Boys for the wife’s pleasure
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The moment Jessie touched herself she knew her fingers wouldn’t be enough. She slowly rubbed the slick folds of her wet cunt and let her legs fall open as she contemplated her dilemma.
She frequently went to bed long after her husband John was asleep. She had enough energy for six women while John started yawning by eight o’clock.
Sometimes she wondered why she married John, but in her heart she knew. For one thing she loved him and she knew he loved her.
Even as a young girl, a teenager, she’d known that one man wasn’t enough for her. She had never tried being faithful to John and after ten years of marriage he still gave her all the freedom she needed to canyon with her affairs.
Working part-time helped. She met lots of men at work and had many brief encounters. And then there was David, her boss. She and David had a very special relationship. The sex was good and they made no demands on each other. Yes, her job was important to her life.
Dear John, she thought as she rubbed her gooey fingers around her pussy. I wonder if he’s sleeping. Sometimes she sucked him off while he slept. Occasionally he awakened and they fucked that didn’t happen often, but it might be fun to try. Anyway, sucking him off always turned her on, especially since her fingers now weren’t giving her what she needed.
John was snoring when she entered the room. As usual his clothes were strewn all over the place. She slipped out of her robe and gazed at him. The blanket covered him from the waist down. He had a good body and a year-round tan. He mumbled in his sleep when she touched his chest. She slowly pulled the covers back. His cock was hard. He had a hard-on but when he was awake, his interest in sex was minimal.
Neater, his cock was hard now and she was horny. While she would have loved having it deep inside her juicy cunt she would settle for blowing him.
Now she kneeled over him and took his cock in both hands. She quickly ran her tongue-tip up and down his thick cock shaft. He didn’t stir. Not even when she whipped her tongue over the sensitive underside near his plum-shaped cockhead.
She began drooling at once. Sucking cock always made her drool. John sighed and shifted his ass around, but his breathing remained regular and she wasn’t afraid of awakening him.
Her pussy drooled too. It fairly dripped with anticipation. She would have loved climbing on top of John and taking his cock inside her. That would be taking a chance that he would awaken and roll over onto his belly, depriving her of even a blow-job. No, it was better not to take the chance. A cock in the mouth was better than no cock at all.
Some of her friends complained about their husbands. They said their men were bored with them sexually. That wasn’t Jessie’s problem. John’s sexual needs hadn’t changed one iota. No, she never complained about John in female bull-sessions. She was getting exactly what she expected when she married at the age of eighteen and so far she was happy enough with the arrangement.
Now she concentrated on making his cock even stiffer. She made a ring of her lips and slid them halfway down his cockshaft. Just then he stirred in his sleep and she felt his fingers on the back of her neck. Still sucking his prick, their eyes met.
“Come here,” he yawned.
She moved up close to him, kissed bun on the lips and crawled on top of him.
“Fuck me,” she said.
“I’m too tired. Finish sucking me off.” As he spoke he casually squeezed her tits. Impatient, Jessie pushed her nightgown down and exposed her big tits.
“Suck them,” she said.
“Jesus, I was sleeping.”
She shoved a tit into his face. “Suck it anyway.”
“Aw, hon, first you wake me up and now you want me to make love to you.” Of course he was right.
“Just suck me a little.”
He opened his jaws and began sucking her tits.
“Are you satisfied now?” he mumbled. “You’re a good boy, John.” His cock throbbed violently against her thigh. “Next thing you’ll be wanting me to suck your pussy.”
She immediately brightened. “Are you in the mood?” When she raised her nightgown and exposed her cunt, he yawned again.
“Okay, I’ll give it a little suck.” She was happy to take whatever he offered.
It wasn’t every day she could get him to go down on her. Stretching out on her back, she opened her legs. The puffy lips of her pussy opened. John smirked when he bent down over her.
“You’re always wet.”
“Play with it.”
Instead of licking her cunt he reached down and touched it. She shivered when his single finger caressed her cunt folds. The closer his finger came to her clit the more excited she became.
“Are you satisfied now?” he said. “I’m awake. God knows when I’ll fall asleep again.”
“You’re a sweet guy, John. I really appreciate what you’re doing.”
It was true. He didn’t much enjoy playing with her pussy. But he knew she liked it so occasionally he accommodated her.
“Are you anywhere near coming?” he said.
She sighed. “I will be if you kiss it.”
“I should have pretended I was still sleeping. Then you’d have sucked me off and stopped bugging me.”
“Is that what you usually do?”
He wrapped his arms around her ass and pressed his lips to her cunt.
“Mmmmmmm, that’s nice,” she said, writhing her hips.
He pushed a finger into her cunthole and licked her clit. She thrashed her legs around.
“Keep sticking your finger in me,” she said. He thrust his finger into the slippery heat of her cunt.
“Do you want to fuck?”
“Yeah, but not yet. Suck me a little longer.”
“My cocks going down.”
“I’ll bring it up again.”
He screwed a second finger into her pussy. She gyrated her ass and moaned to let him know she was enjoying it. Her pussy creamed around his fingers.
“Why don’t you turn around and let me suck you too?”
“I’m not in the mood.”
“But you love when I suck your cock.”
“Don’t press your luck. I’m finger-fucking you, aren’t I?”
She was becoming wildly excited. She rammed her curt up at his screwing fingers and let the intense pleasure build.
“Yes, darling, yes.”
As her excitement increased her body tensed up. Suddenly she exploded in a climax. She shrieked and trembled and when it was over John had rolled over onto his belly.
“Why did you stop?” she said.
“I’m bushed.”
“But you haven’t come.”
“I don’t care.”
She tried wedging her hand under his crotch. He pushed it away.
“It went down. Go to sleep.”
She knew that tomorrow her boss would be happy to douse the fire in her snatch. But she wanted it tonight. Sometimes John was so damn exasperating.
Pushing him over, she took his cock into her mouth. He groaned, but rolled onto his back.
“Okay, okay, take it easy.”
She sucked him ravenously. She snaked her fingers into his asscrack and toyed with his brownie while she sucked. At one point he grabbed her by the hair and lifted his ass from the bed. Then with a violent lurch he came in her mouth.
She was sorry at once that she’d brought him off. I’ll never get to sleep until I’ve masturbated, she thought as his jism filled her mouth.
Jessie closed her thighs around David’s hand. She felt her excitement mount. He had been driving her home from the office when he pulled off the freeway and parked. That was one of the things she loved about her boss. He was so unpredictable.
“How did you know I was horny?” she said.
He slipped his fingers inside the crotch of her panties and touched her wet warm pussy.
“You get a look on your face that’s unmistakable,” he smiled.
“What would I do without you?” She whimpered as his fingers penetrated her cunthole.
“What would I do without you?”
His fingers reached far inside her cunt. She snapped her pussy around his fingers.
“It’s too bad we can’t go all the way here,” she said.
“We could if you want to.”
“Maybe we better not, but that sure feels good.”
“I’d know your pussy anywhere Jess.”
“Oh, Lord, David, you can’t do that here.” He had pushed her skirt all the way up and exposed her crotch to passing cars. His thumb was firmly pressed against her clit as his fingers sawed in and out of her pussy.
“Not my asshole!” she giggled when he managed to wedge a finger inside her bung. “Why not your asshole?”
She trembled violently as he rimmed her asshole with a fingertip.
“Oh, that’s too good!”
It was David who had shown her sensitive spats on her body she had never known existed. He did things to her no other man had ever done. She was lucky to have him and she knew it.
Now she gasped as his fingertip entered her shitter. He still had a finger in her cunt and she wriggled around excitedly.
“You’re going to bring me off, you stinker.”
“Isn’t that the idea?”
“Mmmmmm, that’s heavenly.”
Her panties were down to her ankles now and her legs widespread.
“I was just going to bring you off and take you home, but I’m getting turned on. When I’m through with you, I’m going to need some attention.”
“You know that’s no problem, but we’ll both have some explaining to do when we get home.”
“Myra’s visiting her mother. She’ll be home late.”
Jessie brightened. His fingers were driving her crazy, but she wanted more. And if Myra was away she could get at it at the risk of being late herself. But she wanted his cock inside her. She wanted to get fucked. If John’s dinner was late, well so what?
She watched David open his fly. Cars whizzed by and it was light enough for them to be seen by prying eyes. Just then the big head of his cock came into view. In a matter of minutes he’d be shoving it into her pussy. Audience or not, she couldn’t resist.
“Should we get in the back seat?” she said, reaching for the door.
“There’s a big tree over there. No one can see us there.”
They climbed out of the car. Jessie made a dash for the tree while David grabbed a blanket from the trunk before following her. He was laughing when he reached her and took her into his arms.
“This is crazy – even for us!” she giggled. “You know what they say about all work and no play.”
His hands were on her ass, squeezing and kneading and inching between her legs.
“Remember the time you fucked me in your office?”
“It was a little awkward, wasn’t it?”
He plunged his tongue into her mouth and rammed a finger up her pussy.
“Oh, God, I think I’m coming!”
“Let it out.”
She let out a husky growl when she came. Her juice drenched his hand and when she stopped groaning David was laughing.
“Now your pussy is ready for me. And I want it, baby. I want to stick my big cock right into your juiced-up pussy and dump my load.”
“Do it, David.”
“Get down on the blanket.”
Together they sank down on the blanket. He quickly covered her body with his.
“Put it in, quick,” she whispered.
She reached for his cock and squeezed and caressed it. It was thick and hard and she’d felt it stretch her pussy hundreds of times.
He was a highly sexed man. When she went to work for him, he quickly told her he was insatiable when it came to sex and his wife didn’t satisfy him. But then no one woman could. In essence David was Jessie’s male counterpart.
Now she felt wild and free and a little frightened too, stretched out half-naked on the blanket. They could no longer be seen by passing cars, but they were visible to anyone walking by.
The air felt strange on her bare ass and cunt.
Tingles ran up and down her spine as she waited for David to mount her.
She heard herself moan as his cockhead touched her pussy. Her erected clit snapped to attention as his cock plowed into her depths. She raised her legs and held them out, knees bent and thighs spread. The violent contractions of her cunt made David wince.
“Oh, God, give me all of it!” she gasped. With a final lunge he penetrated her deeply. “Now you’ve got it all, you hot bitch.”
“And I love it.”
“It’s so damned good out here in the open.” She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. A single bee flew in circles near them. What if it stung David on the ass at the moment of climax?
He slowly eased himself out of her body and then thrust in again, almost brutally. Her pussy held him tight and when he pulled out again she welcomed the rapid succession of violent blasts that followed.
“Fuck me!” she gurgled, her ass thrashing wildly.
“Oh, baby, I’m going to fuck you until you scream.”
As he pounded her pussy his cock rasped against her clit. She felt another climax surge through her. It was warm and liquidy, delicious as ever. She floated into space momentarily as the exquisite sensations engulfed her.
“Oh, David, that was a good one!”
“I can feel it on my cock.”
Her pussy continued spasming around his prick. She came again and this orgasm was more intense than the first two. It started in her toes and traveled up to her throat. She showed, her gratitude and affection as her cunt sucked on his prick.
His jism started spilling into her and she welcomed it with her strong milking cunt muscles. When he was through, he held her against him until he caught his breath.
“That was the greatest,” he said after a while.
“For me too.”
“The blanket’s full of come.”
“My clothes are a mess.”
“So’re mine.”
“Maybe we better get up. John hates when his dinner’s late.”
“Yeah, I almost forgot.”
He walked at her side as they returned to the car. She tucked her panties into her purse and brushed her hair briefly. She fixed her stockings and smoothed down her skirt.
“Do I look like a woman who just got fucked?” she giggled.
“You look well-fucked, if that’s what you mean.”
Driving home, Jessie thought about John. She was in a good mood. Maybe I’ll fix his favorite salad, she thought as she linked her arm through David’s. It’s the least I can do, coming home late like this.

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