Beasts are better
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“Here, let me do it.”

“Yeah, you know how to get a cock hard, just rub it over that honey hole of yours, baby, and I’ll ream it out good for you!”

Eileen Tremaine reached down to grasp Hank Barstow’s flaccid cock as he knelt between her widespread thighs and leaned over her prostrate body. As she did, she cursed herself for having delayed the exciting moment; she had had him firm and hard while she had been mouthing his cock but then she had conceived a sudden desire to have his mouth running over her hot-lipped pussy. Hank had been willing enough to eat her pussy — he was no laggard in that department — and in fact, had brought her to a pair of sharp orgasms through adroit use of his tongue. But the climaxes had been localized and had seemed to affect only her clitoris and the outer surfaces of her pussy. She had been left hungry for a deep penetration, a bull-like thrust of a prick which would reach into the very depths of her womb and release the tension still knotted there.

“Mmmm, feels so good! So totally sexy!” she murmured, rubbing the soft tool over the wet, aroused lips of her pussy.

His prick really did feel good against the tender flesh, though she had said so mainly in order to give him another spark of excitement. Hank was one of those men who needed a bit of verbal cooperation from his women in order to reach his full peak of effectiveness and Eileen had no qualms about giving it. She loved saying the love words, the sensual phrases, and merely uttering them never failed to make her pussy and nipples throb more powerfully.

“Ahhh, I love to feel a cock growing hard against my pussy,” she whispered, rubbing it into her slit harder. “I’m getting my pussy-drip all over your prick; I’m getting you ready to fuck me!”

That was true. She always let go a flood of the clear, warm oil whenever she became excited and, by swabbing his prick around the lips, she made it much more exciting to hold. When he became hard enough to show a sign of life in that exciting tool, she grasped it in her fist. Hank began humping in and out of her hand, making his cock slide back and forth in her grip. Eileen gradually aimed the stiffening, growing head between the lips of her pussy. The tool sensed the readiness of her cunt and grew even more quickly. Soon it was big enough that when Hank pressed deeply against her hand, the head slipped into the mouth of her cunt and gave her flesh a ravishingly delicious feeling.

“Ooohh, you’re fucking my hand and cunt at the same time!” she exclaimed. “Do it harder, honey? I love to feel it going in like that! I’ll pull my hand away in a minute and then you can ram it home!”

His cock responded to her words and to the urgent tone of her voice, and quickly swelled to its full size. She pulled her hand away once it was firmly planted and he lunged forward, sheathing half of the stiff tool at the first thrust. She wiped her cunt-oil-smeared hand on his hip and then dug her fingers into the small of his back. Her heels fitted neatly into the sockets at the back of his knees. She began lifting her hips up and tossing them from side to side as he began sliding steadily in and out. She stopped wiggling very shortly, feeling her womb tensing up in that familiar way. She did not want to come again so soon, even though the pressure was almost unbearable. In a vague, obscure way that she could never understand, Eileen hated to give herself free rein with Hank and come as soon as she wanted to. It always took him a good fifteen or twenty minutes of humping before he could get his balls loose enough to give up their load and she knew that she could rest awhile and still make it when he did.

I guess he’s about as good at fucking as he is at being a foreman, she thought as she relaxed slightly and locked her legs around him slightly higher up. Just about adequate and no more!

She allowed her mind to roam freely and consciously willed herself not to think about the prick that was sliding in and out of her cunt with a slow, regular beat. It was already May 17, she realized with a start; that meant that Jack would be returning from boarding school in two weeks or less. A sense of unease, a gnawing feeling of guilt, swept over her when she thought of her sixteen-year-old son. A gangling, rawboned youth, the exact image of his father, he would be a big help to her in running the Bar T ranch (“Guests & Excursions”, the sign outside the front gate read) that summer. That is, he would be a help if she could keep him from piling into bed with the better-looking female guests at her dude ranch!

They’d get their money’s worth with him, she thought grimly. I wonder what he really thought about that wild night we had?

She remembered the unforgettable evening, his next to last of the Easter vacation. They had celebrated with a big steak dinner and champagne. Somehow, in the course of the evening, their talk had turned to bawdy things and before very long Eileen had found herself pulling him onto her. She still could hardly believe that it had happened but the memory was there. She still saw his cock in her mind’s eye. The huge tool with its white-hot hardness had surprised her greatly as he unfastened the front of his jeans and knelt between her opened thighs. She still remembered the piercing dart of pain that had shot outward from her loins when he had rammed the enormous rod into the mouth of her cunt. Best of all, he had been so highly excited despite the champagne, that he had come almost as soon as the taut, passion-warmed ring of her cunt bad slipped around the head of his prick! It had taken her by surprise — no man she had ever known had come so quickly with her. But, recognizing the unmistakable signs, she had greeted his climax with a quick lurch and a series of tossing hip thrusts that made her cunt burst out into a flowering, rainbow-hued crescendo of lusty joy.

My own son! she thought, blushing at the memory. I actually fucked my own son! And him barely sixteen! Jesus, he shot a load that time. I guess I’d been doing it with Hank too long I’d forgotten that a man could shoot off so much or so strong! Mmmm, I’ll bet Jack would be a jewel to eat; imagine getting your mouth around a cock packed so full of come!

Eileen had kept her legs locked tightly around his ass that night and didn’t let him pull away after that first come. She had continued to writhe and bob beneath him and soon he was fucking her again, driving his huge cock deeper and deeper until it seemed it would surely pierce her stomach. She had come again, and then, when he got his second wind and began humping with a mad, driving intensity, came yet a third time when his balls dissolved once more and flooded her cunt with liquid fire. She had released him after that and he had staggered off to his bedroom, leaving her sprawled on the couch, legs still spread wide. She had held her hands over her pussy to catch the steady drip of cunt-warmed semen which dripped from her cunt in a stream that she thought would never end. Then she had rubbed the sticky cream over the dark, bushy hair covering her love mound. By concentrating upon the fact that the sperm seeping from her cunt had been shot there by her son, that she was smearing his come over her pussy hair and lower belly and upper thighs, she soon had herself fully aroused once more. Having excited herself to an unendurable peak, she then worked her ring and middle fingers of her right hand into the juicy mouth of her cunt and fucked herself into one final climax, one that left her so weak she could barely stagger into her bedroom.

Jack had not mentioned the episode the next morning and, once she had looked at herself and the deed she had committed, she could not bring herself to mention it either. It had suited them both to pretend that it had never happened, though Eileen could do nothing to erase the memory from her mind. She found that she could hardly look at Hank, who had been standing in as her regular lover ever since her husband had died three years ago, without comparing him to young Jack. Hank did not stand up very well under the comparison but at least he was available. And he was not her son, either. Thus Eileen could admit him into her bed and grind out her hungers against his hard, wiry body without suffering those strong pangs of guilt which she had felt after that episode with Jack.

“Huh?” she blurted out, suddenly realizing that Hank had been talking to her while he was shoving his cock in and out of her cunt. “Oh, yeah, I’m getting there; just keep working it in and out like that. God, you’re like a fucking stud-horse tonight! Oh, that cock, it’s tearing my cunt apart!”

She sensed from the abrupt tightening of his muscles that he was nearing the bursting point and she hurried to catch up. It wasn’t difficult for her to catch up with him since she had an unusual ability to excite herself through dwelling on mental images. She merely concentrated on seeing her son’s bulging, lust-swollen prick and felt her cunt and breasts come alive with amazing rapidity. She gave a low, throaty moan and threw herself back at Hank and gripped him tightly between her long, powerful thighs. Many hours spent in the saddle had strengthened her legs’ muscles and she could now almost control a man solely through using her legs and leverage.

He groaned as she squeezed her thighs together and forced him out of her cunt until only the head was lodged in the taut, muscle-rimmed opening. “God, you’re tearing my cock off!”

“Make it come!” she grunted, weaving her hips in a frantic circle and clenching her stomach muscles to make her cunt grip him even more tightly. “Make it come, damn you! I want to feel you come!”

She relaxed her legs’ grip slightly and, since he was naturally straining to plant his cock deeper in her cunt, he slipped inside with a quick rush. She tilted her hips upward, bringing the lips of her pussy up against the wiry hair growing around the base of his cock. Her clitoris scrubbed into his hard, flat belly and she groaned at the delightful contact. Eileen allowed him to remain deeply planted for only a few seconds. She quickly tightened her legs once more and pushed him out of her cunt. He strained even harder but could not overcome her superior leverage. Her hips snapped briefly, making her cunt nip and grab at the head of his prick, and then she felt him begin to come.

Hank roared out and reached down to grab the cheeks of her ass. His cock gave two false spurts, leaping madly within her cunt but giving up none of the spew she wanted, and then seemed to burst apart as the essence of his balls poured forth. The tool gave several jerks that made it move against the ultra-sensitive walls of her cunt in a deliriously exciting way. But it emitted only a few weak rivulets of thick, hot cream. Eileen cried out angrily when she felt the force of his orgasmic twitches diminish; she would have liked them to continue for several minutes, even though she knew that no man could keep up such fucking. She made the best of it, however, and continued grinding her pussy against Hank for several minutes after both of them had ceased to come.

“Yeah, you really love to work that thing, don’t you?” Hank whispered in her ear. “Well, you just keep on working it, honey; I might have shot my wad but I like to feel you fucking away.”

“God, there’s nothing like a fuck!” Eileen gasped, still weaving her hips around his cock and loving the sensation. “Mmmm, I think I could fuck forever!”

It was not to be, however. She could feel his prick losing its stiffness by the second. The tool had soon grown so limp that her active cunt spat it out, as though it refused to hold a prick which was so little good. Hank rolled off when his cock had slipped out but she lay flat on her back with one hand clasped over her pussy. The muscles of her belly rippled softly as she bore down, seeking to expel the semen he had deposited in her. She felt the thick cream surge out of her cunt’s mouth and slide over her waiting fingers. She spread the rich gruel over her flesh, plastering the dark, curly hair down flat, and then continued toying with the lips of her pussy.

“Hot damn, I never seen a woman so hot to feel a man’s come running out,” Hank exclaimed, sitting up in bed to watch her afterplay. “Both women I married would clap a tissue or a piece of an old shirt over it soon as I’d shot my load off. They didn’t like to feel that come or see it either!”

“Some women are like that, I guess,” Eileen mused. “I’ve always liked it. Feeling it run out reminds me of how much fun it was getting it in there in the first place!”

“Now that right there is one thing I like most about you. You’ve got a pretty good idea of what you want and you ain’t afraid to stand up and admit to it. Yeah, a lot of women would rather stand up in front of the whole church and drink poison than admit to liking come!”

Hank wasted little time in bedtime niceties once he had relieved himself of the load of come he had built up for the past two days. A straightforward, self-centered ex-cowboy, he believed that women were made to be fucked, not talked to. He dallied for a moment but then got off the bed and began pulling on his clothes. Eileen did not bother trying to make him stay. She knew from long experience that he was good for only one fuck a night and she had little interest in him apart from his availability as a bed partner. She lay quietly, continuing to finger her pussy, and nodded peacefully as he left the room.

A far cry from Jack, she thought with a bitter grimace. Even though her son had apparently been racked with doubt and indecision after the act, he had not been eager to pull his prick out of her, not even after the second flood of orgasmic lava had gushed from his big cock. And a veritable flood it had been, she recalled. It had seemed that he was going to come forever, especially during the first climax, and she also remembered that his come had seemed to be of a different sort. Hank’s spew had a thick, creamy consistency and a chalky, rank flavor, as she well knew from looking at her fingers and tasting them during her experiments after he had left her. Jack’s come, in distinct contrast, was not nearly so thick and was virtually transparent. Furthermore it had had a young, fresh taste, almost sweet. And there had been nothing weak or halfhearted about the way it had shot from his cock! The explosion had taken her by complete surprise. It had seemed as though she had admitted a firehose into her cunt and turned it on full force.

By comparing Hank’s climax with Jack’s she had teased herself into another state of excitement. Perhaps it had been deliberate, she thought as her fingers caressed the wet, come-smeared slit more purposefully. But in any case it was real. She was horny again and there was nothing to do but to relieve her cunt of the excitement which her thoughts had engendered. She was used to masturbating; the death of Jack, Sr. had seen to that. Eileen was a passionate woman, thirty-seven and seemingly at the very peak of her sexual powers. She had an almost inexhaustible hunger for sexual pleasure and frankly doubted if any one man, even so compelling a lover as her late husband had been, would have been able to have satisfied all her sensual urges.

Eileen rolled over onto her belly, flattening her big, slightly drooping breasts against the quilt she used for a bedspread. Her right hand stayed between her thighs, cupping her pussy closely, and her left reached around to glide between her legs from the rear. She slipped the middle finger of her left hand into her cunt for a moment, plunging it deep and allowing it to stay long enough to become thoroughly coated with the ripe oils that excited tunnel produced. Then she removed the finger and guided it into the tight, puckered eye located just above her cunt’s mouth. She shuddered heavily as the finger penetrated her asshole but she drove it deep. At the same time she worked three fingers of her right hand as far into her cunt as she could reach and bent her hand at the wrist so as to bring her palm into close, intimate contact with her clitoris. Once her hands were in place she brought her thighs together, making them bore into her anus and cunt even more strongly, and began flexing her hips in a slow, rhythmical pattern.

Her thoughts turned back to her son, Jack. Would he want to have her again when he returned from the boarding school he attended? And if he wanted her, would she be able to rely upon her good sense and talk him out of it? Or would she give in to her body’s desperate hungers and again pull him between her soft thighs? These questions had plagued her ever since she had driven him in to Salt Lake City, where he caught the plane back to school at the end of his vacation. She was now no closer to an answer than she had been when she first asked them. His few letters and the more frequent calls had given no inkling of his thinking about the deed they had shared.

“Ooohh!” Eileen groaned, burying her face in the quilt and shuddering as her fingers worked powerfully against her excited flesh.

The addition of a finger in her asshole, she had discovered a few years ago, added an incredible stimulus to her sex play and greatly added to the violence of her climaxes. She had found a book, one of those cheap paperback novels with a nude voluptuous beauty on the front cover, in a cabin vacated by a guest and had appropriated it. The book, a novel with an improbable setting and even more ludicrous plot, had concerned a young girl who had been anally raped by a gang of motorcycle riders. Although the book had been trash, the sex scenes had been written with a certain dash and liveliness not found in the rest of the pages. Eileen had found herself thinking almost constantly of the heroine’s troubles for a few days after reading the book. Finally, when she lay alone in her bed with one hand busily plunging into her cunt, she had given in and tried the experiment. It had taken her a few minutes to discover a satisfactory way of getting a finger into her own asshole but once she had accomplished the feat she had felt a strong surge of sexuality sweeping through her entire midsection and had shortly fucked herself into a state of near-delirium. Now she seldom failed to fuck herself in both the openings between her thighs.

“Aargh-owwww!” she moaned, pressing harder against her hands and quivering heavily as she sought to work out the tensions within her tall, trim body. “Oooohh! Come, make it now! Come!”


When Eileen awoke the next morning she still felt a warm, soft afterglow of sexual contentment. Her bed and body reeked of come, though it was a smell which she loved. She never failed to marvel at the way her cunt could transform sperm, giving it a sharp sexual scent. Mere sperm by itself could not begin to compare with the mixed essence of love, as she knew from having sniffed of her son’s sheets after he had had a wet dream.

Nevertheless, she drew herself a bath, laced it liberally with pine-scented bath oil and got in with a grateful sigh. After reclining in the water and allowing it to lull her into a state of near-unconsciousness, she stirred and lathered her pussy with care, washing away every trace of Hank’s ejaculation. After emerging from her bedroom, fully bathed and dressed, she prepared a hearty breakfast and ate every bit of it.

There were only two couples staying at the ranch — it was a bit early for the summer crowd — and she knew that Hank could take care of their needs. She spent the morning in straightening up her accounts and walked down to the mailbox in time to meet the mailman. Sorting through the collection he gave her, she picked out the most likely envelopes to open first. The reservations for summer visits were coming in even faster than last year, which had been her best season ever, and she made the proper entries in her reservations book and typed out the answering cards. As she was finishing this task, the telephone on her cluttered desk rang and she picked up the receiver.

“Mrs. Tremaine? I was wondering if perhaps you might have a vacant cabin this week?” the caller asked. “I’ve just discovered that I’m going to have a couple of weeks free and, since I’ve been wanting to visit your ranch I thought I might be able to take this opportunity.”

“Yes, I have a number of vacancies,” Eileen answered. “Rather a slow time of the year, just now.”

“Good. I’m Doreen Mason, Mrs. Al Mason,” the caller said. “From Los Angeles. Fred and Arlene Winston recommended your ranch; I believe they stayed there last October.”

“Er, I believe they did,” Eileen agreed. “Very well, Mrs. Mason, I’ll need your home address, home telephone number and your expected date of arrival.”

When she received the information she jotted it down, thanked Mrs. Mason and hung up. She also wrote herself a note to meet Mrs. Mason at the airport in Salt Lake City the next day at noon, which was the earliest she could arrive. As always, when she took a reservation over the telephone, Eileen wondered about the caller. Doreen Mason had sounded young, perhaps thirty. Her voice had a sophisticated, educated quality and she had specifically requested one of the first-class cabins, making no sign of a protest when Eileen had mentioned the stiff rate she charged for the luxuriously furnished units.

I just hope she’s not trying to crank herself up for a divorce or something, Eileen said to herself as she turned to other duties. They’re always the most trouble, those wives who come out here to solve their problems.

Doreen Mason seemed not to have a care in the world, Eileen decided when she picked up the woman the next day and drove her back to the ranch. She explained her husband’s absence by mentioning that he was a professor of psychology at a Los Angeles college and that he would hardly miss her for the two weeks, which came at the end of the term and would be primarily a season of test-giving and marking for him.

“He won’t even know I’m gone,” Doreen said. “Actually I’m sort of an advance party — a group of faculty wives have been looking for a nice ranch where we can go on a group excursion. You know, the sort of place where we can all get away from our husbands for a few days and let our hair down in privacy.”

“There’ll be plenty of privacy,” Eileen assured her. “My theory is that you should give a guest as much leeway as she wants. If you want it that way, I’ll make sure that no one will bother you.”

Their conversation on the ride back to the ranch, a distance of some fifty miles, confirmed her initial friendly response to the new guest. Doreen Mason looked to be about thirty, as she had sounded over the phone, and was of medium height, though of a build verging toward plumpness. She was especially big in the breasts and Eileen had to suppress a smile at the thought of the woman riding a horse without a bra. She very obviously had not bothered to wear one on the plane and her big breasts jostled each other comfortably in the front of the expensively tailored silk shirt under her pantsuit. Her black hair and dark coloring meant that she would not be likely to become a sunburn victim, a relief, and also lent an aura of exotic interest to her plump cheeks and sparking brown eyes. Her regular features lit up with interest as they drove into the foothills in which the Bar T lay and Eileen saw that she was a very beautiful woman when sparked with curiosity or interest. By the time they turned in at the main gate of the ranch Eileen decided that she liked her new guest very much.

Later that afternoon, just before dinner, Eileen took a walk around the outbuildings of her ranch. She always derived a feeling of solid satisfaction from these walks and from looking at the evidence of material progress she and her late husband had made. The ranch had been only a tumble-down main house and a rat-infested barn when they had bought the place, almost fifteen years ago and shortly after their marriage. It had taken a lot of hard work but they had built it into a thriving enterprise and she knew the trim, spic-and-span buildings reflected success and prosperity.

Eileen turned the corner of the barn and came upon Doreen sitting on an upturned bucket and gazing intently into the corral. Looking that way, she saw Jackson, one of the burros they kept around the ranch for pack trips. An obstinate but sturdy little gray creature, he could be depended upon to eat anything left lying around a campsite and could empty a foodbox quicker than any group of cowboys she had ever known. Jackson stood placidly in the corral and nibbled at a few wisps of hay. Eileen walked closer to the woman, who stared at the burro as if she had been put into a trance; she was standing only a couple of feet away from Doreen before the woman turned to notice her. Eileen saw that her cheeks were flushed a deep hue of red and that she was highly agitated.

“My God, I’d always heard that about donkeys but I never really believed it!” Doreen whispered.

“What?” Eileen asked, seeing only the obstinate troublemaker she had always known. “I’m afraid I don’t understand.”

“That cock! Look at that cock hanging down from his belly!”

Eileen looked and had to suppress a giggle. As Doreen had said, Jackson’s prick was indeed hanging from his scruffy gray belly. The instrument was dark-brown and drooped limply for about a foot. Doreen’s hotly flushed face and bright, glinting eyes suggested that she found the sight exciting.

“Oh, that,” Eileen said. “The burros are always doing that. The horses, too, at least the geldings and the stud. It doesn’t mean anything, I don’t think. My husband used to tell me that they ran their cocks out to cool them off!”

“Yes, I can see that it isn’t hard,” Doreen whispered. “But the size of the thing! Are horses much bigger than that?”

“Come to think of it, they’re not,” Eileen remarked. “That’s a curious thing about animals, at least horses and burros. There isn’t much difference in their cocks when they’re hard and when they aren’t, except that they get harder. But no bigger, though.”

She could see that the woman was highly excited by the donkey’s prick, which amused her. She herself had been around the ranch’s animals far too long to see them as anything but familiar fixtures.

“I’ll tell you what,” Eileen suggested after a moment, during which Doreen had said nothing at all and had not removed her eyes from Jackson’s cock. “If you’d like to go along, we could take a little drive tomorrow. I know something that might really interest you. Some of the neighbors are bringing over a couple of mares who are coming into heat; they’re going to breed them to my stallion. We can slip down to the horse pasture tomorrow and have a good look at the proceedings if you’d like.”

“Could we?” Doreen asked, moving her eyes away from Jackson for the first time. “My God, what an exciting thing to see! I’ve always beard about stallions and their mares; it sounds like it would be out of sight! Ooohh, I’d love to go!”

They made a date of it and Eileen promised to pick Doreen up at eight o’clock sharp for the drive to the horse pasture. She kept Ace, her prize stallion, in a pen by himself a couple of miles farther up a canyon, well away from the main cluster of buildings. Doreen had a question as soon as she got into the pickup the next morning.

“Will there be other people there?” she asked. “I think I’d be ashamed to watch if there were other people around. Isn’t that hypocritical of me?”

“I don’t know if it’s hypocritical or not,” Eileen said, “but I came prepared just in case. I’ve got a spotting telescope here and we can park well away from the lot if you’d rather. There will be some other people there — Hank, my foreman, and the men who own the mares. Come to think of it, you might feel a little out of place around them. I mean, it would be perfectly obvious that we’d come there just to see the mares get fucked.”

Eileen had deliberately used the vulgar term, hoping to measure Doreen’s reaction, and she scored a success right away. The woman’s face flushed brightly and she averted her eyes at the mention of the plain, sturdy verb. Eileen congratulated herself upon having read her guest correctly: Doreen wanted to witness the breeding of a mare simply to excite herself. Evidently she was the kind of woman who found sexual activity exciting to watch, even though it only involved animals. Eileen had witnessed far too many breedings to find any special erotic thrill in it any longer; she associated a breeding with a lot of hard, dusty, sweaty work.

“It might be a little different from what you’re expecting,” she said as she turned off the main track and took the pickup into rougher country. “A stallion isn’t always as horny as a man; sometimes he has to be coaxed into doing his work.”

Doreen wanted to know what she meant but Eileen refused to explain, saying that she would see soon enough for herself. They clattered along over progressively rougher country and finally came to a halt. Eileen got out, bringing her spotting scope — Jack, Sr. had used it for target practice and hunting — and its tripod, and led Doreen into a thick clump of junipers crowning a low ridge. They squatted down in the edge of the thick growth and she set up the scope, pointing it at the small barn and corral laid out in the canyon floor beneath them. The corral was perhaps a quarter-mile off but the scope would bring it into close view, permitting them to see everything. She focused the instrument and then rolled out of the way for Doreen to see.

“We’re just in time,” she murmured. “And like I told you, the stallion’s a bit balky. He’s the sorrel.”

Ace was indeed a handsome brute of an animal. His coat glistened in the sharp morning sunlight. He showed only a slight interest in the mares, a gray and a bay, and continued munching hay out of the trough before him.

“What are they doing with that burro?” Doreen asked.

Eileen explained that she was watching Jackson, the same burro she had seen yesterday. When a stallion proved balky and unwilling to mount the mares, she added, the men had to provoke his jealousy and get him more in the mood for servicing his mates. Burros, she said, were exceptionally horny and needed no such enticement; they were always ready to belly up to a mare and sink their cocks in a hot pussy. She allowed Doreen exclusive use of the scope, since she knew quite well what was going on, and explained the proceedings as she watched with her naked eyes.

“They get Jackson excited and he tries to mount the mare,” she whispered. “But they don’t let him fuck her; that would produce a mule instead of a horse colt and nobody wants a mule. So, as soon as it looks like he’s going to get his prick in the mare, they slap it down and pull him off. After a while Ace will get interested and do his work properly.”

Doreen expressed a compassionate regard for the frustrated burro, who was braying angrily and scuffing the dusty corral’s floor in his impatience to start fucking. He sniffed under the gray mare’s tail and mounted her with surprising ease. Doreen marveled at the way the tiny burro could strain and stretch himself in his effort to get his cock into the mare’s pussy. Jackson cavorted like an acrobat and once seemed on the verge of crawling onto the mare’s back.

Eileen could see that her guest was growing more excited by the minute and caught the sensual fever. Perhaps it was merely due to her proximity to the highly excited woman but whatever the cause, she felt a surge of hot, passionate blood flowing through the tissues of her pussy and became more aware of her sexual hungers. Doreen’s grunts of surprise and moans of astonishment became more and more pronounced until Eileen began to wonder if the woman might come while watching the performance in the corral below. Ace finally caught the fever and quickly fucked both mares, nudging Jackson aside with proud disdain and mounting with an urgency. The mares shrieked with excitement when they felt the massive prick spearing their cunts, plowing deep and blasting out a load of hot come. Doreen expressed great surprise at the quickness of the act, once Ace had gotten the message.

“Stallions might be really hung,” Eileen murmured softly, “but they aren’t much for an extended fucking session. They get it in and — wham! — they shoot their load in a hurry.”

“Mmm, just like a young kid!” Doreen breathed. “God, that’s the best thing about making it with a teenager; they come so quick! And so much!”

Eileen looked at her guest with startled eyes, amazed to find one of her own thoughts coming from another. She did not reply to the woman’s passionate remark, perhaps because she feared what she might say. They lay there another minute or two and then Eileen suggested leaving. They slipped back through the junipers, got into the pickup and pulled away without saying another word. Eileen drove back to the main buildings in a dither; she did not know what to do next.

“Er, I get the impression you might want to go back to your cabin,” she said as she slowed down near the row of guest cottages.

“You know it!” Doreen breathed. “I can’t help it; I’ve got to do it! Oh, it was the most exciting thing ever!”

Eileen shifted herself about uncomfortably on the pickup’s seat. The sexual excitement she had caught from Doreen had made her pussy sensitive and she could feel her excited flesh rubbing against the stiff seat beneath her. Working the clutch and brake pedals had caused her thighs to rub together and forced the stiff cloth of her jeans harder into her pussy to arouse her more than ever.

“Come in with me,” Doreen whispered when they stopped in front of her cabin. “Let’s do it together! God, I’m so horny, so hot, so fucking hot! Come on, Eileen, come inside and make it with me! I’ve got a dildo that’s out of sight. It’s so much like a cock you wouldn’t believe it! Let’s both get ourselves a come!”

Eileen quivered excitedly and felt her nipples and clitoris throb with a desperate urgency at the tone of abandoned excitement in the woman’s throaty voice. Even though she had never masturbated in the presence of anyone else, not even her husband, she felt a powerful sense of desire now. Marveling at her own weakness, she switched off the pickup’s ignition and opened the door. Doreen scampered into the cottage and Eileen followed, pulling the front door closed and bolting it. Doreen stood in the center of the small living room and tore off her clothes. Eileen’s body gave off progressively stronger thrills of excitement and she too began undressing. She saw that Doreen’s body was even lovelier than she had supposed. The woman’s breasts were especially remarkable. Full and firm, easily the size of large grapefruits, they swelled out to finely pointed cones of reddish-brown flesh; huge maroon circles of aroused flesh separated the nipple from the rest of the mound. When she had ripped off her panties she spread her feet wide apart and clasped her pussy between her hands, rubbing herself sensually as she watched Eileen’s clothes drop off.

“God, it’s been ages since I’ve felt so horny!” Doreen whispered. “Mmm, you’ve got a beautiful body — I love your big tits!”

Eileen paused with her thumbs hooked in the waistband of her panties. The woman’s tone had not been what she expected; it sounded very much as though Doreen’s remark had been made more out of desire than envy. Doreen watched her for another moment and then hurried off to the bedroom, announcing that she would return with her toys. When she came back she had a battery-powered vibrator in one hand and a formidable-looking dildo in the other. Eileen had never seen either instrument before and wondered what kind of woman she had taken up with. The dildo was made of a semi-soft rubbery substance and, as Doreen had said, bore an amazing resemblance to a genuine prick. It looked to be a good eight inches long, perhaps two inches thick, and even had a pair of sculpted balls. It had a strap fastened to the base by snaps but the most frightening thing about it was the inch-wide row of tiny rubber spikes circling the shaft just behind the obscenely large cockhead. Eileen shuddered at the thought of being fucked by so formidable a tool but Doreen seemed to think that it was a beautiful object.

“Which one do you want?” Doreen asked, brandishing the tools. “I can’t ever decide which one is best.”

Eileen could not make up her own mind and was indeed dubious about using either. She finally accepted the strap-on dildo, however, and found that holding the massive tool in her hand gave her a stronger desire to feel it going into her cunt. She wondered about the strap; evidently a person could fasten it around his waist and pull it down into position for use as a supplementary prick.

“Do you want to use it on me?” Doreen asked, seeing her handle the strap and mistakenly supposing that she meant to put it around her hips. “I’ve never been fucked with it, not by anyone else, I mean, but I’ll bet it would be fun! God, I’d love to have you between my legs, feel you working that monster in!”

Eileen almost dropped the dildo, she was so shocked at the insane suggestion. She quickly saw that Doreen was entirely in earnest, however, and decided that she might like playing the man’s part. Doreen read the quick glint of decision in her eyes and lay back on the couch, propping her left leg on the top of the cushioned back and trailing her right leg on the floor. Eileen fumbled with the straps and managed to get the thing fastened around her waist. An auxiliary strap went between her legs and kept the base of the big rubber prick pulled down over her lovemound; she giggled at the sight of a cock, even a false one, protruding from the base of her belly.

“Yes, it looks odd,” Doreen whispered, watching her intently, “to see a prick beneath those wonderful breasts of yours! Get on me, darling, and let me feel it going in! Ooohh, I want to fuck so badly!”

Eileen found it difficult to walk with the straps digging into her hips and pussy but she soon adjusted to their pressure and got between the woman’s full, widespread thighs. Doreen reached down to guide the nose of the dildo into the lips of her pussy and brought her legs up to enclose Eileen’s quivering body. Eileen pushed against the base of the dildo and saw Doreen’s eyes widen with joy as the tool opened the mouth of her cunt. She felt the woman’s legs tighten around her body and a powerful thrill of sexual excitement surged outward from her pussy as she began fucking in earnest. Doreen gasped out a strangled oath of delirious exhortation and wrapped her arms around Eileen, pulling her face down onto her raised breasts and panting with anticipation.


Doreen gave every indication of accepting Eileen just as though she were a man. Her fervent, obscene cries of abandoned exhortation, the convulsive twists and thrusts of her trim, quivering hips as Eileen worked the rubber prick into her grasping cunt, the quick gasps which escaped from her lips, all seemed to be exactly the same reactions she would be displaying were the prick boring into her body made of human flesh instead of rubber. She clawed at Eileen’s buttocks, digging her fingers into the smoothly rounded globes, and even reached farther with one hand, searching for and finding her partner’s asshole. She fingered the tight hole with the tip of her right middle finger. Eileen gave a mighty lunge of excitement when she felt Doreen begin massaging that exquisitely tender opening.

The dildo straps were made of heavy canvas and fitted the tool snugly around Eileen’s loins. Even so, she could tell that the action was not exactly the same as a man’s prick would give; she could feel the tool pulling away from her own pussy whenever she attempted to extract it from Doreen’s cunt and prepare for another thrust. She had to exaggerate her thrusting movements but quickly found that she could almost duplicate the cockthrusts of a man. Doreen gave no indication at all that she had other than joyous reactions to her attempts at acting a man’s part in the fucking. She groaned frantically each time Eileen pulled the thick tool from her cunt and every slow, spearing thrust brought a delighted gasp to her full, red lips. Her thighs gripped powerfully and she rubbed her fire-tipped breasts into Eileen’s, giving them both an additional powerful dose of stimulation.

The base of the tool nudged comfortably against Eileen’s swollen clitoris each time she thrust it into Doreen’s cunt and the strap running between her thighs soon began rubbing the lips of her pussy. These exciting sensations, together with the sensuality emanating from Doreen’s finely aroused body, made her womb tighten into a hard, quivering ball. The extent and intensity of her reaction surprised her; she had not supposed that it would be very exciting to fuck another woman with an artificial prick, not matter how large and grotesque looking it might be. Eileen was discovering that it could be exciting and fulfilling to administer sexual pleasure to another woman as to receive it from a member of the opposite sex.

“Unnngghh!” Doreen groaned, tossing her hips about madly and bumping her pussy against the base of the rubber prick with mad, savage abandon. “Shove it in, all the way in! Leave it there and — oh! — let me fuck it myself!”

Eileen did as she was told and drove the immense tool as far as possible into the woman’s cunt. Doreen gave a low, whimpering cry of sexual anguish and immediately tightened the grip of her powerful legs around Eileen’s body. She lifted her hips upward, exposing her hot-lipped pussy more completely to the deeply planted tool, and began grinding her rump from side to side, up and down; she was fucking with a mindless, primitive intensity that set aside every consideration except the immediate goal of orgiastic release.

Holding her loins tightly against the heaving woman, Eileen discovered that she could, by moving her hips very slightly, work her strained clitoris against the base of the dildo strapped to her body. She was in no mood to pass up any kind of sexual stimulation, regardless of the source, and she began squeezing against the tool with slow, sensuous wiggles. She worked herself against the tool with mounting success and then felt the strap of the tool slip between the lips of her pussy, spreading them wide and scraping against the highly aroused flesh in a way that made her quiver from head to foot. Seizing the opportunity, she reached around her right hip and fastened her hand around the strap. By pulling upon it, she could make it work against her pussy all the harder. She soon felt her womb give a warning tingle, the warning signal of orgiastic joy lying just ahead, and she began writhing at an even faster, harder pace.

“Mmmm! You’re working it in my cunt just right!” Doreen cried out with a lusty burst of hip-tossing grinds.

“Oooohh! Agghhh!” Eileen groaned. “I’m coming, I’m coming already!”

They clung together, locked in a passionate embrace, and allowed their nervous systems to carry them the rest of the way. Eileen lost all track of time; for a few moments she was conscious of nothing but the mighty storm which had developed within her deep cunt. She twisted and strained, working her flesh against the tool and the thick strap. She groaned and sobbed aloud as her womb succumbed to the intense pressures. A flood of warm, musky oil ran out of her cunt and deluged the dildo, the strap and dripped down onto Doreen’s frantic, throbbing slit.

Doreen shrieked with abandoned pleasure when she felt her own cunt give an answering throb and turn into an inferno of raging lust. She fucked back at the throbbing woman with all her power. She worked her cunt around the big tool Eileen had thrust into her and shuddered heavily as the waves of solid orgasmic pleasure swept over her body. Her cries mounted to a shrill crescendo, keeping pace with the mounting pressure of her cunt’s throbbing. At the very peak of her joy she gave a small, weak whimper and fell back in a limp heap. She panted heavily and caught up her big breasts, massaging them gently, as her cunt slowly lost the delicious grip upon sexual delirium it had earlier had.

“Oooohh, that’s the way to fuck a pussy!” she whispered softly. “You sure you never got it on with a girl before? Honey, you swung that tool like you’d been doing it all your life!”

Eileen assured her new friend that she had never even so much as touched another woman or even had any interest in doing so. Doreen shook her head in wonder. She promised that as soon as she had caught her breath she would remove the dildo from Eileen’s waist and use it on her. The promise sent a cold shiver of dread anticipation over Eileen; she remembered the bizarre look of the tool, with those circles of soft rubber spikes adorning its shaft. She was not sure that her cunt would be able to stand such violent treatment.

Doreen laughed heartily and assured her that she would love every inch of the cock. A woman’s cunt, she pointed out, was always much more sensitive when she had had a climax without being penetrated deeply, a fact of which Eileen was well aware, and thus she would appreciate the dildo more than ever. Eileen reluctantly disengaged herself and unsnapped the dildo straps. Doreen shuddered heavily as the thick rod slipped from her cunt; it emerged bright and glistening with her cunt-juices. Eileen found herself wanting to be penetrated by that awesome prick; she could feel the mouth of her cunt drawing up into a tighter, smaller knot of excited flesh as she contemplated being pierced by the tool.

Doreen accepted the dildo and twisted about on the bed. She apologized for not strapping it on, explaining that she was too weak to mount a thorough-going attack upon Eileen’s cunt, but assured her that she could make it every bit as good. She directed Eileen to kneel upon the bed, holding her body in an upright position, so that she could drive the dildo up into her cunt from beneath. Eileen assumed the position, trembling with hungry desire, and watched her friend bring the tool closer to her pussy.

“Oooohh, it looks so big!” she exclaimed. “Are you sure those spikes won’t hurt me?”

“They’ll make you come like you’ve never come before,” Doreen promised. “Didn’t you ever get fucked before by a guy wearing a French tickler?”

Eileen had not and she said so. In fact, she did not even know what a French tickler was, though she had no doubt that Doreen could fill her in very completely on that particular score. The woman seemed to be totally devoted to sexual pleasure. She held the dildo very close to the lips of Eileen’s hot, aching pussy and then touched the tool to her flesh, making her jump and gasp with delight. The head was far bigger than any prickhead she had ever had thrust between the lips of her pussy and the shaft was even larger. She knew that she would be strained to the utmost once the woman got all the rod thrust into her cunt, but she was so excited that she would have died rather than pass up the attempt to take it all.

Doreen explained that she would start nosing the prick into her cunt and then turn it over to her so that she could fuck herself at her own speed. As she was watching Eileen masturbate, she said, she would apply the vibrator to her own body and perhaps they could watch each other come. Eileen’s cunt gave a ferocious leap of erotic delight as she heard that and she touched the tip of the dildo to her pussy’s lips, bringing another shudder of pleasure to her body. The tool was still warm from Doreen’s cunt. By using it fresh from another’s hole, Eileen thought, she was making it even more exciting and she felt a sudden, inexplicable surge of desire shoot through her loins as she watched the woman settle back with the cigar-shaped vibrator. The tool looked to be seven or eight inches long and was made of white plastic. Doreen touched it to the lips of her pussylips, still dark with lusty passion and her pussyoils and switched it on.

“Agghhh!” she groaned, grimacing as the powerful little electric motor inside the tool’s handle whirred into life.

Eileen forced more of the broad, bulbous dildo head into the lips of her pussy. She felt it spearing the mouth of her cunt and when she increased the pressure upon it she also felt that taut, strained opening begin to spread wider. She was tighter and more aroused than normal but this only made the dildo all the more attractive as a sexual instrument. She forced it against her pussy harder and grunted out sharply as her flesh was pierced and spread even wider.

Doreen ran the tip of the whirring vibrator over every part of her pussy, covering both sides of the gaping slit and running it down the ripe, juicy furrow as well, and then thrust it into her cunt with a quick flip of her wrist. The sudden penetration brought a weak, quavering cry of animal joy to her lips and her hands drove the tool deeper. She held it in place for a moment and then brought it out. It emerged thickly coated with her cunty oils. She held it out to Eileen’s pussy, a question in her eyes. Eileen understood the gesture and the look and nodded.

“Do it to me!” she panted, working the head of the dildo further into the mouth of her cunt and gasped wildly as the instrument further dilated the tender opening. “Work it over my pussy! Make me come!”

Doreen extended her hand further and brought the whirring tip of the vibrator into contact with Eileen’s pussylips. Eileen cried out weakly, lurched forward and thrust the spiked dildo into her cunt with a convulsive lunge. The thick-shafted tool speared deep; the spikes slid over the taut rim of her cunt and plunged inside the hot, grasping tunnel. She moaned as the tool probed further into her strained, tortured flesh.

Doreen withdrew the vibrator after a moment and turned it back toward her own cunt. She thrust it deep and gasped with renewed joy; the hole had grown exquisitely sensitive during the vibrator’s absence and it greeted the tool’s entrance with frantic throbs of primitive joy. She worked it deep, twisting it to make sure that the tip probed into every nook and cranny of the hot crack. She cried out at Eileen, telling her to twist the dildo within her cunt, and began plunging the vibrator in and out with quick, choppy strokes.

Eileen twisted it and immediately felt a terrible explosion take place deep in her loins. As she twisted the dildo around, the spikes dug deep into the supremely tender walls of her cunt and lent a special flavor to the excitement which raced over her shuddering body. She began working the tool in and out, twisting it at the same time, and felt the spasms growing stronger. Within seconds she was experiencing the strongest, most violent climax she had ever known. The force of the spasms even exceeded those she had felt when she had forced her cunt down upon the prick of young Jack. She felt as though her womb was melting and running down the walls of her cunt and dripping out onto the dildo as she continued working in and out of her frantically throbbing hole.

She howled and shook like a leaf in an autumn wind. “Ohhhh! My cunt! I’m coming all over, I can’t stop coming!”

She looked down and saw that Doreen was removing the vibrator from her cunt. The woman held the tool with one band and used the index finger of the other to find her asshole. Then she transferred the vibrator tip there and began working it in. Eileen’s eyes widened in surprise; though she was gripped by a passion mightier than any she had ever known, she retained enough command over her senses to understand what the woman was doing.

Doreen worked the cunt-moistened vibrator into the rim of her ass and then shoved it deep. At the same time she used her free hand to massage the lips of her pussy. She squeezed the big, discolored flaps together, pulled them away from her body and then thrust two fingers deep between them. She withdrew the fingers and ran them over her clitoris. At the same time her other hand drove the vibrator deeper until only an inch of the cream-colored plastic protruded from the tightly strained asshole. She grasped it by the end and rotated it, stroking her pussy all the while and occasionally running the same two fingers into her cunt.

Eileen watched in fascination. The sight of another woman giving herself sexual pleasure in such an unrestrained, uninhibited manner excited her enormously and she felt her climax returning, stronger than ever. She helped it along by working the dildo in and out with lightninglike jabs and even flicked her own throbbing clitoris with a finger whenever she could. She bumped her hips forward and backward in a fucking motion. The added effort lent even more vigor to the convulsive throbs of her cunt and made her grunt all the louder as her body reverberated with sensual delirium. Groaning and sobbing with every beat of her heart, she fucked herself with the dildo until she could no longer hold herself upright. Giving a low, weak moan of satisfaction, she toppled over onto her side and lay there, utterly spent.

Doreen continued fucking herself in the ass with the vibrator until she had exhausted her sensual appetite. She flicked off the tool with a whimper of delight and stretched out on her side. The tool remained lodged in her ass and protruded from the firmly molded rim of her buttocks. The two women lay side by side for several minutes. Neither could speak — there was no need for words. Each knew that the other had experienced something very much like the ultimate in sexual pleasure.

Eileen felt her heart warming to the strange, sensual woman who had burst upon her horizon with such unexpected results. The sexual intimacies they had shared removed every trace of restraint and she felt as though she had known Doreen all her life. At last she summoned up enough strength to thank her for the use of the dildo; she added that it had given her more pleasure than most of the men she had ever had between her thighs.

“If only someone would make one that could shoot hot come like a man!” Doreen exclaimed. “Like a young stud, say, sixteen or seventeen; somebody who could really shoot it out strong — that’s what would make it just super perfect!”

Eileen observed that she seemed to have a fixation upon young males and their prowess as sexual partners. The observation brought a knowing smile. Doreen rolled onto her back, lifted her legs up and brought the vibrator out of her asshole before answering. She toyed with the tool for a moment, as though she might be considering again thrusting it into her cunt, and then laid it aside with a sigh. She then admitted that she had been carrying on affairs for the last three years with a succession of boys. They had ranged in age from fifteen to seventeen, and all had been fired with a lusty eagerness to learn everything she could teach them about lovemaking. She acknowledged that she considered this to be cheating on her husband but pointed out that he was now over forty and quite simply could not produce enough sex drive to satisfy her ravenous wants.

“I thought I’d be able to do without it,” she told Eileen, “but every year I seem to want it more and more; it’s like I can’t get enough of it. And I want it with boys too — young ones, the kind who can keep their cocks hard for hours and can shoot come over and over without losing interest!”

She expounded at length upon the peculiar joys of introducing naive youths to the more sophisticated varieties of lovemaking, especially the oral arts. Eileen felt her pussy growing warm and wet when she heard the woman’s fervent praise of young semen, sucked and swallowed from the stiff cock of an enthusiastic youth. She thought at once of her own son; she tried to imagine herself forcing her lips down over his lust-stiffened prick and teasing the sperm from his balls. She could not imagine the sensations which would result from feeling his cock become a meaty geyser, inundating her tongue and throat with that hot, salty spew.

Eileen felt an enormous conviction growing inside that she must tell Doreen about her son. She raised up on an elbow, looked directly into the woman’s dark eyes and unburdened herself. She found it difficult to talk at first but Doreen displayed a wonderfully sympathetic attitude and listened in such a calm, encouraging manner that Eileen found it easier to pour out her tale. She did not spare herself, nor did she attempt to excuse or cover up any part of the drunken, lustful act she had committed with her own son.

“It sounds wonderful!” Doreen heatedly exclaimed when she finished. Then, seeing the expression of surprise which spread over her face, she went on, “Surely you’re not hung up about it? You’re not suffering guilt or anything like that?”

Eileen could not deny that this was the case. She felt better for having confessed her sinful deed but she could not find a trace of condemnation in Doreen’s eyes. If anything, the woman seemed actually to approve of what she had done! She looked incredulously at the woman and shook her head in dismay.

Doreen laughed heartily and proceeded to assure her that she had in no way done anything that she should be sorry for. When Eileen started to say how awful incest was, the woman merely laughed gaily and shook her head. She made Eileen sit down beside her and then gave her a short lecture on incest. Her husband, a specialist in abnormal psychology, had made a detailed study of the subject and had examined the ancient taboo from every aspect. He had found no medical, biological, physical, genetic or psychological reason to believe that incest was in any way different from any other kind of sexual encounter. The only difference, Doreen said, was that so many people thought it was different and, acting upon that belief, helped create situations which lent a superficial credence to their misconception.

“The only thing that night means is that you were just super horny,” Doreen said, “and when you saw that your son had a nice-looking cock you couldn’t keep from grabbing yourself a cuntful of it. What’s wrong with that? I’ll bet he never had a piece of ass nearly as good as what you gave him! Did you suck him off, too? Mmm, I bet that’d be a treat and a half; a kid that young, you just know his balls are going to be packed full of the sweetest, hottest cream you ever had in your whole life!”

Eileen denied that she had sucked her son’s prick, though she had to admit that she had often thought about doing so since that fateful night. Doreen nodded understandingly and told her that she should have completed his education while she had the chance. Eileen protested that Jack had seemed very reserved, almost hostile, the morning after she had tricked him into fucking her so heartily. Doreen remarked that this was only a normal guilt reaction and was to be expected from one so young. After all, she pointed out, young Jack had probably been raised to honor the same taboo that had plagued Eileen herself and thus had been ashamed of himself for fucking his mother.

The way to overcome that guilt reaction, Doreen claimed, was to assault it frontally and overwhelm it with direct action. Eileen should have spent the entire night with the lad, never releasing his cock; she should have fucked her son and sucked him until his prick had shrunk up to its smallest size and then she could have made every effort to bring it back to life again. Furthermore, she should have awakened him the following morning by sucking his prick to a climax. This would have ensured that they would have begun the day in a properly horny mood and would have spent the rest of it engaged in sexual pursuits which would have rebounded to both their benefits.

Eileen listened with growing astonishment as the woman’s voice grew more fervent. Doreen seemed to grow more eloquent by the second and soon she was speaking with a low, rapid intensity which showed all too clearly that she was becoming strongly aroused. Her dark eyes glowed with passion and her cheeks burned with a feverish heat. She continued to urge Eileen to capitalize upon the wonderful world of sexual pleasure which she had explored with her son in that moment of mad, unforgettable lust.

Finally, choking off her words in mid-sentence, she grabbed up the discarded dildo, which had slipped from Eileen’s cunt and lay between her thighs, and shoved it deep into her own fiery slit. She fucked herself brutally, driving it into her cunt with a quick flourish that brought a gasping cry of wounded agony to her lips. After a moment she applied the vibrator to her clitoris. She switched the tool on and again choked out a garbled cry of sexual distress. Doubly stimulated in the two most sensitive parts of her body, she thrashed about on the bed until finally she thrust her hips up, arching her back and quivering as though a powerful electric current was passing through her body. Low, quavering moans, and shriller gasps of ecstatic joy left no doubt as to the effectiveness of her work. Eileen watched the woman masturbating with the obscenely shaped tools until she became aware of her own throbbing, aching pussy. The slit seemed rimmed with fiery arousal and when she touched her fingers to the moist, overheated lips she discovered that she was very near a climax herself.

She fell back onto the bed and assumed her favorite position for masturbating, working one hand into her cunt from the front of her body and plumbing her supremely tight asshole with the other. An image of Jack’s fertile young cock, dark and swollen with the blood-lust of fully aroused manhood, sprang into her mind as her fingers plowed into her tortured flesh. She fingerfucked herself with a mindless fury and visualized that magnificent prick once more. In her mind’s eye, she saw herself peeling the foreskin back from the lovely head of his cock. She imagined herself jacking him off with slow, leisurely strokes after having spread a generous coating of saliva upon the thick shaft. Her late husband had loved feeling her band working up and down his cock and she had often brought him to a climax like that, especially when they were first married. She even saw herself opening her mouth wide and forcing it down over that magnificent piece of fucking machinery. The image was so real that for a moment she could almost feel his hot, hard flesh in her mouth. The sensations inflamed her brain with abandoned passions and gave even more impetus to her hands working back and forth in her cunt and asshole.

Doreen still kept the dildo rammed far up her twitching cunt and held the vibrator to her clitoris. She was fucking herself into a long series of orgasms. The ecstatic rushes followed each other in quick succession and became stronger as her hands kept using the fucking tools. She gasped out incoherent exclamations of joy and rolled about on the bed, brushing up against Eileen’s tense legs without realizing it. The two women were near a state of sexual shock but nothing could prevent them from continuing their efforts at quelling the storms of lust and desire that raged through their bodies.

Eileen concentrated upon the image of her son’s mulelike prick, finding that this picture enormously concentrated her sexual feeling. She imagined that she was working her mouth around the distended rod and that her tongue was crushing the swollen head into the roof of her mouth. She pictured him tensing his long, lithe body and growing more intense every second. She could see the muscles rippling across his flat belly and knotting up in his thighs until they stood out like taut cords. She could almost feel him driving that huge pussy probe deeper into her mouth, forcing the head down into her throat and filling her completely with sexuality. The frantic woman imagined her cheeks contracting as she powerfully sucked his cock to extract the hot sperm that rested in his big, bull-like balls. The thought made her fingers dig even deeper into her cunt and asshole. Finally, she saw herself receiving his orgasmic blast squarely in her own throat. She could feel his cock throbbing mightily, each jerk resulting in another devastatingly exciting gust of scalding, salty cream being injected into her mouth. The taste of his come overwhelmed her with passionate sensations, as did the feel of the pumping tool, and she clawed at herself with all the energy she had left.

She whimpered, arching her back and shuddering as her cunt and womb and pussy and clitoris together exploded at once in a blinding sheet of fiery lust. “Fuck me, fuck me to death!”

Eileen continued to thrust and jab at her loins until she had utterly depleted her physical senses. Gasping and sobbing weakly, she crumpled into a heap and slowly pulled her hands from her body. After a moment, when her head stopped spinning and she could focus her vision, she twisted about and looked over at her friend. Doreen lay quietly, her eyes filled with tears of sexual gratitude. The vibrator had slipped from her grasp; she had had barely enough strength left to switch it off before allowing it to fall down onto the bed. The dildo still rested deep in her cunt; she had thrust virtually all the massive tool into her slit. A covering of bright, shining oil coated every surface of her pussy and stained the tops of her thighs. She smiled wanly when her eyes met Eileen’s.

“I wouldn’t have thought I could come like that,” she muttered wearily. “Not without having a man feeding the cock to me, at any rate. Mmm, honey, we’ve just got to find ourselves some fucking material around here! I sure hope that you’ve got a good supply of men around here. The way I’m going I could take on an army and still want more!”

Eileen had to admit that the country’s supply of prick was severely limited. She explained that she had been fucking Hank, her foreman. When Doreen asked what was wrong with him and listened to Eileen’s analysis of the man’s habits in bed she merely sniffed derisively. That would never do, she flatly stated; they were going to have to find a better solution than Hank. Eileen attempted to explain that there were no neighbors within twenty miles and that those few were all married men who would have allowed themselves to be castrated rather than look at another woman. Doreen again gave a skeptical snort and vowed that they could do better. She appeared to have a scheme in mind but when Eileen pressed her to explain, the woman merely shook her head.


Eileen did not have to wait long before finding out what Doreen had in mind when she said that they could find a more satisfactory lover than Hank Barstow. They spent a short time in recuperating from their violent exertions and then dressed. Doreen slipped on an ultra-brief dress made of some kind of clinging nylon or silk knit, a paisley print that barely covered her luscious hips. Eileen noticed that she wore neither panties nor bra under the garment. Doreen laughed when she saw the woman’s questioning look. She explained that the height of fashion in Los Angeles required that a woman dispense entirely with underwear if her figure could get by without the help of such garments. Eileen slipped into the jeans and print shirt she ordinarily wore about the ranch and then tugged on her stout hiking boots.

The first thing they had to do, Doreen said, was to make sure where all the other guests at the ranch were located. That was easy. Eileen informed her that the two couples who were staying there at the moment had left early that morning for an overnight ride down to the Shadow Rock area, some forty miles distant. Hank Barstow had brought Jackson back to the barn and had then gone into Salt Lake City to buy some fencing material, which he planned to install on the way back to the ranch. For all practical purposes, they were at least twenty miles from another human being.

Doreen’s eyes brightened considerably upon hearing that, though Eileen could find no reason for being elated. After all, if they were going to find a substitute for Hank then there would have to be people around, she pointed out, and at the moment that essential requirement was missing. Doreen laughed merrily and assured her friend that nothing could suit her better than to be told just that. She asked Eileen to give her a short tour of the ranch buildings and to explain the purpose of every structure there, promising that her plan would soon become clear. Eileen agreed and led the woman around the ranch, explaining everything, but also wondering what she could possibly be thinking.

“Oh, is that the same donkey that we saw this morning?” Doreen suddenly asked, pointing toward a bedraggled, gray shape that stood disconsolately in a stall. “What did you call him? Jackson?”

Eileen agreed that this was Jackson. He seemed to be contemplating the evil fate which had allowed him to get so close to mounting a mare. The study did little to improve his sour outlook on the world around him. Doreen looked at the fuzzy little creature for a moment and then tentatively opened the gate to the stall, looking over at Eileen for permission to enter. Eileen said that Jackson was completely tame and that she had nothing to fear from him. The woman went into the stall and ran a gentle hand over the beast’s muzzle. Jackson patiently endured her touch. Doreen continued to rub his nose and ears for another moment, then squatted beside him. His prick hung down from the leather, furry sheath as normal. It resembled a length of thick, dark plastic hose with a flattened tip. Doreen reached out carefully and touched the donkey’s cock. Jackson’s ears pricked up and he shook his head from side to side but otherwise he did not move as Doreen ran her fingers down his cock with a light, feathery touch. Eileen watched with wide eyes. She felt her pussy growing warmer and livelier inside her jeans and then felt the beginnings of that familiar flow of warm, cunty oil. She gazed down at Doreen for a moment, uncomprehending, and then paled when a sudden flash of realization dawned.

“My God! You’re not thinking about…” she gasped weakly, holding onto the gate for support.

Doreen turned her head around to look at her with a satisfied smile, keeping her fingers running up and down the thick tool that hung from Jackson’s belly. A light of devilish glee danced in her eyes and she nodded slowly, confirming Eileen’s worst suspicions.

“Why not? I saw an animal act in Tijuana once; this girl got it on with a donkey just like this!” she said. “Now about some Vaseline? Got any?”

Eileen muttered that they always kept a big jar in the tack room for greasing leather and treating saddle sores on the animals. She was told to bring it and she did so, finding that Doreen had removed her dress during her absence. The woman was naked except for her loafers, and she again squatted beside Jackson and continued to slide her fingertips up and down the length of the donkey’s prick. Eileen handed her the big jar of Vaseline and was told to strip, a command which she found herself powerless to resist. She stripped slowly, finding it difficult to make her fingers work well enough to unfasten the buttons on her shirt, and finally stood naked in the barn’s runway. Doreen opened the jar of Vaseline and dipped out a small quantity, which she began rubbing lightly over Jackson’s big cock. The donkey patiently endured her ministrations, though his ears now stood upright and he had a more attentive attitude. Doreen mentioned that they needed a low bench, something they could shove under the beast and lie on as they offered their pussies to his prick. Eileen knew of just the thing, a bench sitting against the sunny side of the barn. It had been polished smooth by a generation of jeans being applied to it and was no more than two feet tall. She hesitated before going to get it, though, and pointed out that Jackson did not seem to be responding to the woman’s touch. Doreen admitted this but said that she hoped a more vigorous application of her hand, once she had lubricated his cock with the Vaseline, would have the desired effect.

The woman added a final dollop of the clear grease to the animal’s obstinately limp prick. Screwing the top onto the jar and handing it back, she grasped the cock firmly and began squeezing it, treating it exactly as though it were a man’s prick. She worked her fist up and down the tool with slow, deliberate strokes. Eileen’s pussy began throbbing harder than ever; the sight of a woman jacking off a donkey affected her strongly and she felt her sexual desire growing hotter inside her loins. Doreen continued to masturbate the beast but with little effect.

Finally she looked around at Eileen, her eyes blazing with lusty excitement. She suggested that her friend stand very close to the animal’s head in hopes that he would gain a scent of her pussy and thereby get the desired message more clearly. That seemed sensible to Eileen, who knew that donkeys became excited when they smelled a mare in heat, and she took up a position in front of Jackson’s muzzle. The donkey caught a whiff of her highly aroused slit easily enough; he leaned out to nuzzle her and she felt a surge of sexual desire coming over her when she felt his velvety muzzle brushing against the tops of her thighs and her lovemound. Doreen suggested that she wet a finger in her pussy and let him sniff it, which she did. Jackson immediately displayed more interest.

Doreen cried out happily that a sign of life was showing in the beast’s prick, and Eileen promptly wetted her fingers in her pussy once more. This time Jackson’s tongue snaked out to test the fragrant essence of womanly lust. He liked the taste and went back for more. Eileen’s brain reeled with pounding fever as the donkey’s nose brushed against her pussy; she arched her hips forward and rubbed the fully aroused slit over his muzzle. Jackson’s tongue again darted out and this time it scraped over her flesh. Eileen screamed with anguished arousal as the rough tongue scraped over her lower belly and then nudged against her pussylips. Doreen looked back at her and smiled when she saw what was happening.

Jackson’s cock was growing stiffer every second and while it was not getting any larger it was certainly coming closer to being a tool suitable for fucking. It would not have to grow any, Doreen noted; even limp it had dimensions that would surpass anything she had ever found on a man. And furthermore, she continued, the long, frustrating session with the mares that morning would very likely have left his big balls especially heavily packed with sperm. She reached up between Jackson’s rear legs to caress the big, come-filled sac and immediately exclaimed with delighted surprise. His balls, she announced, were already tense and quivering with excited lust! Eileen continued to lean against the stall and to rub her pussy over the beast’s muzzle as he licked at her fervently throbbing slit.

Jackson’s tongue was still rough and damaging but she had become somewhat accustomed to it by this time. He was taking to pussy-eating as though she had a bundle of the highest grade hay clasped between her thighs. She did not give a thought to what might happen if the animal were suddenly to begin eating her in the literal sense. Had she thought about that she might have pulled her cunt away from him. Jackson’s back arched as Doreen continued jacking him off and he licked Eileen’s pussy with more and more fervor.

Finally Eileen gave a low, quavering moan and thrust herself even more violently against the beast’s face. Her thighs, knotted and corded with sexual tension, shuddered under the impact of the pounding waves of sexual release that flowed out of her hot, throbbing cunt, and her cries rang out in the empty barn. She rubbed herself against the animal’s nose and tongue until she had worked herself into a frenzy, then collapsed weakly against the front of the stall. Doreen watched her; she too, found it exciting to see another person coming to a state of sexual delirium.

Doreen stood up after a moment and went out to get the bench Eileen had mentioned. She wrestled the heavy slab of wood into the stall and positioned one end under Jackson’s stomach. The diminutive animal was built so low that the bench surface was now only about six inches below his belly. His cock, rigid now with hot lust, paralleled his belly and seemed to reach almost to his forelegs. Eileen settled herself upon the bench, thankful for its presence, and bent forward to watch her friend.

Doreen lay upon the bench and scooted down it, bringing her crotch-fur closer to the animal’s cock. She cocked one leg up high, almost encircling Jackson and the other trailed down upon the floor of the stall. She then took his well-greased cock and directed it into the valley between her thighs, rubbing it over the lips of her pussy and moaning as she touched the tool to her flesh. She lifted both legs high now, elevating the slit so that even Eileen could see it. The lips were flushed with feverish passion and were coated with a wet sheen of cunty oils. Jackson moved impatiently, as though he could not wait to get his cock into the woman. She had to force his prick down to the proper angle necessary for penetrating her cuntmouth. His erection had become so pronounced that the cock had all the resiliency of a piece of spring steel. Eileen saw that the cockhead had swelled out and now had a sharp rim. She shuddered with anticipation when she imagined her own hole being plugged with such an immense cock.

“You’re going to do it!” she gasped. “You’re really going to let him fuck your cunt!”

“Am I ever!” Doreen grunted lustily. “Oooohh, he’s so hot, so fucking hard; I can’t wait to get his prick up my cunt! This is going to be the best fuck I ever had; I can feel it already!”

Eileen would never have believed that a prick the size of Jackson’s mammoth cunt-splitter would ever have fit into a woman’s cunt but she quickly saw the error in that belief. Although the donkey’s cock was almost flat across the tip, thus depriving it of that bullet shape which made a man’s prick so easy to get directed into the moist, hot slit, Jackson compensated for this disadvantage by his powerful thrust. The animal’s back bowed into a more pronounced semicircle and his hips clenched tightly as he drove in and down; forcing the head of his cock deep into Doreen’s waiting cunt. The thick coating of Vaseline, together with the fully aroused condition of her slit, made it impossible for this brute power to be denied. Jackson’s cock bludgeoned its way into Doreen’s cunt, bringing a husky gasp of anguished joy to her full, dark lips; she threw her head from side to side with violent jerks and lunged up against Jackson’s cock as it spread the mouth of her cunt into a gigantic circle.

Jackson snuffled and bowed his back further. He fucked the woman exactly as Eileen had seen him fuck mares from time to time, when the mares’ owner wanted a mule for some reason. He drove his prick into the waiting cunt and tried to sheathe as much of the tool as possible. Eileen’s eyes grew wider as more and more of the aroused animal’s cock drove into Doreen’s gyrating cunt, though the woman seemed to welcome every inch of the distended tool. She twisted her hips about on the bench, bounced them up and down; she extended one hand down to her pussy, so that she could stroke her rigid little clitoris, and used the other to massage her big, dark nipples with hearty squeezes. Cries of delirious, ecstatic joy poured from her throat as she felt her cunt being strained to near the breaking point. She never pulled away, however, nor did she shrink back from the tremendous rod being shoved so deep into her body.

Eileen’s pussy could not help but respond to such an exciting scene. She seized the slit between the thumb and index finger of her left hand and began rubbing the lips together with slow, meditative ease. The forefinger of her right hand slipped down to the fervently throbbing notch and pressed down around her clitoris. She was far too aroused to stroke the inflamed nub directly but by strumming the flesh around it she was able to bring her cunt to a quivering pitch of sexual arousal. She masturbated intently, working her hips back and forth just as though she were crouched above a man, and moaned softly as she felt her cunt tightening up and preparing to unleash another devastating orgasm. The sight of Jackson’s prick boring into the hair-rimmed slit between the woman’s thighs infected her with a powerful desire to come and she did everything in her power to bring about that wonderfully satisfying goal.

Doreen gave a loud, shrill cry of wounded agony and then held her body very still for a moment. Eileen could see the muscles quivering in the woman’s belly and she knew that her friend was experiencing the same sensations that were turning her own midsection into an inferno of churning lust. Doreen shrieked again and said that the animal was coming. Jackson’s ears were now laid back along his mane and he had an eager look. Eileen bent forward to inspect his cock more closely but she could see no sign that the animal was spurting come through the thick tool, though Doreen’s cries left little doubt that such was indeed the case. Jackson kept his cock firmly lodged in the woman’s cunt for another moment or two. Eileen felt her own womb give several convulsive gasps and then unleash an orgiastic storm that ripped through her body with overpowering force. She felt her knees quiver weakly and for a moment feared that she was going to collapse. She held herself upright, continuing to rub her fervently pulsating pussy with her fingers, and then felt the flood of warm, musky oils flush out and deluge her hands with ripe come.

Jackson held his cock inside Doreen for another minute, grunting softly and trembling heavily. Then he seemed to collapse before their very eyes. Once the come had finished gushing out of his cock, Doreen said later, she could feel him relaxing all over. His prick wilted quickly, though it lost virtually none of its huge size; perhaps a foot of the lascivious tool, Eileen guessed, remained firmly lodged inside her friend’s hot cunt. Doreen sighed wearily and lowered her legs from around the beast’s torso but she retained her vaginal grip upon the thick cock. She lowered her legs to the floor of the stall and reached down to grasp the immense tool. She moved the prick about in her cunt for a moment, as if she might be hoping to bring Jackson back to another erection, but the poor animal had shot his bolt. His head drooped weakly and his ears flopped down.

“Wow, that’s a fuck and a half!” Doreen exclaimed, licking her lips greedily. “Honey, you’ve got to try it, no lie!”

She said that Jackson’s ejaculation had been far and away the strongest she had ever experienced in her entire life. Having his spouting cock in her cunt, she said, was like inserting a garden hose into the orifice and then turning on the faucet full blast. Eileen expressed her surprise that the woman had been able to get so much of the beast’s cock into her cunt. Doreen admitted that he had indeed filled her completely. She swore that there had not been so much as a cubic centimeter of her cunt that had not been filled with donkey cock when he had been in her to the utmost.

Eileen was curious about the quality of a donkey’s sperm, never having seen any of the stuff, and found that Doreen had the same interest. The woman twisted about on the bench, bringing her pussy around so that her friend could inspect the slit too, and Eileen quickly learned that a donkey’s come was almost identical to a man’s. She also learned that her friend shared another of her own interests: she loved to finger her pussy as the come ran out. Doreen spread the lips of the slit wide — it showed no ill effects and appeared to look exactly as it had before it had been so brutally used — and slid one finger into the small crevice between them. Clenching her belly muscles, she forced out the first of the animal’s spew; it emerged thick and creamy. They watched, fascinated, as the stuff slid out of her hole and down between the cheeks of her ass. Doreen dipped a finger into the stuff and wiped it around the lips of her pussy. She announced that it felt exactly like a man’s discharge and she warned Eileen that there would be a lot more of it, owing to the voluminous nature of the beast’s climactic burst. Eileen watched her friend’s finger play in the thick cream and felt a fantastically strong urge to taste the animal’s come. Doreen looked up and fastened her eyes upon Eileen’s. They read the mutual interest and laughed together, a little ashamed of their unusual insight into each other’s minds.

“Who’s going to try it first?” Doreen asked when they had finished giggling. “Oh, I will; I’m dying to find out!”

With that she ran her index finger far into her cunt, swished it about and withdrew it. She held the finger to her nose, sniffed and then popped it into her mouth. An expression of the utmost satisfaction came over her lovely face and she smiled happily. She announced that Jackson’s come was no different from a man’s, except that the flavor was somewhat stronger, and urged Eileen to try it. Eileen held back for a moment, ashamed of her desire, but found that she was helpless to resist the obscene urge. She ran a finger over Doreen’s pussy, gathering up a generous supply of the animal’s sperm, and sniffed. As Doreen had said, it was like a man’s come. She tasted and her taste buds corroborated the evidence of her nose and eyes; the taste was indeed stronger but that was no objection. She licked her finger clean with mounting enthusiasm and went back for more, unable to control her lustful impulses. More and more of Jackson’s sperm ran out of Doreen’s well-fucked cunt; together they tasted until their senses were reeling with lusty fervor. Doreen spread the sticky cream over every part of her pussy, plastered it into the hair surrounding the slit, even worked a portion of it into her asshole. Jackson stood patiently beside them, seemingly unaware of their mounting sexual passion.

Eileen became so horny that she could hardly stand still. The climax she had reached when Jackson had licked her pussy had only served to make her cunt tighter than ever and the one she had teased out of herself with her fingers made the situation even worse, if possible. She felt gnawing pangs of sexual arousal shooting out from her lust-inflamed cunt, and she conceived a fierce desire to have the donkey’s cock rammed into her own cunt. Doreen saw this and encouraged her desire. She exhorted Eileen to seize the animal’s cock and to begin masturbating him, promising that she would go around to his muzzle and attempt to tease him into another state of sexual eagerness.

Jackson’s prick still bore a thick coating of the Vaseline, and Eileen found it was intoxicatingly sexual to rub her fist up and down the limp shaft. Her friend took up a position at the animal’s head; she spread her legs wide and rubbed her fingers through her pussy to give him a whiff of her own arousal. Within a short time Eileen felt a stir of interest in the donkey’s thick cock; it began tingling with life and growing harder by the second. Eileen fist-fucked him harder than ever and twisted her fist around the head of his cock, hoping that — like a man’s prick — the head would be the most sensitive part of the tool. She soon had his tool as hard as iron and so hot that she trembled with eagerness at the thought of having it rammed into her own hot hole.

Eileen started to lie on the bench as Doreen had done but then she remembered all the times she had lain under Hank Barstow and how she had hated making love time after time in the same uninspired position. She then conceived a desire to be fucked dog fashion, a style which she had not attempted since her husband had died. Doreen said that she would assist in planting the donkey’s cock in her friend’s cunt. Eileen immediately bellied down on the bench, grimacing as her sensitive nipples brushed against the smooth wood, and inched backward while Doreen guided her up to Jackson’s stiff prick. Doreen also seized the opportunity to lavish a few caresses upon her fully aroused slit, driving a finger into her cunt with a sensual skill that made Eileen groan. She then spread the lips wide and pulled the thick fucking tool down so that it nudged against the mouth of the cunt.

“You’ll think he’s splitting your cunt in two at first,” Doreen warned, “but once he gets inside and starts driving it home you won’t think about anything but coming. Get ready for the fuck of all fucks, darling!”

Eileen screamed out in anguished surprise when the animal lunged against her. Jackson’s cock went in at an angle, due to her awkward position, but it went in and with very little hesitation. The donkey simply planted his cock by sheer brute force and nothing else. At first Eileen was sure that he had ruptured the wall of her cunt, the slicing pain was so intense. Then she felt a distinctly different sensation: she felt her cunt being stretched to the utmost as the animal continued pressing into her body. The sharp, flaring rim of his cock scored the walls of her cunt, which were extremely sensitive anyway, and she quivered with sexual delight as the thrust continued.

Once she had recovered from the initial shock of receiving Jackson’s oversized cock, Eileen settled down and began working with the animal. She planted her feet firmly on the floor of the stall and attempted a slow, grinding twist of her hips that made the big cock corkscrew around in her tightly gripping cunt. Jackson snuffled heartily at this move and fucked her even harder. Eileen’s buttocks were thrust up against the beast’s belly and she felt him quivering delightedly as he continued forcing more and more of that mammoth prick into her strained cunt.

Doreen had gone back to Jackson’s muzzle and was again feeding her pussy to him. The sounds of his tongue slurping over the juicy lips of her pussy reverberated through the barn, resembling a wet cloth being dragged through a puddle of water. The woman groaned from time to time as she strained to get her pussy into a more convenient position for the beast, who gave every indication of loving pussy as well as he loved carrots and sugar. Within a very short time she gasped out a fervent, garbled exhortation of pure lust.

Eileen reached back between her thighs to add a finger to the stimulation she was receiving from the donkey’s cock. She ran the finger over her clitoris — the mammoth cock had depressed the flesh around the cuntal opening so deep that the tender nub was almost pressing against the big prick — and when her finger touched it she cried out with sensual ecstasy. Eileen began humping backward against Jackson’s cock and soon had a full fucking motion developed. The animal’s prick speared further into her cunt, going well past the mark where any man had ever been before. She groaned with feverish delight when she felt the raw, virginal flesh being spread apart by the distended, overheated tool that drove deeper and deeper.

Jackson began to come just as the head of his cock nudged into the woman’s cervix. Eileen thought she was going to die when she felt his tool swell up and spit out the first molten burst of semen. It seemed that his cock grew to at least twice its already considerable size when he began shooting his come. The spasmodic bursts of scalding hot cream rocketed into her womb and splashed over her cervix with a violent fury which she would never had believed had she not been experiencing it. Nothing in her entire life had prepared her for the energetic ejaculation she received from Jackson and nothing had given her any more sexual pleasure, unless perhaps it had been having her own son’s cock deeply planted in the same opening and flooding the same flesh with an even sweeter variety of the same sticky cream.

Eileen’s body dissolved into a cloud of red lust when she felt the animal begin to come. A giant fist seemed to close tightly around her cunt, gripping it tighter than she had ever felt before and squeezing every particle of sexual feeling from the highly aroused flesh. She continued to heave and grind her ass against him. Each time the huge rod spurted another flooding jet of come into her body she quivered and moaned with exquisite feeling. She came again and again, the various climaxes melding together into one extended orgasm which mounted in intensity until she finally collapsed upon the bench, wilted and exhausted from her efforts.

She could feel the animal’s prick growing more limp within her cunt, could feel her flesh slowly squeezing his cock out until it had rejected the rod which had given her such fantastic pleasure. Doreen, who had been sucked to a series of climaxes almost as intense as those her friend had experienced, wearily staggered away from Jackson’s muzzle and sat down at the end of the bench. They exchanged glances and Eileen saw that Doreen had been right: they had indeed discovered a substitute for Hank Barstow, one which made Eileen completely forget about her listless foreman and his boorish fucking habits.


Jackson’s cock, the vigor with which he applied it and the resulting ferocity of his orgasm left both Eileen and Doreen fully satisfied for several hours. Doreen went back to her cottage, vowing that she was going to sleep the rest of the day and savor the memory of the donkey’s massive prick. Eileen forced herself to perform the several chores which needed doing. For once she completely forgot about her pussy and its seemingly incessant demands; she discovered just how comforting it can be to have been fucked with a bone-rending totality, a comfort she had not known for several years.

Late in the evening, after a drink and a dinner that she had thrown together from several cans, she received a visit from Doreen. They sat up late that night and further cemented their unique friendship. Doreen set the tone, launching off into a comparison of Jackson with her most notable lovers; she firmly believed that the donkey ranked at the head of that highly select class. Emboldened by this brazen example, Eileen countered with some stories of her own.

She described, for example, how she had lost her virginity at the age of sixteen. The fortunate youth who had been the first to penetrate her cunt with a prick had been hampered by the fact that he had recently broken his left leg while playing high school football. Doreen laughed heartily at the idea of fucking a man whose leg was in a cast but Eileen explained that the plaster cast had been very little hindrance. They had been in the front seat of a Ford pickup and once she had felt his swollen, hot prick probing at the lips of her pussy she had completely forgotten about the cast.

Doreen pressed her for further details about her son Jack, showing a particular interest in the size of the youth’s prick. When Eileen attempted to show her how large it was, Doreen’s eyes grew big and round. She frankly admitted that she was wildly envious of the woman for having so well-endowed a young lover and stated that if Jack were there she would make every effort to get that lordly young prick firmly planted in her own hungry cunt.

“That’s if you didn’t mind, of course,” she added hastily. “I mean, if you wanted to keep him all to yourself, then I’d certainly try to keep my panties on!”

Eileen thought about that for a moment and then realized that she could not in good conscience deny her friend that particular treat, should it ever become available to her. Doreen thanked her graciously but pointed out that the occasion was not likely to arrive; she had only ten days or so to spend on the ranch and Jack was not due to arrive home from his school for another two weeks. She admitted, however, that she would be thinking about both of them once she was back in Los Angeles and she stated her hopes that Eileen would not allow her misguided guilt feelings to interfere with her pursuit of sexual pleasure with the lad. Jack obviously had a strong desire for his mother, she explained, and the best proof of that was in the fact that his cock had remained iron hard when she had displayed her pussy to him.

“If he’d been turned off,” Doreen pointed out with an air of worldly wisdom, “his cock would have wilted; he couldn’t have kept it stiff if be hadn’t been hot to give you the fucking you both wanted.”

That made sense to Eileen and she accepted the verdict, though she was not sure that she would have the strength to follow up on it when the youth finally returned. Doreen again urged her to face the problem openly, to admit her desire for her son and to make it clear to him that she wanted him over and over again. She again expressed her envy of her friend for having so handsome, virile and well-hung a young lover close at hand. The situation in Los Angeles was quite different, she added. While the supply of handsome, horny young men was immensely larger, most of them were so infected with the “youth cult” that they could not imagine performing the sexual act with anyone older than themselves. Furthermore, the Los Angeles girls were almost unanimously tuned in to the vibrations of sexuality and thus a good-looking boy seldom had to go very long without being presented with any number of luscious young pussies which were his for the taking.

It was late when Doreen left but for once Eileen found herself ready to go to sleep as soon as she slid her naked body between the sheets of her lonely bed. It was the effect of being fucked so well by Jackson, she told herself; the donkey’s incomparable prick had relieved her of all her tensions and relaxed her in a way that she had not known for quite some time. She did not even feel a compulsion to masturbate, an act which she often performed while waiting for sleep to overcome her; she had washed her cunt thoroughly when she bathed but her fingers had not sparked a single flash of sexual feeling.

The situation was quite different the following morning. Eileen woke up in the morning feeling much hornier than she could remember feeling in quite some time. Since, in fact, the morning after she had spent that exciting session with her son. This reaction surprised her for a moment but then she remembered back to the days when Jack, Sr. had been alive: Eileen had found that an especially invigorating fuck with her husband invariably resulted in her wanting more of his beautiful prick the next morning. The better he had fucked her the night before, the more she wanted him before breakfast, she had found, and now she was experiencing exactly the same reaction after Jackson’s cock had dealt out such fantastic pleasure to her deprived senses.

Doreen had evidently awakened in a similar mood, as Eileen quickly saw when they met that morning. They looked at each other, recognized the desire that gnawed at both their cunts, and nodded. Eileen considered the prospects for a moment and found them to her liking. Hank had left early for the north range, where he expected to spend the rest of the day finishing his repairs of the fence in that area, and the two couples were still out on their overnight camping trip. Since they were not due to return until late afternoon, she and Doreen again had the ranch to themselves.

They agreed that they were going to have themselves another helping of Jackson’s big cock, but Doreen came up with a startling innovation. She suggested that they take the donkey up to Ace’s corral and there attempt to lure the stallion into the same performance they had coaxed from Jackson! Eileen felt her clitoris give a sudden, warning throb when she visualized Ace’s enormous prick. She suspected the stallion’s tool was larger in diameter than the donkey’s and said so. Doreen assured her that they would be able to take even that massive rod without danger to themselves. Eileen allowed her caution to be overwhelmed by the lusty fervor she felt clawing at her cunt and agreed.

She gathered several items together, stowed them in the back of the pickup and saddled her gelding. Doreen was to drive the pickup to Ace’s corral while Eileen rode the gelding and Jackson followed on a rope. She made the ride with some difficulty, since she was already growing excited and the saddle rubbed against her warming slit as she jogged along. By the time she tethered the gelding outside Ace’s corral her panties were already thoroughly drenched with her cunt’s overflowing juices and she was supremely sensitive with sexual feeling. Doreen stood beside the corral and looked hungrily at the big sorrel.

First they removed all their clothing. They agreed that they derived a wonderful sense of freedom from cavorting in the bright sunshine without any clothing; the warm air blew over their smooth bodies and the sight of each other’s nakedness aroused them further. Eileen caught Ace and fastened a stout rope through the ring in his halter, snubbing his head against one of the cross ties they had used for posts in the small corral. She then hobbled both his front and back feet, explaining that he might become overly active when he became fully turned on, and that the hobbles would prevent him from kicking them. Keeping his head snubbed down, she added, would remove the danger of his biting them. Doreen nodded her appreciation of the foresight and asked what she could do to help assist.

Eileen told her to tie Jackson’s head down to the same post, which she did. Eileen then brought out the big jar of Vaseline she had put in the pickup. They set to work on the animals, greasing their pricks with the clear grease and beginning the work of exciting the beasts until they were properly aroused and able to fulfill the function planned for them. Eileen selected Ace; the thought of rubbing her hand along the stallion’s massive prick had preyed on her mind as she rode to the corral and she leaped at the chance offered her.

Ace had a cock even larger than Jackson’s formidable tool and while she was not sure that she wanted to get his prick planted in her cunt she definitely wanted to bring him to an erection. The tool was shaped almost exactly like the donkey’s prick. The head was merely a flat rim, slit by a deep gash — but at least eighteen inches of the sullen black thing dangled from the sheath between his legs. His balls, each the size of a very large grapefruit, were encased in a velvety bag which dangled just behind the sheath. She lubricated every portion of the prick which she could reach and then began fistfucking the animal.

Ace quietly endured her touch for a few moments and displayed no sign of being affected. She twisted her hand about his prick, working it up and down in a corkscrewlike motion, and gripped him harder. The feel of the animal’s mighty prick served to bring her pussy to an even higher pitch of lusty arousal and she could feel the warm, cunty oils running down the tops of her thighs, trickling between the cheeks of her ass as she manipulated him. Nothing she could do, however, served to bring any life to his prick.

“He’s impotent!” Doreen giggled, watching her work. “He can’t get it up!”

Eileen asked her to let him have a sniff of her pussy, which the woman was only too glad to do; Doreen slipped her hand between her thighs, stuck her fingers in her pussy and offered them to the stallion. Ace sniffed at the cunt-smeared fingers with disdain and ignored them. Eileen felt a sense of raging frustration burning through her loins as she struggled to get the stallion aroused but his cock remained as limp as ever.

Doreen had had no difficulties with Jackson. Donkeys are an intelligent species and the lusty burro remembered the exciting sensations which had come his way the day before, when he had sunk his brutally shaped cock into both the hot cunts which had been offered him. His thick prick came up to the horizontal almost as soon as Doreen had touched him and it now resembled the same awesome fucking machine which she had guided into the lips of her pussy the day before. After she had moistened her fingers in her pussy several times and offered them to Ace, never getting the slightest reaction from him, she suggested that they use Jackson for a teaser, just as though she and Eileen were mares whom Ace was being hired to service.

Eileen agreed with the project. Since they had no bench, she pointed out, they would have to allow themselves to be fucked dog fashion. Doreen didn’t object but said she loved being screwed from the rear, and she immediately knelt down under Jackson. Eileen guided the donkey’s stiff cock between the cheeks of her ass, aimed it between the lips of her pussy and planted the frighteningly thick rod squarely in her friend’s cuntmouth. Doreen gave a low, throaty groan when she felt the animal’s prick digging into that taut, ultra-sensitive opening and immediately lunged back against it. The tool bored into her cunt, bringing a howl to her lips, and a frantic twist of savage joy to her hips.

Ace at once looked around to investigate the source of this unusual sound. His eyes seemed to bulge almost from their sockets when he saw the naked body of a woman crouched beneath Jackson. The old stimulus worked, however strange the mode of its application, and his cock at once began to assume a more fearsome aspect. Eileen saw the rod stiffening, swelling out until it became a huge pole and a shiver of hot, lusty arousal came over her body. She cried out to Doreen to move quickly, so that she could guide the stallion’s cock into her cunt, but her friend would not move. Already pierced to the core by the donkey’s generously proportioned prick, she was not about to relinquish it, not even for one larger. She told Eileen that she could have the stallion if she wanted him but as for herself, she was going to be fucked by a donkey once more.

Eileen hesitated only a moment. She feared attempting to take Ace’s mammoth prick into her cunt but she loathed the idea of idly standing by and watching Doreen getting fucked even more. She quickly squatted under Ace’s trembling belly and elevated her rump until she touched his flanks. Reaching back, she located his cock — it was flaming hot and quivered ecstatically at her touch — and pulled it down between the cheeks of her ass. Ace lunged forward at once, ramming the blunt tool against the rim of her asshole. Eileen cried out weakly at that exciting touch but manhandled his cock down to the proper angle. She cried with joy as she felt the stallion’s huge prick flatten the lips of her pussy, driving them inward. The stallion’s impatient lunge skewered the mouth of her cunt in a brutal fashion but it succeeded in breaching the gap.

Eileen shrieked with pained joy when she felt that huge horsecock in her cuntmouth. The flesh was hotter than any she had ever felt and it seemed to burn her cunt as it bored into the tingling opening. She shuddered heavily but kept her ground, gritting her teeth to keep from crying out once more. Doreen’s hearty grunts reminded her of her friend’s lusty joy, and further cemented her desire to have the stallion completely. She pressed back against him, driving her cunt further onto the frantically throbbing rod and swung her ass from side to side.

Doreen’s buttocks quivered like jelly as she fucked herself against Jackson’s insistent cock. She clenched her muscles tightly, closing her cunt around the obscene tool. The donkey’s steady drive soon had her filled to the bursting point but still she writhed and worked herself against that incomparable tool. Jackson knew nothing of self-restraint; his only goal in fucking was to empty his massive balls as soon as possible and he soon did that. He began coming just before his huge cock touched the bottom of Doreen’s cunt and he was soon flooding her flesh with immense quantities of hot, salty sperm. She shrieked out her joy when she felt his ejaculation, which was at least as strong as the one she had received from him the day before, and fucked back at the donkey as long as her legs would support her.

Eileen soon accommodated herself to Ace’s incredible fucking implement. Her cunt, strained beyond the point of discomfort at first, quickly grew to encompass the stallion’s cock without pain and then she discovered the unique joys of being stuffed to the gills with a cock that was hotter, harder and bigger than any she had ever known. She howled in fever when the stallion’s big tool nudged against her womb’s mouth; for a moment she thought he was actually going to dilate her cervix and slide into that hallowed opening.

But it didn’t happen. Ace, like Jackson, believed in a speedy climax and fucked steadily toward that goal. His prick began jerking about like an ebony firehose as it brushed against the woman’s cervix and then the floodgates opened. Ace’s ejaculation, powered by those king-sized balls and heated by his overwhelming passion, even surpassed Jackson’s in ferocity and quantity. The strength of his discharge took Eileen completely by surprise and she wailed out in sensual joy as the stallion completed his fuck. His prick swelled with every pumping jet, giving additional force to the convulsive spasms of pure sensual delight which radiated out from her cunt and clitoris. Eileen’s body shook with mighty gusts of sexual passion until she could stand it no longer. She lost consciousness and fell to the ground. Ace’s cock naturally slipped out of her cunt as she toppled forward and the last few driplets of his come tricked down onto the cheeks of her ass. The tool at once began losing its iron-hardness and drooped.

Doreen, who had fucked away at Jackson’s slightly smaller cock until she had taken every sign of life from it, rested for a moment and enjoyed the feel of the drooping tool. She looked over with concern at her unmoving friend and then drew a happier breath when she saw Eileen’s eyes open and blink slowly. Eileen roused herself gradually and sighed. Doreen did not have to ask about the quality of the stallion’s huge cock; she could see by the dazed, blissful expression on her friend’s face that she had gained a rare degree of satisfaction from the experience.

After recuperating for a few moments, the pair dragged themselves out from under their unusual lovers and leaned against the stout wooden fence. A perfect flood of warm, cunt-flavored stallion sperm ebbed from Eileen’s cunt but she could not summon up the strength to reach down and savor its essence. Doreen fingered her own pussy for a moment but found that she could not resist the temptation of comparing Jackson’s come to Ace’s. She extended her free hand between Eileen’s lovely thighs and held her fingers next to the lavishly dripping pussy for a moment. Eileen was not so far gone that she did not feel a flash of sexual pleasure at the woman’s soft, knowing touch. Doreen sniffed of the stallion’s sperm, wrinkled her nose at the especially strong scent and then tasted.

“Mmmmm!” she grinned. “Too much!”

Eileen soon regained enough strength to attempt the taste experiment, too. She decided that Ace’s come was stronger than Jackson’s. There could be no doubt that it had an extremely rank scent, especially when compared with the milder, almost sweet gruel of her son’s balls. The taste, however, was not much different from Jackson’s semen. She liked the flavor, which reminded her of a man’s spew, and she happily licked her fingers. Eileen inevitably thought of putting her lips to the animals’ cocks. Where once the thought of sucking off a donkey or a stallion would have filled her with a horrified disgust, she now contemplated the prospect with a real interest. She mentioned this to Doreen and learned that her friend had been thinking along exactly the same lines.

“Isn’t it awful?” Eileen giggled. “We’re treating them just as though they were men!”

“So what?” Doreen asked with a shrug. “That Jackson eats pussy like he’s been going down on girls all his life! The only thing I wouldn’t want to do with them is to let them fuck me in the asshole — I don’t think I could take that!”

Eileen paled at the thought of being speared in the anus by either of the formidably equipped beasts. She pointed out that she had never had anything more substantial in her asshole than a finger. Doreen agreed that it could be very dangerous for her to attempt her first venture into anal intercourse with a creature hung like Jackson, much less the even larger Ace. Doreen suggested, however, that she might very well award her anal cherry to her son. The thought lit a fire deep within Eileen’s fervent cunt. She tried to imagine young Jack bellying up to her rear and planting his manly rod in her asshole and felt her cunt throbbing faster and harder than ever. She privately vowed that she would have that pleasure as soon as possible and that she would exert every effort toward teaching her son to love that style of lovemaking, as well as every other form that she could imagine.

Doreen expressed a great curiosity about Ace’s prick and Eileen explained as well as she could the special delight of having that huge pole rammed into her cunt. She told about the animal’s orgasmic discharge, swearing that it was so strong that she had feared for the safety of her uterus. Doreen smiled at that and promised that it would not be long before she too had felt the stallion’s prick boring into the depths of her cunt. She continued to run her fingers over her pussy as she rested and by this time had thoroughly matted down her cunt hairs with Jackson’s come.

Both animals appeared to be definitely weak from fucking and neither had an alert, wide-awake look. Doreen expressed a scornful estimate of their durability and theorized that mares did not elicit the full virility of either animal when they were being serviced. Eileen knew nothing about that; she only knew that her body still glowed with a warm, sensual halo and that she had been fucked to within an inch of her life.

She was all too willing to repeat the experiment, especially after Doreen had stated her intention of having Ace’s prick inside her cunt that very day. Eileen knew that she would never be able to watch her friend’s cunt being rended by that mammoth love-pole without conceiving a lustful hunger of her own and she mentally informed Jackson that he was going to have to perform at least once more that day.

Doreen wanted to try exciting the animals into a state of readiness at once but Eileen advised against that. They never allowed Ace to breed a mare in less than ninety minutes after he had previously mounted another mare. Doreen grumbled but accepted the ruling. After all, she said in an attempt to look upon the brighter side of the unwelcome situation, the longer delay would allow Ace’s balls to become that much more completely restored with come and would also mean that she could be more highly aroused herself. With that, she went back to the pickup and brought out her trusty, rubber-spiked dildo.

Eileen found the sensual tool far less menacing than when she had first seen it, though it still had an utterly sexual look about it. Once she had felt Ace’s gargantuan prick roaming up the length of her cunt she doubted that any manmade fucking implement would ever look impossible to her again. Doreen offered her the first use of the dildo but she declined, stating that it would be almost as good to watch as to use it on herself. The woman shrugged and grasped the big tool by the base, directing it up between her thighs until the bulbous nose rested against the frothy, semen-stained lips of her pussy.

Thus it was that Jackson and Ace had their first glimpse of women masturbating. Neither animal showed any great interest in the act. It was quite different for Eileen, whose pussy began growing warmer as soon as she glimpsed the wicked-looking tool. She felt her nipples growing harder and hotter; she felt that familiar trickle of warm, cunty musk begin to seep from her pussylips. She had not intended to do more than watch as Doreen fucked herself with the gadget but once her friend had seated the head of the tool and had begun rocking back and forth, grunting out obscene phrases and panting faster and faster, she found it impossible to keep her left hand away from her pussy. She slipped the middle finger of her left hand into the hot, juicy mouth of her cunt, angling it down so that it also brushed against her rocklike clitoris. The penetration brought a rushing of pleasure and she added the ring finger to the opening. Her index and little finger then curled into the splayed lips of her pussy and dug deep into those exquisitely throbbing flaps. She brought her palm up snug against her clitoris and thrust forward with her hips. The fucking motion sent her fingers deeper into her cunt and a soft, whimpering moan of ecstasy escaped from her lips. Then she reached around her hip with her right hand, bathed her middle finger in the lusty oils gathered in the crack of her ass and drove the lubricated finger squarely into her asshole. The dual penetration at once attacked her entire nervous system with urgent force and she began swaying back and forth, working her fingers in and out of the openings with a knowing skill.

“Give it to yourself!” Doreen hissed, watching her closely and shoving the dildo into her cunt as far as possible. “Oooohh, I wish you’d fingerfuck me like that sometime; I’d love to come all over your hands and then lick it off your fingers! Oooohh!”

Grunting and moaning in unison, the two women worked themselves into a perfect frenzy of sexual delight. Doreen whipped the wicked-shaped dildo in and out of her cunt, twisting it around to ensure that the tiny, flexible spikes stimulated every inch of the tender inner surfaces. Eileen clawed even more frantically at her cunt and asshole. They watched each other through passion-dimmed eyes, drawing further excitement from the spectacle they presented to each other. They finally arched their loins forward at almost the same instant, sobbing with desperate pleasure as their cunts dissolved into twin fountains of pure fleshy joy. They masturbated themselves into a long, violent climax and then fell back against the fence, limp and weak from the long period of ecstatic delirium.

Doreen was truly insatiable that day. No sooner had she pulled the dildo from her cunt and regained her breath than she was kneeling beside Ace and manipulating his limp prick. Her efforts went for naught, however, and she gave up in disgust after a time, swearing at the animal for his obstinate refusal to stiffen his prick. Eileen knew that she would have to resort to the old trick once more and, moved as much by compassion for her ultra-horny friend as by her own desires, she said that she would play the mare for Jackson in an attempt to bring the stallion around. Doreen would have to give the donkey a sniff of her pussy in order to help him get a hard-on.

Eileen knelt beneath Jackson and began rubbing his flaccid cock over her pussy while Doreen rubbed his muzzle with her thighs. He got the message in record time and Eileen gave a soft, quavering moan of delight when she felt his cock stiffening against her warm, moist slit. She loved Jackson’s hard cock and was ready to be fucked. She guided the thick, rigid tool into the lips of her pussy with difficulty but soon had the donkey’s cock firmly planted. Jackson gave another of his determined lunges and speared the hot-lipped target which had been placed against his tool. Eileen howled with anguish as she felt her cunt spreading wide-open.

Ace quickly responded to the familiar stimulus and when Doreen saw his dark, shiny prick rising she gave a cry of delight. Scrambling to a position under her belly, she stuffed his cock into her cunt and reared backward, hornier than any mare Ace had ever mounted in his life. The cunt she offered him surpassed any mare’s cunt which had ever closed around his prick. The hot, tight slit welcomed his mammoth prong with a greedy, grasping caress that brought a startled snort from the animal. Ace bowed his back into a taut, quivering arc and drove his cock deep into Doreen’s cunt. He sensed the excitement lurking in her body, a lusty fever that was quickly transmitted to his huge, swollen balls, and he knew exactly how to turn his own lusty arousal into pleasure.

“Annngghh-owww!” Doreen wailed, shaking terribly but standing her ground. “Omigod, he’s so fucking big! Mmmm! So fucking hot! Oooohh! He’s fucking my cunt off!”

Eileen felt exactly the same way, even though Jackson’s cock was a trifle smaller than the grotesque rod projecting from Ace’s loins. She later decided with Doreen that once a prick had exceeded a certain dimension a woman’s cunt could no longer measure the differences between it and another. Whatever science might have to say about the validity of their conclusion, she reacted to the donkey’s cock with a decided freshness and vigor. Kneeling in the dust of the corral’s pawed earth, she trembled mightily and then screamed aloud when she felt her cunt being squeezed by another of those momentous orgasms. Jackson fucked on with a careless indifference to her pleasure, intent only on his own fulfillment, and drove his prick deeper into her twitching body.

The donkey and the stallion erupted into climactic flood at about the same time. Doreen shrieked painfully when Ace began spewing scalding hot semen into her flesh; she swore later that he had nearly melted the lining of her cunt with the first frantic jets of sperm. Eileen groaned loudly as Jackson’s prick unleashed a foaming cascade of boiling come into her agitated cunt, lashing the tender surface of the excited tunnel with his vehement blast. She quivered from head to toe and thrust back against him one last time. The fury of his orgasm brought her own climax to a howling, shrieking peak and she felt her insides being ripped apart by the tornado of lust. Doreen continued to grind her hips from side to side, working against Ace’s lusty cock and did not stop until she had fucked the last ounce of come from the stallion. Even then she continued whimpering and jerking her hips up into his flanks as though she hoped to tease a final burst of come from his tired balls. But she had done her work too well — Ace had finished his fucking for the day and not even Doreen’s frantic, abandoned efforts could bring him back to another spurt of orgasmic life.

The women staggered away from the animals in a state of near-shock. They had been fucked almost senseless and neither had any feeling left in her pussy or clitoris. Eileen sagged against the fence, struggling to keep her wet pussy off the dusty floor of the corral and Doreen propped herself up beside her. Together they panted and sighed as the effects of the tumultuous lovemaking slowly wore off. When they had recovered enough to look at each other they read the satisfaction on each other’s faces and smiled weakly.

“That ought to be enough to last me an hour or two!” Doreen muttered, giving a wry smile at the thought of another fucking session with either of the lusty brutes. “Oooohh, what a prick that horse has!”

They dried their pussies and began dressing. Eileen unfastened the rope which had snubbed Ace’s nose down to the thick post and unhobbled him; he staggered away weakly when his feet were freed. She led Jackson over to the waiting gelding, who had watched the entire proceedings with a eunuch’s interest. She explained to Doreen that if she waited any longer to move back to the ranch’s headquarters she would probably not he able to move at all. Doreen said that she was also near total physical collapse. Eileen swung up into the saddle and set off at a slow trot. Halfway to the ranch house she looked back and saw a spiral of dust rising behind her and within a few minutes Doreen bumped past in the pickup. Eileen barely had enough strength to turn Jackson into his corral and to unsaddle her gelding. After that she tottered into her bathroom, stripped and collapsed into a tubful of hot, scented bath water where she remained for nearly an hour.

Doreen came by later that afternoon for a drink. Naps had refreshed both and they compared notes on their experiences with the animals. They agreed that Ace’s climax was perhaps a trifle stronger than Jackson’s but also agreed that both beasts were superb cunt pokers. They were on the verge of getting a cold supper when the telephone rang. Eileen went into her office to answer it; when she emerged, her face was chalk-white and she looked dazed.

“That was Jack,” she whispered. “My son! He’s in Salt Lake City and wants me to drive in and pick him up!”


Doreen insisted that Eileen allow her to drive into the city with her and Eileen agreed. She felt that if she had to make the long drive alone she might fall asleep at the wheel. They set out together, forgetting about their meal in the excitement, and Eileen explained the situation as she drove. It developed that young Jack had been excused from his final examinations as a result of superior work done in class during the school year. The school was a fairly progressive one and was currently in an experiment designed to de-emphasize exam taking.

“Don’t forget,” Doreen told her when they were about halfway to the city, “you’re going to force the issue with him. You’re going to face up to your desire for him, and his for you, and you’re going to show that young man that that Easter fling was no one-shot deal.”

Eileen quailed at the very thought of forcing herself on her son, though she knew that she wanted him desperately. She promised that she would take the fatal step that very night, although she knew in her heart that she might very well lose her courage at the last moment and back out. She said nothing about this to Doreen, who seemed utterly assured that everything would work out all right, and on this note they drove out to the airport.

Eileen had originally intended to greet her son with a French kiss, hoping that so intimate a gesture would show him that she was entirely willing to pick up where they had left off at Easter, but her courage failed her at the last moment. Instead she gave him a motherly buss and cursed herself for being so chicken-hearted. She nevertheless felt a warning flash of sexual fire running through her pussy and clit when she saw her son. He had grown at least an inch, now standing a couple of inches over six feet, and was more handsome than ever.

She introduced him to Doreen, who smiled in a friendly fashion. When Jack turned back to his mother Doreen licked her lips in a way that left no doubt as to her desire for the well-built young man. Eileen let her son drive back to the ranch. Doreen sat in the back seat of the station wagon. When Eileen looked back, she saw that the woman had taken advantage of her position directly behind Jack and was slyly fingering her pussy as she carried on a conversation with them! Eileen’s face burned hotly when she saw what her friend was doing and another powerful surge of sexual arousal swept through her pussy. By the time they pulled into the yard of the ranch house she was beside herself with a lusty fervor; it was as though she had never been fucked before!

When she and Jack were alone in the big house, Eileen told herself every moment that now was the opportunity for which she had been waiting and that she must now make her move and assert her sexual interest in him. But she could not bring herself to make the decisive, irrevocable step. Twice she felt that the lad was going to sweep her into his arms but on both occasions he backed away and quickly changed the subject of their conversation. She went to bed alone that night. She was so thoroughly aroused by the thought of Jack’s cock that she masturbated to a pair of orgasms before she could finally go to creamy sleep.

She encountered Doreen soon after breakfast the next morning and the canny woman at once read the lines of frustration and sexual anguish. Eileen nodded at the unasked question, ashamed of her own cowardice. But Doreen didn’t berate her. She instead proposed a plan by which Eileen could gain her objective without frontally attacking her son. Doreen admitted that she had stayed awake for most of the night, alternately giving herself pleasure with one or both of her jack-off gadgets, and then contriving situations which would give Eileen a perfect excuse for getting her son’s stiff cock rammed deep into her cunt.

Doreen suggested that she would slip into the youth’s bedroom and take him by surprise. If he was like most young men, she said, he would very likely have an early-morning hard-on. Doreen referred to it as a “piss-hard”. It would serve their purposes as well as any other kind of stiff prick. She would fall upon him and begin sucking his cock and when he awakened she would explain that she had been looking for his mother but had blundered into his room by mistake. Seeing his magnificent cock had inflamed her pussy with an irresistible urge to be fucked. She had then lost control of herself and fallen upon him.

“He won’t be able to resist that,” Doreen confidently stated. “And when I get him in a red-hot fucking mood is time for you to come in. You can pop into the bedroom when I’m getting ready to mount him and just let nature take its course, okay?”

Eileen agreed to that. Her pussy was so anxious that she would have accepted almost any scheme which had suggestion of success. She directed her friend down to Jack’s room and waited outside the door. Doreen left it half-ajar, as she advanced toward the youth’s bed. Eileen had sneaked a cautious look inside the room before motioning Doreen forward; that look made her fiery nipples pound against her bra. Jack was lying on his back with the sheet pushed down around his ankles and his big prick stretching full length across his flat, muscular belly. The tool was fully grown and a deep-pink in color. Eileen’s quick glimpse was enough to show her that he had added at least an inch to the cockshaft. His prick was the juiciest fucking instrument she had ever seen on any man — including her husband. Her pussy began pounding insistently with a mad, lustful beat.

Eileen hadn’t worn panties that morning and, as she leaned against the doorway and listened to Doreen’s hot, moist mouth sucking at the lad’s stiff cock, she found it impossible to keep her hands away from the bubbling slit between her thighs. She lifted the hem of her dress and found the wet, hot gash. She played with the lips and stroked her clitoris, growing more excited every second.

Jack woke up quickly once Doreen had gotten her skilled mouth over his prick. He had a surprised look but quickly adjusted to this novel alarm system. Eileen smiled as she listened to the woman’s explanation of how she came to be there. Doreen expounded at length on the beauty of Jack’s cock and her desperate hunger for a tool that size. She vowed that she was ready to do anything to please him, so long as he gave her a cunt stuffed full of that wonderful tool. She promised that once he got his prick into her slobbering hole she would grind away until he had come better than ever before.

Eileen walked in when she heard her cue words from Doreen. She had begun to wonder if the woman was going to double-cross her, or if in her state of erotic abandon she might have the cue words. Jack saw her but was too startled to move. He was sprawled across his bed with one foot trailing upon the floor. Doreen straddled him with one of her own feet upon the floor and the other cocked upon the bed. She had already thrown off the skimpy dress she wore and was on the point of lowering herself down onto the youth’s swollen cock, as she had said she would be.

Jack’s face turned a brilliant pink but there was nothing he could do; he was caught red-handed. Doreen twisted around to assume a seated position beside Jack and held his prick in her hand; she continued to work her fist up and down its length as she talked. Eileen could not look away from that beautiful cock.

“Come over here and feel it!” Doreen sharply commanded. “Grab hold of his cock and feel the heat in it! You’ll see what I mean; you won’t be able to blame me for wanting him once you feel how hot and hard his prick is!”

Eileen obeyed and reached out to take her son’s prick into her right hand. She winced when her fingers closed around the thick, knobby rod but she grasped it firmly. She could feel his lust flowing through her hand, up her arm and down into her nipples and then on until it infected her clitoris with a savage drive. Doreen smiled and reached out to unfasten her dress. Eileen kept her hand on Jack’s cock as she was stripped, she could not have released the hot tool for anything in the world. Doreen had already skinned back the foreskin and the naked plumhead seemed to radiate sex.

Doreen urged her to kneel beside the bed and touch her lips to the tip of the tool and she did. She could not make herself look at Jack when she settled down beside him but neither could she prevent her knees from bending or her head from tipping forward. A soft, wondering moan of delirious joy escaped from her throat when she felt his flame-hot prick brushing against her lips. She opened her mouth as wide as possible and slipped it over the flaring, broad head of his prick. The satiny-smooth organ dove into her mouth and nestled against her tongue. She pressed hard against it and worked her lips further down the thick shaft. Jack watched, amazed and delighted, as his mother sucked his cock. She learned later that he had never been sucked before, though he had been eager for his various girlfriends to do it. She felt an absurd sense of pride when she learned that she was the first to suck his cock.

He suddenly groaned and drove his hips upward, jamming his cock into her mouth. She curled her tongue around his prick in a tight, wet grip and sucked harder. Her right hand moved down to cup the massive balls dangling between his thighs. Her clit became a tiny rod of twanging sensuality. He gave another strong lunge and then threw his head hack in happiness. He fucked harder into her mouth, ramming the head of his cock deep into her throat and she felt the first warning pulsebeat within the thick tool’s sensitive head.

“Mmmmm!” she grunted, fully aware of that twitch’s significance.

The ejaculation burst deep in her throat and flooded her mouth with a steaming spray of the sweetest come she had ever tasted. The scalding jets tingled her tastebuds and overwhelmed her senses with sexual delight. Her cunt came to a quick and furious upheaval. She was barely aware of Doreen’s finger, which the woman had slipped between the cheeks of her ass and was using to caress her throbbing cunt. Within seconds she became totally dedicated to intensifying and prolonging her son’s orgasm. Eileen used every tongue trick she had ever learned from Jack’s father or from any other man in an effort to make his climax a truly memorable one. His sperm-laden balls pumped out a thick, powerful stream of come and she swallowed with a frantic urgency as he continued to flood her mouth with the hot, sticky cream. Her tongue distributed the load up and down the shaft of his cock and she kept on bobbing her head up and down and sucking as hard as she could.

Doreen’s sharp eyes took in every detail. She felt a desperate hunger within her own cunt but held back, knowing that it would be better for both of them in the long run if Eileen were allowed to suck the lusty youth to the final stages of his orgasm. She kept her finger firmly planted in the woman’s cunt and felt the violent orgasmic surges that tore through the tender opening. Between Doreen’s probing finger and Jack’s surging ejaculation, Eileen had all the sexual stimulation she could stand.

The youth’s prick still stood out firm and proud when she finally gave up the effort. She pulled her mouth away and looked up at him with tear-filled eyes; an expression of the satisfaction came over her face. Jack smiled tentatively and she returned it to let him know that everything was all right. He pulled her face up to his and kissed her. He ran his tongue deep into her warm mouth and tasted his own come, and then pulled her further up his body until she was straddling his face. Eileen felt a powerful surge of hot joy run through her body when she realized that her son wanted to eat her cunt. She fed him the moist, ripe slit with a freedom and pleasure which amazed her; she had expected that she would be painfully shy when she first pressed her pussy down to his mouth.

Someone had been giving the boy some very explicit lessons in pussy-eating and he attacked her slit with far more wisdom than she would ever have expected from him. He excited her by scraping only the tip of his hot tongue over the lips of the excited slit, touching them gently and teasing even more life into them. Eileen sucked in a deep breath when she felt her cunt being brought to an even higher pitch of fever. Jack licked her pussy greedily. He soon had her on the brink of an orgasm even more powerful than the one she had felt when his prick had erupted in her mouth, scalding her throat with his salty come.

Eileen felt a rustling movement behind her and looked back. She saw that Doreen had been overcome by her own desire and was not crawling aboard the lad’s uplifted cock. Doreen held the broad, muscular staff upright and guided it between the lips of her pussy. Eileen’s heart gave a mighty thump of envy when she saw the broad-headed tool dipping between those lovely, swollen lips and disappeared into the woman’s hot, juicy cunt. Her envious feeling lasted for only a moment, however, and then was replaced by a tender, comradely sentiment. Eileen saw that it was only right for Doreen to share in her son’s lusty arousal; after all, the woman had shared her fucking implements freely enough and had also provided the erotic ingenuity needed to perceive Jackson and Ace as worthwhile fucking partners. It would even provide a way of making them even better friends, she saw: by sharing this brawny, heavy-cocked young lover with Doreen she would further cement to their friendship and bring them even closer together.

“Mmmm, fuck him!” she moaned, losing control of herself momentarily. “Drive your cunt down his cock; fuck him out of his mind!”

Young Jack showed no hesitancy whatever in fucking two women at once. Perhaps it was the abundant excitement of the lusty pair, or perhaps it was a project which he had secretly harbored, but whatever the reason he threw his big cock up into Doreen’s waiting cunt with a hearty lunge and began eating Eileen’s pussy at an even faster rate. His tongue burrowed between the lips of her pussy, scouring the tender furrow from the rear of the cuntal opening all the way up to her clitoris. She screamed in anguish when she felt his tongue mash against the tender clit peeking between her pussylips. She groaned with savage joy when she felt the tongue stiffen and dart into her cunt. Jack had a trick of rimming a woman’s cunt that made her shudder violently and yearn even more desperately for the final release.

Eileen felt his fingers drawing at her asscheeks. He had a powerful pair of hands and his fingers dug deeply into her tingling buttocks; the ferocity of his grip lent added delight to her enjoyment of his mouth and she began fucking against his lips with short, grinding bobs and weaves of her hips. As her passion mounted even higher, knotting her belly and womb into a tightly clenched ball of sexual tension, he began driving his tongue in and out of her open cunt with slow, steady strokes. No prick, not even Ace’s mighty fucking tool, had ever given her any more pleasure than did that artfully applied tongue and she choked out a joyful cry.

Doreen added her own lusty whoops to the love sounds. She had driven her body so far down the shaft of Jack’s cock that her cuntlips were now flattened against his pelvis, and she ground her hyper-sensitive flesh into the wiry mass of hair at the base of his prick. She reached down to titillate her throbbing clitoris, which did not touch the hot rod, and began lurching back and forth in a way that made his cock leap and twist about within her tight, moist cunt. She excited herself in every possible manner and cried out.

Eileen howled with frenzied delight when she felt her tortured womb give way finally and release the tightness gathered there. Jack ate her with a crude, animal-like relish, ramming his tongue deep into her pulsating hole and lapping hungrily at the warm oils which cascaded from the depths of her twitching cunt. She fucked herself into her son’s mouth and heaved against his tongue with as much enthusiasm as she had ever displayed while fucking his father. Her pussy throbbed painfully and the waves of orgasmic joy mounted higher and higher within her cunt until she felt as though her womb was melting and running down into his eager mouth.

Doreen continued to writhe and twist on the youth’s bulging cock. Her cunt was on fire and every motion of her excited body made his swollen rod move about within her hot cunt. She rose above him at the very peak of her climax, withdrawing her cunt until only the head remained lodged in her trembling body, and then dropped upon him with a suddenness that made his tool spear into her like a gigantic sword. She screamed with savage delight when she felt herself being skewered by his flaming rod and then began jerking in a mad, abandoned frenzy. She remained above him until her climax had run its course, then toppled off into a limp, moaning heap of well-fucked womanhood.

Jack was not satisfied with this, however. Doreen’s frenzied fucking had aroused new hungers within his loins and he wanted more of that wonderful pleasure. Seeing that Doreen was temporarily out of the game, he turned back to his mother, who had moved off his head and now half-lay, half-sat on the bed. She saw the desire in his eyes and answered to it at once, stretching out on her belly and spreading her knees wide apart. She begged him to fuck her from the rear as she lay there. He fell upon her with a hungry zeal, seating his cock between the lips of her pussy with a quick move and sheathing almost half the big tool at once. He spread his weight over her and bore down, mashing her belly and tits into the rumpled sheet. She luxuriated in his heavy pressure and heaved back against him in a way that added pleasure to his penetration.

“Mmmm, fuck me!” she whimpered as he began thrusting the inflamed sword in and out of her cunt with slow, trembling lunges. “I’ve wanted it ever since you left; I haven’t been able to think of anything but the way you fucked me that night! Omigod, Jack, you’re fucking me so good! Your cock’s driving me mad!”

Jack fucked his mother with more skill and fervor then she would ever have expected from him. She later learned that he had been very busy fucking two young girls at school that year. After the Easter break he had initiated an affair with the wife of one of the faculty members as well. Lucy Perrenot, the older woman, had taught him a great deal about fucking and sucking but he vowed that she had not even begun to compare to either Eileen or Doreen in sex. And the young girls from the neighboring school, he added, were enthusiastic enough but annoyingly naive. None of them really enjoyed kissing a fellow’s cock and they positively refused to allow a boy to shoot come into their mouths.

Jack lay atop his mother and worked his prick into her cunt for several minutes, seeking an outlet for the sperm which had again built up in his balls. She could feel the big, come-filled sac hammering against the lips of her pussy and clitoris as he drove his cock in and out of her frothy hole and knew that they were again pumped up almost full. His climax would not be as plentiful as what she had gotten from Jackson and Ace, she realized, but he was a human and on that account alone was a far more exciting and fulfilling lover than either of the animals.

Doreen watched them fuck with a growing interest. Her post-orgasmic letdown did not last long and she was soon deeply engrossed in their fucking. She urged them on the cries of encouragement but to no avail — Jack’s balls simply would not give up their come. Doreen considered their frantic fucking efforts for another moment and then had a marvelously effective idea.

“Fuck her in the asshole!” she yelled. “She’ll love it that way; every woman does! Drive that cockmeat straight up her asshole!”

Jack hesitated only a moment then withdrew his cock from his mother’s hot, juicy cunt, ignoring her frightened protests, and aimed it an inch higher. Eileen feared being slit by his big prick and tried to keep him from shoving his cock up her asshole. His superior position and pressing weight, however, effectively stifled her protests and she felt his heated, cunt-greased tool nosing into the taut, puckered eye of her anus. Doreen urged him to fuck her slowly, so as to allow her asshole time to adjust to the massive cockpole being jammed into it.

Once the head of his cock had enjoyed the warm, clammy grip of her asshole, he loved the special tightness of that opening. He began driving the big tool deeper and soon he was fucking his mother’s ass with even more fury than he had shown when the rod had been planted in Doreen’s hot cunt. Eileen shrieked painfully for a moment but then her cries took on a deeper, more joyous tone when she felt the pain ebbing away and being replaced by a wonderful feeling. She clenched her buttocks into knots of quivering muscle, making her asshole nip and grab at him as he skewered her with his cock; she pressed up and back, aiding him in his ramming. She felt her cunt growing tighter and more alive each time he deepened his stroke and she was soon groaning and sobbing with more pleasure than ever.

Jack had the bit between his teeth now and nothing could have kept him from completing the course Doreen had pointed out for him. He drove his prick as deep as he could, bringing a series of whimpering gasps from his mother’s strained throat, and then drew back to launch a final series of bull-like charges that drove his bulging prick even deeper into her tender asshole. Eileen felt his whiskery balls rubbing at the lips of her pussy; it almost seemed that her greedy slit was nibbling at the warm sac and trying to eat it. She gave a mighty quiver and then felt his prick unleash all the lovely come which had been building up in his loins.

The youth choked out a guttural cry of elation and plastered himself against his mother’s jerking body. She cried out sharply when she felt his cock begin spurting the come into her shithole. She felt his ejaculation with far more intensity than she had ever felt anyone coming in her cunt before. Her asshole was as acutely alert to every pounding spurt of his cock as her mouth had been. She shrieked in agony as the huge rod jetted and squirted out the hot, sticky cream.

Doreen lay back and attacked her own cunt with both hands. She drove both her index fingers deep into the livid slit, hooking them into the taut opening between the lips, and began sticking her cunt. She fucked upwards with her fingers as she spread the mouth of her cunt wider and wider. Her thumbs came together at the junction of her pussy’s lips and fervently stroked the clitoris hiding there. She arched her hips upward and jerked against her hands with electrifying bumps as her womb turned into a springhouse of lusty sensations. Again and again she cried out weakly as her cunt throbbed. She continued pressing the mouth of her cunt open, then relaxing her grip so that the tender opening could close, and widening it again until she had thoroughly drenched her hands, her upper thighs and the cheeks of her ass with her warm, translucent come.

Eileen’s clitoris continued to pound lustily long after Jack’s cock had squeezed out the last molten droplet of sperm. Being pressed down against the bed by his weight, she found that she could bring her clitoris into contact with the bed simply by pressing down. The same motion also made her asshole slide downward on her bon’s bulging cock and gave her a deliciously pleasing tingle wherever that massive rod touched her flesh. She continued to work her hips in small, slow movements, moaning and gasping as her womb fluttered convulsively, and gradually fucked herself into a coma.

Jack relaxed and spread out atop her. He liked the feel of her asshole around his prick. No cunt had ever gripped his tool so tightly and no woman had ever responded so thoroughly to his lovemaking. He felt a glowing pride when he thought of his mother’s reactions to the way he worked his cock into her body, just as he had felt a violent rush of joy when she had sucked his come into her mouth and swallowed it.

Doreen roused herself after a short interlude and came over to him. She began rubbing his naked body and running her fingers lightly over his flesh; she paid special attention to the cheeks of his ass and even reached between them to stroke his balls. He quivered as she drove her finger between his buttocks, brushing one fingertip over his asshole. He wondered if she was going to drive the finger into his puckered hole as he had sunk his cock into his mother’s ass.

The woman refrained from that gesture, though she contemplated it; she noted his marked reaction to her finger’s presence there and marked it down for future reference. She had long ago discovered that she could often make a man come even more strongly if she fingered his anus just before his balls exploded with hot, creamy lust and she had no qualms about fingerfucking her lovers in the ass. She resumed her gentle stroking and soon had the youth primed for even further action of the sort she loved so well.

“Just shove it home!” she whispered when he rose off Eileen, slowly pulling his prick from her rear hole. “Get it on and fuck me; I want to take it just like it is this instant!”

She fell onto her back and spread her thighs wide for him. He knelt between her legs and she grasped his cock; the tool was dripping with his come but that only made it even more exciting for her. She rammed her tight fist down his cock for a moment, fistfucking him into a stiffer condition, and then brought the head of the tool down against the lips of her pussy. The moist, hot slit welcomed his gentle thrust and he had soon sunk every inch of the inflated cockshaft into her cunt.

Doreen could hardly believe that he was still hard but she was only too glad he was. She knew that he had come twice, once in his mother’s mouth and once in her asshole, and she had been able to see that they were extremely powerful climaxes. None of her previous lovers, not even the youngest and horniest, would have been able to sustain an erection after having come twice in such prodigious quantities. She promised herself that she would not let him escape from between her thighs until she had completely mastered him. She was going to fuck him until his cock totally wilted within her cunt.

Eileen retained just enough awareness to know what was happening. For once, the sight of Doreen engaging in sexual action did not arouse her; she took that as an indication of how well she had responded to her son’s furious lovemaking. Even Doreen’s low, quavering wail of joy when she felt Jack’s thick cock boring deep into her cunt did not spark an answering twinge of arousal in Eileen’s limp clit. Her senses were absolutely exhausted and she was content to lie there and watch her son fucking this woman who had so suddenly and strangely become close to her.

Doreen locked her heels together behind the youth’s ass and threw her cunt up at his pistoning cock with short, jerky lunges. She clawed at his back, digging her fingers deep and threw back her head, pleading with him to drive his prick even deeper into her corn-hole. Jack bent down to take one of her golden tits into his mouth; she thrust her nipple up at him eagerly and cried out even louder when his tongue began caressing that fiery cone.

He fucked her long and hard, driving her through one climax and into another before she relented. He had the glimmerings of yet another orgasm building up in his loins, however, and refused to stop driving his prick into her creamcunt. The woman sensed this and found, somewhere in her tired, aching body, enough reserve strength to continue twisting her frothy, lathered cunt around his driving prong. Finally the youth stiffened abruptly, grunted harshly and then threw his cock into her one last time. His prick gave a few halfhearted twitches; his balls gave up a teaspoon or two of a very thin and weak cream and then he collapsed beside the women. His prick slipped out of Doreen’s tired cunt, a mere twig by this time, and drooped between his legs. A fine, milky froth rimmed the base of his prick, the residue of his earlier efforts and of Doreen’s hot comings.


They spent the rest of the day in bed with Jack. They left his side only to bring food or drink for themselves, or perhaps to visit the bathroom but otherwise they stayed close beside him. There were not many consecutive minutes during that day when either Eileen or Doreen was not sucking the boy’s big prick, or fucking him, or jacking him off, or somehow engaging him in a sexual act. When they were not thus engaged, they were either too tired to do so or were discussing exactly how they should proceed with the next phase of his education in the lustful arts.

They quickly discovered there was not a great deal he had to learn. Upon hearing them express wonder at the extent of his knowledge, he admitted to his several affairs and credited the faculty member’s wife with teaching him a lot that many young men did not learn until later in their lives. This lady, he said, had developed a fondness for taking him to “adult” movies, the kind which depicted every kind of sexual action in the greatest possible detail, and they had conscientiously tried to copy everything they had seen on the screen. The only thing she had not been eager to investigate with him, he said, was the potential of the anus and he expressed great pleasure at having been so fortunate as to have been the first to fuck his mother in the ass.

Doreen gave him another version of her lecture about the supposed evils of incest and their illogical basis. He admitted that he had been torn by guilt after the exciting encounter with his mother during Easter vacation but also agreed that he had relished her lovemaking.

Their frank discussion naturally resulted in the creation of more sexual tension. Doreen stood it as long as she could and heightened the effect by toying with Jack’s limp dick. Once she had decided that it would be quite a while before he could recover the full use of that wondrous tool, she whispered to Eileen that she was going to her own cabin to get her gadgets. Eileen was horrified at the thought of letting her son know that she had used such implements but Doreen assured her that he would find it very intriguing and she refused to be held back.

When she returned Eileen discovered that she had been exactly right. Young Jack’s experience with dildos and vibrators had been confined to watching the actresses in the movies. When he saw the pair of wicked-looking fucking gadgets which Doreen produced, his eyes grew wide and his mother could see that he was interested. He himself urged her to use one of them, to demonstrate their capabilities for him, and she reluctantly agreed to help Doreen stage a demonstration for him.

Within a very short time she felt the lust fires burning hotter than ever within her belly. Jack’s open, frank interest in their love habits and practices made her forget all about her reticence and soon she was ramming the vibrator into her cunt and twisting it with joy. Doreen had the spiked dildo — Jack’s eyes had grown even wider when he saw the dimensions of that mighty cunt-prober and felt of the bands of spikes fastened around the shaft — and she was wielding it with a single-minded seriousness that completely captivated the youth.

Eileen fucked herself into a perfect frenzy of orgiastic satisfaction with the vibrator. As soon as she had run it over her pussy for the last time and had recovered her breath, she touched it to her son’s cock and found that the tool had as much effect on him as it had had upon her. The rod sprang out to a full-blown erection almost at once and when she touched the rapidly whirring tip to his balls he groaned with ecstasy.

He would gladly have turned his swollen cock upon his mother at that instant, except that Doreen pulled the dildo from her cunt and flung it aside as she fell down onto her hands and knees, offering him a rear entrance into her slavering pussy. Eileen guided him toward her friend, feeling that she should have the first fruits of his renewed energy, and guided his prick toward that crimson, whisker-rimmed slit. He drove his prick into the woman’s cunt, bringing a hearty cry of delight to her lips and spent three or four minutes in pounding her rump with powerful strokes.

Doreen then suggested a change of position, one that would allow Eileen an opportunity to join in the fun, and rolled onto her side. She directed Jack to follow her down, keeping his cock firmly planted in her cunt, and he obediently nestled beside her. She then lifted her upper leg, propping her foot on his thigh, and motioned for Eileen to look down between her legs. Eileen did so and immediately gasped with pleasure. The sight of her son’s cock, stiff and swollen with lusty arousal, spearing into her friend’s fat-lipped cunt stirred her to the very depths of her being and she felt another pounding rise of sexual feeling within her cunt.

“Lick his balls,” Doreen whispered, struggling to keep control of herself. “Get down there and lick his balls and cock while he’s fucking me!”

The suggestion had all the force of a command and Eileen hurried to obey. She scrambled around for a moment, attempting to find a way in which she could get her mouth down against her son’s balls, and finally did so. He quivered with delight when he felt her tongue snaking over his bag; the wrinkled, hairy sac had an exquisite sensitivity and he trembled as she pressed the loose skin in against his balls. She also ran her tongue over the slippery shaft of his prick as he worked the burly tool in and out of Doreen’s hot, juicy cunt. Eileen’s brain reeled with desire when she tasted the woman’s ripe musk on her son’s cock. The deliciously stimulating coating gave it an incredibly erotic effect and she felt her clitoris humming with sexual energy.

Eileen found it impossible to keep her tongue from occasionally straying over the lips of her friend’s pussy, even though she loved feeling her son’s balls against her lips and tongue. The feverish lust boiling within Doreen’s fertile cunt made her pussy a fascinating object. The way she lunged out when she felt Eileen’s tongue play over the swollen, discolored lips or scrape over her rigid clitoris was enough to make anyone want to give her more of that savage pleasure. Eileen was soon indiscriminately licking both Doreen and Jack.

The youth began fucking the woman more intently. He drew his hips back to launch deep, probing thrusts into the heart of Doreen’s greedy cunt. Each mighty lunge drew another shuddering gasp from her lips; he was pulling his big cock almost all the way out of her frantically grasping hole. On several occasions Eileen felt the rim of his prick’s head against her tongue.

Eileen found the vibrator being pressed into her hand. Doreen had spied the wonderful tool lying on the rumpled sheet and grabbed it. Eileen switched it on at once and began rubbing it over her friend’s pussy and also applying it to Jack’s balls. The vibrator had its usual effect and they were soon grunting and fucking better than ever. Once, as she moved the vibrator’s tip back to allow her lips room in which to roam over her son’s balls, Eileen accidentally touched the tool to his asshole. He gave a loud, whimpering cry of anguished joy and that was enough to spark her into another avenue of fuck play. She adjusted the angle of the tool and began touching it more purposefully to the brown, puckered eye between the cheeks of his ass. His response inspired her to attack his anus even more directly and she soon had the tip firmly planted in that tight, quivering orifice.

Doreen wailed when she could contain her emotions no longer. “Anngghh-owww! You’re fucking me to death! Oooohh, fuck me harder!”

Jack reached under her right arm to grasp the closest breast and began kneading the dark, swollen nipple as he raced toward the comejerking. Doreen groaned painfully and arched her hips back against him in an attempt to get even more of his massive cock rammed into her cunt. Eileen licked them both with as much energy as she could manage. Her lips roamed freely over Doreen’s love-slick pussy, flattening the hot lips against Jack’s cock and scraping the quivering clitoris; she dug at her son’s bulging prick and sucked his balls up into her mouth one by one.

She had one of his balls in her mouth, gently massaging it against her tongue, when she felt the first blast of his come. The big ball jerked savagely and a surge of sympathetic sexuality pulsed through her body when she felt the orgasm begin. She had a disjointed feeling, the product of being so intimately connected with his climax and yet not receiving the full fruits of it, but nevertheless her own cunt began throbbing furiously. Doreen shrieked out as the huge prick began spurting a fiery stream of come into her cunt. Her flesh was supremely ready for his orgasmic blast and she greeted the jets of thick cream with powerful, clutching spasms that caused her entire cunt to close tightly around the pulsating cock. Linked into a chain of lusty arousal, the three of them worked together and ground away, each in a different fashion but all arriving at the same exalted plateau of satisfaction.

Jack later admitted that having the vibrator stuck into his ass had helped him immeasurably. He expressed some concern about this and wondered if perhaps he had a strain of repressed homosexuality in his emotional makeup. Doreen laughed loudly upon hearing that; she quickly reassured him that his anus, like her own and his mother’s, was simply a source of sexual feeling and should be utilized as such. She promised him that he need not worry about the danger of becoming a homosexual; anyone who could shove a cock into a woman’s cunt or mouth with as much enthusiasm as he displayed must be thoroughly heterosexual.

Doreen further contributed to the youth’s continued arousal by giving him a close look at her pussy as soon as he had removed his cock from that deeply exercised opening. She twisted around to plant her lower body squarely in front of his face and held her fingers in place to catch the sperm as it trickled out. She dipped her fingers into the salty cream, rubbing it over her thighs and the outer surfaces of her pussy. The lad watched, intoxicated by this ardent display of sensuality, and Doreen fingered her juicy come-slit even faster. Eileen, meanwhile, sucked her son’s cock. She had lost all her restraint by this time. She sucked the semi-stiff head of his cock up into her mouth, trembling eagerly at the salty, bittersweet flavor of his come. Tinged with Doreen’s sweeter musk, it inflamed her brain and made her clitoris hum with sexual fire. She licked every portion of his prick and even ran her lips into the wet, matted hair at the tool’s base; she could not get enough of that sensual taste or of the feel of his prick and balls.

Her ardent sucking, together with Doreen’s exciting display, was enough to breathe new life into the young cock. When she had brought it back to stiffness, Eileen pushed him over onto his back and mounted him. She straddled his loins with her knees and lay over him, feeding that magnificent fucking machine into her cunt with her own hands. The strained position she had adopted made her cuntal opening tighter than normal and she moaned softly as he thrust his cock into her with a quick flip of his hips. Doreen watched her fucking away, grinding her hips and rocking back and forth, and then offered another suggestion.

The woman pointed out that she would experience a completely different range of sensations if she were to sit upright on his prick; the altered posture would make the big rod angle into her flesh differently and bring it into close contact with new parts of her cuntwalls. Eileen awkwardly lifted herself — he had never sat upright on a man before — and discovered at once that her friend had given her very good advice. Jack’s cock had a natural inclination to point up toward his head, and by bringing herself back she forced it to dig harder into the front of the long, ultra-sensitive come-tunnel leading up into her body. She also discovered that the front wall of her cunt was more sensitive than any other part and thus the alteration gave her considerably more pleasure. Grunting and panting, she began working her hips to-and-fro, discovering that she could grind her loins around her son’s piercing prick with far more freedom than she would have imagined.

“Now you’re fucking him,” Doreen muttered. “Oooohh, fuck that cock; fuck it till he comes all over your cunt!”

Jack suddenly grasped at Doreen’s hips and maneuvered her about. She caught his meaning and rose up into a kneeling position over his face. Eileen felt a quick rush of excitement when she saw her friend mounting her son’s face and guiding her come-shining pussy down to his waiting mouth. Doreen sat facing Eileen and they watched each other with increasing excitement. Doreen reached down to spread the lips of her pussy wide apart, completely exposing the more sensitive inner surfaces to Jack’s questing lips and tongue, and she added to her own delight by stroking her clitoris while he ran his tongue up into her cunt and rimmed it. By spreading the lips so far apart she brought her tiny clitoris into view and Eileen felt her own love-button begin to tremble faster when she saw the exquisitely inflamed nub resting at the front of her friend’s wiggling pussy.

The two women smiled and bent their wills toward the achievement of a threesome come. Eileen’s hips clenched up until her buttocks were rounded globes of quivering muscle. She lunged hard into Jack’s stiff cock and shuddered each time the distended tool scraped against a new part of her cunt’s walls. She reached behind her hips to probe her own asshole; the crack of her ass bore a thick coating of her cunty oils and her finger easily slid into the taut crevice. She shuddered weakly as her own finger added to her delight; Jack lunged into her again and brought the head of his cock up snug against her cervix. Doreen began massaging one of her breasts with her free hand, keeping the other locked in place over her trembling clitoris, and she soon was panting as she sought to work out the ball of sexual tension which had again gathered deep in her womb.

Jack sucked and fucked with a wild, free grace that powered them on to the inevitable coming. He could feel his balls tensing up, preparing to unleash yet another storm of orgasmic joy, and he did everything he could to hasten that release. He could feel his mother’s finger through the thin membrane separating her asshole from her cunt; she dug her finger deeper and rubbed it against the shaft of his cock as she worked her cunt around it in ways that grabbed at his balls and made him want to empty them in one savage rush of joy. Doreen ground her pussy against his face with increasing power; she could feel her own cunt preparing to unleash a devastating climax and she wanted to come directly into the youth’s mouth.

Jack felt his mother’s cunt tighten around his cock with a spasmodic rush of sexual joy and knew that she had reached the ultimate in sensual pleasure. Her twitching cunt nibbled excitedly at his prick, teasing the come from his balls, and he threw himself into her with one final, heaving lunge of unbridled lust. His cock jerked strongly, though his sadly depleted balls had only a little of that hot cream to give up. The waves of lusty joy radiated through his loins as strongly as ever and the surging delight made his tongue do wonders to Doreen’s hot cunt. The woman gave another wailing cry of sexual joy and then stiffened abruptly: the climax burst within her suddenly. It took her by surprise and she looked about wildly as her belly rocked with the convulsive waves of lusty delight. She cried out to him to suck her harder, to drive his tongue even deeper into her throbbing cunt, and ground away at his mouth until she had completely fucked herself out.

Later that day, in a tranquil moment, Eileen stiffened with shock and horror when she heard Doreen begin telling the youth about their experiences with the animals. She had wanted to keep that part of her sexual life a secret, fearing that her son would be disgusted by her unbridled lust and her inability to restrain her rampant desires. But again she found that Doreen had estimated him better than she herself had done. Young Jack showed a deep and hearty interest in their experiences with Jackson and Ace, though he found it hard to believe that either of them could have managed to get those monstrous cocks rammed into their cunts without doing serious damage to the tender receptacles. Doreen told him that a woman’s cunt had an almost infinite flexibility and reminded him that most women gave birth to babies without damaging the opening, something the youth had not previously considered. Eileen blushed when her son asked her if she had really given herself to the donkey and the stallion but she could not conceal the truth. She nodded affirmatively and found that his encouraging smile immediately wiped away all traces of shame about the act.

He insisted that he wanted to see them being fucked by their four-footed lovers, something Eileen would never have imagined his wanting, and when Doreen promised to arrange it she found herself agreeing to cooperate with the experiment. It was too late in the day for them to get anything underway with the animals but they agreed that they would attempt it at the first opportunity. With that pact firmly agreed upon, they turned back to the more pressing situation at hand. By the time they finished teasing Jack and working the last trickle of come from his balls, Eileen calculated that he had come six times during the day and had fucked or sucked her and Doreen each into at least twice that many climaxes. They all greed that the day’s work had been a manful one and that no one else could have accomplished so dramatic a feat. Jack told them that he could not have done it had it hot been for their exceptional desire and their unrestrained skill, an admission which made Eileen love him even more. They slept together that night, going into Eileen’s bedroom to get away from the rumple, semen-dotted sheets on Jack’s bed. Their dripping cunts had given the lad’s bed a thorough saturation of sexual fluids and Eileen knew that it would reek strongly of stale sex the next day. They slept without fucking that night, despite all three of them being naked and locked closely together in the big bed. Neither Doreen nor Eileen wanted anything more than to be close to the husky, good-looking boy and he, for once, had utterly exhausted his come capabilities.

A different situation existed the following morning, of course. The long sleep refreshed them all and Eileen woke up wanting her son more than ever. Being the first to awake, she took full advantage of the opportunity and began sucking his cock. The foreskin had slipped down over the tool’s head during the night, obscuring that pussy-provoking sight, but she contented herself with licking his semi-stiff prick and balls. Even though she and Doreen had both mouthed his cock thoroughly just before going to bed, licking every trace of sperm and cunt drip off the big rod, she could detect a strong scent of leftover fucking. His come, mixed with the orgiastic juices which both their cunts had produced, resulted in a uniquely scented perfume which concentrated her attention solely upon sex. She felt his cock growing harder as she gently licked and kissed it and before long the rod was as big as it had ever been.

He came awake just as Eileen was preparing to heighten the fervor of her oral assault upon his cock and sink her mouth over it with greater force. They exchanged fond glances and he pulled her onto him, muttering that she ought to get his first come of the day directly in her cunt. Eileen’s ardor was far too great for her to be able to resist an invitation like that and she climbed onto him at once. She noticed that his cock was still hooded as she fitted it down against the lips of her pussy, which were hot and thick with her lusty arousal. At first she started to peel the skin back with her fingers but then she decided against it and in favor of letting her cunt strip the tool. Jack nodded his agreement at this and settled himself for her plunging descent.

Eileen’s cunt had recovered all its lively elasticity during the night and was as tight as ever. His cock made her tremble eagerly; she sensed the excitement in his loins and hungered for his plunging, gushing climax. Their movement awakened Doreen and she leaped to assist them. She held Jack’s prick in place, exclaiming at Eileen’s wisdom in deciding to allow her cunt to skin the head back, and urged her friend to lower herself.

Eileen gritted her teeth and sucked in a deep breath before beginning the plunge. Every second that her son’s prick rested against the lips of her pussy made her cunt grow hotter and livelier and soon she could hold back no longer. She drove her hole down upon his rod with a quick, decisive movement and groaned furiously when she felt it spreading the mouth of her cunt into a large circle. His cock spread the lips wide, bulged out the rim of her cunt and speared into the tingling, lust-warmed hole it found there. A silent gasp of astonished joy spread over his mother’s face as she felt his cock slicing deep for the first time that day. She quivered ecstatically and then began to fuck back at him with a ravenous hunger that could be satisfied in only one way. Her hips snapped back and forth, making her tight cunt slip along the shaft of his cock; she ground herself about and forced the head of his prick to dig hard into the exquisitely inflamed lining of her cunt. The rim of her cunt grabbed at the loose skin covering the prick’s head, held it for a moment and peeled it off the turnip-shaped knob. When she had gone far enough down the thick shaft to tighten the skin her bodily lubricants took over and allowed the muscle-rimmed ring to plunge further.

Doreen’s hands went wild on their bodies. She caressed them both with abandoned, though she naturally concentrated most of her attention upon Jack’s swollen balls. Eileen could not restrain her finely tuned body from answering the lusty messages transmitted by her son’s big cock and even before the big tool had entered her completely she began to come. Sobbing and whimpering with ecstatic delight, she fucked away and succeeded in making her orgasmic pangs even sharper. Jack caught the climactic fever from her and threw his cock into her cunt with a freewheeling joy that soon had his balls pumping mightily. Doreen shuddered when she felt the animal power contained in those big eggs; she caressed them tenderly to make them empty their load into her friend’s cunt.

Afterwards, when Eileen had regained her senses, Doreen persuaded her to lift herself off the youth and allow his come to drip from her battered pussy onto his loins. His cock smacked wetly against his flat belly when it dropped from his mother’s wet cunt; a thick stream of his warm sperm immediately gushed out of the opening and dropped down directly onto the base of his cock and his balls. Doreen pushed her forward slightly, so that the remainder of the syrup would drip down onto his belly, and then bent her face down to sample the ointment which had flowed from Eileen’s cunt. Her hot tongue dipped into the hair at the base of Jack’s cock, found it much to her liking and she began sucking and licking. Doreen pushed her friend farther up the youth’s body and covered his entire midsection with her hot, clinging kisses that grew even more fervent as the taste of their come further inflamed her brain with lust.

Eileen continued to scoot along her son’s body until she could bring her wet pussy up against his willing mouth. His frantic fucking had churned her slit’s oils into a milky froth and a few ropy strands of his come still hung from the gaping lips; he sucked it all into his mouth with relish and began working that incomparable tongue deeper into her hole. She felt her womb begin churning again and before long she was coming once more. Jack tonguefucked her with dedication and when he finally released her she could barely find the strength she needed to topple off his face.

They spent a few minutes recuperating from their orgasms — Doreen had fingerfucked herself into a sharp little climax while she was licking the lad’s cock — and then prepared for the day. Eileen went into the kitchen to prepare breakfast, while Jack and Doreen showered. When they joined her in the kitchen, dressed and clean, she turned the cooking over to them and went to take a shower herself. When she had returned the meal was in its final stages and she helped serve it. They ate until they were full and sat back to rest for a few minutes. Doreen reminded them that they were going to attempt some kind of sexual action with the animals that day, a thought which had been preying at the corners of Eileen’s active mind, and Jack reiterated his determination to see them being fucked by a donkey, or perhaps by the mighty stallion. Doreen promised him that he would indeed see that if it were at all possible.

Eileen went out to check on the situation and found that everything was favorable. They trooped down to the barn and lured Jackson into his stall. The animal must have sensed that something special was being prepared for him as he obediently answered Eileen’s whistle and quickly walked into his stall. They tied him down firmly while Jack brought in the bench. The women slipped out of their dresses — neither of them had bothered with underwear, of course — and eyed the lusty little burro. His prick dangled out of its sheath as usual and Eileen found that she wanted the animal with more urgency than she expected. Somehow the thought of displaying her sexual adaptability to her son fired her body with a special kind of energy and enthusiasm and she had no reluctance at all to admitting to her desire. It was Jack’s deep, fascinated interest which accounted for her reaction, she knew; had he not been so intrigued by their willingness to accept the donkey’s cock she would never have dreamed of allowing him to see her being fucked in that manner.

Doreen took the initiative, however. The woman lay down on the bench and scooted her spread thighs down closer to the donkey’s dangling cock. She held the thick, satiny tube in her hands, pointing out to the boy how it differed from his own. She also explained that Jackson was not nearly so quick to respond to a woman’s touch as was a man. Eileen felt a growing sense of urgency to participate in the deliciously exciting game, and she took up a post at the donkey’s head. She told her son that Jackson was developing a marked taste for pussy and that this was the most effective way they had found of arousing the little beast.

Young Jack’s eyes nearly popped from their sockets when he saw how quickly Jackson began eating his mother’s hot-lipped pussy. The big tongue, pink and gray, sluiced over her excited flesh and loud slurping noises testified to his enthusiasm for the rare dish being held out for him. Eileen writhed in sexual agony as the donkey lapped her slit. Being watched by her son, she discovered, made the donkey’s powerful tongue infinitely more exciting and she was soon teetering on the brink of another surging climax.

“Oooohh, he’s sucking the come out of my cunt,” she whimpered, pressing her throbbing pussy up against his muzzle and jerking in anguish. “Mmmm, I can’t hold it back; I’ve got to come again!”

She came, sobbing painfully until she finally had to tear herself away from the animal. Jack caught her when she seemed on the verge of falling and helped her to a seat at the end of the bench, near Doreen’s head. Jackson’s big cock had caught the sex fever from Eileen’s hot little pussy and was now as hard as the planks forming his stall. Doreen guided his cock down into the lips of her pussy. Jack could hardly believe his eyes but his ears confirmed the evidence; Doreen’s lusty cry of delirious joy was enough to tell him that Jackson had indeed sunk his prick into her throbbing cunt. She fucked back at him for a moment, giving a series of lunging thrusts that brought additional cries of agonized pleasure to her lips, and then pulled away sharply. Eileen frowned at that; she could not imagine what her friend contemplated next.

“I’m going to jack him off,” Doreen muttered, her voice thick and coarse with lust. “You can see him come then; he’s going to shoot his come all over my belly. It’ll shoot all over my tits!”

She had fucked the jackass almost to a climax and, feeling the animal’s body begin to quiver with lusty anticipation, she had slipped back and pulled his cock from her cunt. At least a foot of the huge rod had bathed in that volcanically heated slit and bore a shining coat of her cunt oil. Thus her hand could easily slide up and down the most sensitive portion of the donkey’s prick and tease him into an orgasm. Jackson showed no emotion at the transition; he was fucking her hand as readily as he had fucked her cunt. He tightened his buttocks and pressed forward. The prick slid further through Doreen’s tight grasp and she added her second hand to the shaft, pumping harder and exhorting the trembling beast with loud, obscene exhortations.

Eileen watched with wide eyes. She sat up on the bench to get a better look and her hand went out to slide over the big bulge in her son’s jeans. He had kept his clothes on but she felt his prick almost as well as if it were naked; it had swelled out into another huge erection and throbbed warmly through the thick denim. He was not aware of her touch for a moment, he was so engrossed in watching Doreen, but then he realized what his mother was doing and he opened the jeans up for her. His prick swung free — he had not put on any underwear either — and she grasped it lovingly.

Doreen’s hands flashed up and down the length of Jackson’s cock. Her sliding jacking had spread her cunty dew most of the tool’s length and she could mount a furious attack upon him. The poor animal finally grunted heartily and gave an enormous shudder that set his big ears rocking. The first spurt of milky come shot all the way up to Doreen’s face, striking her on the right cheek, and the next spurts were only slightly less violent. A coating of donkey come soon formed upon her lovely breasts, giving them a unique sheen; further jets arced down onto her belly. She kept up her pumping motions, even though Jackson’s cock was visibly wilting even as it spat forth the last droplets of come. The tool soon lost all hardness and flopped weakly upon the woman’s belly. Doreen rubbed the flaccid tip into the lips of her pussy for a moment, cooing with pleasure at the touch, and then slid away from the animal. She lay on the bench and watched Eileen fondling her son’s cock; she rubbed the sperm into her skin with soft, swirling motions and anointed her nipples with the thick, sticky cream. After a moment she reached down to her lovemound and began digging her fingers into the lips of her pussy.

“Oh, Jack, she’s so excited!” Eileen suddenly said. “Get on her, give it to her, son! Give her the fucking she wants! Fuck her cunt raw!”

The virile youth needed no more encouragement than that. He pulled off his boots, peeled off his jeans and T-shirt. Completely nude now, he settled between her thighs. She spread them wide for him and lifted her knees until they were almost in his armpits. The exaggerated position brought her pussy up high off the bench and offered the eager boy the maximum penetration of her cunt. She helped him aim his rigid cock down into the hot slit, held it there as he pressed against her and groaned with delicious agony when he surged into her with a quick, lunging drive. Jack’s cock speared into her cunt with a searing, driving power and Doreen sighed with pleasure.

Eileen watched in silence. She could not refrain from caressing the lips of her pussy when Doreen began chanting lewd praises of her son’s prick and urging him to sink the tool into her very heart. Her finger slipped between the folds of highly aroused flesh and began probing at the aching, throbbing hole. Every beat of her heart, it seemed, made her cunt surge with hungry pangs of lusty rage. Jack needed only a short time to reach his peak and Doreen, of course, was already highly excited due to her session with Jackson. The lad stiffened his back and plunged into her with lightning-fast darts, plowing his prick into every part of her cunt. Doreen locked her heels together behind his back and threw her cunt up at him with wild, humping thrusts that intensified his prick’s driving force.

Jack’s orgasm brought a shrieking howl of pleasure from the woman’s throat. She gurgled out ecstatic notes of joy and fucked even harder. She knew how to make her own climax grow more powerful with every spasm and she bent every effort to that end. Eileen fingerfucked herself as hard as she could, wishing for once that she had Doreen’s rubber-spiked dildo. She would gladly have rammed the gruesome fucking tool into her cunt full force at that moment, she was so eager to make her tortured cunt give up the come it held back. After a few minutes, however, she felt the preliminary twitches of orgasmic release taking shape within her belly and she pumped even harder, knowing that joy was just around the corner.

Jack grunted out fiercely as Doreen’s cunt nipped and grabbed at his gushing cock. Her flesh sprang into grasping life when it felt the lad’s big tool begin surging and spitting out a thick flow of sperm. Jack responded with even more strenuous jets of that lusciously hot cream and thus they incited each other on to even more exciting impulses. Eileen saw their joy and heard their abandoned cries; she clawed harder at her cunt and succeeded in triggering the release mechanism at last. Giving a weak, whimpering cry, she whirled and lurched as her excited pussy felt the lustful pleasure.


The session with Jackson served only to arouse all three of them, even Jack had dumped a prodigious amount of sperm into Doreen’s hungry cunt when he had fucked her. The sight of the woman taking the donkey’s cock into her cunt and then jacking the beast off so that his come shot all over her torso filled them with lusty desires and they wasted little time in starting to satisfy them. They pulled on their clothes quickly, put the bench back outside the barn in its usual place and untied Jackson. The exhausted animal staggered out to his corral and promptly went to sleep.

Jack was eager to see his mother and Doreen ball the stallion but they convinced him that the deed would be more enjoyable if Jackson were also present. In that way, Doreen pointed out, the youth could see them both fucking an animal at the same time. Jack had to agree that this would indeed be a far more interesting sight. They decided to wait until the following day, when Jackson was back at his peak and could perform in a lustier fashion.

“Besides, your mother and I can show you a lot of things that even your friends at school don’t know about,” Doreen told him. “You’ll see; we’ve only begun to explore all the possibilities!”

Eileen feared to speculate on what her unorthodox friend might suggest for them to do but she already knew the woman well enough to be sure that it would be erotic in the extreme. She constantly marveled at Doreen’s ingenuity when sex was the topic. The woman’s fertile mind seemed to dwell on the subject constantly and she positively delighted in devising new, exciting ways for them to work out the feverish hungers that played within their loins. As they were ambling back to the main house, Doreen asked if she had ever made one of her lovers come outside her body. Eileen did not understand the question at first and was told that masturbating a man could be quite as exciting, in its own peculiar way, as allowing him to complete a fuck in one’s cunt, asshole or mouth. Eileen expressed her doubt at that. She admitted that, as a young girl, she had occasionally given hand-jobs to some of her dates but said that she had long ago grown beyond such childish pleasures.

Doreen agreed that there was nothing like feeling a strong, highly aroused man’s climax inside one’s body, whatever the opening used by his prick, but she claimed that there were very real pleasures to be had from other tactics, if only they were used properly. Eileen could see that the woman had her mind set on instructing them more fully in her meaning and she decided that she would be willing to go along with her friend. After all, Doreen had not misled her yet in anything pertaining to sex. Eileen was beginning to believe that her friend was some kind of a sexual genius.

Once they were back in Eileen’s bedroom the woman went to work proving her point. They all stripped and Eileen’s heart gave a mighty thump when she saw the enlarged, purple head of her son’s cock peeking out of the tightly drawn foreskin. Doreen told him to lie down flat on his back and she moved Eileen into a mounted position atop him and facing his head. She reached behind the woman’s hips to grasp the lad’s prick, aiming it directly to his face, and instructed Eileen to lower herself until the splayed, hot lips of her pussy bore down upon the head of the big tool. Eileen took time to strip the foreskin off the knobby tip, quivering with excitement as her fingers peeled back the covering, and then brought her pussy down upon his cock. She discovered that by leaning slightly forward she could almost completely encase the flaring head within her pussy. The big tip fitted neatly between the lips and rubbed into the deep, tingling furrow with a heady warmth.

“Ooohh, I see what you mean!” she exclaimed, moving her hips slightly and making her tenderest flesh caress his cock. “Mmmm, this is going to be a lot better than I ever expected!”

Doreen smiled broadly and suggested that she think about what would happen if she were to continue caressing her son’s prick long enough for them both to gain an orgasm in that fashion. Eileen allowed her mind to consider the possibility for a moment and felt a surging rise in her cunt’s already dangerously high temperature. She could already feel the warm, moist oils seeping from her cuntmouth and spreading their slickness over Jack’s big cock, as well as her pussy’s lips. She saw that within a very short time she would have lubricated a sizable spot on his abdomen as well as his prick. If he were to come, she realized, the resulting outpouring of sperm would drench them both with that hot, salty cream. She shuddered with anticipation when she imagined his cock and belly, thoroughly covered with their erotic fluids. The mere thought of touching her lips to that swamp of sexual excess, of tasting the mingled comejuices, was enough to bring her almost to the point of another orgasm.

Young Jack heightened her tension by taking the initiative and beginning to work his hips up and down in a way that made his prick slide up and down the throbbing furrow between her thighs. When she leaned forward a trifle more, and he thrust his cock further forward, the head scraped against her rigid clitoris and brought a gasping moan of joy to her lips. She tensed her body and bumped her slit back at him; the big head of his prick rubbed over the mouth of her cunt in a way that suggested penetration but did not follow through with it. This teasing of her cunt’s rim brought her desire to a screaming pitch and sharpened her urgency. She worked her hips slightly, luxuriating in the sensations of this strange lovemaking, and Jack began working his cock back and forth faster.

Doreen watched approvingly and complimented them on their quickness in adjusting to the new technique. Jack swore that the pleasure was almost as delicious as that which came with penetrating his mother’s cunt, a vow that naturally made her even more willing to devote herself to completing the act, and continued to thrust against her in a way that made her clitoris hum. Eileen’s hips knotted tightly and she began squeezing her breasts in an effort at bringing herself off as soon as possible. She was so excited by the unusual activity that she forgot all about Jack’s pleasure, though she kept her wet pussy plastered closely to the head of his prick; she was aware of her own needs only and concentrated everything upon making herself come.

This selfishness did not work to Jack’s disadvantage. The more frantically she rubbed her pussy against his prick, the more intensely he felt her, since his cock was caught between her slit and his own belly. He even cooperated with her personal goals by reaching up to seize her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. Squeezing the dark, throbbing cones of aroused flesh so strongly that she cried out, he continued working his cock against her pussy and soon felt her cunt begin to flood with a hotter, more vitally sensual discharge that came from the very center of her sexuality.

Eileen moaned in frenzy as her womb pumped out that magical fluid. She felt the orgasm throughout her pussylips and cunt; she even had strong orgasmic twinges in her nipples as her body hummed and pounded. Her frantic pleasure was quickly transmitted to her fully aroused son and he too tensed up in expectation of the coming explosion. The first jet of his come squirted out directly against his mother’s rigid clitoris, which was only a fraction of an inch away. Eileen gave a tearful, heart-rending scream of delight when she felt the hot flood washing over her love-button. The sensation was incredibly intense and it made her supremely aware of her son’s violent joy. She later stated that she could not have been any more conscious of his climax, no matter if his prick had been in her mouth, her cunt or her asshole. Her body rocked with new power when she felt the lad’s swollen cock surrender the load of steaming sperm and she began trembling even harder as her own climax gained in strength and violence.

She bore down with all her might, pressing his cock even harder into his belly and her pussy. She twisted about, making her slit move over the gushing rod in ways that directly affected his balls and added new power to his pounding balls. She scrubbed her loins up and down his cock, twisted them from side to side and continued to cry out with ecstatic delight as her cunt gave another series of mighty spasms. One climax followed another within her tortured loins, building in pressure until at last she felt on fire. Jack’s abundant discharge of sperm resulted in a large puddle of the slippery cream gathering on his belly and her frantic, convulsive writhings spread the warm, thick stuff even more widely. She ground herself against him with total abandon and shrieked with savage pleasure as she felt his come spreading over every part of her body. By the time her tumultuous climax had run its lengthy course, she had felt it with a rare completeness and had to admit that, while this type of fuck denied her the total joy she obtained when taking a man’s prick into her body, it gave her a marvelously full sense of her partner’s sexual pleasure. Since she had always especially enjoyed the moment when the man’s cock swelled and began pumping furious jets of scalding come into her eager flesh, she thus derived a particular pleasure from making love in this new manner. Doreen smiled knowingly when she heard this. She had accurately estimated her friend’s sexual nature and it pleased her to know that she had contributed to furthering Eileen’s sexual education.

“And there’s still the best part of all,” she reminded the weak, exhausted woman, “there’s the fun of licking all that come off him! The way you were ripping it off there, you’ll have come spread all over his prick and belly!”

Eileen was only too aware of that fact and was already gathering her strength for that part of the act. Even though her orgasm had ripped through her midsection with a rare force, leaving her body limp with the surfeit of erotic bliss, the thought of tasting Jack’s sweet honey was enough to give her a second wind and to stiffen her resolve. The youth further contributed to her willingness to suck him, however, by asking her to squat over his face so that he might lick his own come off her pussy. His eagerness to participate in this phase of their lovemaking startled both women. They had not expected that he would care for the taste of a freshly fucked pussy. Doreen admitted that she had only seldom found a lover who wanted to suck her cunt after he had come in it. Jack again stated his desire and Eileen was in too randy a mood to pass up the opportunity.

She suggested that she take time out to please herself by briefly licking at the creamy mess on his belly and that she then turn it over to Doreen. She had no doubt that the woman would love to finish the job and in this way they could both get pleasure from the aftereffects of the strange fuck. Doreen agreed, of course; she had been hoping that Eileen would leave some of the heady cream for her. Eileen bent over the boy’s big prick and nearly fainted when she saw the evidence of their lusty work. Her excited fucking had smeared Jack’s come over much of his belly and along the length of his cock, making it the most delectable sight she had ever seen. She ran her lips over that tool, hard and hot with sexual vigor, and felt her body give another thrilling tremble. The taste of his come, mixed with her own musky oils, sent darting pangs of desire shooting through her nervous system and made her realize that she still had plenty of sexual desire left.

She could easily have spent hours in licking his wet prick and belly but managed to retain enough control over her impulses to avoid that. Had she not been so kindly inclined toward Doreen she would gladly have done so but she felt that she owed her friend a considerable favor for all the wonderful things she had done. Thus she spent only a moment in tasting of her son’s come-smeared cock and then turned it over, giving her a shy little smile of complicity as she did so. She then turned around to settle her pussy over her son’s eager face — she knew that she was covered with come — it seemed that someone must have dipped a mop in their ecstatic creams and then slapped it helter-skelter between her thighs — and she marveled at his eagerness to eat her in that condition.

The youth showed no hesitation once she had brought her flesh within reach of his lips. He covered her inner thighs with wet kisses, working up those ultra-sensitive pillars with slow care and making her yearn even more for the moment when she would feel his hot tongue swooping over her throbbing snatch and diving into her trembling cunt. He licked her with a slow, methodical thoroughness that inflamed her even more. The taste of sperm had no restraint upon him; if anything, he ate her with even more relish than he had ever shown before. By the time he had finished kissing her thighs and licking them clean of the musky, rank ointment they had both put there she was aflame with desire and could hardly keep from pulling his face up into her crotch. The first touch of his tongue on that feverish slit sent an electric thrill coursing over her aroused flesh and brought a low, sobbing cry from her lips. Satisfied that he had thoroughly excited her and made her ready to come yet again, he sucked the lips of her pussy into his mouth and gently gnawed at them. Eileen jerked convulsively when she felt his teeth digging into those powerfully aroused labia; she pressed her pussy down hard against his mouth and rubbed her stiff little clitoris into his lip. He chewed the lips for another moment and then tongued her with a vicious change of pace that took her completely by surprise. He stiffened his tongue and shot it deep into the mouth of her cunt. The sudden thrust paralyzed her for a moment and triggered a long, shuddering explosion deep in her hot throbbing cunt. Eileen howled frantically once she regained her breath and plunged down into his face, fucking herself against his mouth with every bit as much enthusiasm as she had shown when his cock had been pressed tightly against her pussy’s throbbing flesh.

Doreen, meanwhile, had been engaged in her own lustily satisfying work. She fell upon the youth’s prick with all the zeal of which she was capable and plunged her mouth down over the wet, glistening head. Her tongue curled around the big, hard shaft, gripping it warmly, and began sliding along its length as she forced the tool’s head into the back of her throat. Doreen had an unusual ability to swallow a cock; she could get almost all of Jack’s huge prong into her mouth, so that her lips came very close to brushing the wetly matted hair growing around its base. The boy loved feeling his prick plunging into the woman’s throat and her sucking action inspired him to suck his mother’s pussy harder.

At the same time, he began working his prick in and out of the hot mouth fastened around it, fucking her with a quick, growing interest, and for a moment it appeared that he might be on the verge of coming once more. Doreen sensed the mounting pressure in his loins and spared no effort in trying to bring him off. She twisted her head about his cock with furious quickness; she sucked as hard as she could at the big rod; she licked the soft underside of his cockhead with all the fervor she could muster. None of her tricks worked, however; he had depleted himself in shooting off against his mother’s pussy and after a time he realized that the pursuit was a hopeless one. Doreen continued to suck at his prick, though. She loved the feel of the cock far too much to relinquish it simply because he could not deposit another load of come in her mouth and she kept on working her mouth around the sensual tool.

Jack sucked his mother through her climax and finished her off with a long, tender caress that had his tongue moving over her clitoris, down into her cunt and even over the rim of her asshole. She lurched against him in one final convulsion of delight when she felt his tongue caressing her anus; the wrinkled eye leading up into her bowel had recovered all its feeling and had lost the soreness she had after receiving his big cock there. She could not manage more than that final outburst of sensual movement, however, and she then weakly lowered her arms to the bed and rolled off his face. She fell onto her back, arms and legs sprawling, and sighed, the picture of a totally satisfied woman.

Doreen’s mouth continued to roam over Jack’s cock. She had already licked every vestige of the youth’s come off his belly and balls but she could never get enough of feeling a hard cock filling her mouth. Even though she fully realized that he was not going to come again, at least not any time soon, she gave him the full treatment and lavished kisses upon the big, hard rod that she loved so much. It was a long time before she finally gave up and stretched out beside the couple but when she did, she was satisfied that she had exhausted every possibility of making him come once more.

They spent the rest of that day in giving themselves pleasure in a variety of interesting ways. Eileen managed to get her son’s cock again placed in her asshole; she quivered heavily as the huge tool speared her anus and packed her bowel with hot, hard meat but she enjoyed the sensations fully as much as the first time. Doreen also persuaded him to ram his lusty spear into her own ass; she lay on her back and fingered her pussy for his visual benefit as he fucked into the tight, eager crevice. By the time night had fallen upon the ranch they were limp and beaten down. Eileen gave one fleeting thought that day to Hank Barstow, but only to congratulate herself upon finding such an exciting replacement for him. Otherwise she was perfectly willing never to see him again, so long as he continued to perform his duties as foreman.

The following day, however, they got up early and waited impatiently until the traffic around the ranch had settled into a pattern which would allow them to take Jackson up to Ace’s corral and to gather there without arousing the suspicions of anyone else on the ranch. It was ten o’clock before they were able to meet at the corral enclosing the stallion and none of them had had any sexual activity at all that morning. Doreen had suggested that they abstain from the fucking and sucking they had grown to love so much, saying that they would all respond much more readily to the animals. Eileen found it difficult to keep from attacking her son, especially after she saw that his cock had stiffened within his jeans, but she managed. She found it more difficult to keep from masturbating but she avoided that, too. By the time they were all assembled at the corral her drippy cunt had leaked the slippery oil all over the tops of her thighs and had thoroughly wetted her pussy. She was jumping nervously with sexual hunger and could hardly wait to get one of the animals’ cocks stuffed into her ravenous cunt.

Doreen suggested that she take the stallion, since she had a deeply seated desire to suck Jackson’s cock. Jack’s eyes grew big and round with surprise when he heard that and Eileen saw that he wanted to witness every phase of their lovemaking. She helped Doreen excite the donkey, feeding him her pussy while her friend stroked the big prick into an erection; she then backed up to the animals so that they could get Ace into prime fucking condition. The stallion’s cock quickly swelled out to a huge state and she disengaged herself from Jackson without any hesitation. Doreen helped her get the stallion’s prick seated in the mouth of her cunt. By working her cunt around Jackson’s big cock, she had managed to work out some of the tensions that had drawn the opening up into a tight, quivering ring of muscle. She would probably not have been able to have taken the stallion’s prick without that preliminary tongue-fucking from the donkey. Ace lunged into her, almost tearing her cunt apart in his eagerness to sheathe his prick in her; she cried out wildly and nearly fainted when she felt the mammoth tool spearing into her hot flesh. Jack could stand the tension no longer and he tore at his jeans, opening them and forcing them down around his knees as he struggled to get his cock into his mother’s mouth. She licked her lips with joy when she saw what he intended; Ace was driving his huge prick into her swollen cunt with savage, plunging force but she wanted even more cock than that. Eileen fell upon her son’s cock when he dropped to his knees before her and offered her the huge tool. Her lips closed around the big, flaring head as he peeled back the skin. He fucked into her throat with quick, jabbing strokes that left no doubt as to his readiness. His breath whistled through his clenched teeth as he sought to shoot his load deep into her throat. His belly knotted up into ribbed bands of quivering muscle and the cheeks of his ass hardened. Eileen’s lips and tongue worked furiously and even gained in fervor as more and more of the stallion’s cock drove into her waiting cunt. She had spread her feet wide apart, holding her legs straight at the knee and bending far over at the waist to bring her slit within range of his lusty cock. The awkward position robbed her ass of some of its customary mobility but the strain it put upon her cunt more than compensated for the awkwardness. Keeping her thighs so far apart put an extraordinary strain on the muscles surrounding the tunnel into which Ace shoved his big cock and the hot, wet tunnel clasped his horsecock even more firmly than ever before.

Jack reared up suddenly and shoved the head of his prick far down his mother’s throat. He gave a mighty grunt of joy, seized the base of the tool — good three inches remained outside her lips — and began pumping furiously at the loose skin. Eileen put as much pressure upon the tool as she could, knowing that he was about to come, and formed a strong vacuum that further excited the agitated youth. He jerked back and forth for another minute, jacking himself off wildly, and then began to shoot his nuts off in an uproarious fashion. His hot cream, brought to almost scalding temperature by his long period of excitement, boiled through the stiff shaft of his prick and erupted into the back of Eileen’s waiting throat with more power than she had ever felt from any man. The violence of the youth’s orgasm almost approached the gushing exhibitions she had grown to expect from Ace and Jackson. The sperm rocketed into her mouth and flooded her throat with hot, salty sensuality until she nearly drowned.

At almost the same time, Ace’s balls surrendered their built-up deposit of semen. The stallion whinnied shrilly when his balls turned into molten rock and squirted through his mammoth prick. His come shot into Eileen’s cunt with a furious rush and the jets continued to pour out abundantly until long after her son’s climax had ended. Flooded in both her mouth and cunt, Eileen’s body turned into a perfectly joyous mass of sex-warmed tissue. Every pore of her body, each of her nerve endings, quivered ecstatically as she received the double charge of sperm from her son and the stallion. Her cunt nipped and clutched spasmodically at Ace’s overflowing cock; her lips and tongue nibbled greedily at her son’s sturdy cock. She continued eating him and quivering with delight until her climax had run its convulsive course. His come filled her brain with perverse joy; she could easily have taken twice or three times as much come from him and even then would probably still have wanted more of the deliciously satisfying cream. Ace’s cock behaved as usual. It began to wilt as soon as he had shot his load into her cunt and by the time she lurched out from under him the big tool hung limply beneath the well-fucked stallion.

Eileen fell down onto her knees and supported her weight on her hands. A flood of come gushed from her opened cunt, dribbling out into the dust beneath her. She looked down between her thighs and felt another flash of lusty joy when she saw the evidence of the stallion’s hearty satisfaction. Even though she was almost exhausted by her stirring ordeal, she cupped her hands over her cunt and began rubbing Ace’s come into every portion of her loins. She even worked the thick, slippery cream into her asshole, grunting with delight when her finger dug into the taut opening and began stimulating the inner surfaces.

Doreen, meanwhile, prepared to take advantage of Jackson’s stiff cock. The little donkey had maintained his erection while Ace had fucked Eileen and Doreen had kept his interest hot by stroking his prick with slow, gentle motions of her hand. Once her friend had brought both her lovers to a climax, however, she felt an irresistible impulse to experience the same violent emotion. Thus she knelt down in the dust and began covering the animal’s cock with hot, wet kisses that brought Jackson’s ears back until they were laying along his neck. The animal tensed his hips and attempted to plunge into her but she simply moved further back, effectively frustrating his effort to drive his cock down her throat. His prick was so big that she could hardly get her mouth around it — he later agreed that it would be impossible for her to suck off the stallion — but she managed to get the head stuffed between her lips. She caressed the blunt-headed tool with her tongue as best she could and reached out to stroke the donkey’s heavy balls.

Young Jack, recovering quickly from his mother’s compellingly effective blowjob, now moved behind Doreen to take advantage of the position she had adopted. Her buttocks rose up in the air and her thighs were slightly parted. Thus he could see her whiskered slit glinting between her legs and there he planted his cock. The tool was still solid, notwithstanding the blast of come he had dumped into Eileen’s willing mouth, and Doreen squirmed with pleasure when she felt him nose the stiff rod between the lips of her pussy. He sheathed half his swollen prick at once, bringing a muffled grunt from the woman’s overflowing mouth, and then began pounding away at her ass. His cock made a squishing noise as it plunged in and out of the overripe slit. Doreen was so excited that her cunt was almost as wet as it had been after he had last come there. She jerked back against him, ramming her cunt down hard upon the thick shaft and twisted her rump about so that her cunt slipped and writhed about the head of his cock. He began swaying his hips from side to side as he fucked her, making his prick enter at unusual angles and spear into her flesh from slightly different directions. His active prick made her quiver harder and the joy was also transmitted to her mouth, making her suck the agitated donkey harder. Jackson snuffled and snorted as the woman’s mouth played around the head of his prick. He could not imagine what was happening to him but he knew that it was every bit as exciting as when he had clambered up behind a mare and sheathed his cock in her cunt, or at the times he had driven that same hard staff into the women’s eager slits. He continued moving forward but quickly came up against the fence of the corral and could advance no more, though Doreen still managed to keep him from shoving that mammoth tool any further into her mouth. She heaved wildly against Jack and twisted her head about the donkey’s cock in even more abandoned fashion until it seemed that both males must surely come at once or else forfeit their claims to masculinity.

Jackson found it difficult to reach the necessary peak of excitement, owing to his lack of familiarity with oral lovemaking, but he was not immune to it. His cock soon began trembling and Doreen’s tongue went wild, flashing over the broad head with more strength than ever. She could feel his come preparing to shoot forth and she bent every effort toward making it happen at once. Jack fucked away madly at her cunt, hammering the big rod into her moist hole with long, lunging strokes that sent every inch of his lust-stiffened prick driving into the deepest part of her cunt. He shoved the prong into her with mad, quivering strokes and stiffened his entire body in an effort to bring his balls to another uproarious conclusion.

Doreen felt Jackson’s cock give another hearty jerk and knew that she had succeeded in her goal. She drew in a deep breath, closed her eyes and mouthed the trembling animal at an even faster rate. She was fully prepared for his orgasm but the force of his ejaculation still surprised her; the first jet of steaming come rocketed into her throat and nearly gagged her. She quickly recovered, however, and set her mouth to working in an effort to preserve all the animal’s discharge within her throat. She swallowed as fast as she could and the strong taste of the animal’s come sent her senses reeling. The feel of the donkey’s cock, together with the devastating effects of Jack’s brutally applied prick, were enough to send her off into a long series of quivering frenzies. Her womb tipped over and poured out all her built-up sexual excitement in one savage rush. She groaned deep in her throat when she felt her belly throbbing under the pressure of her climax and she fucked back against the boy to incite his quick-moving cock into stronger displays of lusty emotion.

Jack had at first doubted that he would be able to come again when he had mounted the woman. He thought that his mother had robbed his balls of all their ability to react to sexual stimulation but he had underestimated the ability of Doreen’s lusty cunt. She throbbed heavily and the orgasmic surges turned her love-tunnel into a spasmodically working fist that added new and even more wonderful caresses to their fucking. Jack groaned heavily and shoved against her one last time, driving so deep that his balls fitted tightly against her quivering clit. He ground the base of his cock into the lips of her pussy and gave another long, trembling shudder.

“Arrgghhh!” he moaned, twisting about behind her as he tried to get even deeper into her hot, wet cunt. “Oooohh, I’m coming again! Unngghh! My balls, you’re fucking my balls off!”

Doreen’s ass went wild when she felt his cock give that twitch of warning and then begin gushing madly. His discharge was a small one but the surprising thing was that he could come at all, considering the way he had shot off in his mother’s mouth. The spasms of pure joy continued to ripple through his loins long after the last weak dribble of come had seeped from the slit in the tip of his prick. Doreen helped him along by reaching back between her legs to fondle his heavy balls as they gave up their meager load of come. She rubbed them against her clitoris, setting off another flurry of climactic surges within her cunt.

Jackson’s cock drooped heavily and then slid out of her mouth. She ran her tongue over the inside of her mouth, savoring the last remnants of his furious orgasm, and gave one last twitch of her hips. Jack sighed and leaned against her full hips; his cock also began to wilt, though it was stiff enough that he could still have wielded it with considerable effect if either of them had had any desire for further sexual activity. That was not the case: Jack’s climax had left him empty of all desire and both the women felt that blissfully contented satisfaction that comes only to a few women at rare times in their lives. They staggered away from the donkey, who resumed his habitual crestfallen look. The women leaned against the corral’s fence as their bodies struggled to come back to normal.


Later that day, after they had spent hours in recuperating from the aftereffects of their bouts with the animals, Doreen and Eileen found that Jack’s amazing virility had brought him back to an active state. His ability to spring back to his normally horny state surprised them, especially Eileen. Once again Doreen had a suggestion which they proceeded to put into practice.

“Have you ever been sucked and fucked at the same time?” she asked, giving the youth a quizzical look. “I’ve got a feeling that you might really love it.”

He replied that he had not and that, considering the fact that he had only one prick, he did not see how such an act could be accomplished. Doreen smiled in a sly, knowing manner and promised him that she would show him exactly how it could be done, if his mother would cooperate with her. Eileen was only too willing to add another trick to her growing repertoire of sexual skills, though she confessed that she did not see exactly how they were going to carry it off. Perhaps the woman meant something like what they had already tried: one of them would mount the boy, taking him into her cunt, and the other would apply her lips and tongue to his balls and the base of his prick, or so much of it as was not engulfed by her partner’s hot cunt. Doreen laughed and assured her friend that she had quite another approach in mind, thereby making her all the more curious. Jack’s prick was already hard and they didn’t have to waste precious moments in bringing him to a state of readiness for the project.

Doreen lay on her side and told the boy to snuggle up against her back. He did so, taking up almost the same position he would have assumed had he been about to mount her dog fashion, and she guided his cock between her parted thighs. Eileen was sitting in a position to watch the details closely and her heart nearly leaped into her throat when she saw her friend’s pussy opening up. Doreen’s slit still bore traces of her earlier exertions and her almost constant sexual arousal had left the almost constant sexual arousal had left the thick-lipped cleft moist and dark with lust. Jack levered his big cock into place between those lips and Doreen sucked in a quick breath when she felt the turnip-shaped tip settle into the mouth of her cunt. She urged him to drive it into her body, which he gladly did. The force of his thrust depressed the flesh around the tender opening and pushed the lips down into the inner cleft.

“Now pull it all the way out and drive it home again!” she gasped.

Jack did so, eager to feel the tight, hot flesh closing around his cock once more, but Doreen tilted her hips forward with a quick movement. She altered the position of her cunt relative to his cock, and this time the big tool burrowed up the canal between the lips of her pussy and slithered over her swollen clitoris. His thrust continued until his belly came up snug against her buttocks. At the end of his lunge the head of his cock protruded a good two inches above her furry lovemound.

Doreen told Eileen, who had watched all this very carefully, that she ought to have her mouth over her pussy, ready for a similar thrust from the youth, and thus the mechanics of her tactic became clear: Jack would devote himself to a constant, rhythmic thrusting and would alternately fuck his big cock into Doreen’s cunt and his mother’s mouth! Eileen’s clitoris danced hotly between the lips of her pussy when she understood that and Jack’s handsome face brightened with an excited smile. Both of them thought it was a thoroughly wonderful idea. Doreen promised that she would control the lad’s prick and that she would not let him drive it into her cunt more than one stroke out of two. In that way, she pointed out, both she and her friend would get the fullest possible benefit from his cock and would do so simultaneously, or as near to it as the facts of human anatomy would allow. Eileen immediately twisted around to get into the proper position. She caught a whiff of Doreen’s excited cunt — the raw, inflamed slit smelled strongly of hot, lusty sex — and she wondered if she were supposed to avoid touching her lips and tongue to that flavorful crevice. She need not have worried; she could not keep her lips away from her son’s thick cock and, in licking him, she could not avoid occasionally also touching Doreen’s steaming pussy.

She had her mouth poised and waiting when Jack’s cock slipped out of her friend’s cunt for the second time and began another torrid thrust. As she had promised, the woman tipped her pussy forward and the thick tool skidded up the furrow of her pussy and darted straight into Eileen’s open mouth. She closed her lips around the flaring head and rubbed her tongue over it with all the strength she could muster. The tool tasted strongly of the woman’s cunt, of her previous lovemaking that day, and Eileen’s brain staggered under the hammerlike blows of lusty excitement. Jack held his loins against the cheeks of Doreen’s ass for a moment and the woman writhed against him, rubbing the lips of her pussy into the thick rod that bisected them. He then withdrew to launch another mighty thrust and this time Doreen tilted her cunt back so that the slick, hot cunthole was more receptive to the big tool. He drove forward and it slid into her body, bringing a sigh of lusty satisfaction from her throat.

Excited, Eileen stretched out her face to lavish more hot kisses from her son’s cock. She tongued the bottom side of the shaft as it slid up into Doreen’s hot, slick tunnel. Eileen was soon indiscriminately kissing both her son’s cock and her friend’s pussy — both were exciting and she did not differentiate between them. The youth drove forward time and again, shoving his swollen cock into first Doreen’s cunt and then his mother’s cocksucking mouth.

Perhaps Doreen had the better of the engagement, though Eileen was so excited that she did not complain. Each thrust of Jack’s passion-packed loins sent his cock either into Doreen’s cunt or along the lips of her pussy and clitoris; both types of stimulation were erotically delicious and she could feel her womb preparing another crashing storm of come. Eileen’s mouth added to her excitement and made her even readier to come. Though the woman knew little about the special art of pussy-licking, her enthusiasm made up for her lack of skill and contributed to Doreen’s lusty pleasure.

The three of them ground away for only a short time before things began to happen. No one, not even the worldly-wise Doreen, could have held out for long against such powerful stimulation. Young Jack found the odd arrangement as exciting as anything he had ever experienced and it took him only a few thrusts before he was ready to blast off another flood of scalding sperm. He choked out a frantic cry of elation when he felt his balls beginning to tingle in that special way. Both Doreen and his mother knew what to expect and they awaited his climax. He jammed his cock into Doreen’s torrid cunt once more and held it there for a moment; he felt the first jarring wrench at the base of his prick and then the exquisite pleasure of the come spurting through the length of the massive rod. He pulled back, shuddering as her cunt closed tightly around the head of his freely spurting cock, and prepared to throw the big tool into her hole again. Doreen had become so accustomed to her rocking motion that she again thrust her pussy forward, closing off the opening to him, and his prick slid up her pussy as it had earlier done. This time, however, it squirted out a thick blob of sperm and wetted her slit with the steaming spray. Eileen was ready for him: as soon as his cock slipped free of her friend’s cunty grip she closed upon it and had her tongue pressed against the prick’s head when it shot another burst of that creamy erotic lava. She moaned frantically as his come-cream shot into her mouth. The lust-heated gruel sent her senses soaring skyward and she began to come, too. She had had one hand clasped over her pussy all the while and her fingers dug deep into the hot crevice leading up into her womb. Her climax burst like a skyrocket and illuminated her body with lusty joy.

Jack continued his relentless thrusting, first into one woman and then the other, until he had emptied his loins of every vestige of sexual excitement. By that time Doreen’s pussy was drenched with his cream and Eileen had swallowed enough of the salty sperm to still her appetite for the moment. Doreen reached down to clasp the lad’s cock against her pussy and closed her thighs around the big shaft to clamp it in place. She moaned softly as her cunt gave one last fluttering gasp of joy and then quieted down.

As they were eating a tray of sandwiches which Eileen had prepared and brought into the bedroom at dusk Jack mentioned two of his best friends at the boarding school. Danny and Chuck, he said, were eager to come to the ranch for a visit and would undoubtedly be willing to put in a good part of the summer in working to pay for their board and room. Eileen smiled at that; she could imagine one type of work which the boys would probably be only too willing to do. She glanced over at Doreen and saw at once that the woman’s active mind was running in the same direction. Jack understood the meaning of their look and laughed. Both Danny and Chuck, he said, were exceptionally horny and would be only too happy to fuck them. The pair had been conducting casual affairs with various older women associated with the school and were reasonably experienced in bedroom matters. Neither, he was sure, knew very much about the more exotic forms of sexuality to which he had been introduced but he was sure that they would like to learn.

“And we just might like to teach them, eh?” Doreen muttered. “Oh, my, this is going to play hell with my summer, though!”

Eileen clearly saw that, if her friend had to make a choice between spending a summer with her husband and a summer at the ranch, where she would have virtually free access to three extremely virile boys, as well as Jackson and Ace, the marriage’s chances were slim indeed. As for herself, she gave her son her warmest approval and assured him that both Danny and Chuck would be quite welcome to come to the ranch and stay as long as they liked. They were still at school, he said, and Doreen suggested that he call them at once. He looked over at his mother and got a nod of approval from her, then reached out to pick up the telephone beside the bed. They listened while he made the call and applauded his discretion when he had finished. He had managed to invite them to the ranch and to suggest that their pricks would see plenty of action, all without giving away any vital information. They had accepted at once, he said, and would arrive in about a week.

“You’ll be a hardened veteran by then!” Doreen told him as she reached out to fondle his cock. “We’ll have calluses worn on this fucking machine by then!”

They proceeded to do their best to wear his sturdy rod down to a mere shadow of its former self, though in the process they came as close to rubbing blisters on their pussies and tongues. It was late that night before they finally dropped off to sleep but when that moment finally came, the bed was a rumpled mess but no one could be bothered with straightening it. They simply lay down together, Jack between the two well-fucked women, and pulled enough cover over themselves to ward off the night’s chill.

After arising at about eight o’clock and showering, they sat down to breakfast. When they had finished Doreen looked over at Jack and asked him if he had ever drawn seconds or thirds in a gang-bang. He was taken slightly aback at her frank language but recovered quickly and told her that he had never participated in a gang-bang at all. She pointed out that some men had a special liking for pussies that had already been fucked by another man. Jack considered the prospect for a moment and then said that he would not find it objectionable. Doreen smiled brightly and said that she had been dreaming up a way in which he could have that pleasure and she suggested that they devote themselves to achieving it that very day.

She proposed that either she or Eileen would allow herself to be fucked in rapid succession by Jackson, Ace and Jack. She painted an exhilarating picture of the lovemaking, describing the warm, moist quality of a cunt already saturated with hot sperm, and succeeded in making it sound so attractive that both Jack and Eileen readily agreed to it. Jack left for the barn to get Jackson, who was to be his responsibility, and Eileen started the pickup while Doreen climbed in beside her. They set out for the stallion’s corral and waited impatiently for Jack to ride up with the donkey in tow.

They undressed as they waited for Jack to arrive. Doreen had brought her big dildo and vibrator, and she touched the latter to her breasts and pussy as she waited. She was not using the tool with the intention of making herself come; she simply enjoyed being sexually aroused and faced up to the fact that the battery-powered tool helped her reach that condition. By the time Jack and his charge arrived at the corral she was in a fully aroused mood. Eileen, who had watched her, was very nearly as ready. They had agreed that Eileen would serve as the target for the three cocks, since Doreen said that she had some special effects which she wanted to add to the event. She intended working the tip of her trusty vibrator into Jack’s asshole as he fucked his mother. She believed that he would respond especially well to this and Eileen was quite willing to be a part of the experiment. For a moment she debated whether to ask the woman if she would also work the tool into her own asshole as a double penetration seemed attractive to her. But she held back because she wanted Jack to receive the fullest possible benefit from her friend’s efforts.

Eileen had supposed that they would begin fucking the animals as soon as her son arrived but he proved to have different ideas. Instead of proceeding into the corral at once, he looped Jackson’s lead rope around the horn of his saddle and walked toward the pickup where the women sat waiting. He caught his mother before she could get out and pulled her legs apart as she sat perched on the edge of the driver’s seat. He squatted down beside the pickup and began running his lips up and down her thighs, kissing the exquisitely tender flesh between her knees and her pussy but deliberately avoiding the slit itself. She gasped with astonished delight when he bent between her legs but her rampant desire was too strong for her to deny him this pleasure. He worked up and down her thighs, teasing her and building up her anticipation until she could scarcely keep from pulling his head up snug against her pussy. She leaned back, making the hot slit more available to his lips, but he took his time and arrived at the focal point of her excitement only when he was ready.

She had to admit his mistress at the boarding school had taught him well. She had stressed the light, gentle touch as being more exciting for the woman than the bolder, stronger approach. By the time his lips grazed the swollen, discolored lips of her pussy, Eileen was aflame with eagerness. The touch of his tongue against her clitoris, so light as almost to be no touch at all, was enough to trigger her climactic release. She gave a low, weak cry of anguished distress and thrust her pussy against his mouth as her cunt overflowed with deliciously pleasing come. He began tonguing her hole harder once he had brought her to the peak of her feeling. She cried out louder when he rimmed her cunt with short, choppy thrusts of his stiffened tongue. She lay further back in the seat of the pickup and quivered ecstatically as the youth lapped furiously at her juicy cunt. He caught her thighs and lifted them, digging his thumbs and fingers into the aroused flesh. When he spread the lips of her pussy far apart and drove his tongue deep into her cunt she gave a final lurching thrust and sobbed.

He straightened up as soon as he was sure that he had sucked her all the way through her climax. Doreen’s eyes narrowed thoughtfully and then brightened with joy when she saw him marching around the front of the pickup to get around on her side of the vehicle. She pushed the door open as wide as it would go and pushed her rump to the very edge of the seat, then spread her knees wide apart and waited for him. Her skilled use of her vibrator had left her pussy in a state of aching readiness and he did not spend so long in getting his lips fastened to her pussy. Before she allowed him to begin eating her, however, she leaned forward to kiss his mouth. She loved the taste of pussy on a man’s face, regardless of whether it was her own or from another woman. She loved to kiss a man who had just sucked a pussy, she said.

Once she had kissed Eileen’s cunty musk off his mouth and tongue she leaned back and allowed him free access to her pounding slit. He inhaled deeply, sniffing of the strong odor of aroused sexuality, and then extended his tongue to caress the full, dark lips running up and down the long, moist slit. Doreen leaned back slightly and spread her thighs even further as his lips neared that fragrant furrow. He licked her with a slow, tender care and soon had her gasping out oaths of strangled joy. She lifted one leg to rest her foot on his back and started grinding her pussy into his mouth when her climax surged out. The vibrator’s touch had brought her cunt to a state of readiness and his tongue pushed her the rest of the way very quickly. She lurched against him time after time until her cunt had emptied itself into his mouth.

“I was thinking about that on the ride up here,” he told them when he had pulled back from Doreen’s pussy. “And decided that I owed it to myself to have a second breakfast before we get down to work!”

Eileen told him that he could have that particular dish every day of the week as far as she was concerned. Doreen fully agreed. Being sucked so well only made them all the hungrier for a solid helping of cock and they wasted no time in getting it. They tied up the animals and Eileen crouched under Jackson’s belly; Doreen took up her position at his muzzle and pulled his nose up against her pussy. His ears reared back when he caught the scent of hot cunt and his prick began stiffening. Eileen reached around her hip to catch the big rod so that she could rub it against her pussy until it became fuckable. The tool grew quickly as the beast responded to the erotic scent of Doreen’s hot, frothy cunt.

Jack undressed slowly as he watched the two excited women prepare the donkey for his first fuck of the day. Eileen’s eyes grew bigger when the youth had stripped completely and she could see his lovely cock. The mere sight of the thick, bulging rod was enough to make her clit throb with desire. She guided Jackson’s cock up to the portals of her cunt, fitting the flat head against the tightly stretched mouth, and leaned back against the animal, who pressed forward at the same time. His enormous cock pressed into her waiting cunt, opening and stretching it wide until it enclosed the girth of that hot, thick rod of aroused animal flesh.

She moaned and felt her cunt being pressed apart as the donkey continued to fuck his prick into her waiting body. “Oooohh! Agghhhh!”

An expression of bliss came over her lovely face as she felt the donkey plowing deeper into her cunt. Jack moved closer to her and knelt down in the dust, peeling the skin off the head of his prick as he did so. Eileen opened her mouth wide when he offered her his swollen tool. It slid into her mouth and she quivered mightily as she felt the smooth, flaring head nestle against her tongue. She was so overcome with lust by Jackson’s plunging cock that she could not make herself do full justice to her son’s prick, though that was just as well, since he had already resolved that he was not going to shoot off in her mouth at that point. The boy was entirely in favor of carrying out the act just as Doreen had described it. He wanted to wait until his mother’s cunt was saturated with Jackson’s hot come and the stallion’s fiery cream before he shot his own load into that crack. She mouthed him weakly and gave a mighty lurch as she felt the donkey’s cock ramming into her cunthole.

She would have gladly taken all Jackson’s long, thick cock had there been any place to put it. She was already stuffed full of prick, however, and she leaned forward to keep the animal from tearing a hole in the bottom of her cunt as he tried to bore even deeper. She began twisting her hips and working that hot, slippery glove around the head of his prick. The effort made her body quiver even more and within seconds she felt another climax preparing to burst deep in her womb. Grunting heavily and weaving her face around her son’s prick, she fucked herself against the donkey and succeeded in hurrying along his climax. It burst within her suddenly, showering the inner surfaces of her cunt with a rich spray of hot cream and bringing even more fervent groans of agonized joy from her throat. She stiffened and wove her hips around the animal’s cock in an effort to make the big head scrape into every corner of her excited cunt; her tongue wrapped itself around the head of her son’s prick and gripped it tighter than ever.

Doreen had watched her friend’s face change expressions, registering first pain when Jackson had first pried her cunt apart with his huge cock and then delight as her flesh adjusted to the girth of his prick. She had allowed the animal to lick her pussy as long as he wanted. But as soon as Jackson had felt his cock dipping into Eileen’s fully awakened slit he concentrated solely upon bringing his balls to a gushing climax. She had then stepped away from him and moved to an angle giving her a better view of Eileen and Jack. She kept her vibrator in her hand as she squatted down and began running it over her pussylips. She switched the tool on and its whirring tip sent powerful waves of lusty sexuality pulsing through her loins, especially when she began dipping it into the mouth of her cunt. After a time she began poking it into herself indiscriminately, alternating between fucking her cunt and asshole with the wickedly shaped tool. She did not seek to make herself come; she simply enjoyed being aroused and she applied the vibrator in such a way that she could keep her pussy tingling. As she worked the ivory tube over her flesh she urged her friends on with the lewdest, most obscene phrases she could think of.

“Ooohh, he’s fucking your ass off,” she muttered, licking her lips as she spoke. “Suck his cock, Eileen; make him want to come right now! Mmmm, he’s so fucking big; he’s going to shoot his balls off when he gets that dick up your cunt!”

Eileen continued to writhe and twist about beneath the shuddering donkey until she felt his prick beginning to lose its stiffness. Aware that the beast was finished, she felt her own passionate interest decline slightly but continued sucking hotly at her son’s swollen cock. Jack felt himself nearing a dangerous state of excitement, however, and pulled away from her. His prick slipped out of her lips and a glistening coat of saliva made the big, flaring head shine in the bright morning sunlight. Eileen groaned in despair and beseeched him to give her the tool once more. She was desperately eager to feel his seminal flood washing into her throat and filling her with lusty joy.

Doreen motioned the youth away from her and told her to reach between her thighs so that she could pinch the lips of her pussy together. This would stop the donkey’s come from escaping and would insure that she kept every bit of the warm honey tightly locked within her cunt. Eileen did so, though it cost her heavily to keep from plunging her fingers into the lathered hole and spreading the hot cream over her flesh. Doreen then guided her over to Ace, who stamped impatiently as she lifted herself up onto her feet and scooted back to present herself to his polelike cock.

The woman found it awkward getting adjusted, only her fervent desire carried her through the ordeal. Jack and Doreen assisted her and Doreen held the stallion’s swollen cock down to the lips of her pussy as she reared back against him. Even after Jackson’s mighty cock had stretched her flesh and lubricated it, she found it almost impossible to endure the penetration. Ace’s cock bowed slightly in the middle as he attempted to lunge forward and sink the thick tool in the woman’s cunt. Eileen almost toppled over as the frantic beast thrust against her. Jack helped her maintain her position, grasping her shoulders, and finally the stallion succeeded in planting his cock in her flesh. She screamed as the huge prong surged into place but once again she found the pain to be short. It was followed by a sensation of the most marvelous fullness as the animal lunged into her and sheathed a goodly portion of his hot, quivering spear.

Ace had become highly excited as Jackson had fucked Eileen and he trembled in his eagerness to shoot off his balls. His enormous pole began spurting out incredibly strong jets of scalding semen shortly after it had slipped into her cunt and, as he pressed it forward, the hot cream cascaded out with increasing force. Eileen howled with mad delight and trembled all over. The stallion’s enthusiastic display of sexual delight brought her cunt back to a throbbing, pulsating state and again she felt her midsection being torn apart by the furious waves of orgiastic pleasure. Again and again her cunt throbbed around the flooding prick and she could manage only a few weak counterthrusts as her clitoris hummed and sang with delighted anguish.

Ace’s quick but strenuous climax meant that Jack’s turn was coming soon. The youth’s face reddened as the tension mounted with his body; he could scarcely wait to get his own brawny cock planted in his mother’s hot cunt.

When she reached back between her thighs to close her cunt, moving forward at the same time to pull away from Ace’s wilting cock, he reached out to take her free hand. He guided her over to the pickup, where they unfolded a blanket and spread it on the pickup’s bed. Still holding the lips of her pussy pinched tightly together, Eileen got up onto the vehicle and lay back. She propped her knees up high and spread her loins to her son. He settled over her and held his cock down against the moist, furry cleft. A thick, ropy strand of sperm dripped from the mouth of her cunt when she took her fingers away but she quickly stuffed the head of his cock into the crescent-shaped opening and plugged it tight. Jack held himself loosely against her for a moment, allowing his cock to feast upon the outer surfaces of the tight-rimmed opening, and then pressed hard against her. The massive tool easily slipped between the juicy lips, speared the moist opening and ducked into her cunt.

Eileen swung her legs high, elevating her cunt, and locked her heels together behind her son’s broad back. She fucked up at him with darting lunges that made her cunt leap out to greet his thrusting cock; it seemed that her pussy had taken over the control of her body and was directing the action. She twisted her hips from side to side as she tilted her cunt up at him. He avoided pressing down upon her and she took full advantage of the extra freedom this allowed her. She grunted a sharp oath as she lunged up again, forcing her cunt to slip even further up the broad shafted prick, and then slowly lowered her hips.

Doreen took up a position at their side. She had her vibrator in hand and she applied it artfully, first reaching between Jack’s parted thighs and touching the instrument to the cheeks of Eileen’s ass. The woman lurched out again when she felt the tool’s electrifying touch but she tensed her body expectantly when she felt her friend move the tip of the rapidly whirring tool down into the crack of he ass and bring it over her anus. That fully aroused opening winked with convulsive force when it felt the unique stimulus from the vibrator. Eileen at once prepared herself to feel the tool sliding into her asshole but instead felt it reaching up to tickle the lips of her pussy. Doreen completely circled Jack’s big cock with the vibrator and touched it to every part of the woman’s flesh that grasped his prick. Eileen wailed out in agony and quivered with delirious joy as the tool added to her fierce ecstasy.

After touching the vibrator to every part of Eileen’s pussy which she could reach, Doreen returned the tool to her own cunt. She drove it deep and gasped with joy as she felt his lively tingle piercing deep into her aroused body. She left it there only a moment, however, and then withdrew it. She ordered Eileen to grasp the cheeks of her son’s ass and spread them wide. The woman did so and then the youth slowed his steady fucking motion, preparing himself for the vibrator’s entrance. Doreen aimed it directly into the tiny brown eye just above his balls and gently inserted the tip. Jack moaned with pleasure when he felt the rapidly whirring instrument pierce his ass; the moan became a sharper, lustier cry when the woman began forcing it deep into his hole. She fucked him with a single-minded intensity that soon had the tool deeply planted in his ass. He grunted out a garbled oath and threw himself down upon his mother’s loins. She cried out with a special joy when she felt him sink the remainder of his swollen cock into her cunt at one stroke.

The big tool probed deep and nearly filled her as completely as Ace and Jackson. His cockhead slithered into the ripe, hot pool of semen the animals had shot into her cunt and it reacted violently when it touched the warm, slippery cream. Jack gasped again and withdrew slightly only to plunge into her again. Doreen worked the vibrator about faster, sensing that he would not be able to retain his self-control for much longer. She reached between his thighs with her free hand and began stroking his heavy, sperm-laden balls.

Jack was not the man to be able to resist sexual stimulation of this sort. His mother gripped him tightly with her thighs and rubbed her lust-swollen nipples over his chest. She worked her inflamed cunt around his cock with more frenzied emotion than he had ever before felt from any woman. Doreen’s knowing fingers touched his balls in just the right places and she continued working the vibrator in and out of his asshole with slow, easy strokes. Within a very short time the youth stiffened his body and plunged against his mother in a state of extreme agitation. She felt a long, thrilling shudder run through his body and then his flaming hot cock erupted in a sudden outpouring of lusty passion that overwhelmed her with joy.

“Anngghh-owwww!” she gasped, working her pussy into the base of his prick with as much strength as she could muster. “Oooohh! You’re coming! Ohh, shoot your nuts off, Jack, shoot your come out! Ahhhh! It’s a wonderful fuck!”

The come shot out of his cock like water from a firehose. She had never felt a man come with such frightening power before, though the violence of his climax did not match that of Ace or Jackson. Nevertheless, she welcomed his seminal blast with even more relish simply because it was his. Eileen had become so attached to her son as a sexual partner that she would have felt a special, distinctive tingle no matter how weakly his ejaculation might have been. As it was, he came with a full-bodied strength that made her cunt sing with delirious joy. Again and again she felt those incredibly strong spasms as his cock swelled up and spat forth the hot jets of love cream; each time her flesh answered with its own special kind of response and closed a firm, loving grip around his prick. She squirmed about in frenzied ecstasy and sobbed out harder than ever when her movements made his prick swirl about within her cunt. He continued thrusting against her, even though his tool was sunk as deep as it could ever be in her flesh. She wiggled against him and crushed the tingling nub of her clitoris into the base of his belly. A low, whimpering wail of sexual distress escaped from her throat as she tossed her head about wildly.

Doreen slowly extracted the vibrator from the youth’s asshole and switched it off. She had clasped his big balls until she could not feel them working any longer. Satisfied that he had shot all his load into her friend’s eager cunt, she sat back and waited, admiring the view from between his thighs. The lips of Eileen’s pussy were coated with the mingled come which had been shot into her body. Jack’s fervent thrusts had churned a portion of it into a rich, sensual lather that contrasted nicely with the dark, hairy lips it covered. She would willingly have applied her own mouth to that delectable morsel of pussy-flesh except that she hungered for an even more appetizing treat.

Jack soon turned and asked if she was ready to suck him as she had promised. She nodded her head enthusiastically and he pulled away from his mother, who reached down to grasp her pussy as her son’s cock vacated the hole. The prick emerged bearing a rich coating of the three separate ejaculations the woman had received. Doreen’s heart thumped madly when she saw the condition of the youth’s cock and she fell upon him hungrily, thrusting the vibrator between her own thighs as she did so. Jack sat on the pickup’s tailgate, leaning back on the bed beside his mother, and Doreen stood on the ground as she fucked herself and ate his cock. The taste of the mingled sperms was itself enough to make her flesh crawl with erotic delight but the stiffness of the prick added even more to her pleasure. She spent a long time in sucking the lad and did not remove her mouth until she had rammed the vibrator home time and time again, finally making her cunt give up a mighty storm of erotic bliss.


The following days became a blurred succession of erotic images that none of them could later recall with much clarity. They spent as much time as possible in bed, of course, or else with the donkey and stallion. The more they allowed their freely ranging sensual natures to roam the more abandoned they became in satisfying their lustiest whims. Each night, upon going to sleep, Jack had been thoroughly reduced to a state of limpness but each morning found him as horny as ever. He proved over and over again that his amazing cock could recover from almost any mount of sexual punishment, as long as he had a few hours in which to regain his strength. Eileen became freer in using her friend’s fucking implements and even uncovered a curious taste for the big-pronged dildo which had earlier filled her with such foreboding. Doreen assured her that she could consider it her own and insisted that they share the gadgets equally.

Both women were on a nervous edge the day before Danny and Chuck were to arrive. They had questioned Jack constantly about the boys, asking him to describe them as completely as he could. Naturally they wanted to know the dimensions of the boys’ cocks but this was one piece of information which Jack did not have. When the fateful day finally arrived Eileen could barely manage to fasten her dress, her fingers were shaking so badly, and Doreen was almost as excited. Jack laughed at their nervousness and told them they were like a couple of teenage girls getting ready for their first date. There was something to his charge, they agreed, but they also pointed out that no teenage girl going out on her first date was as sexually skilled as they were. Jack could not deny this, having already tested their erotic ingenuity to the fullest.

Eileen could hardly believe her eyes when her son picked Danny and Chuck out of the crowd at the airport and brought them over. They were both as tall as her son and had the same broad-shouldered, ruggedly handsome look that made Jack so appealing. Danny had a wild, silky mop of blond hair that hung down almost to his shoulders and framed an exceptionally dark pair of blue eyes that nearly melted Eileen’s heart when she looked into their depths. Chuck’s black hair, cut in a Prince Valiant style, glistened with good health and gave him a devilishly attractive look. Eileen could feel her nipples growing harder within her dress. She had not worn a bra and the stiffening cones rubbed against the soft, clinging jersey with a maddening insistence. And already the warm trickle of pussy-drip was seeping down her thighs. Doreen, equally taken with the boys, had a hungry look in her eyes, as if she could hardly wait to get them back to the ranch.

The boys seemed to he quite as taken with Jack’s mother and her friend. Doreen’s braless state, and the resulting free bounce of her big breasts within the deeply cut pullover top she wore, attracted their eyes and Eileen was sure she detected a growing bulge in the front of their tight-fitting jeans. They collected the boys’ baggage and took them to the station wagon. Jack drove, with Danny sitting between him and Eileen; Doreen got into the back seat with Chuck and sat close to him as they pulled away from the airport. The lad’s dark eyes brightened with interest when her short skirt skipped further up her full thighs as she slipped into the seat. She made only a halfhearted effort at pulling it back down.

Eileen looked into the back seat a few miles past the outskirts of the city and saw that Chuck was already lightly caressing the woman’s naked knee. Doreen caught her eye and smiled softly, allowing her knees to fall slightly apart as she exchanged knowing glances with her friend. Eileen’s pussy gave a frenzied leap of excitement; she had not supposed that the woman would make herself available to the youth so soon. After a short pause, however, Eileen had to admit that the woman was only logically carrying through with their intentions. After all, hadn’t they invited the boys — or put Jack up to inviting them — primarily for the pleasure of having another pair of lusty young cocks available?

Danny exclaimed with wonder as they hurtled along the blacktopped road leading out to the ranch. An Ohioan, he had never seen such vastness as this sprawling, empty countryside. Chuck did not answer his comments and a short while later the youth looked back to make sure that he had his friend’s attention. He saw, with a start of surprise, that Chuck’s right hand was thrust far into the woman’s skirt and that he was ardently fingering her naked pussy as they drove along. Eileen looked back too and smiled when she saw the sight; Doreen had stretched out slightly and had further spread her legs, making it very easy for Chuck to fingerfuck her.

“Man, she’s so hot I can’t believe it,” Chuck muttered, working his fingers into her cunt and grinning when Doreen gave a powerful shudder of delight. “To get off that plane and find something like this, it’s just too fucking much!”

This stirring example gave Danny similar ideas and, after getting Jack’s assurance that his mother was fair game, he turned to her and took her into his arms. That set them off and the rest of the ride back to the ranch was a wild, bawdy experience which none of them forgot quickly. Doreen soon had Chuck’s trousers open and was exclaiming loudly over the marvelous shape and size of the cock she found there. It was a beautiful specimen of male sexuality, measuring a good eight inches in length and plenty thick. The head was especially notable: after Doreen had skinned it back for him the big, purple knob sat atop the pink and ivory shaft like a gigantic mushroom, completely overshadowing the broad stalk that supported it. Eileen looked back when Doreen burst into praise over the treasure she had uncovered; her pussy gave an angry twitch of excitement and she could not keep from imagining what it would be like to have that brutal-looking specimen jammed into her hot cunt.

Danny’s prick soon appeared and Eileen found that she had not been short-changed in any respect. His tool swelled out thickly, already well on its way toward a full-scale erection. It was thicker than any cock she had ever seen, except the mammoth probes of Jackson and Ace. While it was not especially long, being perhaps only six inches from tip to base, the especially generous girth made it a thoroughly respectable tool and she could hardly wait to get it started into her cunt. That particular pleasure was not to be hers as long as they remained in the car, however. Jack obligingly offered to park and allow her to get into a more comfortable position for receiving the massive bludgeon but she refused, saying that they would enjoy it better if they used the beds at the ranch house. She contented herself with running her hand up and down the broad, hot shaft and luxuriating in the way he dug his fingers into her cunt.

Doreen’s cunt-heat did not permit her the same degree of patience. After rolling about on the seat as Chuck drove his fingers in and out of her cunt and tickled her clitoris until she thought it would fall off in his hand, she pulled her skirt up around her waist and lurched down in the seat until she was lying flat. She pulled the youth over her and guided his prick down into the lips of her pussy, moaning with fevered pleasure as the big head separated the folds of aroused flesh and nudged into the mouth of her cunt. Chuck’s trousers were opened at the waist and fly but were still pulled up around his hips when he started pouring his cock into the woman’s aroused slit. She pushed his pants down slightly and then slid her hands under his shirt so she could dig her fingers into his back. She seated her heels behind his knees, urged him to fuck her until he could not move a muscle and proceeded to show him just what she meant.

The station wagon rocked with her lusty cries of joy as the youth hammered his cock home. She cried out ecstatic praises of his prick and swore that her cunt was being ripped into bloody shreds by the inflated rod. This only incited the boy into even more violent thrusts, which was exactly her aim, and she groaned with joy as he pistoned the big rod in and out. Eileen barely managed to contain herself and for a moment she was on the point of begging Jack to stop the station wagon so that she could take full advantage of Danny’s big tool. The moment passed, however, and she controlled herself for the rest of the ride. She warned Doreen when they were within a mile of the ranch and Chuck reluctantly pulled away from her for the remainder of the trip. He stuffed his prick back into his trousers and made himself more or less presentable, just in case any of the guests or Hank should be nearby when they arrived. Doreen sat up with a sigh of utter sexual contentment and slipped her skirt down to a more proper position.

Jack parked in front of the ranch house and they hurried inside, pausing only to unload the boys’ luggage. Once inside the house, they deposited the luggage in the living room and headed straight for the guest bedroom, where they had prepared a big double bed. Doreen and Eileen undressed as they hurried down the corridor and by the time they got into the room they were stark naked. Chuck and Danny quickly stripped and joined them on the big bed. Danny aimed for Eileen and fell between her thighs. She reached out to guide his broad cock into place and locked her heels together in the small of his back. Chuck took a few seconds more to get himself placed atop Doreen. Their cramped but volatile fuck in the back of the station wagon had relieved him of only a small portion of his eagerness. Soon both boys were fucking with a furious, driving speed that suggested a long period of sexual deprivation.

Jack sat back to enjoy the exciting scene. Eileen and her friend were lying side by side and incited each other on to greater efforts by their hearty groans and excited gasps of pleasure as the boys probed every corner of their cunts. Eileen learned that length of prick is not everything in a lover. Danny’s extraordinarily thick tool splayed out the mouth of her cunt in a way that made her entire body quiver and tingle with lusty darts of pure sexual pleasure. He plunged deep into her, stretching the inner tunnel far beyond its usual diameter. She whimpered joyously and thrust up at him as he continued driving that stubby post in and out of her hole.

Neither the boys nor the women spent much time on sexual finesse. They were fucking of out a simple, fundamental need to experience orgiastic release and aimed only for that goal. Eileen, the most excited of the four, gave out a quavering cry of victorious elation when she felt her cunt clench and then release its tightly wound tensions; she urged Danny to dive even deeper into her active cunt so that he could have the big tool planted as deeply as possible when he began shooting off the load of come contained in his balls. He did exactly that and she felt her cunt being stretched almost to the breaking point. The fantastically full feeling which she derived from having his unusually shaped cock in her cunt lent a special excitement to her grinding, heaving hip movements. She spread her thighs as far apart as possible so that he could press the base of his prick into her pussy’s lips even harder, the wiry mass of fur dug into the tender lips and scraped against her rapidly twitching clitoris.

Doreen lay back and let Chuck slice his long cock into her body with slow, graceful strokes. She enjoyed the feel of his prick sliding back and forth in that incomparably sensitive sheath between her thighs, just as he loved the feel of her cunt closing around him. In his enthusiasm, he occasionally withdrew the big rod so far that the head slipped out entirely. Usually his cock found its own way back into the hot-lipped opening but on a few occasions she had to put it back into place for him. On the last of these re-insertions she retained her grasp upon his cock, fastening her fingers around it in a firm grip, and he began fucking her fist too. She held her hand directly over the mouth of her cunt and he could drive his cock through her fist and directly into the opening beneath. She added to her own pleasure by twisting her fist lightly against her pussy and thus giving the outraged lips a thorough rubbing.

After a few minutes, however, she found a new desire growing with her body and she urged to change places with her. They rolled over, keeping his prick firmly planted in her hot cunt, and she sat up on his crotch. Relinquishing her hand’s grasp upon his mighty prong, she began grinding down onto the tool with quick, twisting motions that sent almost every inch of the big rod snaking into the uttermost depths of her cunt. She lurched back and forth, tossing her hips from side to side at the same time. Chuck bounced his ass off the bed and lunged up into her cunt with growing fervor. Doreen’s big breasts jiggled madly from the shocks of his powerful thrusts and her face registered every emotion that passed through her passionate body.

She was not satisfied with this, however. She remained atop him for two or three minutes and then decided to shift positions again. This time she twisted around on his prostrate body so that she was facing his feet; she effected the move in a way that kept his cock in her cunt all the time. Chuck grunted happily when she turned about on him and the twisting motion of her cunt brought a smile of delighted pleasure to his handsome face. Doreen squatted atop him, supporting her weight on the balls of her feet, and began scooting her hips forward and back in a way that made her cunt slide up and down his well-oiled prick. The fully aroused youth hesitated for only a moment and then joined the action, coordinating his thrusts with hers so as to give them both the maximum benefit of their fucking action. Doreen grunted sharply when he began thrusting.

“Mmmm, you’ve got it now!” she gasped. “Your finger! Get your finger in my asshole! Fingerfuck me too, I can’t get enough of it!”

Chuck needed no more encouragement than that, even though he had never paid any particular attention to that part of a woman’s anatomy before. He slipped a finger down the crack of her ass, rubbed some of the cunty drip into the taut little opening and then darted the tip of his finger into the puckered rim of her shitter. Doreen immediately cried out loudly, thrilled by the additional stimulation, and began fucking at a quicker pace. Grunting out garbled oaths of frantic delight, she thrust back and forth until her cunt flashed up and down his cock with almost blinding speed. She later admitted that she called this tactic “jacking a guy off with her cunt” and Chuck could not deny that the term was an apt one.

Eileen’s tastes were simpler. She was content to remain flat on her back and allow Danny to drive his thick-shafted cock into her cunt time and time again. The youth’s steady fucking action caused her orgasm to blossom within her loins like the dawn of a new day. Instead of bursting suddenly, like the sun after a summer shower, the warm aura of sexual joy gradually spread outward from her cunt until it infused her entire body. She could not have said exactly when she began to come but she did not worry about that. The pleasure became steadily stronger and more intense as the youth’s cock continued pistoning back and forth.

When he began to come, she felt an abrupt change in her own response to him. The first spurting jet of hot cream in her cunt brought a cry of delirious joy to her lips and she felt her womb begin clutching and grabbing even more. Her climax became a series of thudding gusts of passionate delight and they mounted higher with every swelling burst of his cock. His come bathed her cunt with liquid fire and she threw herself against him with all the strength she could muster. Danny moved higher up her body, making his cock dig harder into the rear wall of her cunt, and he pressed down against her with all his might. She ground her throbbing nipples into his chest and shuddered over and over. Her lips gave out small, whimpering cries of agonized joy and she continued jerking against him until she could move no longer.

Doreen’s climax, in contrast, came about suddenly. She was squatting atop Chuck’s tense body, rocking back and forth and quivering as his finger probed deeper into her asshole, when a sudden wrenching shock ran through her entire midsection. The suddenness of her orgasm took her by surprise; she had not expected to come so soon or so sharply and she was paralyzed for a moment. The attack of immobility passed quickly, however, and she began fucking the lad’s big cock faster than ever. Her throat gave frantic wails of pleasure and she urged him to join her in her joy, begging him to come and to shower her aching cunt with that flood of hot come.

Chuck’s balls had recovered all their mighty power by this time and he was not slow to comply with her request. His cock swelled out, his balls danced in their hairy bag and she soon felt the gusting tides of lusty climactic passion spurting deep into her loins. She took the first half-dozen jets in her cunt, then backed off him to grasp his fleshly geyser in her hand. She jacked him off the rest of the way and shuddered powerfully as she felt his come shooting against the lips of her pussy. She rubbed the salty, thick cream into her flesh with one hand as she pumped strongly at his prick with the other. Her unusual manner of completing the fuck made the boy’s orgasm even more memorable. As soon as she had squeezed the last drop of his come from his cock, however, she stuffed the big rod back into her hot, moist hole and drove herself down upon it once more.

“I can’t let that cockrod stay out too long,” she whispered, shuddering as the hot tool slid further into her trembling flesh. “It feels too fucking good!”

Danny was sprawled out atop Eileen, his prick still lodged in her cunt, and they spent several minutes in discussing how they were going to spend the rest of the day. No one doubted that it would be spent in the pursuit of sexual action; the only question was how they were going to arrange themselves. Eileen felt a pang of regret when she looked over at her son. He had stripped as he watched his friends fucking away and his big cock reared up angrily from his loins. She realized that he had not had any pleasure at all that morning and she felt a sense of shame at having excluded him from their lovemaking.

That was nothing to worry about, Doreen told her. By holding back, she said, he had kept himself fresh and thus they had what amounted to a brand new prick to enjoy that morning. Furthermore, she informed the group, she had devised a scheme whereby Eileen would be able to derive the maximum benefit from all three of the well-hung youths at the same time. Eileen was baffled by this; she could not imagine how she could have all of them at once but Doreen explained her meaning so clearly that Eileen felt a shiver of hot, lusty anticipation begin at her clitoris and then spread all over her body. Briefly, she was to take one of the boys in her asshole, another in her cunt and the third in her mouth!

“Why don’t you let Jack fuck you in the cunt?” Doreen suggested, smiling at the way Eileen’s handsome face registered her delight at that suggestion. “And then Danny there could pile on and shove that big cock of his up your ass; it’s so thick it ought to stretch your asshole out really good. And finally you could suck this stud I’ve got there. His cock’ll be covered with cream and you know how good a prick tastes after it’s been in a hot, juicy cunt!”

Eileen’s body grew appreciably warmer upon hearing those details. Danny later told her that he could feel her cunt gathering strength around his prick even as Doreen explained the arrangement. He swore that she had begun twitching and clutching at his swollen cock even then. Doreen also recommended that they wait awhile before beginning the experiment. It would be even more memorable if they made sure that all the boys were fully primed and ready for sexual action before starting the three-way fuck on Eileen.

It was not that the youths had lost their erections. Both Danny and Chuck still had that same rigidity to their pricks; the climaxes had done nothing to wilt those mighty fucking implements. Their balls, however, were sure to be depleted after having been subjected to such exquisite torture. It would be much better to wait until they had replenished their store of come so that she would be able to enjoy another of their fervent and full climaxes. Eileen could not argue with that, since she loved feeling hot come being shot into her body, and she agreed to the delay.

They spent the interval by asking Chuck and Danny about their previous sexual experiences. Doreen knew that by keeping firmly locked onto sex they would be able to keep the youths’ desire at a high pitch and that this would help them bounce back more quickly. The boys displayed no hesitancy in discussing their earlier sexual exploits. Neither of them had had a great deal of variety in their sexual lives. They had been in bed with several girls their own age but only Danny had been lucky enough to find a girl who really enjoyed going down on a man. She had sucked him off with great gusto on their two dates but had then left the school, thereby robbing him of her cocksucking presence. Each of the lads had had a desultory affair with an older woman. Chuck had carried on a sporadic liaison with a teacher’s spouse and Danny had found that a clerk in the village near the school had a certain liking for his exceptionally thick cock. Both women, however, had been so starved for straight cunt fucking that they had not gone beyond that stage with their lusty young lovers. Neither Danny nor Chuck had ever had his prick in a woman’s asshole and Chuck had never been sucked to a climax.

“Then you’ll have to let me suck you off,” Eileen told him in a surprising burst of candor and forwardness. “I just love it; it’s as good in its own way as having it any other way and I know you’ll love the way I do it!”

She was less certain about taking Danny’s broad-beamed tool in her ass, but Doreen promised her that it would be possible and highly delicious. Eileen had no doubt that once she got Danny’s cock firmly planted in her asshole and her son’s even bigger tool lodged in her cunt she would be so full of hot, stiff cock she could hardly move. The thought of them taking Chuck’s prick and sucking it to a climax made her brain reel with emotional fervor. She could not stop her cunt from slipping and sliding around Danny’s cock, and the gentle fucking motion kept her clitoris stiff and alive.

Finally, when they were all twitching with eagerness, Doreen suggested that they arrange themselves in the positions she had sketched for them. Danny slid off Eileen and she was quick to take up a position over her son’s prostrate body, placing her pussy so that she could take his swollen prong into her slit with a minimum of fuss. Doreen suggested that she get Danny’s cock started in her asshole before trying to accept Jack’s prick. The youth got into place at her rump, gave his prick one final bath in her wet, drippy cunt and then placed the big, thick tool squarely against her trembling anus. She warned him to be especially gentle when he first thrust into her and he was. Even so, she felt as though her ass was being riven apart by his monumental cock. He got the head introduced into the taut, shrieking crevice and then shoved in three inches of the hardest prick she had ever felt. She gulped, closed her eyes and winced painfully but managed to keep from crying out.

Then it was Jack’s turn. He found that Danny’s cock had had a delightful effect upon his mother’s cunt: by planting his rod in her ass he had made her cuntmouth even tighter and Jack let out a long, low moan of absolute sexual delight when he shoved his prong into the waiting slit. Doreen urged them on with lusty cries of encouragement and Eileen clenched her teeth together to keep from howling with pain. For a moment she was positive that her son would not be able to get his cock thrust into her cunt because the opening was so tight. But she had underestimated the extent of his lusty arousal. No power on earth could have kept him from penetrating the cuntal opening and while it brought a muffled groan of sheer agony to Eileen’s lips, he managed to get his prick seated properly in the taut orifice. She sucked in a deep breath when she felt both the highly aroused youths driving into her body. The sensations were exquisite and she doubted that she would be able to hold out for long without coming.

“Give it to me,” she muttered, looking over at Chuck with feverish eyes. “Mmmm, fuck me in the mouth; fuck me everywhere!”

He had kept his cock in Doreen’s well-irrigated cunt until the last moment. When he presented Eileen with the tool it was warm and covered with a heady mixture of the choicest erotic fluids. A thick, glistening coat of come decorated the big shaft and Eileen felt her body tremble with excitement when he knelt at her head and offered her the shamefully wet prick. She reached out for it hungrily, bringing it up to her mouth with her hand; the taste of his come and Doreen’s cunt made it perfect for her. She began sucking him with all the power at her command, lunging back to skewer herself upon the big cocks penetrating her ass and cunt at the same time.

Doreen settled down to watch the fantastic display of unbridled sexuality. She cupped a hand over her pussy to catch the rich flood of come which began seeping from her battered slit. Chuck had shot an enormous load into her cunt and she intended to get the fullest possible benefit from the charge. She gathered a good-sized puddle of the creamy sperm in her fingers and then applied it to her breasts, rubbing the warm, sticky stuff over her nipples and gasping with pleasure as her fingers glided over the dark, stiff cones. Her other hand went down to gather another load of the heady gruel and brought it to her lips. She licked the come off her fingers and kneaded her nipples with growing fervor.

Eileen saw all this through a red film of lust that had come over her eyes. Chuck’s cock had an inflammatory effect upon her. The taste of his sperm and Doreen’s cunt, together with the excitingly sensual feel of the organ, insured that she got an incredibly strong pleasure from sucking him. Her tongue played over every part of the tool, gathering up the cream that covered it. She crushed the soft head against the roof of her mouth and attempted to suck even more come from his balls. At the same time, Danny and Jack were fucking her asshole and cunt with a steady, driving force. They were both highly aroused but Jack was especially fervent in the way he shoved his swollen cock back and forth in his mother’s hot, wet cunt. The big load of come which Danny had shot there lubricated the tunnel for him and brought it to an even hotter temperature. It was a delightful place for his prick to be and he plunged in and out with as much vivacity as she had ever felt. Danny continued shoving more and more of his huge cock into her asshole and soon had all the big rod lodged there. Eileen felt as though she were bursting from the double penetration but she wanted even more of that erotic treat, she could have fucked away at both of them forever.

By denying himself an orgasm until that moment, Jack had considerably shortened the length of time which he could stay in her cunt without coming. He managed to get all his cock planted in her body before he felt his balls give that familiar twitch but once they had signaled their intention of exploding he lost all his self-control. He began fucking her with a mad, frenzied fury that had his prick flashing in and out of her tingling cunt like a triphammer. Again and again he launched lightning thrusts that sent his cock slithering deep into her cunt. Danny felt his cock through the thin wall separating Eileen’s cunt from her asshole and the excitement from Jack’s frantic prick was transmitted to his own tool. He caught the fever and began pounding away harder than ever. When Eileen felt them make the turn into the last leg of their race she became a dynamo of sexual activity, fucking back at them and sucking at Chuck’s cock with every fiber of her aroused being. Doreen sensed the coming explosion and fingerfucked herself harder; she wanted to come with her friends and soon had three fingers firmly planted in the mouth of her cunt.

Eileen’s body dissolved into a whirling cloud of sexual ecstasy when she felt her son fire off the first burst of hot come. Danny’s cock quickly erupted into orgasmic life, shooting another thick stream of scalding jism into her bowel, and even Chuck’s balls managed a smaller outpouring. When all three of the boys were coming at once Eileen lost all control and became a simple fucking machine. Her cunt, her asshole, her mouth, all continued to function but without conscious direction from her. She simply gave herself over to the full enjoyment of the three lads and allowed her body to do what it would. She was horny enough, and skilled enough, that the various organs all functioned automatically and thus she managed to give the boys quite as much pleasure as she was receiving from them. Doreen heaved up against her own hands, choking out a frantic cry of elation, and the chain was complete: they were all coming powerfully.

“Wow, I never felt a come like that one before,” Eileen whispered when she could bring herself to speak.

“And think how many more like that there’ll be this summer!” Doreen added.

“I’ll die by September,” Eileen murmured weakly. “I’m going to fuck myself to death, I swear I will!”


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