A sex story about a janitors extra carricular activities after hours
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Working the graveyard shift as a janitor really cut into my
social life, until I found about some of the perks. One evening,
I was cleaning an office building across town. I walked past an
office in the rear of the building, when I heard some noises. I
quietly opened the door and saw her sprawled out on a chair.

Her blonde head was thrown back, and her eyes were closed. Her
short legs were hooked over the arms of the chair, leaving her skirt
bunched up at the waist. One of her hands was inside of her blouse,
massaging her breast. The other one was plunging up and down inside
her bright red panties.

I stood watching, just inside the door, as her hand moved faster
and faster. When her hips started moving, the soft white flesh of her
thigh between the top of her black nylons and her hips started jig-
gling. Then she stiffened and the tendons leading up toward her pussy
from her thighs stood out like ropes.

I cleared my throat and her hand stopped moving for a minute. She
slowly lifted her head to look at me. Her green eyes traveled up and
down my body, lingering on the bulge in my pants.

She licked her lips and unsnapped the waistband of her panties.
Slowly she peeled the nylon from her mound, revealing as lush and
creamy a cunt I’ve yet to see. I moved over in front of her and put my
hands on her smooth knees. My hands traveled down her thighs, feeling
the nylon turn to flesh as I got closer and closer to the glistening

She moaned as I spread her outer lips apart, and pushed my fingers
toward those tender inner lips. The tip of her hooded clit peeked out
at me, almost screaming for a kiss. I pushed against her knees, and
her slit opened slightly.

I leaned forward and kissed the soft little nub, feeling it grow
firm against my lips. I must have been moving to slow for her, because
she grabbed hold of the back of my head and pulled my face toward her
pussy. I opened my mouth wider and sucked her clit into my mouth. Her
hips vibrated against my face as I flicked my tongue against her hard

I moved down a little and plunged my tongue into her open slit.
My mouth was filled with her juices. The flow from her increased as I
sucked and licked her sopping slit. Suddenly she pulled my face
against her harder and I felt her soft thighs squeeze my face. She
ground her pussy against me.

Slowly the pressure against my face grew less and she pulled my
face off of her tasty cunt. She looked at me through glazed eyes and
pulled me up. Then she pulled my zipper down, and pried my cock out of
my pants. Handling my shaft as if it were the most precious thing in
the whole world, she gently stroked it and kissed the head.

Then she swiveled her chair around so her back was to me. She
leaned her head back and put her feet up on the desk. The tip of her
nose touched the head of my cock and traced the vein underneath it back
to my balls. She was breathing fast and heavy as she rolled my balls
from side to side with her nose.

Her hot tongue flicked out and licked my dick like a whip of wet
fire. She slowly slid my cock into her mouth swallowing each inch
until her nose was back at my balls again. I reached down and
unbuttoned her blouse. Reaching into her pink bra, I rolled her hard
nipples between my fingers.

Her vibrating tongue soon had my balls swollen with cum. I warned
her that I was about to squirt my jism down her throat, but all she did
was suck harder. She put her arms around me and grabbed my ass.
Holding my cheeks tightly in her hands, she pulled me deep into her
throat as I spewed my gusher of cum into her throat. She swallowed
most of my load, and as I slowly withdrew, she pursed her lips,
dragging them up my shaft.

Her tight grip on my cock milked out the last drop of whiteness.
Then she swiveled around again, and grinned at me. “I work late every
Tuesday night. See you next week.”

I was out in the hall before I realized my dick was still hanging
out of my pants. Being a janitor is a thankless job, but this time it
had some delicious perks!

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