Boys for the wife’s pleasure 2.
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“Why don’t you take my cock out and pump it? You’re not the timid type. Hell, I’ve seen you bopping around here, shaking those tits of yours. And you’ve been checking out my crotch too. Don’t think I’ve missed that.”
His name was Brad. He was in his early twenties and had only been with the company a few weeks. As usual Jessie was anxious to try him out. She and David played a game. She fucked all the new male employees and he fucked all the new girls.
Now he leaned against her desk and pushed her tits out. Folding her arms over her chest, she cocked an eyebrow at the young man.
“Kind of fresh, aren’t you?”
“Yeah,” he leered.
“What makes you so sure I’m interested in you?”
“You’ve been around. I told you. I’ve seen you checking me out.”
“Maybe you’re not my type.”
He grinned as he opened his fly, took her hand and moved it inside. “I’m your type all right.” She closed her fingers around his half-stiff cock. “Take it out, baby. You can jerk me off now. And if you’re dying to suck it, I can take a break from my work. We can get down to some serious fucking later, on my lunch break.”
He was fresh and horny just her type. His cock felt warm and strong against her fingers. She couldn’t help begin pumping the shaft.
“I guess it wouldn’t hurt if I just took it out,” she drawled.
“It’ll get even bigger.” His eyes glittered as he stared at her cleavage.
“You certainly don’t lack confidence.”
“That’s why the boss hired me, isn’t it?”
“No, he hired you because he knew I’d like your big hard cock, silly.”
“Go on, get down there and suck it.”
“It’s too risky in here. Someone might walk in.”
“You’re dying to.”
“I don’t deny that.”
She kept stroking and pumping his prickmeat. She giggled to herself. She knew the door was locked.
“I think I’m gonna like this job just fine,” he grinned. “Come on, baby. You know you want to. Get those pretty lips wrapped around my cock and we’ll both have a more productive afternoon.”
Still smiling, he pushed her head down. Kneeling before him, she placed her lips over his plum-shaped cockknob. Her senses reeled. She loved starting a new affair.
“You’ve got a tasty cock,” she said, gazing up into his eyes.
“I noticed you the first day I got here. I’ve been wondering how long it would take for us to get together.”
“I don’t normally suck off strange men.”
“Yeah, I can see that,” he snickered. She opened her jaws wide and sucked his entire cockhead into her mouth. He laced his fingers in her long thick hair as she lapped her tongue back and forth over his piss-slit. He began fucking her mouth.
“Is it true you’re David’s right-hand woman in more ways than one?”
He moved his hips slowly, careful not to feed her more cock than she could handle easily.
She nodded, scraping her teeth over his shaft and on the sensitive underside of his cockhead.
“You could say that. Let me take your balls out.”
“I dig older women.”
He shoved his pants down to his knees. “If anyone walks in here now, what’ll we do?”
“You were the one who started this. Stop worrying. I locked the door.”
He gazed at her with open admiration in his eyes.
“You’re something else!”
“Shut up and let me suck.”
The blood was coursing through the veins of his cock. She was enjoying herself.
“Faster,” he said, sawing his prick into her throat. “Use your fingers to beat it. I’m gonna come soon. Do you swallow?”
She whipped her fist up and down his cockpole and sucked the knob.
“Sure I swallow. You’ve been playing with girls, not women.”
“You’re a real woman, aren’t you?”
She shrugged. “Do you want to come now? We can fuck later if you want. Is that okay?”
“We can’t do it in here, but I can come to your office.”
“Jesus, yeah!”
“This thing is about to go off. Can you get it up again by the lunch hour?”
He trembled. “Yeah, sure.”
“Come in my mouth.”
He groaned and rammed into her gaping mouth. His jism splashed hotly into the back of her throat. She swallowed convulsively, catching every drop and relishing its taste.
She squeezed her thighs together. A tiny orgasm coursed through her. She continued sucking after his balls were limp. When she rose up, she licked her lips and winked.
“I’ll see you at noon,” she said. “And remember, you promised you could get it up again.”
He looked stunned. “I figured you fort tease, but this sure beats all.”
She moved behind her desk, picked up the telephone and began dialing.
“You do fuck, don’t you?”
He nodded, zipping up his fly as he stared at her.
“Yeah, I fuck.”
“I think you’ll fit into the company very nicely. Now get out of here and let me finish up my work. I’ll be in your office at noon.”
Brad was shaking his head as he left her office. When David answered her ring, she giggled.
“I just had Brad in here,” she whispered. “The kid’s okay.”
When she hung up the phone, she went into her private bathroom to pee. She thought about how she’d masturbated that morning and she looked forward to her lunch date with Brad.
As she wiped herself she thought about Brad. He was a sweet young man and she looked forward td fucking him. Jerking off after John left for work just made her hotter for cock. Thank God for work, she thought, still rubbing her clit. Her brothers had spoiled her and given her lots of attention. No wonder no one man could satisfy her now that she was a mature woman. I’m just a horny bitch, she thought as she flushed the toilet and rinsed her hands. She glanced at herself in the mirror and freshened her lipstick. Then she couldn’t resist squeezing her thighs together. That felt so good she lifted her skirt and shoved her hand inside her panties.
She had always masturbated a lot. Her brothers had taught her how at an early age. Even as a bride she had jerked off daily. After ten years of marriage she even used her fingers in front of John.
Another hour and she’d go to Brad’s office.
The secretary in that area was a prim old-maid. David liked to keep her around for contrast. Seeing her made him appreciate Jessie that much more.
When Jessie returned to her office, she felt restless. She was worked up and unable to get anything done. She wondered what kind of lover Brad would turn out to be. Sometimes the ones who talked a good game were lousy at the action. Soon enough she’d find out. God, she was horny!
As usual the old maid secretary glared at her when she showed up at Brad’s office.
“Is he expecting you?” Miss Smith said sternly.
Jessie breezed by. “You’ll never learn, will you?”
Miss Smith winced. “Learn what?”
Jessie thrust her pointed tits out. “Oh skip it.” She flounced off into Brad’s office.
“I’ve been waiting for you,” he said, rising up from his desk and crossing the room to greet her.
She grimaced. “That damn Miss Smith always makes me feel like a slut.”
“She’s just jealous.”
“No woman has to look that dowdy. I think she’s got a crush on you.” Jessie giggled. “You’ve got to be kidding,” Brad smiled, put his hands around her waist and undressed her with his eyes. He wasted no time in pushing his hands under her sweater and pawing her tits.
“Why don’t you give her a thrill and slip it to her?” she asked. “Maybe I will.”
“You know, I wouldn’t mind being a fly on the wall if that happens.”
He pushed her sweater up to her neck and squeezed her nipples.
“I’ll let you know. Who knows what lurks under those baggy clothes she wears.”
“Forget her,” Jessie sighed. “I don’t give a damn who you fuck as long as you take care of me now.”
He pushed her bra down and lowered his head to her chest. He brushed his lips over her stiff nipples and murmured softly.
“I can tell you now I never thought you’d show me…”
“Do you like my tits?”
“Who wouldn’t? They’re big and sucky.” She caught her breath and touched his cock through his pants. It felt stiff ad stood straight up. Immature or not, he had irresistible equipment.
She felt her face grow warm and flushed with raw desire.
“We can use the sofa,” she said. “Let me take the rest of your clothes off.”
“Let’s not make a big deal out of a quickie, after all.”
He looked hurt, almost like a little boy. Suddenly he grinned.
“You really got a swell pair of tits…” She softened when he almost reverently squeezed her tits.
“I’m ready whenever you are,” she whispered, pulling his head down and kissing him.
“Jesus, I’d love to suck your pussy first.”
“You don’t know the first thing about office sex.”
“Teach me.”
He looked so sweet and horny she melted. “Tell me exactly what you want to do.”
“I want to suck your pussy.” She sighed impatiently. “Why?” He looked confused. “Because I dissecting wet cunt.”
“We’re making progress.”
She glanced at the sofa. It was small. There was no way they could stretch out.
“I guess I could try lying down.”
“Yeah, lie down and spread those legs for me.”
She moaned when he nuzzled his mouth against her crotch-covered pussy. Her cunt twitched with anticipation as he licked up and down the damp nylon.
“Take them off!” she hissed.
“In a minute.” He pushed her thighs back and cupped her asscheeks. “Man, what a meal.”
“I have to admit you’ve got good hands. Stick your fingers in there. Yes, in my asscrack. I like being touched there.”
“Like this?”
“Yes, that’s good. You can stick your finger in there if it turns you on. I like having a finger in my ass.”
Suddenly he yanked her panties down.
“Jesus, what a feast this is!”
“Get your mouth on it. I’ll bet that damn fool woman is listening at the door.”
“You’ve got a beautiful pussy.”
“You told me that before. You wanted to suck it, so get moving. I don’t have all day.”
He lapped his tongue tentatively over her cuntslit.
“You ought to see how your clit is standing up.”
She reached down and felt her clit.
“I know what it looks like. Don’t you think I’ve used a mirror? Come on, Brad, baby, it needs kissing. Give it a kiss and suck my clit. Then we’ll fuck and take Miss Smith out other misery.”
Her cunt felt inflamed. Brad had come on strong she thought he’d be an experienced cocksman. Now she realized he had a lot to learn. She didn’t mind teaching him, but right now she wanted to get laid, period.
She knew she was intimidating him, but she couldn’t worry about that. She grabbed his head and shoved his face right into her trench. She closed her thighs around his head to imprison him. Moving her hips in a circular motions, she urged him on.
“You’re a good little cunt-lapper,” she whispered, toying with his ears. “Mmmmm, baby, I like what you’re doing with your tongue.”
“You’ve got a gorgeous cunt!” he mumbled.
“How many have you actually seen?”
His warm breath, coupled with his wet tongue, made her more anxious than ever to get fucked.
“Is your cock good and hard?” she said.
He snickered, his face still imprisoned inside her thighs.
“What do you think?”
“I think it’s very hard. I think it’s time it was inside me, screwing me. What do you say?”
When she opened her thighs and released his head, he straightened up. His face was wet with her juices and his eyes were wild and glittering.
She sat up, ran her hand over his crotch and felt the hardness of his cock.
“Take it out,” she said, rolling into her hands and knees and shoving her bare ass out.
“You want me to come in from behind?” He seemed surprised at her position.
“Of course. It’s a very good position for a woman.”
“Jesus, you’re something,” he murmured, climbing onto the sofa behind her.
“Stick it in.”
“I’m trying.”
He worked his stiff cock into her wildly twitching hole. She wriggled her ass to encourage him. He fed more of his cock into her hot sucking hole and she heard him shudder.
Jessie giggled. “You mean who else have I been fucking?”
“Of course, darling.”
“A high school boy.”
“Bully for you! Is he delicious?”
“Of course. Aren’t they always?”
“Does he have a friend?” Molly demanded. “Better yet, we can share him sometime.”
“Speaking of sharing…”
Her words hung in the air.
Jessie knew what she was referring to. The two friends had been making it together for years.
“It’s been a while, hasn’t it?” Jessie said. “Yes, and today would be good for me.”
“The kids?”
“They’re with my mother.”
“You sound horny.”
Molly sighed and lowered her voice. “It’s easy for you. You don’t have two toddlers under foot listening to every word you say and suspicious of everyone who comes to the house.”
“You wanted to be a mother.”
“I still do, but those little prying eyes!”
“Tell me about your latest.” One of the games they played was describing their latest lovers in minute detail.
“His name is Roger and he only fucks ass.”
“You’re kidding!” Jessie squealed.
“Well, let me tell you a girl’s asshole can get sore pretty damn quick.”
“I’ll bet. Tell me more.”
“He comes over here last week, see and the kids are at my mother’s so everything’s cool. So we go up to my bedroom and get undressed. Well, before I know it he’s sawing away in my butt and the phone rings.”
“Did you answer it?”
“Yeah, it’s instinctive. I always answer the phone.”
“Go on.”
“It was my mother. Toby fell and had a nose bleed. Roger’s still fucking me in the ass and my mother is yelling and I feel myself starting to come. Listen, it’s a wonder Roger didn’t get turned off, but he didn’t. I managed to tell my mother I’d be over to get the kids in a half-hour and to put a wet towel over Toby’s nose. Then Roger finally came and I tell you, or do I have to, there’s nothing like a jizz-enema.”
“You’re crazy,” Jessie giggled. “Has Roger been back?”
“No, but my ass was getting sore anyway. Say, did I tell you about Sam?”
“No, but all this talk is turning me on.”
“Me too. Your place or mine?”
“You sound funny suddenly. Are you jerking off?”
“Yeah, a little. I can’t pull anything on you.”
“What does a little mean?”
“I’ve got my fingers in my pussy.” Jessie squirmed round, lifted her leg and touched herself.
“Now, you’ve got me doing it.”
“How’d you like my tongue down there?” Molly’s voice was excited.
“Come here. Come here and make my day.”
“You’re on. Be there in half an hour.” Molly slammed the phone down. She arrived in twenty minutes and the two friends embraced. As usual Jessie was struck by Molly’s vibrant good looks. Even after giving birth to two boys her figure was sensational. Molly stalked into the living room, bristling with energy and sexuality.
“I’ve been thinking about us a lot lately.” Jessie followed her, carrying a six-pack and two glasses. “What about?”

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