired herself in the mirror, that the small inconvenience of manouevring them past the high heels was worthwhile.

She stood and admired herself face on in the mirror, noticing how her folds of stomach flesh creased and sagged a little over the waistband of the tight leggings.

She pulled on her pretty blouse, which was a size or two too small, struggling with her fat fingers to do up the buttons across her sizeable chest and finally freeing her long fronds of hair from the collar and re-arranging them over her shoulders before heading to the kitchen.

Breakfast now, she thought, and went to the kitchen to fix herself some Toast, Orange Juice and of course; Coffee. There was no point checking the telly on a Saturday morning for anything interesting to watch, so instead she selected one of her favourite DVD’s for background entertainment; the model, Hannah, a middle aged brunette with a 44FF bosom and a huge size 24 body modelled various outfits solo, before a male, or female friend appeared.

She’d seen it many times but nevertheless watching it always made her horny.

It wasn’t long before Sharon found herself crossing and un-crossing her legs and pressing her thighs together as she gorged herself with food: what had started off as breakfast had become something more, much more; but hey, today was her special day, she had lots of time and didn’t feel the need to limit herself to just one or two portions of Toast, Cereal, Cake, Coffee or Chocolate.

There had been a Gateau in the fridge too, defrosted overnight from the freezer for entertaining some Guests tomorrow. She could easily go shopping for another.

With the coffee, the food and the video, inevitably, Sharon needed to pee, but the holding it back as long as she could was fun. A couple of times she had to check herself to see if she’d managed to hold her pee back, feeling around with her fat fingers inside her knickers for longer than was really necessary…

…but it was after she’d devoured the last of the Cake and walked towards the full length bedroom mirror, enjoying the click clack of her heels on the tiled floor; that she realised it was too late, she had to go.

A squirt escaped from Sharon’s piss hole as she hurriedly re-positioned the small seat from the vanity unit in front of the full length mirror and she opened her knees to view the slight stain in the crotch of her black leggings.

She loved to watch herself piss and she watched in the mirror as the small patch of wet warmth grew, then started to cascade in rivulets down her fat thighs, past her knees and her generous calves.

In a moment it would reach the bottom of her leggings and seep along the top of her foot, into her shiny black shoes and around her toes.

She enjoyed the pleasure of the wet clinginess of the cheap leggings against her limbs and watched her facial expressions change in the mirror as she pushed everything she had out.

It was unbelievably erotic and before she knew it she had pulled the waistband of her leggings away from her body and placed her hand inside her wet knickers.

She’d done well with filling her bladder over breakfast and the wetness had spread to her arse so that she was also sat in her how own pee.

Trembling now with excitement, she continued past her thick and hairy
pubic bush, easing her labia apart and rubbing her clitty.

It wasn’t long before the aroma of her ladycum joined the scent of her piss and Sharon fetched her favourite purple toy from a Drawer and pushed it firmly up her wet fanny; before switching it on and adjusting her big knickers and her leggings to hold it in place.

Feeling thoroughly wet and naughty, in more ways than one; Sharon then headed back to the kitchen for a Beer, this was the 21st century after all; ladies could drink from cans, and besides the
more she
drank the sooner she’d be able to piss herself again.

She walked around the apartment some wiggling her large arse to get the best of the feeling of the wetness around her crotch, listening to the sexy beat of her heels and feeling the piss in her shoes as it squelched between her toes.

Occasionally she watched some of Hannah’s performance on the movie, increasing the speed of the buzzing toy inside her cunt at one of her favourite scenes when Hannah rides her stud’s cock reverse cowgirl on the small screen, with all of her fatness rippling and bouncing with the movement. She admired the woman’s stamina!

After a few minutes of this, she could walk no longer, and plonking herself down on the sofa, surrendered to a knee-trembler of an orgasm. Ooh, that was good.

Satiated for now, Sharon relaxed with her Beer, Porn and her wet clothes, occasionally caressing the generous, soft rolls of fat around her midriff, or feeling the weight of her huge breasts, or pinching her fat thighs.

It was approaching mid-day now, and it was a beautiful day outside, perhaps she should enjoy some fresh air, or go shopping for a replacement Gateau for her friends tomorrow.

But first, she needed to get clean, so she headed to the bathroom and turned the shower on…