Black In White Video pt 2.
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Debbie nodded slightly; good enough for Jimmy. “You
like me squeezing these titties nice and hard,
dontcha?” Debbie nodded. Paul swept out in front of
Deb, filming her reactions. “Whose titties are these?”
Jimmy breathed.

“Yours,” Debbie said quietly, knowing what he wanted to
hear. But also saying what she wanted to say. Her sex
felt wet down there between her legs.

“Then you mind if I squeeze my titties harder, and then
do a number or two on them? You wouldn’t mind that,
would you?”


So Jimmy went ahead and buried his mouth in Deb’s neck,
kissing and sucking lightly at her skin while his
fingers clamped down even tighter on Debbie’s jugs,
kneading and lifting and pulling on her breasts as she
moaned aloud, close to screaming with the sensations.
He began to alternate, squeezing tightly and pulling
one breast away from her chest before releasing it and
clamping the other for treatment.

Finally, his hands came to rest on her tits, which were
pressure-streaked with red and white finger-shaped
stripes. His fingers slid a tiniest bit on her abused
chest and then his middle and index fingers clamped
shut on her nipples. Deb yelped and gave out a long
keening whimper that filled the room. Jimmy pinched and
pulled at her sensitive nipples for what seemed like a
full minute to Debbie. In her heightened state, the
little wife was dimly aware of his huge penis rubbing
up against her high in the small of her back. And then
he was gone, leaving her aching breasts free as he
stepped away from behind her.

Debbie opened her eyes and looked up. She saw Paul
filming her scene. And then Jimmy coming around from
behind her. His penis had bloomed and poked the air in
front of him. He positioned himself, balanced on his
heels about two feet in front of Debbie. She hurriedly
closed her eyes again. Jimmy stepped in and reached
down to Debbie’s abdomen. She spread her legs slightly
to allow him access to her. His fingers bumped and
rubbed over her clitoris. Jimmy slipped two fingers up
into her vagina.

Paul swung around again to videotape the action. His
own cock had responded to his wife being fondled by the
black man. He was not so much aroused from watching his
wife take the abuse as he was from seeing her
reactions. He knew she was turned on and it was
powerfully exciting for him.

Jimmy rooted around in Deb’s sheath. Debbie felt
herself coating his fingers with her shameful wetness.

“You liking this ain’t you–You have a good time?”

Debbie nodded, her eyes searching his face.

Jimmy pulled his fingers out and put them up close to
Deb’s nose. When the little wife began to smell
herself, she jerked her face to the side. Jimmy’s
fingers found her and smeared her essences under her
nose and on her upper lip. “A little pussy juice
mustache for you,” he said. Deb smelled her secretions-
-no way to get away from them now.

Paul marveled at the act. This Jimmy was turning out to
be more than Paul could have hoped for. He didn’t seem
to need instructions to operate on Debbie. It was going
very well. Jimmy stepped back from Deb. She waited on
him, not knowing what was coming next and afraid to
look. It didn’t take long.

Slap! Jimmy brought his left hand up from nowhere and
whizzed his hand into the side of Debbie’s sore right
tittie. Her breast moved from the sharp impact and
Debbie uttered a short little scream of surprise and
pain. Slap! Jimmy’s right hand slapped her other breast
and the fight was on. Debbie leaned forward in pain,
trying to minimize her soft targets.

Jimmy’s hands slapped hard again and again against the
outsides of her tits and Debbie cried out repeatedly.
But he didn’t stop. She began to sob with the indignity
and the stinging pain, and tears ran down her pretty
mother face. Jimmy began to cross-slap her chest,
working the insides of her breasts, making her want to
jump straight in the air to get away from this

She felt her emotions cresting and she released her
angst in sobbing torrents. Jimmy began to concentrate
slaps from both hands on first her right breast and
then her left. Whenever Deb tried to turn herself away
from the attack, he would alternately begin to work her
other breast. There was no place to turn. She cried in
stinging release.

Paul taped the sequence. Deb’s breasts had turned from
a mottled white and red to mostly red as Jimmy attacked
her. He heard her racking sobs and captured her tear-
stained face on film as each palm struck her tender
breasts. She was magnificent in her distress.

Jimmy’s fast hands finally wind-milled to a halt. He
stepped quickly away and snatched up the cat. Debbie
stood with her eyes closed, sobbing aloud, glad she
hadn’t worn eye makeup that would be running down her
face by now. She was going to peek out and see what was
coming when she heard the familiar sound of the cat
cutting the air just before it connected with her
tummy. Now Debbie found the strength for a full-lunged
shocked scream as her breath happened to be leaving her
lungs anyway. Her sound filled the room.

Even Jimmy’s eyes lit up in surprise at her reaction to
this new torment. It didn’t stop him from lashing her
stomach and thighs though. He used forehands and
backhands and didn’t allow Deb to anticipate his
targets or his timing. She shrieked; her whole front of
her torso stinging from the cat. It didn’t break the
skin, but Jimmy hit a lot harder than Paul ever did.
She couldn’t seem to catch her breath–every time she
felt she had gotten a handle on this new trial, the cat
would catch her again.

It stung as Jimmy worked her over. Finally, he eased
the pace, aiming carefully for her funbags and
connecting; whipping her sore breasts and nipples,
which was a whole new kind of torture for Debbie. Her
sobs filled the room with volume now and her chest
heaved. She wanted to curl up on the carpet in a fetal
position and rest for awhile, drained as she was. But
Jimmy wasn’t having it. He stepped up close to Debbie
and she peeked out at him. Jimmy’s fingers–the one
that had been in her pussy, touched her face. He was
wiping the tears off her face and chin. And she watched
him hold the cat of nine tails up and then use her
tears to lubricate the black handle.

He stepped behind Debbie and she felt him use one hand
to part her cheeks. She managed to spread her legs a
bit and had just enough time to realize what Jimmy
intended when he pushed the handle of the cat of nine
tails into her rectum. And Debbie knew now that tears
weren’t a very good lubricant, because it hurt enough
when he pushed it into her, lodging the thing in her
bowel. He came around front and reached up to release
Debbie’s hands from the overhead restraints.

With her hands free, Debbie cradled her aching breasts
and then tried to comfort her stomach and thighs.
Burning with the embarrassment of having her husband
taping her while she had been abused. She felt so
exposed, naked and stinging, with the cat still lodged
firmly up her butt, its lashes hanging out of her like
a tail. While Paul continued to shoot video of his
teary-eyed, sobbing wife, Jimmy handed her her wine
glass. Debbie accepted it gratefully, and took a large
gulp to cool her throat off. Jimmy retreated to the
middle of the couch, sitting down and cracking another
beer open. The guy could really drink. When he saw that
Deb was finished, he patted his lap.

“All right, I think you need a paddlin’ and a spanking.
Sit down here on my lap.”

Debbie put her glass down delicately. She felt warm and
her legs felt shaky. She was acutely aware of the
intense interest of the men, and she was embarrassed by
the “tail” sticking out of her backside. She managed to
walk over to Jimmy, but hesitated, unsure of how Jimmy
would want her placed.

“Lay across my lap, right here.” Jimmy pointed down at
his lap. Debbie eased herself onto the couch and lay
down with her butt across Jimmy’s black groin. She
folded her elbows under her and rested her head down on
her hands. She waited.

Paul readjusted his cameras to focus on the couch. He
was heady with success–this video was going to be
fantastic–hell, it already was. And he was rampant
down there–ready for some more action. Somehow, having
this guy doing his wife made her more desirable to him.
He had a hard-on that just wouldn’t quit.

“You comfortable?” Jimmy asked Deb.

“Yes,” Debbie quailed, expecting a stinging slap to
rain down at any second. But Jimmy was patient.

“You don’t have to call me Master or nothing. But you
call me, Jimmy,” he said.

“Yes, Jimmy,”

“You like being called names when you do this stuff?”

“I dont…I don’t know…”

want me to call you names?”

“Okay,” Debbie squeaked, certain that he was going to
start in on her.

She heard him pick up the paddle.

“Well, what we going to call you? You like me wailing
on your chest just fine. Now you gonna get a whupping.
You got something sticking out of you ass. You’re like
a bad girl. Or maybe a bad whore. You want me to call
you whore?”

“Yes,” Debbie breathed. She could feel her pussy, warm
and wet with her excitement and this dirty

Jimmy tugged lightly at the lashes of the cat where it
disappeared into her butt “Yes, what?”

She thought. What? Oh yes. “Yes, Jimmy,” she answered.

“You’re a bad girl–you a dirty little whore then?”

“Yes, Jimmy.”

“Dirty whore like you–tell me what you want.”

Debbie gritted her teeth–so hard to say these things
that Paul rarely made her say.

“I want a spanking, Jimmy,”

“Is that what you want?”

“Yes, Jimmy. I want a spanking.”

“On this big ass–on this big booty?” Jimmy tugged at
her “tail” again. Debbie blushed red. Her backside
wasn’t that big–but didn’t these black guys like big

“Yes, Jimmy.”

“Yes, what, you little white woman whore?”

“I want you to spank my… my big ass.”

“So I spank your big white ass and you like it. What
you gonna do for me? What do I get out of it, Mama
Skank? What you gonna give Jimmy? Tell me,” he

Debbie struggled hesitated with the words that seemed
so unfamiliar to her. “You can…fuck me, Jimmy,” she
finally managed, cringing at the thought that her
husband was listening.

“You want my black dick in you, don’t you? In your big
old pussy? Tell me.”

“I…I want your big black dick in me, Jimmy.”

“Say it like you mean it. Say it loud. And don’t use my

“I want you to fuck me Jimmy. Put your big black dick
in my pussy and fuck me,” she yelled, hoping it could
be enough. “Fuck me hard.”

“You want it?”

“I want it!” Debbie shrilled as she lay across his lap,
beginning to grind her mound against his thigh. Grind
away to orgasm. She wasn’t that far away.

“Okay then. I’ll paddle yo’ big ass behind because you
want it so bad. And then I’ll dump you off me. You just
get on all fours, cuz Jimmy’s going to fuck your big
old pussy from behind. Understand?” He moved her tail
of cat lashes up onto her back, away from his intended

“Okay, Jimmy,” the terrified white woman promised. The
next sound was the wooden paddle cutting the air and
landing flush on Debbie’s unblemished white ass. Her
ass absorbed the impact, and received the sting. Debbie
yelped anew. The ride had begun. Jimmy brought the
paddle down on her thighs, just under her ass and
splashed more good pain onto her. He rained blows on
her ass focusing on one cheek or both of them together,
striking only the softest, fleshiest parts of her
bottom. Debbie yelled at each strike of the paddle on
her, her ass warming and then burning. She was so

Paul captured it all–the way the paddle slapped his
wife’s ass with each stroke. The way her cheeks shook
with each impact and the cries she emitted each time
the paddle came home to land on her reddening ass.
Suddenly Jimmy set the paddle down. Without missing a
beat, his large hand flashed and he buried his hand
down on Deb’s ass, the sound a sharp crack, totally
different from the paddle. He began slapping her ass
and thighs with his hand. Deb’s cries changed pitch.
His hand owned her big ass, she thought and she crashed
into orgasm, rubbing up against his thigh, her pussy
spasming tightly.

It was so good, to cum this way. So dirty. Jimmy
tattooed her ass cheeks for a little while more and
then he leaned forward, dumping the wife off his lap
and onto the floor. Debbie was still coming in little
aftershocks when she hit the floor. She remembered what
Jimmy wanted, so she hastily got up on all fours, with
her flaming ass and yawning vagina facing Jimmy. He
knelt behind her. Paul watched the black cook stroke
his enormous piece of black equipment and then line
himself up with Paul’s wife. His cock fought for
entrance at her pussy before it all of the sudden
slipped into her. And then Debbie had her first out-of-
marriage experience.

Debbie felt the head of Jimmy’s cock at her pussy. He
slid it up and down her folds until it was wet and then
he pushed it into her. It was so warm and thick inside
her. He rose on his feet and reached down to push her
in the small of the back. Deb went down onto her
elbows, presenting her upraised behind to Jimmy. Jimmy
crouched behind her; pushing himself further into the
white woman, pushing and pulling himself inside her
until her pussy walls had accepted him.

He grunted in satisfaction, and Debbie felt him trying
to feed the last of his length into her. It was
amazing–this was on a human being? She’d had other big
things in her, but nothing so real and warm and kind of
nice. Her pussy felt so full and yielding, holding
steady as the black man stroked himself in her, trying
to bury himself to the balls in her, the head of this
black monster striking her cervix, which always set
bells ringing in her head.

Debbie couldn’t say she was having another orgasm, but
on the heels of the last one, it seemed as though she
was continuing the end of the last one she’d had. Her
ass still burned and Jimmy’s groin was brushing against
her butt sending the handle of the cat of nine tails
just a little farther into her guts as he poked her.
Just like having two, she thought raggedly.

“Yeah, yeah. This is the stuff. Right now. You like
this? Your big pussy be liking this?” Jimmy grunted,
while he fucked away at her.

“Yes, Jimmy,” she said meekly, grunting her own grunts
when Jimmy extended himself a little too far into her

“You like my chunk in your white pussy? Fills you right
up, don’t it?”

“Yes it does, Jimmy. It’s very filling,” she said,
instantly hating her lame words.

“Shit,” the black man laughed, “you wet for me, ain’t
you? Your big pussy is wet for me? You want it short
like this?” Jimmy pistoned his cock into Debbie, “or
long like this?”, his cock pulling out and leaving her
pussy gaping open and then slamming back in, with a
lusty wet squelch.

“UH! Go slow on me, Jimmy”, she panted, starting to
think that with such a long thick cock that Jimmy could
actually hurt her insides with his wild fast strokes.

“Gotta give it to you good. Gotta get my nut.”

Paul watched as the black man redoubled his efforts in
Paul’s wife, opting for pulling himself out of Deb and
thrusting back in with high energy. The sound his groin
made slapping against Deb’s backside was a sound Paul
would remember the rest of his life. Her grunts as she
accommodated the huge penis of the dirty cook in her
pussy–the first time in her marriage she had ever had
another man banging her.

He zoomed, capturing Jimmy’s cock, slimy with Deb’s
lubricants, pounding in and out of her. The way her
pussy was left open for an instant before the black
bone filled her again. The way Jimmy was slapping his
groin against her backside as he filled her up with his
black cock. Jimmy’s balls had tightened up.

“Where you want it? You want me to bust inside?” Jimmy
was looking to Paul.

“Yeah, shoot it inside her,” Paul blurted excitedly,
“then pull out and I’ll get some footage of your stuff
leaking out of her. Then go up to her face–Deb you
clean him off and he’ll feed you. Okay?”

“Okay,” Deb managed, concentrating on the feeling of
this huge organ pummeling her insides. It was kind of
uncomfortable and she was glad she was pretty wet in
there. At the same time, her ass still stung, and she
had tiny residual feelings from her climax that made
for very interesting sensations. Plus this was the
first time she had ever had another man–she had come
into marriage as a virgin, and the thought was very
erotic to her.

He’s going to cum in me, she thought, Paul wants him to
come in me… She knew Paul would have checked the guy
for communicable diseases. Paul was nothing if not a
details kind of guy. And she did want to put on the
best kind of show for her husband. So she lay there on
her forearms and prepared herself for the culmination
of this particular scene.

“Then hold on, cuz here it comes, you white bitch.
Jimmy’s painting your walls white,” he barked. He
grunted several times. “Take it. Take it bitch. Ah,
Jesus, oh, oh, uhh!” He was shooting his semen into
Deb’s cunt. She didn’t feel his spurts–she had never
felt Paul’s either, but she knew when she got even
slipperier back there that he had come. The black man
knelt gasping atop her,
resting some of his weight on
her backside.

“All right, pull out and go up near Deb,” Paul
commanded. His voice was high with intensity and
excitement. Jimmy pulled his wet, black dong out of the
little white woman. On all fours, Deb felt the fresh
air enter her yawning vagina. I must be wide open, she
thought guiltily. Jimmy slid over and sat down beside
her head, waiting and watching. Paul captured his
wife’s wide-open pussy, blasted with the ejaculate of a
black man. The top and side walls of Debbie’s pussy
slowly closed, but a blob of spunk lazily made its way
out of her, part of it dripping down onto her thigh and
the other part fell to the carpet.

Other globs soon followed, painting thin runners on the
insides of her thighs while the small puddle on the
carpet got larger. Debbie knew exactly what was going
on–she could feel the drips trickling down her thighs
and could hear the remains of Jimmy’s blast dropping
out of her and ending up on the carpet. My goodness,
she thought.

Paul stood back up and approached to squat down at
their side. “Okay Deb, clean him off.” Debbie eased
herself down onto her side and resigned herself. Jimmy
knelt down in front of her, presenting his black member
to her. It was slimy with their sex juices. It was
strongly repellent to her and at the same time she felt
compelled by it. She reached out and hefted it with her
left hand. Jimmy knee-walked closer to her so she
opened her mouth and took him in.

She washed his cock with her mouth, immediately tasting
the familiar taste of her own pussy mixed with the
dregs of semen that had been trapped under the crown of
Jimmy’s prick. She leaned forward and took him in
further, relaxing her soft palate and throat muscles
until she had six inches of Jimmy inside her mouth. She
summoned up some saliva–she always tended to salivate
when she had Paul in mouth, and she moved her tongue
around to complete her task. When she backed off,
Jimmy’s thick black snake was clean and shiny. She knew
Paul approved.

“Okay Jimmy, take out her tail and then see what you
can scoop out of her with your fingers,” Paul said
shakily. Jimmy pushed Deb’s thigh and she responded
automatically by lying on her back and spreading her
legs. Jimmy’s fingers hand reached below her tired
pussy and he tugged softly on the cat still lodged up
her butt. Please don’t let there be shit on it, Deb
pleaded silently. Jimmy slowly extracted the rounded
six inch handle from her rectum and held it up for
filming. It was clean. Thank God, thought Debbie. It
would be embarrassing for it to be covered in
something. Jimmy held it and then brought it to Deb’s

“Clean this, too, Mama,” he stated flatly.

Deb stared goggle-eyed at the crop handle that had been
up her butt. She had done this type of thing before but
it wasn’t one of her favorites that was for sure. To
put that in her mouth in front of this stranger? What
would he think? She hesitated. Jimmy stared down at
her, bemused.

“You heard our guest, Deb. Better do what he says,”
Paul prodded, not knowing if Deb would do it or not,
but hoping that she would. Both men waited on her.
Debbie was mortified. Her husband was backing the black
man’s order. She felt so small and insignificant. Her
heart was beating a mile a minute and she felt her
humiliation fetish kicking in. Her face felt hot and
her legs felt heavy and weak. Their eyes were burning
into her–she looked to their faces for compassion and
found only burning interest in her predicament. She
sighed, and grabbed the cat of nine tails. She put the
whole handle in her mouth and sucked gently on it. She
tried not to think about the taste, or where it had
been. After a few seconds, she removed it and handed it
to Jimmy.

“Good–that’s my girl,” Paul encouraged her. “Good job,
honey. Okay, Jimmy.”

Jimmy put his fingers into Debbie’s wet snatch,
swirling them around. It felt okay to Debbie. Paul
produced a small vibrator out of the pocket of his robe
and switched it on. He placed it in Debbie’s right
hand. She knew what it all meant. Jimmy fished around
inside her and came out with two fingers wet with his
yellowish semen. He examined his fingers incredulously-
-he had probably never done anything like this before.

Debbie moved her hand down to her snatch and started
vibrating her clitoris, moving the vibe in small
circles over the hood. Jimmy brought his fingers to her
mouth. She grabbed his hand and opened her mouth and
sucked his fingers in. It was good and she orgasmed
quickly, licking and sucking at his black fingers,
fucking them gently with her mouth. Jimmy was amazed.
Paul waited until after his wife’s body loosened up and
she had removed the vibe from her mound. He stood up,
his cock still raging inside his robe.

It had been a hell of a scene all the way around.
“Let’s cut for now and take a short rest.” Jimmy
bounded to his feet and headed over to examine Paul’s
video equipment. Paul helped his wife to her feet. He
hugged her and she put her head against his shoulder.
“You’re doing a great job, honey. This is going to be
the wildest video I’ve ever shot,” he murmured, kissing
her hair.

“That’s good, honey. I’m glad–and I liked it, too,”
Deb added for his benefit. “He is clean, though right?”

“I had him tested. He’s clean,” Paul said gently.

“What else do you have planned?”

“You know I won’t tell you–it might ruin your
enjoyment. The surprise of it all,” Paul teased.

“It’s going to get worse for me?”

“It will get pretty embarrassing, honey.”

Deb hugged him tighter and then let go. She surveyed
her front side– her breasts bore red marks from their
abuse and her stomach was sore. She still felt Jimmy’s
semen clinging to her thighs. She went and fetched her
short robe, wiping between her legs discreetly with a
corner of the terry-cloth before putting it on. Jimmy
stood at the equipment table with Paul.

They were discussing his multiple cameras. Deb went out
to get a refill on her wine glass. Despite her recent
exertions, she still felt slightly intoxicated. She
also grabbed a couple of beers for the guys. Her men,
she gushed, excited by the thought that they were two
men in there demanding her sexual services. When she
came back into the den, she found both men watching
her. Uh-oh.

Paul started. “I was just showing Jimmy some of the
footage–it’s great. But Jimmy has a problem, hon.” He
waited, smiling and picking up his handheld digital

“Yes?” Deb ventured nervously, setting the beers down
on the end table.

“Yes,” Paul continued. “He has to go to the bathroom,
but he’s uncomfortable going in an unfamiliar place.
And I have to go, too.” He filmed his wife.

Deb flushed. This couldn’t be good. “I could help him,
I guess–I have to go too…” This had to be about her
fourth glass of wine.

“Yeah, that would be great. And we were thinking it
might be fun to watch you go. In your other robe–the
rayon one–kind of sitting pretty in the bathtub. And
then we’ll let go on you too.” Paul filmed his wife’s
reaction. Her face was shaded pink, and she nervously
eyed them. “Let’s go,” he prodded.

Jimmy and Paul headed into the adjoining bathroom, and
Debbie followed, her body warm with shame. Inside the
bathroom, the men waited at the bathtub. Deb pulled off
her terrycloth robe and put on the white satiny rayon
robe that lay next to the bathtub. Paul didn’t like to
have her use the terrycloth one–it was too absorbent.
He liked her to wear this one, which looked better on
film. She put the robe on and stepped into the bathtub.

“Lie on your back and put your feet under you, so it
will kind of run up your stomach when you put your hand
in it,” Paul urged. Debbie lay down gingerly on the
floor of the bathtub and pulled the hem of the short
robe up high up over her stomach and breasts, bunching
it under her arms. She put her feet out flat and raised
her bottom off the tub floor. Talking about urination
had put a charge into her bladder, and she was getting
ready to go. Paul and Jimmy edged closer and knelt down
next to the tub. Her husband was filming and he was

Deb closed her eyes and tried to relax her bladder. She
was nervous as a cat, but she and Paul had done things
like this before. They weren’t pee-freaks or anything,
but a couple of times Paul had peed on her or tried to
pee in her mouth–that hadn’t gone over so well–and
once, he had filled her bottom with pee after he had
come in her. She’d had to rush willy-nilly to the
bathroom after he pulled out and he had captured that
on tape–her trying to keep her butthole closed as
tight as she could until she got to the toilet. She had
almost made it before
her ass-waters broke…

She had made him clean up the floor. Now she tried to
just relax and go. The seconds ticked slowly away,
broken only by their breathing. Debbie felt the
beginning and stiffened. Her pussy started to dribble
slowly at first and then her warm, clear piss jetted
out, striking the tub with a watery sound. Deb reached
out blindly and placed her right hand in the path of
her waters. Her pee struck her hand and deflected back
onto her groin and stomach, streaming back onto her.

The whiff of light urine filled the bathtub along with
the drain burping as her initial stream gurgled into
the drain. Her piss ran crazily up her stomach and
boobs, before soaking into her robe. As soon as it was
started, it was done, leaving Deb to wipe her hand on a
dry place on her robe. She opened her eyes–the men
were enraptured by her wet body. Their eyes were large
with excitement. She pulled her wet robe down her body
to hide herself from their eyes. She almost immediately
felt slightly chilled as her urine cooled–it was
always so warm and comforting as it came out of her.

“Okay, hon, kneel up in front of us. I’ll go first,
Jimmy. Do like I do. And hold the camera,” Paul
ordered, handing the camera over to the stranger. Jimmy
didn’t miss a beat, using the four inch LCD screen to
frame the action. As Debbie got up off the tub floor
and knelt waiting with her breasts exposed for the next
part, Paul was pulling off his short robe and handling
himself. His cock was pretty firm for him to be
pissing, but you never knew.

Paul threw his head back, closed his eyes and tried to
think of calming thoughts. His penis was blocked and he
had to take the block off. He thought of the hours of
careful editing and splicing that he would do. That
didn’t work, so he concentrated on the full feeling in
his bladder.

Imperceptibly, his penis softened and he felt it coming
on. He groaned as he started to piss on his wife. He
opened his eyes and aimed right down on her chest, his
pee striking her bare skin. He washed her breasts, his
urine hot and slightly yellow as it hit her, and then
he moved his pressure stream up her collarbones and
onto her neck.

Deb knew where he was going and she closed her eyes. He
had learned to be careful–piss in the eyes stung
badly. So he played his stream carefully up her neck to
her chin and then to her beautiful mouth. Deb parted
her lips, but held her teeth closed. Paul played his
stream across her mouth several times, washing her
teeth. He wouldn’t make her open her mouth–the very
act of peeing on her was good enough for this film. No
sense in making her throw up and ruining the scene. His
stream flagged and started to peter out, so he leaned
in closer to his beautiful target.

Deb sensed the end of the act, so she dutifully leaned
forward. The piss was just soaking right into her robe-
-she was quite a wet mess now. Paul’s last squirts hit
her on the neck and he was done. He leaned in as close
to her as he could and presented himself to her. His
wife leaned out and closed her mouth on the head of his
cock, sucking gently and cleaning him. She felt him try
to squirt a couple more times, but nothing came out.

His piss tasted weak, but it was still bitter. A few
drops were okay, she thought. She just couldn’t handle
mouthfuls without throwing up. A purely psychological
response. Her husband pulled his turgid cock from her
mouth and stepped back. “I got the whole thing,” Jimmy
announced. Paul took the camera and stepped away.

“Your turn, Jimmy,” Jimmy stepped in closer to the tub
and handled himself. He was semi-flaccid and as he
wrapped his hand around his big soft meat there was
still four black inches facing Deb. She closed her eyes
and waited, her pussy starting to tingle. This is so
weird, she thought.

Paul filmed as the black man leaned back slightly, as
men do at a urinal. Without an announcement, his piss
started to fly out, striking Debbie’s chest and
bouncing off her soft flesh to soak into her robe. His
high-flow yellow urine, stronger than either of theirs
had been, surprised the married couple with its
strength and intensity. Debbie felt a large flash of
excitement and on impulse, hurriedly cupped her breasts
and held them up to the spray. Jimmy’s hot urine filled
the hollow between her breasts and soaked away. Then
his spray shot up her chest across her neck and chin
and sprayed wildly against her lips.

Paul actually heard Debbie moan over the sound of the
drenching she was receiving and as Jimmy’s spray
diminished, she actually opened her mouth to the yellow
rain, letting it hit her gums and teeth and pushing it
out quickly with her tongue. Jimmy followed his
previous example and stepped in even closer.

Debbie opened her eyes and enveloped the pissing black
snake into her mouth. She tasted the acrid bitterness
of Jimmy’s beers as he finished in her mouth, emptying
himself by contracting his pissing muscles, and
releasing the last cleansing squirts in her mouth. And
Paul watched and saw that his wife didn’t spit the
urine out around the black cock in her mouth, but
rather, swallowed for him. His cock looked so
interesting in her mouth, Paul thought.

So much for her to handle orally. His wife broke the
connection, with a wet popping sound. Jimmy’s cock was
free and it stood higher than it was when he started.
“Unfuckingbelievable,” Jimmy commented as he stepped
away. Deb flushed with embarrassment and her mouth not
April-fresh from Jimmy’s piss.

“Okay, back into the den. Jimmy, you pull the table
into the center of the room under the cameras.” Jimmy
shambled out. Paul, still taping, lent a hand to help
his piss-soaked wife to her feet. Her thin robe was
drenched in spots. Paul handed her a towel and she
wiped her face as best she could. And then she actually
stuck out her tongue and wiped it with the towel. “You
can take your robe off honey. Just put it in the tub–
we’ll get it later.”

Debbie let the wet robe fall to the tub floor. She
patted herself dry as best she could. She could smell a
slight odor clinging to her person.

“C’mon, honey. Let’s go.” Paul led the way out of the
bathroom and Deb followed passively. Back in the den,
she found her wine glass and drank deeply to cleanse
her mouth. She felt a little chilled and very exposed,
standing naked after what had just happened. But there
was no time to reflect further.

Jimmy had pulled the small but sturdy wooden table into
the center of the room. It was a table Paul and his
friends used to play poker. But it also had its sexual
uses for Paul and his wife. The tabletop was high
enough for Paul to stand comfortably at, while the
tabletop was just big enough for Deb to lie upon. The
perfect multi-purpose table.

Paul set his camera into a tripod and raised the camera
to ceiling height, which matched his other cameras. He
motioned to his waiting wife.

“On the table, hon. Jimmy, you step to her head–she’s
going to suck you this time.” Deb made her way to the
table, avoiding their eyes. She sat her butt onto the
cold tabletop and eased herself upon it. She lay back
gingerly on the cold surface until she lay on her back
with her legs openly splayed for her husband while
looking up at Jimmy’s black groin. Paul stepped to the
table between his wife’s legs. Her pussy seemed somehow
used-looking to him. It was an exciting thought.

“Okay, Jimmy, step closer and let her do her stuff.”

Jimmy stepped in and his huge penis dangled over her
face. Deb used her legs and pushed her head over the
edge. She gripped Jimmy’s big, soft meat with her
hands. It was so warm and fascinating. She opened her
mouth and took him in, starting in one of her wet

He was thick and soft, with a large vein that ran the
whole length along the top of his prick. The girth of
his penis filled her mouth. She sucked gently on him
and laved him with her tongue. Her mouth-sounds filled
the quiet room. Jimmy, like most men, was unconsciously
insistent on giving her all she needed, pressing
forward imperceptibly to feed her more of himself.

Debbie compensated as best she could, but soon enough
Jimmy had buried seven of his inches into her mouth.
Her neck was trapped by the edge of the table and she
couldn’t retreat. She concentrated on relaxing her
throat muscles and trying not to gag. She could deep-
throat her husband for short periods of time, but that
wasn’t the same thing as fellating this much larger and
thicker penis. She finally was able to pop Jimmy’s rod
out of her mouth and apply her tongue to the underside
of his cock, which bought her time. Jimmy seemed to
appreciate everything she was doing for him. He moaned
quietly to himself.

Paul watched transfixed as his wife sucked her
cock outside of marriage. A black one at that. The
contrast of his big, threateningly large black dong and
her pretty little suburban mother face was
excruciatingly poignant for him and his own cock rode
stiffly out in front of him.

He knew she was having trouble keeping such a monster
in her mouth and he appreciated her efforts. He watched
as she used the tricks he had taught her, licking and
kissing the sides of the cock, and even biting gently
on Jimmy to heighten his pleasure. Paul slid quietly
away to the desk and pulled some lubricant out of the
drawer. Standing back between Deb’s legs, he squirted
some lube onto his fingers.

Debbie heard the squirt of the bottle of lubricant they
usually used. Then she felt Paul’s wet fingers slid
enticingly up and down the outer lips of her vagina. It
felt good–and even better when Paul rubbed his index
finger gently in circular motions on her clit. She
concentrated on the feelings, pushing up slightly to
meet his finger. All the while she worked on the
foreign penis above her face.

Paul’s fingers retreated from her and she heard him
pump more lube out of the bottle. His fingers returned,
this time three of them, and they were probing gently
inside her, working their way inside her body where
Jimmy had been earlier. She felt loose in there–kind
of used or relaxed. She was excited and wet, but very
relaxed now with her husband’s attentions to her. She
could see Jimmy watching her husband. She took his
black member back into her mouth and worked at almost
lovingly, like she would do for Paul.

Paul probed his wife with three fingers. He fancied
that she felt different up there than usual. Maybe more
puffy or swollen than usual, he considered. He pulled
his fingers out and put more lube on them. When they
returned to his wife there were four of them.

Debbie felt the fourth finger and suddenly realized
where Paul was heading with this scene. She just wanted
to bury her face under Jimmy’s balls and hide until
this was over. Paul’s slimy fingers slid into her and
he rooted around, rotating and turning them to make
room. He started using his other hand to rub her clit
gently and Debbie involuntarily responded by raising
herself–it just felt so good. She wondered what Jimmy
was thinking.

Paul backed off and re-lubed, coating his whole right
hand this time, rubbing the tops and sides. Jimmy’s
eyes were on him. “You putting that in?” he asked.

“Yeah, Paul answered. “You doing okay?”

“Yeah. I can shoot about any time now. I just need a
little more stroke time before I bust.”

“Okay, when you cum, put some in her mouth and the rest
on her face.”

“All right,” the black man agreed. Debbie was mortified
listening to their discussion right over her body. She
felt Jimmy trying to push more of himself into her
mouth. She relaxed as best she could and let it happen.
Jimmy’s prick slid inched its way incrementally into
her mouth until when she thought she would start to
gag, his balls brushed against her forehead. He rested
there a few moments and then slid out and she was able
to breathe.

Then she felt Paul’s finger oozing back into her wet
pussy. He was more insistent this time, using his left
hand to spread her while the other hand surged inside
her. She tried her best to accommodate him down there,
spreading her legs farther apart. Paul got his four
fingers in and pushed farther. His hand got caught at
the base of his thumb.

He tucked his thumb in and pushed. Slowly, his hand
moved inward, until with a pop and a gasp from his
wife, his hand disappeared inside her. His hand was a
prisoner inside her wet warmth, like a muscled glove.
He seated himself up to the wrist inside her–there
wasn’t any farther he could go. “That’s just fucking
amazing,” Jimmy said, in awe. Paul nodded.

Debbie had felt the pressure on her pelvic bones. She
had been fisted before–it was on the tapes. Paul’s
hand always did get home, sometimes easy and sometimes
not. She was filled and she still had Jimmy to worry
about. She felt Paul’s left hand start working her
clitoris again and she knew she would cum. Blowing a
strange man while her husband stood between her legs
fisting her.

“Go for it, Jimmy. Give it to her good,” Paul urged,
giving Deb gentle punches with his fist. He rubbed on
her clitoris–he prayed that deep down she would dig
this scene and respond.

Jimmy started to get more dominant, reaching down to
hold Deb’s face still while he fucked his black pole in
and out of her mouth. Deb tried not to gag–the thing
was so long and fat– and her eyes involuntarily
watered when he made her deep-throat him. His cock felt
like it was punching the soft palate at the back of her
throat. She was caught between the efforts of the two
men. Jimmy was grunting and fucking away at her mouth.
Deb was salivating uncontrollably now and trying not to

Suddenly, he stiffened and held himself in her mouth
and Deb tasted the now-familiar taste of his ejaculate
in her mouth. Jimmy pulled his big black cock out of
her mouth. “Hold your mouth open baby,” he ordered. Deb
kept her mouth open and her eyes tightly shut. Jimmy
shot wads of cum onto her lips and tongue and then
rubbed himself all over her cheeks and chin, groaning
in his release.

Paul was blown away–it would make good video. Deb’s
hips were rising up to meet his hand and the stroking
he gave her clit. He felt her vagina tighten even
further on his hand and knew that she had gotten there.
He rubbed her spot lightly and his wife gasped and
groaned in the throes of her own orgasm until her
motions told him that she was done and her clit was too
sensitive to continue.

Paul pulled gently on his trapped hand and it slowly
popped out of his wife, her pussy gaping open weakly
for a few seconds, showing her inside plumbing. Paul’s
hand was still highly lubed. He edged around to the
front of the table, stroking himself. Jimmy moved aside
for him. Paul took up his position at Deb’s face and
stroked himself into overdrive.

Debbie had kept her eyes closed while Jimmy smeared
himself off on her face. She was embarrassed about her
husband fisting her–what woman wanted to demonstrate
for a stranger how much she could take up there?, she
wondered. But the act and the humiliation had given her
a thrill and had helped immensely with her own orgasm.
Now, after Paul had pulled his hand out of her and left
her wide open down there, she sensed him coming around
to the head of the table.

“One more for you, honey,” Paul gasped, fisting himself
furiously over her face. Deb waited patiently, keeping
her mouth open as she had last been told to do. It
didn’t take long. Paul grunted, and sprayed himself
onto her, his semen painting her teeth and lips, the
overhead cameras catching the act from four different
angles. Paul came so hard that his prostate ached and
he felt he had emptied himself. “Open your eyes, hon,”
he urged.

Debbie slowly opened her eyes. She could see the slimy
underside of Paul’s cock as he began to slide his cock
over her smeared face, collecting the loose strands of
jizz and pushing them over her lips and into her mouth.
It was an erotic moment for Paul, and she stayed
motionless while he slid more of his and Jimmy’s spend
towards her open mouth. When he was finished, Debbie’s
face was shiny, but clean of their offerings.

“Okay, hon, you can swallow.” The cameras caught his
wife’s shiny teeth and tongue as she closed her mouth
and swallowed their goo. When she opened her mouth
again, it was clean. “Good job, hon,” Paul whispered,
leaning down to kiss a clean, dry part of her cheek. He
helped her sit up on the table and then pulled her
gently off, hugging her closely. Jimmy sat back down on
the couch, watching them, his cock soft and pliant in
his lap.

“You can go brush you teeth, hon. We’ll rest for a few
minutes–Jimmy’s got to be tired–and then we’ll finish
up for the night. It’s going great.” His voice carried
love and appreciation and Debbie reveled in it, proud
of her ability to excite and satisfy these men. She
went out to fetch a clean robe from her room and to
brush her teeth.

While Deb was away, Paul got some more beers and some
wine for Deb. He pulled his hand camera down off the
tripod. He rearranged the others to focus on the floor
in front of the couch. He always kept his cameras
going–you never knew what interesting things could
come up during a break in the action. Jimmy excused
himself and went off to the bathroom. Paul handed him a
beer when he got back.

“You got one more in you, big guy?” Paul asked.

“Shit, I won’t lie. Three times is about all I need.
But this shit is so fucking different that I guess I
go one more time. What you want to do next?”

“I don’t want to say until Deb gets back. It’ll go
better that way,” Paul promised.

“I bet it will,” Jimmy laughed, draining his beer.

“You just watch her face. I told you she likes the
embarrassment–she feeds on it. So this last one should
go pretty good for her.”

“You want me to do anything special this time?”

Paul considered what would make the best video. “Just
play along with whatever I say. And make it just like
when you fucked her–make her talk and say things. That
got her good.”


The two men rested quietly, waiting for Deb. They heard
her brushing her teeth and finally, after quite a
while, she reappeared in a fresh short white robe. She
rejoined them timidly, accepting the wine glass from
Paul and sipping pensively, sitting at the other end of
the couch from naked Jimmy. Paul moved the short table
back to the wall and returned, watching his wife to see
if she was ready.

Debbie was aware of the silence and the gazes of her
husband and the black stranger. She felt warm and
flushed with their attentions. What would they make her
do this time? she wondered.

“This has gone really great honey. It’s really been
something. We just want to do one more thing and then
we’ll all call it a night, okay?”

Debbie nodded.

“There’s just one place in you that Jimmy hasn’t been.
Look at me, Deb,” Paul commanded. Debbie looked up,
blushing. “Where hasn’t Jimmy been?”

“In my bottom,” Debbie answered, looking back down at
her lap.

“Look at us,” Paul softly ordered his wife.” Deb
brought her eyes back up. She felt the familiar warm
flush from having to look at her husband and the

“Are you ready–do you want to show Jimmy a good time?”

“Y…Yes,” Debbie managed, thinking how long and fat
Jimmy was. It might hurt a bit and he would take
forever back there because he had come so much already.
She would definitely be sore in the morning. Still…

“Show our guest what you’re going to give up to him.
Get up and give him a close-up, honey,” Paul prodded.
He grabbed his camcorder and aimed.

Debbie got up, horribly conscious of herself, and
slowly and undid her robe, letting it slide to the
floor. Her breasts and belly were still reddened from
Jimmy’s attentions to them and she had seen in the
bathroom mirror the faint splotches on her bottom and
the beginnings of a few small bruises where Jimmy had
paddled and then spanked her. She stood in front of the
seated black cook and then turned around to present her
butt to him.

“Bend over,” Jimmy ordered casually. Deb bent over.
“Spread your cheeks.”

She did as he asked, cupping her buttocks gently and
spreading them, exposing her brown anus to his view.
“Back up.”

Debbie edged backwards until her calves brushed up
against the front of the couch. Jimmy’s hands replaced
hers. He separated her cheeks even farther and Deb
could feel the cool air caress her rose bud.

“You want me to go up there, Mama?” Jimmy started in on

“Yes,” Deb said mechanically.

“Then say it,” Jimmy said flatly.

“I… I want you up there.”

“Up where?”

“Up my butt.”

“This butt?” Jimmy squeezed her cheeks.


“You want me to put my big ole dick in this nasty

“Yes,” Debbie breathed.

“Say it.”

“I… I want you to put your… dick in my nasty hole,”
Debbie finished.

She slid a finger down to her slit and started rubbing
herself gently. The feeling was strong and exciting.
Paul occasionally talked dirty to her or made her talk
dirty on his videos, but somehow having to respond to a
stranger was far more exciting for her.

“No, no, no. You go on and say it without all that
stuttering and hesitating. Say what you mean, girl–you
want me to put my dick in that nasty butthole of

“I want you to put your dick in my nasty hole,” Deb
blurted out.

“Your nasty butthole?”

“My nasty butthole,” Deb amended.

“You clean back there?”

“I… uh… I’m not sure what–I took a shower this
morning…,” Debbie stammered.

“And you want me to stick my chunk up your big ole ass
and you don’t even know if you’re clean? What comes out
of that hole, gal?”

“My poop,” Debbie cried out. “But I went before I got
into the shower this morning.”

Jimmy took his index finger and probed gently an inch
into Deb’s colon. She gasped. Her anus was still a
little sensitive from having the whip handle in there.
He pushed in another inch, up to the knuckle, twisting
his finger before pulling out. She heard him sniff. Oh,
Lord, she thought.

“I don’t know, baby. My finger smells kind of funky.
You might not be clean back up in there. Come see how
this tastes.” Jimmy leaned forward and his finger came
towards Deb’s mouth. She was horribly aware that Paul
had zoomed in for a close-up of her face. But she
opened and took his finger into her mouth anyway. “Suck
it,” Jimmy ordered. She sucked gently on the digit,
tasting the greasy soil of her ass on it, but
thankfully nothing worse.

He pulled his finger out, “that taste okay to you?”

“Yes, that tasted just fine,” Deb answered, wondering
if she should call him Sir.

“Okay. We going to need some lotion. You get it and
then kneel down and get me ready.” Deb stood back up
and retrieved the lotion from the table. She knelt down
between Jimmy’s legs as he sat on the couch. Pumping a
generous amount of lubricant into her palm, she
daintily picked up Jimmy’s flaccid black prick and
began to anoint him. She marveled again at how long and
fat his penis was. She couldn’t imagine that thing in
her bottom. Even as warm and soft as it was now. She
switched to two hands as it slowly responded to her

“Yeah, that’s it, baby. Go on and get it up for Jimmy,”
he encouraged her. “It’s my black honker baby, and it’s
going up your butt. You should worship on it. Give it a
little kiss and thank it.”

Debbie flushed, keeping her head down. She leaned in
and kissed the shiny head of his prick and leaned
quickly back. “Thank-you,” she whispered, knowing that
her husband was capturing it all.

“Nope,” Jimmy stated. “That ain’t gonna git it. I ain’t
gonna tell you the things to say. You come on and think
of some things and say them nice and dirty for us.
Hurry now, you know we waiting on you.”

Debbie winced inside, realizing that this situation was
arousing her greatly and that Paul was eating it all
up. She leaned back in and talked to the black cock.
“Come on, big guy. I want you to get up and do me. In
the butt,” she added.

She kissed his cock-head several times. “Right up my
butt–give it to me good. Right up my dirty butt. Up my
big, stinky ass.” She felt kind of excited and
liberated to be responding that way. “C’mon, fuck me —
push it in real hard and stretch me out, Jimmy. Shoot
your sperm up my ass and you can watch it leak out of
me. I’ll give you a good time back there. I really

Paul was rigid with excitement, moving around and
zooming in and out on his wife–so engrossed and hoping
that he wouldn’t trip over something as he shot video.
Good stuff.

Jimmy pushed Debbie’s head away and clambered to his
feet. His meat wasn’t rock hard this time, but it
looked like it would get the job done. “All right,
baby. Get down on the floor on your back and hold your
legs up.”

Debbie slid down onto the carpet and lay on her back
pulling her legs back, showing her pussy and asshole to
the men. She watched Paul move about the room, moving
his cameras to catch the scene from different angles.
Jimmy stroked himself idly. When Paul came back to film
with his handheld, Jimmy dropped to his knees between
Deb’s legs. His cock seemed like such a large thing to
be going in down there, Deb thought worriedly.

Jimmy didn’t waste time on formalities. He grabbed her
legs and pushed them up and back onto her chest;
raising her bottom off the carpet. He lined his cock-
head up with Deb’s butthole and she felt the familiar
pressure. She was somewhat of an accomplished analist–
able to fulfill Paul’s wishes with her butt, and she
enjoyed both the nastiness of the act, as well as the
slight discomfort initially involved before it usually
gave way to the rough pleasure. But this was different,
and she knew it the second her anus gave way and his
cock-head surged into her. It ached–she was held
tightly open around him, and the feeling was different
than it had been the other times.

Paul framed a shot that captured the moment of
insertion and the strained look on his wife’s face as
she was invaded. Her eyes were wide and her mouth

opened in a soundless surprise. Jimmy merely grunted in
his success and tried to burrow more of his shaft into
the little wife’s rectum. His greased cock slowly
advanced, and it was Deb’s turn to groan.

He was going to be huge up there. Deb tried to relax
and just accept it. She tried Lamaze breathing–
anything to take the edge off the discomfort of having
Jimmy pushing into her. Nothing was working–her
butthole hadn’t ever had anything like this going into
it and she was in shock. How much more could there be?

Paul knelt beside the two, entranced by the look on his
wife’s face. He filmed as her hands came down and
clawed the carpet, grabbing and holding tight. She made
high keening sounds like Paul had never heard as she
struggled to accommodate Jimmy’s pole. Jimmy continued
to force himself into her until he was firmly seated
with only three inches of his greasy cock remaining
outside. He paused, proudly. “I still got more to go,
but this might be easier for her if she was over on her
stomach. Then I could really get going.”

Paul considered the suggestion. It wasn’t what he had
been aiming for but it might lead somewhere. “Okay,
Deb, turn over for our guest,” he ordered. Jimmy backed
up, pulling his cock out of Deb’s ass. Debbie dutifully
turned over and lay down on her stomach. Paul knelt
behind her filming her bottom. “Pull your cheeks

She reached back and spread her cheeks, still mottled
from her ass-whipping, for the camera. Paul filmed her
wonderful ass. Her anus, usually a dusky wrinkled
brown, seemed slightly open and swollen and red. It
gleamed greasily at the lens. Paul stood quickly and
snapped a small tripod onto his portable camcorder. He
placed it up at Deb’s head where it would catch her
expressions. He pulled one of his stationary camcorders
off for hand-use and adjusted another other for the
best possible framing of this act and then knelt down
beside the pair. “Do it, Jimmy,” he ordered.

Jimmy edged forward and leaned over Paul’s wife,
balancing himself on one arm while used his other hand
to maneuver his black cock between Deb’s cheeks. Paul
filmed Debby’s reaction as Jimmy entered her anus. She
gasped and gripped the carpet tightly; her face pale
with shock.

Paul’s other cameras caught the action as Jimmy propped
himself up on both arms and inched ever forward over
Debbie, filling her ass with his member, his buttocks
rocking slowly back and forth to force more of himself
into her. Her greasy ass was warm and inviting and he
wasn’t wasting time letting her get used to his size.

Deb struggled with herself to remain motionless and to
provide a stationary target for Jimmy. He was
stretching her assmouth with his circumference as his
cock pushed past the old familiar depths of her
intestine. She was very aware of her husband, kneeling
by her head and intently filming this depravity.

She whined involuntarily as Jimmy bottomed out in her
backside, pressing his groin firmly against her
asscheeks. He was huge up there–she felt an
overpowering need to shit every time he pulled back.
She also felt bloated and her stomach felt a bit

Amid the meaty sliding sounds of Jimmy laboring over
her, she detected the slight smell of her bowel mingled
with the scent of the lubricant she had smeared on
Jimmy’s huge dick. Jimmy pumped her hard and long,
working himself into a sweat, which fell on her back.
While her husband filmed it all. She gritted her teeth
and settled in to wait for the eventual end. She
wouldn’t be coming to orgasm this time, but maybe there
would be some time after this scene was done…

It was everything Paul could have hoped for. He filmed
his wife gripping the carpet with both hands; the
little muscles in her arms tensed; hanging on for dear
life. A little groan at every stroke. The kind of
sounds she made whenever he pumped her there. It had
always made him feel huge. Her back arched slightly as
she lifted her rump to provide a soft pillowy target
for Jimmy to plunge into.

The black man was sweating and Paul captured his effort
and the sweat that fell off his forehead onto Paul’s
wife. He was pile-driving into her, pinning her to the
floor with his cock. Their sounds were exquisite–the
sound of a man working to get himself off and the sound
of a woman working to provide him pleasure at her
expense. Jimmy worked hard, slapping his groin against
Deb’s rump on every stroke, burying himself in her as
he labored inside her.

He had come three times tonight, so this was more of an
effort for him. He poked her poor ass steadily for five
minutes while Paul filmed his shiny black dong
mercilessly sliding in and out of his wife. Time was
standing still for her.

Debbie was at the end of her rope. She knew Jimmy had
come enough times already and that he would be spending
a lot of time fucking her ass. She had lain there
accommodatingly while he plundered her bottom. Just at
the point where she thought she couldn’t stand one more
moment of this assfucking; just at the point where she
was going to pull herself forward on the carpet and
pull away from this anal experiment, Jimmy stiffened
and held himself tightly up her ass.

“Here it is, baby,” he grunted, “take it–take all my
jizz up your stinky white ass. Here it is–here it
comes”, he gasped as he began to root anew in her as he
deposited his seed up her sore bottom. Debbie gasped in
relief, knowing the worst was over. Jimmy let himself
down on her collapsing into a sweaty heap on her back,
still impaling her against the carpet while he rested.

Finally, he rolled off her, his long thick cock
slipping horribly out of her. Debbie felt the cool air
on her back. She fought off the horrible urge to shit
right there on the floor. She knew her butthole was
gaping open and there was nothing she could do about

“Wipe yourself off on her,” Paul commanded tensely.
Jimmy grabbed his dick and wiped his glans against
Deb’s behind. He left her cheeks shiny with lubricant,
tinged brown with the debris from Debbie’s ass. He
rolled back lazily next to her. “Hold yourself open for
the camera, honey,” Paul instructed his wife.

Debbie lay on her stomach, her insides still
fluttering. She reached back and bared her stricken ass
to the cameras. She felt red and swollen back there–
like one of those mature chimpanzees she had seen at
the zoo, with their huge bulbous asses. Her husband
filmed her gaping asshole, angrily red and swollen from
the pummeling it had received.

After a few seconds, a thin line of cum started to seep
out of her ass. And then unexpectedly Deb’s ass gave a
small airy, ripping sound and she farted out a glob of
yellowish semen which oozed down to her pussy. It made
for great cinema. Debbie blushed warmly, knowing she
would also feel embarrassed when Paul showed her the
finished movie. Paul filmed the rest of her dripping
anal cream-pie before allowing her to rest. As always,
he left his cameras on.

Jimmy got sluggishly up to his feet. “We done here? I’m
about fucked out.”

“It’s good, Jimmy. You did a great job. You can get
dressed now and head out,” Paul answered. The black man
nodded and grabbed his clothes from behind the couch
and ambled off, quite ironically to the bathroom to
dress himself. Paul and Deb waited, quietly listening
and they heard the sound of his piss as he relieved
himself. They waited without saying a word, until Jimmy
returned, fully dressed and ready to leave.

“Jimmy, I’d like to thank you again. When I get the
video edited the way I want it, I’ll have you over and
we’ll go over it again. How’s that? Maybe a couple of
weeks–we’ll have a few beers and relive some fond
memories,” Paul said grinning. The black cook smiled

“I’d like that–just give me a call,” he stated, “and
ma’am,” he addressed Debbie still laying naked on the
carpet looking up at him, “all those things I said–
they were just to help you along and all–you were
really hot and I had a good time. I mean, you are
beautiful and fun–shit, this was like the best night
of my life doing these things with you and I want to
say thanks and all. And I won’t tell anyone, either”,
he finished weakly.

Debbie flushed as the black man appraised her naked
body, looking kind of proudly at some of the marks and
stains he had left upon her. “Thank-You, Jimmy. I had a
good time, too,” was all she could think of to say to
the guy. She didn’t want to get into details of the
things they had done–she just wanted him to know he
hadn’t done anything wrong. She felt an absurd need as
hostess to see their guest to the door.

With that, Paul let the black man out of their house.
Debbie relaxed on the floor, feeling the wet semen
still clinging to her
thighs. She knew Paul would be
coming back and that it would be her time. Paul would
interrogate on film her and she would bare her
innermost thoughts about the night’s activities. She
would get warm inside and Paul would film her
masturbating as she poured out her thoughts to him.
Maybe she would make some suggestions for the next